Seasons of Change

May , 2222

Session 22: Abductions
When people begin to disappear under mysterious circumstances, the team leads an investigation into it. However, their opponent might be more evil and deadly then they ever imagined - flying catgons!

May 8th, 2222

Session 23: Tentacles
The Alt Team is assigned the job of finding what is raping tons of women in the city ... however, the reports from the women indicate it's a giant tentacle monster raping them. Taking the search into the sewers, the team will encounter alligators, sewer rats, and tentacle rape in their search for the truth ... or something like that.

May 11th, 2222

Session 24: Fignuts
When the Alt Team goes missing during a mission, it's up to Jerry and his fellow nerds to find out what exactly happened to them. That is, if they're not to busy robbing computers stores.

May 15th, 2222

Session 25: Bloodties
When a mysterious man calling himself John McCormick shows up and begins to take down the Mega City Police in order to reach Tyler McCabe, the Alt unit steps in to take him down. However, can they take down someone who is a bit of a legend and can effortlessly take down any foe opposing him? And why is Snipe so interested in taking down McCabe because of a catgon girl?

May , 2222

Session 26: Pains and Pleasures
While searching for a serial killer, the Alt Team begins to dig deep into what seems to be something darker than they first expected. And when Pope is abducted by the serial killer as his "latest victim", the Alt team must step up to bat to beat off Ghoul, the psycho killer who claims he was "created" this way - perhaps killing off the people behind it. Also, Unoria Paladith quits the team after losing her XO position and feeling as if Firebird is leaving her.

May 21st, 2222

Session 27: These Are The Days of Our Lives...
In the aftermath of the fight with Ghoul, which ended with him in custody and then escaping, the team must deal with their losses - Firebird being in the regeneration tube to get a new leg and Unoria's leaving the team. How will each of them deal with their problems in their brief lull.

May 23rd, 2222

Session 28: Prime Time
When Ghoul resurfaces at a TV station, showing the world on live television the many ways to slaughter someone, the Alt Team, all too ready for revenge, heads for the television station. But Ghoul is crafty and when Ire tries to tag him, he accidently shoots a hostage. Though capturing Ghoul alive to be brought in for justice, Ire must decide if he can continue being a police officer.

May 25th, 2222

Session 29: Seasons of Change Part I
As Ire begins to draw up his letter of resignation, the Janus Corporation arrives in Mega City to offer new weapons for the war. As they show a public viewing, along with Tyler McCabe, a mysterious person begins to question Janus as to why they are doing this. But before Janus personnel can answer, the 5th Column attacks the showing and steals some of the weapons. Plus Firebird is mortally injured, losing 95% of his skin in an explosion. Putting aside his guilt, Ire and the others agree it's time to take down Senreich and his 5th Column - for good.

Session 30: Seasons of Change Part II
The Alt team leads an assault on a farm house where the 5th Column people have run to. Upon dealing with the outside forces, Ire and company lead an assault underground to a mysterious underground base, where a door opens when Ire puts his hand on the handprint, much to his and everyone elses' surprise. As they come in on Senreich giving an important speech, the Alt team attacks, Dahok blowing up key generations and Bobo the Alien flying around shooting lasers. Plus, with Silouette and Stark providing cover attacks, things seem to be going so well that Ire takes on Senreich one on one in a fight as the base explodes around them. Despite his best efforts, Ire loses and Senreich escapes, barely, through a hidden subway station. The team follows and loses track of him. Ire decides to stay on the team, if only to put Senreich in his place and to fulfill a promise. And, during all this, Britain and Canada launch their first attack on Mega City, the battle ending in a bloody draw.