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Welcome to The Alien Wars, a collection of many RPGs over the years that have spanned many generations of players and ideas to tell the stories of many generations of characters. On the left sidebar you will see the various The Alien Wars that have spanned since it's creation on November 1997 until the present day.

The first three The Alien Wars took place in a different reality that was dying and saved by the characters to reform in a new reality, with a few characters either being reborn or surviving intact into The Alien Wars 4 onward. The Alien Wars 5 combined the two realities as well as new characters in a battle for the multiverse and more until the multiverse was destroyed.

The final chapter, The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo, began with The Duality Wars: The Alien Wars 6 sometime in Feburary 2015, following the adventures of a new set of characters in the mirror universe of the prime universe after the destruction of the multiverse. It was followed by the The Alien Wars 6: The Fall of Eden in January 2016, which followed the original Prime Universe characters of The Alien Wars 4 - 5.

Finally The Alien Wars 6: Da Capo began after Duality and Fall of Eden combined and ended in April 2018. It follows the adventures of the restarted multiverse slowly being reborn with Yggdrasil being in danger from outside forces as the characters from the Mirror Universe now live in the Prime Universe from many outside forces.

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The Alien Wars 6:

Da Capo

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