Unknown Date

Session 63: Superiority
Back on Earth, where the days no longer have meaning to the survivors of Xevil's attack against the planet, Dominator's group continues to search for "Paradise". However, when a surprise attack catches the group off guard, and manage to capture Wiendigo and Dominator from the group. The remaining survivors now have to find their comrades - but as they get closer to them, they find that the Tsivrixsh are forcing Dominator and Wiendigo to battle one another. As the two warriors' fight each other, Wiendigo slowly begins to gain the upperhand, forcing Dominator back and back --- until Wiendigo throws himself on his own katana. The remaining Resistance members, meanwhile, finally work their way through the ship where the two are being kept. Dominator rejoins the team as the Tsivrixsh Governor escapes. Wiendigo stands back up, ripping his sword out, having faked his own death. The group then barely manages to escape the ship and crashland back on the surface of Earth, trying to escape to a nearby city with their comrades.

Unknown Date - 2 Days Later

Session 64: The Chill Factor
The Resistance members are hunkered down in the ruins of a city while a vicious storm rages on outside. As they attempt to help fix up their comrades from the attack the other day, they suddenly find that the storm is bringing offline reploids back online. And it seems the reploids have only one intent - killing the Resistance members. Among the dead is General Steel, who attacks the group. Baberlus manages to blow the reploid in two, which allows the others to deactivate him once again. As more reploids swarm in, the group retreats, only to have Wiendigo hit by an ice attack --- launched by a ressurected Iceheart. Wiendigo manages to bring Iceheart down, then begins to toy with the thought of killing her once again, when Dominator decides to see if they can reverse the mental blank slate of these undead reploids. As they run away, moer undead Hunters - such as Ebony and Shadow Knight - begin to attack the group, attempting to kill them all. Finally, in the end, they manage to escape with a subdued Iceheart - with the question of how to restore her memory looming over them.

Unknown Date - 2 Days Later

Session 65: Paradise Revealed
As Status works on decoding the scrambled programming in Iceheart, the others are faced with a new problem: The Tsivrixsh have found their location. Or have they? It seems the fleet is chasing a lone man, so the Resistance members decide to help him out. While Dominator and Baberlus lead the others in an attack against the Tsivrixsh forces, Wiendigo grabs the man and attempts to keep him alive by ripping his coat to stop the bleeding. As they fight their way through the Tsivrixsh forces, they escape with the dying man. As the man dies, he reveals what Paradise is: It's a computer created simulator so real that a person can live in it forever, eating and drinking of the simulated food as if it were real. The Tsivrixsh are using Earth as a testing ground for it. Baberlus finally decides to join up with the Tsvirixsh forces after the revelation, deciding on survival.

Session 66: Resistance is Futile
As Baberlus leaves with the enemy, the Tsivrixsh forces prepare to wipe out the Resistance once and for all. As the battle breaks out between the two sides, Iceheart finally awakens. However, she has no memory of anything so far - not even her attempts to kill Death Star. As the team fights their way through, Wiendigo and Iceheart are immediately at strange odds with one another - will Wiendigo end up killing Iceheart, or something else? Giving her his coat, Iceheart dons the trenchcoat as if it's natural. Finally, the team manages to sneak their way into the Tsivrixsh battleship, where they encounter Baberlus once again. As the Tsivrixsh Warrior known as Xriletsone and Baberlus fight the group, it becomes obvious taht Xriletsone holds honor above all else - his actions thus far proving so whenever he saves the team from an unhonorable way of dying in their battles with each other. However, when the team asks him to join, it becomes too late as the ship begins to explode. The Resistance is forced to escape, and Xriletsone gives Baberlus a shuttle to escape on. In the end, the team has one last duty to helping free Earth: Stop the Tsivrixsh cruiser that's going to destroy it for good.

Session 67: Earth's Destruction?
Dominator, Wiendigo, Iceheart, Siawase, and the other Resistance members are now faced with the task of stopping Earth from being destroyed. As they fight their way through the Tsivrixsh forces and enter the ship, they come across Xriletsone one more time. He claims the only honor he can have now is fighting the team, so he engages Dominator in a battle as the rest of the team works on stopping the ship. However, during their battle, Dominator manages to knock off his mask, revealing that Xriletsone is a human, who was enhanced mentally and physically - and that despite his trying to fight his "programming", he cannot do it. In the end, he stabs himself rather than fight Dominator any longer. The group then prepares to escape, with Iceheart flying the shuttle - revealing that her memory has been restored to her. Wiendigo, naturally, prepares to kill her, but things go rough as the shuttle begins to crash and they are forced to work together to get everyone off. After the shuttle crash, Wiendigo and Iceheart reach a truce with one another. The Resistance has saved the war-torn Earth ... but where will they go now?