Crystal Exodus

November 17th - 21st, 2222

Session 125: Crystal Exodus Part I - It's Time To Go Back
The four barely manage to break free of Bulshavik's men with the bomb Ire planted. Killing the leader and escaping, they begin a fight for their lives as every Siberian officer in the area heads after them. Stealing a snowcraft, they engage in several high-speed battles as they attempt to avoid capture. After a long run, they finally manage to get away and spend the next four days heading back to the Altros. Once they arrive, they learn that some force has invaded the Siberian Nation and begun to take it over. Pulling the Altros in close, the team learns that it's the Janus Corporation. Detecting them, Janus sends Nyssa and several mechs to fight the team. Managing to defeat them, the Altros quickly speed away, heading for Mega City for the final confrontration with Tyler McCabe. ... But why is Janus, a weapon corporation, taking over the Siberian Nation?

November 23rd, 2222

Session 126: Crystal Exodus Part II - Siege of Mega City
Upon arriving outside Mega City, the Alt Team finds that the Canadian forces are planning one final strike against Mega City in the way that has been raging on for the past few months. The only thing is they're going to use biological weapons. Ire and Junior decide that they must be stopped, so Sil, Dahok, Ire, and Junior engage the Canadian forces and neutralize the biological weapons. All the conflict draws out the Mega City forces, so the Alt Team quickly steals a jeep and speeds off for Vesperton, which will be their jumping point into Mega City itself.

Session 127: Crystal Exodus Part III - The War Ends
As Ire, Junior, Sil, and Dahok head toward Vesperton, they are attacked by a powerful new cyborg, Cyborg 03. As 03 tears into the team and begins to take them down one by one, a startling discovery is made. Unoria Paladith, missing since the team escaped from Mega City, has been transformed into Cyborg 03 with the purpose of killing the Alt Team. Junior begins a psychological battle with Unoria, which literally drives her to go for a fatal strike against him until Ire shoots her in the head, fatally injuring her. Unoria dies in Sil's arms...her dying wish to see Firebird one more time. Sadly, it is not granted.

Session 128: Crystal Exodus Part IV - Converging Paths
The Aquarius' team barely manages to escape a hairy situation when during a diplomatic dinner with a new race, Sardis manages to piss them all off. Once back on the Aquarius, the team learns from Captain Drake that the person who stole their files a while back is none other than John McCormick, who planted a device on the computers when he was last aboard. And they'll have their chance to catch them when the Aquarius is ordered back to Earth to help some organization take over the entire planet, stablize it, and bring Earth back into the Alliance once again.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the Alt Team begins to regather and plans to go back to Mega City. However, as they start to prepare, Mega City police forces arrive and begin to hunt them down. Worst of all, Ghoul is part of the manhunt and engages the team in a deadly battle in the traffic of Vesperton. Barely managing to beat Ghoul, the team, wounded and tired, is saved by ... Snipe?!

Session 129: Crystal Exodus Part V - Hope Remains Part One
Joined by Snipe and Dias, the Alt Team heads to a farmhouse outside Mega City where they learn that President Slasher is still alive and McCabe never killed him. Instead, the President was frozen for the last five years and kept hidden inside McCabe's building. Meeting with Chip, a powerful computer that has access to the building, Snipe asks if the Alt Team will join him and Dias in freeing Slasher. An alliance is formed.

Session 130: Crystal Exodus Part VI - Hope Remains Part Two
The group launches an assault on McCabe's building, working their way through the various traps and hallways that are set up to prevent anyone from finding Slasher. With Chip's aid, they slowly work their way through the building until they locate the cyrogenic tubes. Unthawing Slasher and his wife Cheryl, the team smashes a hole in the wall and barely escapes that way. Finally, the team's objective to find out what happened to Slasher is completed.

Session 131: Crystal Exodus Part VII - Assault on McCabe
Now that Slasher is free, he immediately resumes his usual scheming and plans as if nothing ever happened. Ire states that he has one more objective to complete in his duty to Captain Tikal - stop McCabe for what he has done. Snipe and Dias agree to aid Ire in his mission and get the help of Slasher, Chip, and Eve. Together, the group decides it's time to give McCabe some payback.

The Aquarius finally arrives at Earth where they are met by a Janus representative called Mr. Jordan. It seems the Alliance and the Janus Corporation have struck up a deal to take back Earth. Already the Janus Corporation has taken over every area except the British Isles, which is under the control of the 5th Column, and Mega City. And it seems their next target is ... Mega City!

Session 132: Crystal Exodus Part VIII - In Brightest Light...
As the Alt Team, Slasher, Snipe, Dias, and Eve arrive at McCabe's building, Snipe navigates Slasher into the public eye, where it seems everyone is shocked that the President is still alive. Using this to their advantage, the group is "invited" into the building, where they are immediately put into a trap. Seperating the group into pairs of two, McCabe tries to stall as they hunt him down. Finally, in the end, they do manage to make it to McCabe.

There, they learn McCabe never killed Slasher because he couldn't bring himself to do it, but felt that Slasher wasn't a good enough leader to continue ruling. Before the group can decide McCabe's fate, he informs them that it doesn't matter. Janus forces are already on their way to Mega City and they are shutting off all the Janus made weapons they've given Mega City over the years. Their only hope is a weapon that uses Motenk energy to power up ... and it just so happens they do have one source of Motenk energy.

Session 133: Crystal Exodus Part IX - ...In Darkest Night...
The deposit of Motenk energy is none other than Death Star, who is still trapped in a crystal. Reluctantly, the group decides they will have to defy Janus and the Alliance if they're going to save Mega City. Hooking up the crystal to the machine, they begin to draw out the motenk energy, which awakens Death Star. Freeing himself from the crystal, the Motenk energy in him takes over and he escapes into the city. Snipe, in desperation, asks the Alt Team to fight him while he and Dias search for some alternative help.

The Aquarius, meanwhile, sends down Katrina, Sardis, Shiva, Strife, and Nobody to deal with the Alt Team, who they've been specifically ordered to defeat. As they head down, that leaves Mr. Jordan on the ship, alone, with Corvus ... who seems to have some nasty problem with Janus.

As the Alt Team battles Death Star, they quickly find themselves out-matched by the Motenk-enhanced man. As the fight begins to go against them, the Aquarius' team arrives and immediately engages in battle with the Alt Team, allowing Death Star to send a beacon into space.

While the Alt Team and the Alliance team battle it out, Katrina and Junior lock reluctant blades as the Emerald Sword seems drawn to him. In the end, the Emerald Sword transfers itself to Junior, claiming him as it's new owner. Just as things begin to look worse as each team battles the other, Snipe arrives with his extra help. Ariel.

Session 134: Crystal Exodus Part X - ...No Evil Shall Escape My Might!
While the Alt Team and the Alliance team knock each other around, Junior engages Death Star in battle, trying to stop the once-reploid from getting away. And as all this goes on, time is ticking down for Mega City as the Janus battleships draw in closer.

Snipe begins to stop the fighting between the two teams, trying to appeal to Sardis and Shiva that what the Alliance is doing is wrong and to throw in with him. Reluctantly, they agree to trust Snipe for the time being, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

On the Aquarius, Mr. Jordan and Corvus run into each other finally. While Captain Drake follows the Alliance's orders to allow Janus control of Mega City, Jordan and Corvus enter a game of cat and mouse.

As the group arrives to stop Death Star, Junior is beaten off. But, arriving in to stop it all, is Ariel. As Ariel and Katrina plead to Death Star, they manage to get him to fight off the Motenk influence long enough to power up the weapon and fire it at the Janus ships. They manage to destroy the fleet and drive off Janus for the time being, but the beacon Death Star sent out earlier brings in a strange scout ship, which shoots down the Aquarius, sending it falling straight for Mega City.

Snipe, Dias, and Shiva scramble into Gears in an attempt to slow down the Aquarius and save the city. As the three fight against the falling weight of Aquarius, their Gears are pressed to the match. Shiva, taking the oldest Gear, is blown up in their attempt to stop the Aquarius, and dies. However, their combined effort is enough to stop the Aquarius from hitting the city.

However, the question on everyone's mind is: What now?

Session 135: Crystal Exodus Part XI - Pairing Up
Everyone is now faced with the decision of what to do. With the Alt Team's original goal completed, Ire states that he will now wage battle against the 5th Column and Janus in order to free the remaining areas. Snipe works on trying to get the Aquarius to lend him aid in stopping a new threat.

The new threat is a powerful race known as the Motenks, who have slowly begun to return over the last few years. Pleading to Captain Drake, it seems as if the man is totally loyal to the Alliance and won't break away from them. Then, almost suddenly, he agrees. Why?

The group begins to divide between the two sides. One side will remain on Earth to aid Ire in freeing Earth, while the other will join Snipe in his search for information on the Motenks. And, Ayn and Firebird, decide to quit all together and Death Star refuses to get involved in anything whatsoever.

Now that everything has fallen apart, what will rise from the ashes?