Odds and Ends

September 30th, 2222

Session 91: The Gospel
While traveling to the Grasslands, the Altros picks up a strange energy signal. Landing in the wastelands to investigate, they find a sword in the sand. Upon removing it, they are confronted by John McCormick - Snipe. Snipe informs them this is one of two swords called "The Gospel", which belonged to Garland Hianule. Challenging Junior, the two lock blades, each holding a Gospel. But can Junior beat a more powerful Snipe all by himself?

October 5th, 2222

Session 92: Another Story - Mercenaries for Hire
The Janus Corporation hires a group of mercenaries to take down the Alternate Team for all the trouble they have caused them over the last month. As the mercenaries trek down the team, with Baberlus on the crew, the Alt Team stands no chance. Especially when the mercenaries kill them.

Session 93: Another Story - Under Fire
The flip side to the story, the Alternate Team arrives in the Grasslands in their search for the leader of the zone. However, unknown to them, a group of mercenaries is hunting them for sport. Yet, the Alt Team is more resourceful then they look. Especially when the mercenaries go to spring their trap, the Alt Team springs theirs. And how evenly matched is Ire and Baberlus?

October 8th, 2222

Session 94: Hostile Takeover
The Alt Team arrives in the city where the leader of the Grasslands is located. As they begin to set up an interview with him, trouble strikes when the Siberian Nation suddenly invades the territory. Forced to try and escape the military might of the Siberian Nation, the team is forced on the run again toward the British Isles.

October 10th, 2222

Session 95: Random Tidbits
As the Altros flies towards the British Isles, the team spends some quiet moments together. With Mega City fighting the British Isles plus the Canadian forces and the Siberian Nation invading the Grasslands, it seems as if the entire world is going into a time of chaos.