Season 1: Ideals

Season 2: Suspects

Season 3: Dragoons

Season 4: Honors

Season 5: Realities

Season 6: Seperations

Season 7: Revelations

Season 8: Targets

Season 9: Universes

Season 10: Darkenings

Season 11: Divergences

Season 12: Endings

Season 13: Changes

Season 14: Beginnings

Season 15: Reckonings

Season 16: Journeys

Season 17: Judgements

Season 18: Multiverses

Season 19: Worlds

Season 20: Reflections

Season 21: Desires

Season 22: Legends


Session 13: Changes

One week has passed since Venerators death and in the wake of his death, William Spade has filled the roll of Head Diplomat and and has assumed command of military command of the PAX. A new security officer arrives by the name of Mortimer Kane. Darien Starr arrives to investigate the death of General Venerator. And with Williams Spade's arrival comes changes. Xanatos Durran loses his position as Second in Command to Chad Winters.



Session 14: Adjustments

Several weeks have passed since William Spade's arrival on PAX and the revealation to Katrina that Serana Cran is an sexual relationship with him. And for his first mission to command, he's given the task of signing an treaty of alliance with the very same race that attacked Earth a decade ago. Trouble begins to brew when Warren Carmichael finds a photograph of Serena with Spade.

At the Ridarium planet, things turn for the worse when their shuttle is attacked immediately with Spade saving Serena. The team deals with the threat of some angry Ridariums while Spade negotiates with the Ridariums in his own special way. After a harrowing ordeal, the team manages to take out the rogue Ridariums without any injuries and Spade and the team return back to the PAX with a new treaty signed.


10-582.1.25 - 1.31

Session 15: Suspects

A day has passed and things beging to heat up between Serena Cran and Warren Carmichael with Serena making idling threats to Warren and after a discussion between Serena and Spade, Spade decides to take matters into his own hand in dealing with Warren.

Elsewhere, Xanatos and Katrina talk about how they feel that the very core belief of PAX is beginning to fall apart. A few days later, Darien Starr makes his return to the PAX and begins to talk to every person individually on his shuttle. Under Warren's orders, Kane breaks through Starr's anti-listening device and the security team listens in on the conversations. Darien keys in on Ariel as an interest between the two begins to spark. After grilling Winters on where he was for 15 minutes during there search for the cloaking device and during hisinterview with Serena, it's revealed that a process against Warren was started four days ago with her name on the file causing Warren confront Serena.



Session 16: Rescue

On the way to the planet Pi'ran for a diplomatic mission, a distress signal is picked up and the security team alongside William Spade take a shuttle off to rescue the people. On the frozen planet, the team splits up in groups as they make there way to the downed ship. Red Fox and Xanatos Durran run into a polar bear like creature on there way while Dragoon Alpha Ariel is almost buried after the ground she's on collapses. The team manages to rescue the entire crew by the wire and make it back to their ship. Back on the ship Serena Cran walks into her room to find someone had gone through it, searching for something resulting in a confrontation between Spade and Warren Carmichael as Spade and Serena points fingers at Warren giving them both more ammunition to use against him.



Session 17: Deceptions

With the paper process starting against Warren, a formal psychological evaluation has been started on Warren Carmichael but in a suprise move by William Spade, the evaluation is being done by Peacemaker and not Katrina McCormick. Her conclusion being that while he appears to be mentally stable, it might be best if was no longer in command. After going back to his room, Warren finds something off and after a chance step, finds a small pin that came of an engineer uniform leading him to believe Serena Cran had been in his room. With Chad Winters help they get a lucky break and catch a glimpse of an engineer uniform near Warren's room, finally giving Warren some leverage to use back against her.

Meanwhile Darien Starr makes a return trip to talk to William Spade and with the Kane's help on the sound system and Xanatos Durran's help with keeping Serena Cran busy, Warren is able to hear a short bit of the two's conversation. It is also revealed that the shuttle that killed Venerator was flown remotely causing some eyes to fall on Durran.



Session 18: Siblings Part 1

Under William Spade's orders, Chad Winters clocks some flying experience with Serena Cran as his co-pilot. Outside the Sol System the two come across an anomaly and upon scanning it, lose all power in the ship. The two are forced to work together in order to survive when Serena discovers that the back-up power source has a hole in it. After discovering that a virus was downloaded during the scan, Serena begins to work on rebooting the system while Chad shows his unbeknowst hacking abilities when he creates an anti-virus program. The two fly the shuttle back to the station with Chad pissed off. Back on PAX an unexpected visitor arrives being none other than Katrina's brother, John McCormick. John quickly makes his mark among the woman on the station as he finally meets up with Kat. While the two catch up a newsreport appears about a recent attack on a Janus facility on Mars. With Chad back on the station, he reports to Warren what all happened, also telling him about Serena's blackout moment.



Session 19: Siblings Part 2

One Hour LaterAfter a meeting between Katrina McCormick and Peacemaker, a full psychological profile has been requested for Serena Cran which is to be conducted by Katrina herself to see if Serena is fit for duty due to her black outs. The evaluation is put on hold when Serena reveals that she's officialy filed a report against Warren Carmichael. While that was happening, William Spade performed a search on the security officers desks to find naked pictures of Serena in Kane's desk forcing Warren to have to relieve him of his duties under Spade's orders.

Darien Starr also makes an arrival to question Xanatos Durran about his remote control shuttle system and to tell him that Warren was his prime suspect, compounded with Serena's formal complaint, Warren is stripped of active duty and Chad Winters is given command of PAX Security. After a release of a new video clip of the suspects that bombed the Janus facility, it becomes more and more obvious that John McCormick may be behind it all. Winters sends Durran and Red Fox to apprehend him only to have him escape.



Session 20: Cartel

After a week of doing nothing, a last minute assignment has fallen upon the PAX. A diplomatic mission with a group of planets called the Cartel. The team is already on there way on there Starship. When the reach the planet of Korai, they find themselves one of over a hundred different races vying for that alliance. Including the Tsivrisxh, with none other than Xevil as there head diplomat. On the planet, Spade registers himself, Katrina, Peacemaker and Serena as diplomats and the others as security. The four each take turns dealing with the mysterious Shiva Sevintes.

While the four are questioned by Shiva, the security teams moves off to keep an eye on the tsiv where a confrontation between Chad Winters and Skaad starts and Xanatos runs into none other than John McCormick. As races leave one after the other, leaving only the Tsiv and Earth left, tension builds up between the two until a winner is finally announced, Earth. And as an added bonus, Shiva Sevintes will be the Cartels Ambassador.



Session 21: Revelations

It's the final hour for Warren Carmichael as Darien's investigation into Venerators death nears it's close. As Xan begins to pull anything and everything he can to try and prove some sort of innocence for Warren, Shiva convinces Kat to let her in on the investigation presumabely out of excitement. The three plus Darien begin to discuss who could have really down it while Spade and Serena prepare to go planetside. After noticing a range booster in the debris, Darien and him devise that it may have been controlled from Europa.

They quickly check to see the logs of all civilian shuttles and Darien discovers that a dead civilian was one of the arrivals and after finding a newlyinstalled camera they learn that William Spade, who was supposed to be on Mars, was on Europa during the suicide bombing. Shiva moves to stall him and out of frustration he pushes her and due to her unique abilities, she see's a vision of an explosion. As Serena begins to fly the two out, Darien's given permission to hold him custody and Xanatos moves one of his shuttles and blocks him in. Spade calmly has Serena lands the shuttle and allows himself to be arrested, all while Warren watches from his datapad.



Session 22: Interrogations

Darien starr, Xanatos Durran and Chad winters begin to discuss how to question the man who is now currently under investigation for murdering General Venerator, William Spade. Serena Cran has a nervous break down at the thought that her one true love could possibly be the man who murdered her father's friend and begins to try to come up some possible evidence that it wasn't him until she receives a message from her father, General Cran, to do nothing.

Meanwhile, the three begin to form a plan when Warren steps in and decides it's his turn to put the pressure on Spade. Finally Darien decides to make the first move and begins to question him about why he was on Mars and why he used the name Henry Trevor but fails to trip Spade up. Darien calls in Kane while Chad Winters steps upto bat next also unable to get anything out of him. Word comes in that General Cran is on his way causing Chad to have to prepare for him. Warren out of anger storms into the interrogation room and slams Spade's face into the table only to have Xanatos Durran try and drag him out. Darien quickly moves in and helps to pull Warren out only to have Warren shift gears and walk off. Xanatos returns back to take his turn on annoying Spade in hopes of tripping him up, or just liking the sound of his voice.

A shuttle arrives and after Serena Cran ignores all protocol, Chad is forced to use his override code to drop the shield and let them in. Kane starts working on hacking Spades datapad while Warren comes up with a brilliant idea. Have Serena interrogate Spade. Being forced to deal with this reality of the situation, Serena asks William if he did it and after a bit of talking, he admits it. Broken by the revelation she weakly apologizes to Warren for everything only to have the the power go out across the station and when they turn back on, Spade is missing.



Session 23: Charades

The security team plus Serean Cran have gathered in the hanger due to General Cran's arrival and Warren, Chad and Xanatos break off to search the station from top to bottom. Warren on the other hand uses a trick up his sleeve to help track Spade down. Durran and him take off for the security room as Warren reveals to Durran that he bugged Spade when he slammed his head into the table. The two arrive in the security room to find Spade already there, firing at and taking out the main computer which inadvertantly arms the red alert, causing the station to seal itself down. Spade escapes into the air ducts while the team finds themselves each stranded on different decks. Cran and Serena make there way to the emergency hanger where a figure attacks Cran, revealing itself to be Ariel, who apologizes, thinking he was Spade.

Warren taking one of Xanatos' guns crawls after Spade through the vent system. And Kane begins to try and regain control of the station through the hanger terminal. Kane succeeds in unlocking the station only to get a face full of gun and he drops to the ground KO'd by Spade who makes a breakfor a shuttle. Shiva and Kat try to stop him and are quickly taken care of. Spade begins to take off when Darien lands on the shuttle and begins to fire at the front windshield, causing it to crack.

Spade jerks the shuttle around, knocking Darien off and he heads out into space but is forced to head to Europa due to the windshield cracking more. Durran, Darien and Cran and Serena chase after him onto the colony where Darien uses his fancy flying skills to force Spade to land into the park and than into the lake where he makes his escape into the drainage system. Xanatos leaps in after him and follows him into the drainage system where he begins to play a game of cat and mouse with Spade, the problem being, he's the mouse. Spade easily keeps a step ahead of Xanatos until he grows bored and he tells him how he killed Katrina which puts Xanatos in a blind rage. Xanatos dashes in at Spade only to find himself in the worst position, near a explosive. He's saved by Ariel and Darien but is in bad condition. The rest of the team back Spade onto the top of a burning building where he takes the ultimate escape and leaps into the fire below. The team heads back to the station with the belief everything is over, only to have Darien reveal there's one more loose end.



Session 24: Traitor

Everyone that is left on the team - including Ariel, Fox, Peacemaker, Kane, Xanatos, Katrina, Warren, Slasher, Shiva, and Serena - are all gathered in the hanger to hear Darien's speech, on who among them, is a traitor. Darien begins to list off every odd incident during the creation of PAX. An explosion on a shuttle that targetted Alpha Ariel only. Alpha Ariel's computer terminal exploding on her, strong enough to kill a normal human and maybe a dragoon. Then there was Spade. Even with the remote to fly the shuttle into the station, he was still able to plan out where everyone was to point fingers where he wanted, something he could have only done if he had access to the security system. Serena's room being ransacked and Warren's room being perfect except for a pin. Warren being tipped on Spade and Serena's relationship. And then another attack on Ariel, one that would've been ignored due to it possibly being a weather related incident on the ice planet during the rescue and recover. And the final one being Spade's escape.

All eyes are on each other until Darien pulls his gun on Chad Winters who quickly grabs Katrina and uses her as a shield, pressing a blade against her neck. Chad backs up against the main hanger door and when the team thinks they have him cornered, the lights go off and he's gone when they come on along with Ariel. Darien begins to chase after an energy signature from a cloaking suit and Warren takes off for the security room as they play a danger game against a man who's been pulling everyones strings since they day he joined them. A shuttle takes off in the hanger as the station locks down again forcing Xanatos into dealing with it. Darien finds himself ontop of the signature he was tracking only to have the cloaked suit explode and take him out. While the team finds themselves seperated from each other, Chad comes face to face with Alpha Ariel, his main objective, in the core room and the two begin to duke it out with Ariel having the upperhand until Chad outsmarts her and hits her with a power cable and he goes for the kill when Katrina steps in to take revenge.

The two fight it out with Kane and Serena work together to get into the core room and prevent the core from melting down. The team arrives and corners Chad when a spark arcs out from the core and fries him, sending him head first into a wall. A few hours later after the core has been stabilized, Ariel remains in a coma and Chad awakes with no memory of anything upto the point of him awakening, convinced it's just another lie, Darien flies him back to Earth to be dealt with properly.



Session 25: Returning

A month has passed since the death of William Spade and the arrest of Chad Winters and PAX has shifted gears back to doing what it was meant to do, find allies of Earth. Only now, Katrina McCormick has found herself in command of the PAX and her first dealings are with a new race called the Erusians, their diplomat being Arhn Arhnya and her guard Ryo. And to make matters worse, a new recruit is brought aboard by Darien Starr and it's none other than Chad Winters. To deal with him, Warren gives him to Serena to use for a mop boy. Shiva begins to take advantage of meeting a new ally and starts a relationship with Arhn in hopes of broadening the Cartel's reach.



Session 26: Disharmony

Warren finds Chad Winters cleaning a bathroom stall and decides it's time to get him off the station and confronts him after shutting the monitors off to hide whatever goes on in there. After forcing Chad to defend himself, Warren leaves, turning the monitor back on. Shiva, Kat and Aryn discuss things while Ryo and Warren talk.



Session 27: Setbacks

The President of Earthgov has invited the two new emissaries, Shiva Sevintes and Arhn Arhnya to a special public meeting on Earth and the team prepares for this historic occasion. The team takes off leaving Serena Cran and Kane to watch over Chad Winters. Shiva and Arhn arrive on Earth to find not only fans of aliens but also people who want nothing to do with them. While the two talk with the President, Serena and Chad Winters exchange words as she places the late Venerators death on him. Back on Earth the crowd begins to grow restless as the heat begins to build and to make matters worse for the team General Cran decides to make an appearance.

A gun shot goes off and the team is forced to leave to keep the two emissaries safe. It's believed that the people who want the emissaires dead are the same people who bombed the Janus facility on Mars earlier.



Session 28: Attacks

The team heads off to a planet very close to Tsiv. space on a diplomatic mission and Warren smells nothing but a trap. Irregardless the team arrives planetside and flies through a canyon as they follow the coordinates only to find themselves being ambushed by the very people they were supposed to form an alliance with and after a sneak attack leaves their shuttle damaged Xanatos is forced to make a crash landing inside a nearby forest. Warren gives a diplomatic badge to Ryo in the hopes their enemy doesn't know who to look for and the two plus Arhn run off in a different direction to draw them away while the rest try and contact their ship for a shuttle pick up. The three run into the aliens rather quickly and Ryo is captured only to have a call come into them and they turn there guns on Arhn forcing them three to fight for their lives.

The other team finds themselves hiding as two aliens appear and wait until Xanatos Durran steps out and tries to convince them that the Diplomats died, accidentally slipping out that the Erusian one is a female. Chad Winters uses his position to drop down and take the two out and the team makes a break for the edge of the forest where shuttles start dropping bombs on the forest in hopes of getting them. Serena calls a shuttle down and Xanatos makes a break for it and gets on and after a close call that nearly wiped the team out, everyone makes it onto the shuttle. The shuttle makes it back to the ship and it hits a jumpgate and makes its way back.



Session 29: Loyalties

Another day for the crew of the PAX, with a deliver being made. While Serena Cran deals with the paperwork the delivery men make a surprising move and tazers both Serena and Kane and begin to try and take over the PAX onlyto have Warren lock the hanger down with them all trapped inside. Warren, Ry and Xanatos quickly head for the hanger to take out the terrorists. One of the men grabs Serena and begins to threaten her to give him the codes to lock the hanger down from the inside. Serena refuses at first until they threaten Kane's life and even then she doesn't give the code out until the man counts down to one. She finally relents and he uses the codes to lock Warren and everyone out. After a failed attempt at breaching the hanger by the PAX crew, the terrorists tell Katrina that they want Shiva and Arhn both or they'll start killing off hostages and show that they're serious when neither show up in the first time limit and they kill one.

After learning about what happened, Chad makes his way to the emergency hanger and grabs a space suit to head in through the exterior vent, passing by an unmarked shuttle on his way. Learning what Chad's plan is, Warren sends Ry into the vents on his side while Chad breaks into the hanger and distracts the men. Ry makes his move and detonates their own planted charges sending them flying about and uses that to his advantage to help take down the men with Chad. Warren comms Peacemaker to get her to tend to the injured only to find her unresponsive and he sprints off for the medbay and finds Alpha Ariel missing. The security team makes a dash for the emergency hanger only to miss the shuttle as it leaves. Warren checks the feed to find that it was William Spade himself, back from the dead, who took Ariel. And who also saved Serena life as the leader of the terrorists makes a last ditch move to get his revenge on her for being betrayed by someone.



Session 30: News

PAX welcomes a mysterious race known as the Vapaads and also welcome their favorite newsreporters, Elayne, who is there to do interviews with Ambassadors Shiva and Arhn. While the the members talk amongs themselves during their downtime, Warren takes off for Europa with Ry, Kane and Serena heading down later. During her interview with Shiva, Elayne is forced to cut it off short because of something going on colony side and she takes off. The few that went to the colony find Warren among some officers at a crime scene where a man was murdered, who Warren told them he didn't know.



Session 31: Relaxation

It's another relaxing day on the PAX and Katrina's more relaxed then ever with the arrival of her new assistant a few days prior. Relaxed and caught up enough that she goes down to Europa with Xan, Shiva and Sherry, her assistant.

It's learned that the man killed a week prior was a scientist who worked on the Alpha Ariel project but Warren has refused to say anything about why he was down on Europa. Warren has decided to spend the day training Arhn in self-defense incase they run into any more incidents where she's required to protect herself. Things start to get interesting for the two when Arhn asks Warren to escort him down to Europa and be his bodyguard while Serena starts to initiate a relationship with Kane.



Session 32: Erusian

Weeks have passed and after some hard work on Katrina's end, PAX has been offered the chance to head to a Erusian planet to help further Earth/Erusian relations. The ship arrives at the location to find only space until they're hailed and after some banter, a small hole appears in space revealing a cloaked planet which quickly perks Shiva's interest. After the ship docks and the team steps out into the hanger, it's learned that a small faction of Myhr have been causing civil issues among the Erusian people. Serena, Ry and Kane wander off to talk about the planet to peek Serena's interest, with Slasher playing babysitter while the ambassadors plus Warren and Xanatos as guards, talk to Arhn and the Erusian council. Part way through their meeting, one of the local bugs on the planet winds up near the location of Kane and the others, a result of a terrorist attack by the Myhr rebels, leaving Ry, Chad and the Myhr's to deal with it. Teaming up, Ry and Chad are able to take the creature down, but not before it breaks some of Chad's ribs. The team regroups and takes their leave.



Session 33: Pandora

A mysterious package arrives on the station for Kane and moments later Serena receives a message from her mysterious friend telling her that it's information on the Dragoon Project. She quickly contacts Warren while Kane contacts Darien and a race between the two groups starts to see who will keep the information with Darien making it just in time to use his Investigation powers to claim the information along with Kane to protect him. But before Darien can retreat wit his prizes, Serena reveals she's already contacted Janus and it's not long before a suprise attack by the group that John McCormick leads is launched on the station. Darien sends Kane off to the hanger and seals the hallway before Serena can get to him.

All hell breaks loose with Darien, Serena and Arhn retreating through the vents for Katrina office where she and Shiva are holding out. Chad, Xanatos and Warren are heading to engineering to try and stop the attacks when they're ambushed by 10 of them. Kane makes it to the hanger but before he can make it on a shuttle, William Spade is there and he quickly takes Kane out, taking the information for himself. Kane expecting his death is saved at the last moment by John Mccormick who gets a lucky shot in on Spadebut is quickly taken out and tossed on a shuttle with Kane and Spade takes off, making sure nobody can follow him by disabling the hanger shields.

The people assaulting the station retreat and the team begin to regroup when Serena gets another message to meet someone at a set of coordinates and she does, which inadvertently causes one more problem for the crew of the PAX. Dragoon Alpha Baxter, who's currently ill and insane has made a beeline for the station and has made it aboard. Serena makes it to the coordinates and hooks up with another shuttle to find Spade who asks her how deep she wants to go down the rabbit hole and she responds all the way and the group flies off to Mars to learn all about the DA3405 project. Back on the station, Warren, Darien, Ry and Slasher decide to take on Baxter while Xan and the ambassadors escape to safety on Europa. The security team head down to the cafeteria and are greeted by an enemy that was wasn't just an Alpha, but was also insane.



Session 34: DA3405

Ry and Slasher double team Baxter only to find themselves being beaten but with the help of Darien and Warren they're able to overpower it and force it to retreat, but not to where they want as it heads for the core. Darien, Ry and Slasher make a mad dash for the core in hopes of cutting it off before it destroys the station while Warren runs off to get something to help aid them. The three reach the core room but are unable to find Baxter until he ambushes the three, taking out Ry temporarily until Chad moves in to by Ry the time to recover. In a fit of desperation Baxter does something no Dragoon in his condition should be able to do, he tries to form a bond with Chad who's only able to stop the bond with the help of the others. Baxter prepares to make one final move when Warren shows up in a gear and uses it to pin Baxter down. Ry moves to kill him off with the others stopping him, only to have Baxer's condition take a turn for the worse from the virus as his skin starts to melt away. The team regroups and moves to meet up with Xanatos and the ambassadors only to find out that a group of mercenaries has stolen them. They quickly head onto a shuttle to meet up with Xanatos to pick him up from his damaged shuttle and they quickly chase after the ship and after battering it's shields, force themselves through and land in their hanger where the team rushes to meet rescue the ambassadors. Unknown to them, the ambassadors have already made their move to free themselves as Arhn seduces the guard watching them and Shiva knocks him out while he's distracted.

The two groups meet up and take the ship back to the PAX. As they dock, Darien get's a message stating the capture of John McCormick after a his revolutionary group attacked a Janus Base on Mars. The team head onto Darien's shuttle and they fly to Mars. While the team was dealing with Baxter and rescueing the Ambassadors, Kane, John, Spade and Serens flew to Mars. Spade held the box in his hand and asked Serena her how important finding out about DA3405 and more was, and if it was more important than the secrets of the Dragoons themselves.

Saying it was, Spade held his gun to the information that could save Alpha Ariels life and asked her if she was sure which Serena said yes to, trusting in Spade. Spade destroyed the only hard copy of the Alpha project and a fight broke out on the ship pitting Spade and Serena against Kane and John, who went as far as flying the ship right for the surface of the planet. Serena overpowered him and quickly regned control of the ship and Spade crashed landed it into the bases hanger letting John take the fall as Serena, Kane and himself leap off and make there way into the base. There Spade reveals to Serena the secret behind the DA3405 virus, and her birthright. To replace the Dragoons. Spade makes his escape when General Cran arrives who quickly explains to Serena that Spade cannot be trusted and what he said was a lie.

The team arrives finally as Cran leads Serena and Kane outside and gives her six months to make a decision. Stay with PAX or join him and work for Janus.

*summaries by Dustin and Seraphna