A simple war to reclaim Earth...

... will initate a galactic conflict.


Timeline: 2181 AD - 2217 AD
Twenty years after The Year Long War, in 2199, a new uprising of Mavericks causes a unit to be formed under John McCormick. However, the uprising of Mavericks pales in comparision when the Tsivrixsh, now focusing their full force against Earth, returns and destroys the surface of the planet. Now the human race must somehow survive in a galaxy turn apart by war and put together a fighting force consisting of both new and old heroes in order to defeat the Tsivrixsh Empire itself.

The Alien Wars 2: The Galactic Conflict was composed of 178 sessions and Web of Deceit, Movie Year 5. The sequel to The Alien Wars, it focused on the return of the Tsivrixsh Empire in full force and the resulting destruction and chaos they brought in a war that would become known as The Galactic Conflict.