The Galactic Conflict expanded upon the sense of urgency and attempted to be more dramatic in it's focus than the first RPG. It's focus: the entire galaxy. Beginning on a small plot of trying to stop the last of the Maverick resistance located on Earth, the plot began to build up speed to the point that a newly formed Alliance was trying to stop the Tsivrixsh Empire.

The plot jumped all over the place, trying to encompass as much as it could. There were Mavericks, old CorSec agents running about, new enemies trying to stake a claim, the Tsivrixsh Empire, and finally foes that came from the weirdest of places.

From Point A to B, the focus was of the team having to leave Earth and set out into the galaxy to find allies to stop the Tsivrixsh. When they finally accomplished this, the organization called itself The Alliance and brought the war to the Tsivrixsh Homeworld, where the climatic battle took place.

By the end of the RPG, the Tsivrixsh was under a new government and the Alliance was attempting to become more stable and help protect the galaxy from other races hoping to expand.

In actuality, though that was the end of the main story, the next ten years of the main characters' lives were focused on and how they dealt with the changing era, finally ending up with a huge battle by their greatest enemy: Xevil.

Story Mode


With the Hunters shut down completely on New Year's Eve, the beginning of the new year has each of the Hunters going their own way. However, old ties send most back to EarthGov Armed Forces or to join CorSec, and even some of the Hunters settle down with each other. The year passes with Earth getting fame for stopping the evil Tsivrixsh Empire from taking over their world and other planets look up to them and trade begins with Earth anew. With all the visitors from new planets and new technology coming in, Earth begins to grow stronger in their ships and machinary. At the middle of the year, an alien company called "Foreigner Inc." approaches Earth and allies themselves with it, lending them materials and other supplies.


Reploids are given equal rights as humans and some even join EarthGov itself, becoming senators and holding offices in high places. Finally, Dr. Light's dream of reploids and humans living together in peace has been achieved. Rising Maverick groups quickly disban themselves and join society as true Earthlings. However, one Maverick group remains, led by an unknown enemy from the past, and are made up of reploids who only want the death of all humans. CorSec is issued to deal with the final bit of Mavericks, but in unable to find them when they go into hiding..


CorSec is shut down and all it's members are sent to join EarthGov Armed Forces. With CorSec finally gone forever, and it's legacy over, EarthGov Armed Forces becomes the main military force for the planet. Spade, head of CorSec, is issued a high spot in EarthGov. Earth begins to find itself more dependant on Foreigner Inc., for it's wisdom and it's supplies, to continue growing and becoming stronger. The Tsivrixsh Empire, meanwhile, continues to take over planets all around the universe, becoming stronger than ever.


Construction plans for the space station Freedom begins to go underway. EarthGov plans on having it be a spacedock center for their future armada of ships, which they are slowly building up after the destruction of their old ones in "The Year Long War". . Also, plans under go way to build the galaxy's largest spaceship, not only big enough to support a quarter of a million people, but to be a fierce fighting force. Foreigner Inc. begins to spread the word that Earth is the Tsivirxsh only rival and that they will end up defeating the evil Empire, causing Earth to gain more support.


The old Hunter Headquarters, a station that orbitted one of the moons of Jupiter, is finally shut down after being used as a place to traffic visiting aliens. Having sustained unrepairable damage in The Year Long War", it is seen more has a hazard than an asset. Jarivan and other major profitable planets are quickly taken over by the Tsivirxsh Empire and added to their strength. Earth takes a heavy loss due to this and many planets think this is the Tsivirxsh's way of retaliating against Earth's boasting of stopping them. Foreigner Inc. encourages Earth to stand against the Tsivirxsh and crush them forever.


The spacestation Freedom is finally finished and houses the very few ships Earth has. The Tsivrixsh Empire begin to make plans to look to the sectors near Earth once again after finishing their current campaign in the Outer Rims.


New breakthroughs in technology allow humans not only to live longer now, but are also making them stronger. The average human lifespan is now increased by a good twenty years and their strength also increased. Reploids continue to be treated as equals and hardly anyone remembers that they were once considered below humans and used as slaves. Many hold spots in EarthGov, even a few trying for President. The super ship that EarthGov has been constructing is finally finished and put inside Freedom, where more building is continuing. Foreigner Inc. continues to provoke Earth into a war with the Tsivirxsh, trying to get them to put an end to it. They also continue to increase EarthGov's ego. On the brink of all this, the remaining Maverick group rises up, led by a Maverick called Conviction. They attack smaller cities, but the group is to small to cause any harsh feelings to reploids in general.


An alienlike plague begins to kill millions of people, human and reploid, on the planet Earth. Foreigner Inc. immediately suspects that the Tsivirxsh have done it, but they are still warring in the Outer Rims. EarthGov quits concentrating so much on their weaponary and their space technology and is forced to fight the plaque rampaging throughout Earth. Even the Maverick group quiets down.


At the end of the year, the plague is finally destroyed, after wiping out close to a billion people and reploids. While reploids can be built easily, the human population takes a bigger hit. With the plague finally defeated, EarthGov can now turn it's attentions back to weaponary and space technology, not bothering to find out who released the virus.


Earth's weaponary increases and begins to make them a formidable foe. They have close to forty ships built and begin to talk about making a second super ship, espically with the Tsivirxsh drawing a close on their battles in the Older Rims. Foreigner Inc. strongly suggests that they move against the aliens now and then, but EarthGov remains afraid to attack them right now, even with their large ego of defeating the aliens sixteen years ago. The Mavericks start up trouble again in '97, and quickly begin to rise in numbers. '98 begins and EarthGov finally begins to boast themselves about how they will deal with the Tsivirxsh soon, gaining them large support. The aliens finish their warring in the Outer Rims and turn their attention back to the small planet in their way and have Xevil begin to make plans to attack Earth.

January 1st, 2199 - September 5th, 2199

The Mavericks begin to become enough of a pain in EarthGov's side that they form a unit inside the Armed Forces, nicknamed "The Special Unit", to deal with the problem. As the funding goes into place for the unit, President Spade calls forth volunteers to join the unit.

Campaign 9: Cyber War

Campaign 13: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Campaign 14: The Garland Era

Campaign 15: Fall of the Tsivrixsh Empire

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