Escape from Mega City

August 5th, 2222

Session 68: A Devil Among You
The Alternate Unit is given the assignment of taking on a new member - one so evil, so terrible, and so cunning, that putting him to work for them is almost logical. It is none other than Ghoul, the serial killer. And their first assignment puts them on the hunt for the cannibal Mason, who has escaped. As the team searches for Mason in the sewers of Mega City, they find Ghoul most useful when he battles Mason to the death. And only one of the two will emerge.

August 15th, 2222

Session 69: The War Effort
When British and Canadian Forces invade Mega City, even the Alternate Unit is forced to lend a helping hand in order to protect the city from harm. The signs of war beginning to wear down on the culture is evident in the desperatation to end it by both sides - no matter the civilian cost.

August 20th, 2222

Session 70: Sex and the City
When a plague is released on the population, turning them into sex crazed maniacs, only Ire is seemingly unaffected. However, with tons of women after him and everyone busy making out like rabbits, it seems his fightings days are seriously in dangerous. And why is Icebrand so fascinated with his bike?

August 26th, 2222

Session 71: A Talk With God
When a man named Kevin shows up and claims to be God, how will the team react with the startling revelations he has about each of them? And his seemingly powerful abilities to even raise the dead? Or is this just a hallucination?

September 5th, 2222

Session 72: Total Recall Part I
Lt. Warren Carmichael - Ire - is on the verge of a total collapse, it seems, as his rage and anger seems to have no bounds. When the team is sent on a mission to stop some bank robbers, Ire's obsessions and problems begin to lead them on a dangerous game of lfie and death. And, when they return, Colonel Roberts makes a startling revelation: Ire is a sleeper agent for the 5th Column and he, himself, assasinated Captain Tikal. When the team goes to confront Ire, he's already long gone.

Session 73: Total Recall Part II
Ayn Lyons refuses to believe that Ire is a sleeper agent, so it's decided by Jake that they should all go to the source: The 5th Column leader - Senreich. As they travel there with Ghoul, they find themselves invited in by Senreich, who begins to play a dangerous mind game with them. And Olga, Ayn's clone, isn't too light on it either. But the final word is that Ire is indeed a sleeper agent gone rogue on them.

Session 74: Total Recall Part III
Ire has attacked the main headquarters and taken hostages. The Alternate Team requests permission to go in after him and Col. Roberts reluctantly agrees to send them. However, the team will have to match wits with the cunning Ire, who has planned for them to inflitrate the building. After a daring escape, the team tracks Ire down to a roof where he claims that he didn't kill Tikal. However, he's shot by a sniper and taken into custody by Col. Roberts. Afterwards, the team is sent back to Building 38 where Jake points out a startling revelation: the tape that shows Ire killing Tikal was forged.

Session 75: Total Recall Part IV
The major turning point for the Alternate Unit begins here when they decided to break Ire out of jail and go against the entire police department to do it. Stark leads the team into getting information while Infinity, Dahok, and Pope lead the assault on the prison. As both teams reunite, they pick up Jake and Jerry, making a mad rush to the military base where Altros, the newly developed battleship, is being created. Stealing Altros, the team escapes from Mega City, only to be confronted by Col. Roberts on the roof of the Altros. There, they do battle with the man who hired Tikal to be killed. Executing Roberts through teamwork, the team safely escapes Mega City with only two members missing: Unoria and Pope.