January 31st, 2200

Session 68: Reboot Part 1 - The Boiling Point
Snipe has decided it's time for changes - big changes for the Hunters. However, just how stable is John McCormick these days? As he states that the Hunters have become useless, battling nothing but one strange crisis after another, he seems to take offense and is becoming increasingly more agitated - especially when he states he's never giving up the leadership position. His first plan of action is to clean up the Fury for good - by taking out the growing crime in the Fury.

Meanwhile, Spirit - who has been kicked out of her own body (which is inhabited by Emily) - is now faced with the biggest decision of her life. Will she marry Ripple when he asks her to? The others, however, are concerned with Snipe - especially when Death Star announces that Snipe's powers are increasing drastically, but his body seems to be giving out. Emily vows to get Snipe to see X2 - one way or another, more concerned with him than her own predictament - how is a dead person going to find a host body, since she can't stay in Spirit's forever?

As the team investigates the underworld problem, Death Star is forced back into a leadership position - but even as they gain clues, destruction occurs and Snipe uses it as leverage to prove that Death Star isn't as good as everyone seems to think he is. However, it's becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that Snipe is about to break - and take everyone with him.

Session 69: Reboot Part 2 - The Breaking Point
Snipe and Dias are training in some down time when suddenly Dias transforms into his alter ego Dark Heart once again. The creature begins to attack Snipe with the full intent of killing him and it seems nothing is capable of stopping it, when suddenly the battle turns tides and Snipe beats him down with the help of the simulator. However, it seems Snipe's body is damaged - even though he's showing no signs of slowing down. What, exactly, is eating away at him?

Next, Garland and Snipe begin to fight - with Snipe increasingly unstable, someone has to put a stop to him. And it's up to the strongest of them, Garland Hianule, to do it. Death Star thinks that by engaging him in battle, they learn what exactly is destroying Snipe's body. As the two titans come to blows, trying to take the other down, the others work on the Emily/Spirit body situation.

When the fights come to an end, Snipe orders the team to stop going to Death Star for help - demanding they only obey his own orders. And he comes up with a suicide plan to defeat the Tsivrixsh Empire. In the end, the team rejects his plans, sending Snipe off in a depressed state. X2 then informs then that Snipe has been infected with some new strain of virus that is causing him to burn up his powers rapidly and is slowly killing him - and also driving him mentally insane.

The team is about to deal with this new problem, when they learn from Drake that Snipe has decided to take the underworld of crime on alone. The others join their crazed leader in the fight, with Gravedigger coming in with an all new mech designed by Slasher. The team manages to clear the enemies out and Snipe finally steps down as leader, realizing he's dying and decides not to take the team down with him. Which makes Death Star the new leader.

Time for a change.

January 31st - June 31st, 2200

Session 70: Reboot Part 3 - The Building Point
June 31st, 2200. The Red Beard gang is busy working on an assignment for the mysterious "Wraiths". Their assignment is take out a Tsivrixsh cruiser and they do their job with style. Once they finish, though, they have some downtime, so the new leader of the gang, Mindscape, begins to tell the newer members of the pirate gang about their employers - the Wraiths. And how they were once called ... The Hunters

January 31st, 2200. Five months earlier. Death Star is offically made the new leader of the group as a voting commences. Cipher, a mark II. reploid, can't stand the idea of DS being the leader, but the others seem to think it's okay. And the first thing Death Star does is bring in some familiar faces from the past - such as Blackjack, Ariel, Cheryl, and Slasher, to become an offical part of the team. Now Snipe, Diamondback, Spirit, Garland, Cipher, Dias, Elayne, Gravedigger, and Ripple have to face some of their more experienced counter parts. And Snipe, despite being taken slowly out by the virus, seems to becoming more relaxed with the burden of command off his shoulders.

March 1st, 2200. The big day has arrived for Ripple and Spirit - their wedding day. As the entire team settles in for the big wedding, they will all have to face: the happiest day of the two lovebird's lives. And a beautiful wedding it is. Also, it seems love might be blooming elsewhere, as Death Star has his breath taken away at a stunning dress worn by Ariel. While Garland weds Ripple and Spirit, Snipe leaves the wedding ceremony, where Gravedigger follows. Snipe confesses it's hard to watch the two wed, since he'll never have a chance at that sort of life himself, with the virus killing him. Afterwards, at the party, the group mingles and has a good time, with Death Star and Ariel throwing cake at each other.

April 14th, 2200. The Fury encounters part of the Tsivrixsh battle fleet and Death Star orders the first mech battle to proceed. As the Wraiths prepare to fight against impossible odds in their mechs, they encounter a powerful enemy mech known as "FireClaw". As the pilot takes them around the block, ponding on them, the others manage to destroy parts of the battle fleet. Even though, in the end, the FireClaw escapes, it's a stunning victory for the Wraiths.

April 18th, 2200. The Wraiths practice using their mechs, which were designed by the brilliant Slasher. However, friendly competition turns nasty as Dias and Maestro compete for the title of best mech pilot. In the end, Maestro bests Dias, but this is one rivalary that won't die down easily - especially since these two have been competing since the early days.

April 20th, 2200. The team begins to hit the Tsivrixsh hard and where it counts - credits and gil. As the team begins to "help" themself to some gil, they are attacked by Tsivrixsh forces led by the 7th Council member. The team takes the member on in battle and manages to defeat him after a long struggle.

May 5th, 2200. Elayne Hianule suddenly snaps with explosive results, attacking her fellow comrades and trying to destroy the Fury's core generator. Snipe tries to stop her, but she bats him down like he's nothing, using his own feelings for her against him. Spirit, once again back in her body with Emily a floating spirit, tries to stop Elayne, but she, too, is beaten back. Finally, they take the battle to Elayne's mind and free her from the control planted there by some evil force.

May 10th, 2200. Dias suddenly turns into Dark Heart once again, his out-of-control alter ego. As Dark Heart tears through the Fury, smashing the Wraiths down like they are toys, Gravedigger does the only thing he can think of doing: going to the person who first brought Dark Heart out of Dias - Eve. But even she can't do anything for him, so in the end, X2 and the others have to tranqualize the beast until he returns to Dias.

May 19th, 2200. Death Star and Sigma begin negotiations as the rest of the Wraiths relax and enjoy some downtime. But with Mavericks also "enjoying" some "downtime", the two groups come into conflict. As negotiations become strained, Sigma challenges anyone to take him on in a fight one on one and Garland accepts. Sigma vs. Garland Round 1 begins. As the two battle it out, Sigma stabs Garland in the stomach with his scythe, bringing him to his knees and defeating him. Sigma is about to finish him off when the rest of the Wraiths show up, forcing him to stop. He then claims he'll give DS his support in the upcoming battles and leaves. Ripple, meanwhile, makes a valient sacrifice to heal Diamondback's girlfriend and slips into a coma.

May 28th, 2200. Xrileshr had left back when Death Star became the leader of the team, right after Snipe's mental problems. And now he's in trouble and needs the Wraiths to help him out. The team takes on the assignment of helping out his forces take control of a base that seems to have some importance to the alien. The team launches all their forces into the battle, bringing out the mechs once again to do battle. When FireClaw shows up to stop them, the battle becomes increasingly difficult until they manage to prevail. Another victory, though it's obvious the team is wearing down their defenses. With their mechs trashed and the Fury's engines knocked offline from the fierce battle, a new plan must be formed, and soon.

May 29th, 2200. Reinforcements are coming to destroy the Fury while it's weakened from the damage dealt to it during the previous battle. Ripple finally comes out of his coma, having dealt with the troublesome disease he took from Diamondback's girlfriend. And Death Star recovers from his wounds from the battle, showing signs of affection toward Ariel when she comes to wake him up for the upcoming battle. Once again the Wraiths take to the mechs, having to protect the Fury at all costs as it tries to get repaired. As the battle breaks out, FireClaw attacks with renewed vigor, trashing the Wraiths. After the battle, Seraphna finally arrives, having been working her way to the Fury for a while. And surprise surprise, Garland and Seraphna are married!

June 1st, 2200. Sigma and the Wraiths take the fight to the Tsivrixsh now, attacking a spacestation of theirs. As the attack proceeds, the team must face some terrible situations as evil counterparts of themselves show up and battle them. Finally, in the end, they manage to take over the station, which is set up in a key location. And now the announcement comes in: the station will become the Wraiths new base of operations.

June 6th, 2200. The Fury begins to transfer supplies and people over to Origin, the new base of operations of the Wraiths. As they bring over supplies, the group prepares to say goodbye to their home for the past seven months. And they also bring over their criminals, such as the manager, the squirrel...and Eve. In the end, the team stands together, making a vow to stick together and see the fight to it's conclusion. And Death Star finds a cat and names him Azuls.

June 31st, 2200. Present Day. The pirates arrive at Origin and deliver their cargo over to Death Star, enabling him to prepare for the next phase of his war effort. To reclaim Earth - their home.