Chapter 1: Wish Upon a Star

Death Star stood there on the control bridge, listening to the sounds of the machines. He found this a comforting way to relax back when the station was still in existence. Now, thanks to Iceheart, he had found others ways. Smiling warmly at the thoughts, he ran his hand over the machinery. It was good to be back on the station, to learn that it wasn't destroyed. The past month or so had been torture and he could feel the weary ache though his every part, threatening to destroy him. The whole Projector thing had been tiring, even if it had been solved quickly. And now, he had returned to being Commander of the Maverick Hunters only to be going off on some leave. He planned on telling the others later tomorrow. He planned on enjoying his last stay on the station with Iceheart.

He turned around and began to work his way through the silent hallways of Deck 13 as he worked his way down to the Hunter Lounge, the place Nova use to run. A new female Reploid, Mary, worked down there now and took over. She came to work almost immediately for the Hunters. It was down there he was planning on meeting Iceheart.

As he reached the turbolift to take him down to the deck where the Hunter Lounge was, he bumped into X1. "Huh? What?" he said startled. "Oh, X1! Good to see you."

"Hey, chief. Have you seen my kronodact?" X1 asked him.

"Your kronodact???" Death Star questioned, confused.

" don't want to know...but I think it's crawling on your, hold on...." X1 told him and sprayed the thing on Death Star's back, watching it crash to the floor, satisfied. "Told ya not to leave your cage."

"...Charming, I think..." Death Star said as he looked back and forth. "Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I have to meet Iceheart in the next few minutes. We'll be leaving for a few days. Go on vacation, relax. The works," Death Star told him.

"Sounds like fun. Going to have any kids while you're at it?" asked X1 and winked at him, nudging his side.

"That's real funny there. See ya later," Death Star said and rolled his eyes as he stepped onto the turbolift and went down in a flash. X1 watched him go and shook his head. "Good thing. Hate to see how scary his kids could be...anyway say Children of the Corn?" he told himself as he reached down, picked up the knonodact, and headed for his workshop.

Iceheart sipped the alcohol and let it ride down her throat as she think about things. She hadn't seen Death Star lately, so that's why he suggested they go out. Have some fun. She always wanted to visit some of the tourist places on Earth, but all her life she had never gotten the chance. Death Star was giving her that chance. Iceheart could feel her heart warm at the thought of his kindness to here.

Pulling her head back with the last of the drink, she slapped the cup down and smiled at Mary as she wobbled over to the jukebox and played one of her favorite songs. She hadn't heard any kind of music hardly while in the Wastelands. When she first listened to music, here on the station, she instantly fell in love with her first song. Sitting back down, she ran her hand along her scar on her cheek. She had always meant to have that taken care of, see if she could have it removed, but she never really cared. And she still didn't, really, seeing as Death Star didn't seem to see it as a bad outlet on her looks.

"Hello, luv." Iceheart felt herself smiling as she turned around to see Death Star. He reached over and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly against him as he kissed her. She felt herself blushing, as she always did when they kissed. When he pulled away, she always felt a little disappointed. He sat down next to her and ordered something to drink as he turned to her, grinning. "So, you ready?" he asked her.

"As ever, lover," Iceheart told him.

"Hey, this'll be a vacation we'll never forget. The first of many!"

* * * * *

Death Star leaned back in the small shuttle that he was borrowing for his trip to Earth. Iceheart sat next to him, leaning back in her chair, asleep. The shuttle didn't have hyperdrive and the trip was going to take a little while since Death Star planned on taking a few stops to place beacons for the Hunters' HQ. He smiled as he looked her over. He loved to watch her sleep, as he had done many of night. Something about it made him feel whole. Something he had never felt before.

He watched the Hunters run by a few moments later to Hanger Bay 4, not taking any mind to him in the corner. They probably didn't even notice him. Death Star found himself surprised that they were going on a mission this soon. He felt an inner urging to go with them, but he wanted, needed, desired, to spend time with Iceheart. So he found himself flipping the controls in front of him and ignoring the fleeing Hunters to whatever task laid at hand for them. He would have no part of it. Besides, Death Star had full belief in Dominator's abilities as a leader. They would be fine.

Flying out of the hanger, he headed for the first spot. He heard Iceheart moan softly and shift in her sleep. Turning his head to her, he smiled. She looked so peaceful. It was surprising, that when he first met Iceheart months ago, that she was a tough spirited fighter. She still was and that was how she appeared to the others. But to Death Star, she appeared to be another thing altogether. Death Star had never experienced love before. But now, he swam in it and knew he couldn't live without it. And, as he flew through space, he knew he would lay his life down for her without thinking twice.

* * * * *

North Star sat down at his computer station, if you could call it that. IT was really a chair in front of a floating control panel with crystal images all around him. Thus the Maverick could look at several different files at once, which he liked. North Star was always like that, wanting to look at several things are once. He liked to watch this and see how they reacted. That's how he knew Death Star to a T. One would think they were closely related, the two. But North Star was shorter and wore a different color armor. Plus his face was a little skinnier and his eyes another color. But their past was deep, much deeper than anyone, Maverick or Hunter, knew. Almost like brothers, they were. And North Star could sense his "brother's" arrival. "It is time I ruin your life once and for all. Wish upon a star, Death Star, for no matter how much luck you attain, or how many friends you make, I will destroy it all. And after I take everything dear from you, the Hunters, your friends, your lover....I will take your own life..." he promised to no one in particular.

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