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Cheryl Mizukaze

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Character Info

Name: Cheryl Mizukaze Rank: President of EarthGov Race: Alpha Dragoon
Age: 62 / Appeared Age: 24 DOB: 10-573.3.23 Birth Planet: Earth
Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Hair Length: Lower Back
Height: 5'7" Weight: 140 Build: Slender
Cup Size: C First Appearance: The Alien Wars 4, Session 44 Generation 1
Relatives: Chii Mizukaze (wife), Miyuki Nue (adopted daughter), Kasha Nue (adopted daughter), Lorelei (daughter), Aurica (daughter), Taiga (daughter), Ben (son), Wolfe (son)
Parents: Alexander Cran (father), Ariel (mother)
Siblings: Zephyr (sister), Angela Bennet (adopted sister), Chad Winters (brother)



Abilities: 3 Strength: 6 Speed: 7
Mind: 4 Godhood: 4 Element: Lightning




Item 1: Energy Whip Forms from body. Dragoon Weapon Primary Weapon
Item 2: Body Armor Standard issue Special Ops Armor Primary Armor
Item 3: Unique Item 1    
Item 4: Unique Item 2    




Lock On: Cheryl can lock onto 3 targets at once and dodge their movements and attacks; however, this greatly depletes her the longer she does it and the more targets she locks onto. One on one, she can do it indefinitely, but add two and three, and she can only do it for minutes.
Duplicate: Cheryl can split into two, making another of herself, allowing her to attack from both sides. This is left over residue from her reality powers, as the duplicate can think and act for itself, another Cheryl for all purposes.

Whip Overload: Cheryl's whip can attack and act on it's own, even if she has been hit, or blinded, going for the throat of another, or it can overload and blow with energy, after detaching itself from Cheryl's arm, to do incredible damage.

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Beliefs and Goals

Cheryl believes in upholding justice and protecting her family, no matter the cost. She will go to any length it takes to protect what is her's and she considers her reality to be her's. She has a bersker rage that bubbles deep in her that she has gone to great lengths to quell.

Her goals are to protect her planet, her people, and her family. She has become the President to see to it that is accomplished.


Background History

Cheryl was the third of the Alphas created, but the first one with emotions and the ability to decide her own actions. Created from the DNA of Ariel and General Cran, she was treated by the General, who created the Alpha Project, like a daughter. Trained by him in tactics and other proper fuctions, she was his greatest weapon in the Ridiarium War - until near the end, when battling a Giant Ridiarium, she accidently killed Warren Carmichael's fiance and his unborn child. Unable to cope with the feelings of guilt, Cheryl's performance began to fall apart, and when she learned the truth about Ariel, her Mother, she rebelled against Cran, aiding Venerator in faking her death. Afterwards, she took watch over Zephyr, feeling responsible for the psyche damage the young Alpha took due to the fact her pilot was Warren.

Later, when she learned about Serena Cran being an Omega Dragoon designed to control the Alphas, she launched an attack against the PAX in order to eliminate Serena. Though the team stopped her, they began to learn the threat posed by the Omega, and allowed Cheryl to go with Ariel. She participated in the Dragoon War on Ariel's side.

Eventually, Cheryl became more intertwined the with the group, aiding in the Dark Ones War, and becoming a General in the EarthGov Military due to her extensive training under General Cran. She led the team after Warren died, and managed to bring an end to the Dark One threat, Legion, and other enemies with her team. During this time, a recruit named Chii managed to pierce her armor by quite literally forcing her into a relationship, and Cheryl began to drop her barriers.

When her son, Benjamin Carmichael, was kidnapped, a child she had with Warren before his death - feeling guilty still over killing his fiance - she led a team into the Multiverse to stop the organization who took him and get him back. Before leaving, she married Chii in a quiet ceremony, realizing she needed her more than ever to get through the battle. During the Multiverse Campaign, they learned about a threat to the Multiverse, and her unit managed to overcome all threats - but at a cost. Benjamin was killed.

At the end, in order to save the Multiverse, she and Wind recreated the Multiverse without the corruption, and she is one of two beings capable of allowing people to transverse the realities and knows the location of Centerpoint. Currently, Cheryl is still a General in the EarthGov Military, running a base underneath Cran Manor. Despite years of hardship, she managed to overcome Han Tucker's forces and her own injuries throughout the process. She helped keep Earth together through Presidents coming and going, now being the General to President Darien Starr and Vice President Angela Bennet, who she brought back to life with her reality powers, altering her history and life with her powers to give her a second chance after thinking hard about the hardships she went through. She also had a second daughter, Aurica, with Chii, carrying the child herself this time, and has learned Ben is alive still through some miracle that has yet to be explained. And she has grown close to Miyuki and Kasha Nue, two kitsune she discovered sealed in her backyard by Cran, kept there for 300 years for some experiments she has yet to uncover. She has come to see them as daughters and treats them as such, especially fond of Miyuki and growing close to her, intimately so a few times, though she has great affection for Kasha.

Throughout the crisis of events that was The Alien Wars 5 she had Taiga, her third daughter, and had to wrestle with her reality powers. With the help of her family, and those closest to her, she saved her reality, the Prime Reality, and it ended up being the only surviving reality. A decade+ later she became the President as her children grew up and became their own people, but soon quakes and other crisis began to crop up again and her grown up daughter, Taiga, who had taken over the Reality Strikers discovered that a mirror universe had cropped up, attached to their universe. Creating a Special Ops as her daughter Taiga crosses over to the other universe, they now prepare to deal with the turblance of their reality being slowly destroyed and a strange new alien race cropping up.


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