The Emerald Sword

October 5th, 2222

Session 96: Emerald Dawn
After all this time, Skaad has finally emerged with a plan to restore the two broken pieces of the emerald sword back into one. The Aquarius immediately is assigned to stop the Tsivrixsh before he can accomplish his plans. As the team, along with Wiendigo has back up, takes on the Raiders under Skaad's control, they are forced to fight inch by inch all the way to the top of the volcano. Sardis and Skaad enter combat with one another...with Sardis knocking Skaad into the firey lava of the volcano. However, the effect of this is terrible - the lava reforges the sword and Skaad emerged with a fully forged Emerald Sword.

Session 97: Emerald Twilight
The Aquarius' team is forced into battle with Skaad, who has control of the Emerald Sword. However, it becomes quickly obvious that the Emerald Sword seems to be controlling Skaad with some type of negative energy field. Even as they begin to get through to Skaad, he plants the Emerald Sword straight into Katrina's back where it lodges, unable to be removed without killing her. Skaad is quickly thrown into the brig.

Session 98: Emerald Night
Katrina Star is dying due to the Emerald Sword being lodged into her back. However, Doctor Black is unable to do anything about it as the sword will kill her if removed. Sardis is forced to turn to Skaad, who informs them that they must somehow travel into the Sword and purify it. Going back to the planet, which is tearing itself apart, they do just that. However, the mind of Katrina - or is it the sword - is a strange place. There, they are forced to face their own inner fears and demons until they free Katrina from the sword. Skaad then quickly unlodges the sword from her back, but the backlash of energy kills him. Now, the Emerald Sword is purified and reforged...and Katrina seems to be it's chosen owner.

October 8th, 2222

Session 99: Emerald Passing
What will the Aquarius do with the Emerald Sword? And what will Katrina and Sardis have to say with each other over the entire matter? Will it bring them closer - or tear them apart?