August 31st, 2200

Session 104: Random Ages Prelude - The Balance Point .
The Wraiths, trying to escape the destruction of Parnel, come across a drifting space craft that has a strange person onboard - Kyouki. Just who is the strange woman? Also, Garland Junior attempts to get to know more about the people onboard who have known his father more than he has known him. But, things are cut short when a powerful disturbance draws their ship into it. A being known as Chronos claims that there is a terrible force trying to find something called "The Prime Reality", the first reality ever made. And from that reality, all other realities stemmed from it. Chronos claims one of the Hunters will become the next Chronos, after he passes on, and that they will be instrumental in stopping the force trying to find the Priem Reality. However, before they can find out who it is, Chronos is killed and some being rips all of the Hunters out of this reality, shifting them through multiple realities rapidly in an attempt to flush out the new Chronos. In a blink of the idea, each of the Hunters is shifted through reality after reality, some heaven, some hell, some worse than death, as their minds are torn apart and put back together again in each reality, never realizing who they really are...

Session 105: Random Ages Impact 1 - Centerpoint
After living hundreds of lifetimes in mere moments, the team finds them in a reality where they've won the war with the Tsivrixsh Empire. Everything is alright and all things are good again. However, something isn't quite right, and one of the Hunters begins to pick up on it, seeing past this reality ... and back to his own. Hermes, one of the weakest Hunters, is forced to unleash his power as Chronos to stop whatever is hunting the Prime Reality, only to be killed after he opens up a portal to another reality. Death Star takes his sceptor, his memory restored, and orders everyone to retreat - as the man searching for the Prime Reality reveals himself to be the original Chronos, who faked his own death. Realizing they stand no chance again Chronos, the team pulls back, but they find themselves confused from all the other memories - just who is people like Hotaru? And what happened to Garland, who seems to have been seperated from the team? Did they win the war? Unfortunantly, the team doesn't have time to answer these questions as they leap through the portal opened up by Hermes before his death - their only thought is to escape Chronos.

Random Impact 2
The groups are scattered through various alternate realities after leaping through the portal. This is their journey trying to escape and find their way back to their respective world.

Session 106: Random Ages Impact 3 - The Prime Reality Part I: Time and Time Again
Stuck at Chronos' old watchtower of realities, Death Star decides their only chance is to cross realities once again - this time to a reality they visited accidently twenty years ago. The reality has both time technology and devices to cross realities on their own, and since the staff Hermes gave them is running out, they have no choice but to steal the devices. However, the reality is guarded by their own set of Hunters - and some very powerful ones at that. Death Star orders that no matter the cost, even if it means taking out the enemy Hunters, they will do anything it takes to get those devices. This splits the group in half, some not willing to go that far, others willing to do anything to stop Chronos from finding the Prime Reality. So the team leaps into the other reality. Upon arriving, the group is met by the realities' Hunters, and it becomes a battle of Hunter vs. Hunter. As the two sides fight each other, willing to risk anything to stop the other, things begin to get brutal, even to the point where Death Star is willing to kill them if that's what it takes. Ariel is injured, as is the other sides' Uplink, bringing the fighting to a hesitant ending as they rush to save lives. The two sides reach a shakey alliance, one that revolves around stopping Chronos and another that involves saving the alternate Hunter reality from a twenty year old mistake.

The Chronological Theorum Session 15: Random Ages Impact 3 - The Prime Reality Part II: Spaced Out
Death Star's group has agreed to help Speedblade's reality deal with a deadly problem. A Death Star from another reality ended up here and has been wrecking havoic ever since. In return for helping them, Speedblade will hand over the materials needed to defeat Chronos for good and aid them in the final fight with Chronos. Death Star and the others head into the lair of the evil Death Star, which forces the Wraiths to have to think and outsmart someone who acts like their own leader, but is much more sadistic. Can even Wiendigo beat THIS Death Star?

Session 107: Random Ages Impact 3 - The Prime Reality Part III: The Discovery
As Team B guards the Balance Point, Cheryl, Snipe, Gravedigger, X2, Iceheart, Elayne, Dias, and Kiki are looking through the various realities, hoping to locate the Prime Reality before Chronos pulls it off. As the team puts together their brains, they manage to figure out which is the first reality - a reality devoid of life that left it billions of years ago. But, their discovery doesn't go unnoticed, as Chronos appears before them, having located the Prime Reality through their efforts. Chronos throws them into another reality, where the Statue of Liberty is sinking in water, and begins to battle them in terrain to his advantage. Cheryl grabs his staff and begins to be flooded by unholy energy, absorbing the deadly energy into her at an insane amount. As the team battles Chronos, Cheryl drains his staff and the team slams him into the water. Chronos barely escapes into the prime reality, leaving Snipe and the others stranded on a sinking Statue of Liberty. Somehow they have to find an escape so they can tell the others where the Prime Reality is at.

The Chronological Theorum Session 16: Random Ages Impact 3 - The Prime Reality Part IV: The Home Stretch
As the Wraiths and the Cops manage to bring the evil Death Star's plans to a crashing halt and free the reality, they head back to Balance Point to try to find the others so they can get a lead on Chronos. However, when they find it destroyed, a search goes out to find the missing Wraiths. After they manage to locate them, Death Star and the others learn that Chronos has found the Prime Reality already and that time is running out to defeat him. The two sides realize they only have one shot left to defeat Chronos and save their own realities.

Session 108: Random Ages Impact 3 - The Prime Reality Part V: The Birth of a God
The united Wraiths and the Time Cops prepare for one united front against Chronos in an attempt to stop him from gaining the power of a God in the Prime Reality. The teams enter the Prime Reality and fight their way into Chronos' castle, where they find he is indeed gathering the power of the reality into himself - and it seems it might be too late to stop him. However, the teams refuse to give up, and despite heavy losses, they begin to hit Chronos with everything they have. Death Star and Speedblade realize that all the other realities are being destroyed as The Prime Reality gains full power, so they make a gamble after Chronos is defeated. The entire group begins to think of their reality and then they replace the Prime Reality with their own reality, protecting them from the destruction of the all other realities. After the fight is over, the Wraiths, now having made their own reality part of the Prime Reality.

Session 109: The End of an Era
With their reality saved, the memories from the other realities are beginning to fade away into more than a distant tingle. The only things left in the minds of the Wraiths is the fact that they saved their reality from a being known as Chronos by teaming up with others, but the details are beginning to vanish. But no matter, only a day has passed in their reality, and the Wraiths finally arrive at home. However, when they ask what their next move is, Death Star announces that it's time for the Wraiths to come to an end, much to everyone's dismay. He states that things have to change, so he wants everyone to leave for a while, find themselves, and to come back for a new direction - a direction to take the war back to the Tsivrixsh forces. The various Wraiths split up and begin to leave Origin, heading out to have some fun... While others, like Booster, leave for good, heading back to Earth to open up his orphanage.