End of Days

December 10th, 2223

Session 233: A Golden Era
Theos has returned to the universe, the creator of everything - along with his three fates, Pathos, Logos, and Ethos. The Motenk souls channel into Theos - the voices of god. Theos then heals the group, even restoring Snipe's eyes. He informs them it's time for a golden era of peace and happiness now - after he brings about judgment day, where the sinner are condemend and the believers are uplifted. The group, deciding not to accept this, vows to fight against Theos. However, all the psionic users are now the Army of God, appearing around him - including Ripple, Spirit, Em, and Hotaru! Theos and his "army" leave, and now it's a race against time to discover how to beat Theos. As the team wrestles with the idea of fighting THE God, else where Wind, Kio, Junior, and Slasher discover how to beat him - when Atheos, the devil to Theos' Godhood, arrives, providing the broken Bone Sword. All they have to do, he claims, is kill an innocent person to power the sword. But can the group really do it?

December 14th, 2223

Session 234: War and Peace
As the universe begins to mass convert to Theos, whose Sanctuary has appeared in the middle of the universe and is gathering to critical mass to bring about the second age, the team races to find a way to defeat him. Realizing there is no other way, Wind says the sword must be used, while Junior and Katrina wonder if fighting God is really necessary. The group, divided, is brought to shattering when Kio, using the Bone Sword, decides to drain Katrina of her soul. Junior, sensing the attack is coming, teleports for the first time ever, in front of Katrina, being stabbed instead. As his soul is drained, the others arrive, bashing Kio to the ground and attempting to save Junior from his death. However, unless one of them stab themselves instead, Junior will die. Snipe wrestles with the idea, but realizes in the end he wants to be with his family - and allows Junior to die. Katrina, brought to tears and heart broken, lashes at Kio, attempting to kill him, when Wind carries her off. Now the team has less than 10 hours to reach the Sanctuary and kill Theos with the blade.

A Father's Love
With the death of Junior, Katrina is grieving, having lost one person too many in her life that she cares about. Wind, realizing that the big battle with Theos is rapidly arriving, tries to reconcile with his daughter and heal the rift that has formed between them. Can a father and daughter show their love for each other before they take on a God? And what mysterious force is at work?

Session 235: Hello Again
Wind leads the Emerald Ship to Theos' Sanctuary for what will hopefully be the end of Theos' plan to start the second age of the universe - by bringing all the worthy souls to heaven and casting all the damned into hell. However, once they arrive and begin to work their way in, it seems the lines of who is right and wrong are blurred as the team begins to murder all of Theos' men who try to get them to stop. When they are battle Logos, one of the three fates, a dead Junior comes to their aid - only, after they defeat Logos, they learn it isn't Junior at all. Garland has had his soul transferred to the dead body of his son in order to deal with this threat. As the team continues, they end up seperated by Pathos, who attempts to gather the weakest in one spot - Slasher, Colephantus, Katrina, Kio, and Terra. However, as they continue onward, they learn that Ripple and Spirit are now working for Theos - and after a harsh battle, drive the two away, only to face Ethos, who refuses to let them pass, but doesn't attack either. Kio and Colephantus quickly ends his life.

Session 236: War of the Gods
Slasher, Colephantus, Katrina, and Kio continue onward, where they run into Ripple and Spirit again. And this time, it's a battle to the death. As the two enhanced psionics battle them, they are forced to do everything in their power to stop them - and when defeated, Slasher has no choice but to kill Ripple and Spirit in order to continue onward. Meanwhile, Garland has to do battle with Pathos alone, and prove who is stronger - fate or a Hianule. And Snipe has to convince Hotaru and Em to give up the glory of heaven for him.

In the end, everyone is reunited for the final battle with Theos. As Snipe handles the psionics with Slasher's new invention, the rest use the Bone Blade to battle Theos in a bid for the world. As Kio uses hyper and battles Theos with everything he has, he's soon defeated despite holding his own. Colephantus then steps up, but sustains heavy damage from Theos. Finally, everyone has has to step up and end Theos' for good. After the battle ends, Theos' dies, giving them his blessing, but the trouble isn't over yet. As Colephantus dies in Katrina's arms, Atheos arrives, ready to rule the universe.

Session 237: Exhiled
Atheos now stands as the supreme power in the galaxy with Theos defeated. He quickly kidnaps Katrina, claiming she is the key to opening the gate of the dead and unleashing their souls into the universe. As he turns into Sigma, claiming he's going out to cause trouble somewhere and leaves, everyone has to escape back to the Emerald Sword, where they see the entire galaxy is going insane. Wind and Ariel head back to Earth, where Wind thinks Atheos is at, while the others debate what to do. In the end, Garland has an old friend, Spectre, deal with the Tsivrixsh insanity, while the others rush to Earth to find Wind and Ariel locked in battle with Atheos. When they all arrive, Atheos defeats them all, saying they will meet again and leaves.

December 15th, 2223

Session 238: The Evil
While Wind and Ariel search for Katrina, trying to find her before it's too late, Slasher is confronted by the dead General Cran, who tries to get him to give up. As the two exchange deadly blows of words, Slasher makes Cran reveal who he really is - Atheos. Atheos laughs, then attacks Slasher, bringing down the entire building in their fight. As Slasher is about to lose, Wind and Ariel show up to help him out, along with Garland. Atheos bids them farewell for now and leaves. Everyone then gathers at the McCormick residence, where Snipe and Dias are training for their battle. Once there, everyone hears a message from Atheos played out across the globe - tomorrow, the fate of the world will be fought for - and the winner gets to keep it all.

December 16th, 2223

Session 239: End of Days
The team prepares for their assault against Atheos by traveling to a land between continents, where a temple of the dead has been found. Once there, they are attacked by a giant dragon, which brings their shuttle down, and then assaulted by an army of catgons. The team flees into the temple, where they confront an insane Kio, who had gone missing after the fight with Theos. Wind orders everyone to continue onward while he tries to redeem Kio. As the team continues into the bowels of hell, they are assaulted by demons and the like. Garland uses the three relics he recovered to battle them back. Afterwards, Wind, Ariel, and Kio rejoin the group, just in time to witness Garland battling Death in a one on one battle. But the winner himself becomes the new Death.

Session 240: Teaos
After navigating a giant maze, the team arrives in Atheos' chamber. There, the final battle against hell begins, as they have to face the many dead forms of their old enemies that Atheos has attained over the years. As the fight drags onward, the team begins to wear down more and more. Finally, Dias makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect Snipe from being killed. Enraged and grieving at their loss, the team manages to beat Atheos back, who falls, defeated. But before anyone can react, one of the dead spirits in Atheos takes over his body - the soul of Xevil. Xevil, using Atheos' body, prepares to finish the team off for good, when everyone combines their strength and seals Xevil into the Ark of the Covenant for all time. But, the danger isn't over yet - Katrina is about to open the Gate to Hell.

Session 241: Miracles
As Wind, Ariel, Michuri, Colephantus, Kio, Snipe, and Slasher arrive at the Gate, they find Katrina has been completely brainwashed. As the team attempts to reach her, it seems it will be a futile gesture and the world will come to an end no matter what. As some of them contemplate killing Katrina in order to save the galaxy, Michuri reaches out with her psionics powers and opens Katrina's mind long enough for Cole, Wind, and Ariel to reach her. Coming out of her dark state, Katrina collapses, but the gate has already begun to open it. Helpless to stop it, the team witnesses a miracle - all the souls of their dead friends, led by Dias, attacks the Gate. Dias, Eve, Ripple, Spirit, Slash, Darien, Ire, Kyouki, and many more bring down the gate for good, ending the threat. And Garland, done with his battle, uses his powers of Death to destroy his soul to release Junior's body, which is healed. As the team has saved the day, they head home, ready to start a new chapter in their lives.