And So It Begins

March 30th, 2223

Session 146: The Alliance - Good or Evil?
The Aquarius' new mission is to find Motenk technology and somehow use it to turn the tide before the Motenks come out to play. However, this painstakingly long process is just that - long and hard. John McCormick - Snipe, Dias, Katrina, Ariel, Sardis, and Captain Drake are tasked with this assignment. However, it becomes quickly apparant that something isn't quite right, especially when the Alliance keeps showing up at every turn and attacking the Aquarius. As the fights get riskier, the question becomes - how are they finding the Aquarius? Who among them is a spy? All questions aside, though, they'll have to deal with bounty hunter Colephantus first.

April 7th, 2223

Session 147: Dominator No More
The Aquarius heads out to find the retired president of the Alliance, Dominator, in order to stop the current one, Seraphna, from continuing her mad quest to stop the Aquarius. However, Colephantus, Snipe, and Dias quickly learn that Seraphna is one step ahead of them as they arrive and learn that Dominator has had his memories wiped, thus no longer remembering anything about his past life.

April 15th, 2223

Session 148: Nobody Understands
Snipe hires Ensign Nobody to look into who might be the traitor onboard the Aquarius. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew begin to prepare themselves physically for the trials ahead - mainly Colephantus, obsessed with finding himself and where his place is among the crew. Also, it seems he's interested in a certain redhead, Katrina. But can he find her heart when she seems to be pining after Sardis?

April 20th, 2223

Session 149: And The Sky Full of Stars
When the team discovers a planet that holds what could be the Motenk technology they've been looking for, they immediately jump on retrieving it. However, playing around with ancient technology could prove most deadly, especially when it almost kills Dias and sends the ancient ruins flying into space. The fight for knowledge turns quickly into a fight for their lives as they are launched into space, the ruins heading for the Unknown Regions.

April 30th, 2223

Session 150: And So It Begins
Having barely escaped the Motenk ruins and having nothing to show for it, the Aquarius' crew continues to look for more leads. However, the worst scenario possibly quickly begins a horrific reality. The Aquarius is found by Alliance ships and they quickly have to battle them, trying to escape. And while they are fighting, the traitor on the ship finally makes his move. At first, it seems as if it's an old fighter from the Galactic War, which would point to Snipe. Yet, Dias and Cole learn that it really belongs to Admiral Drake, who died during the War. And the only surviving relative of him is Captain Drake, his nephew. Drake, loyal to the Alliance, sabotages the engines and almost sends the ship to it's demise before the group is forced to kill him. And that's when they get the transmission on the HoloNet. Elayne Hianule openly challenges the Motenks with the new Lunarian fleet. Being called out into open, Snipe fears the Motenks will attack, so the Aquarius limps to the planet Lunarius, only to arrive too late as the Motenk fleet exits hyperspace, destroys the huge Lunarian fleet, and bombs the planet - leaving no one alive. Now that they've been called out, Snipe fears it'll be a matter of months now before the real war begins.

May 7th, 2223

Session 151: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Snipe holds a funeral for his dead lover, Elayne Hianule, and his son, Aaron McCormick. There he tries to figure out where it all went horribly wrong, his prophecy calling for a different outcome than this one. Emily and Hotaru-chan decide to join Snipe, sensing he needs them more than ever, and Colephantus and Dias try to figure out what exactly Snipe is trying to fulfill.

May 10th, 2223

Session 152: Legacies
While Snipe despairs, the rest of the crew come to terms with the death of an entire planet. Colephantus trains against the various computers and seeks their knowledge to figure out what he should do. Dias fights another Gear pilot to prove his skills. And the others drift around the ship, trying to identify what it is they need. But in the end, Snipe leads them on a bold trip - straight into the Unknown Regions, where they will find out where, exactly, the Motenk technology is and use it before it's too late. The only problem? It'll take them several months just to get out there and they might not get back in time before the Motenks make their move.