February 19th, 2224

Session 242: A New Year
With everyone crowded into the McCabe Manor as they try to find their place in life, chaos and insanity is ensuring. So McCabe comes up with a plan to cut down on the trouble by offering Terra job - leading the new Alternate Unit. She accepts, then asks Silouette and Colephantus to join with her. As they travel back to Building 38 to set up, a new sense of direction is felt. Meanwhile, Wind, X1, and Slasher contemplate the coming dark days, as reploid resentment by humans is increasing. Will the past repeat itself?

February 29th, 2224

Session 243: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
As Terra prepares to get the Alternate Unit up and running, when Colephantus meets the two recruits to the team: the son of Dias, Chad, who used his grandfather's ties to get on the team, and the lovely reploid vixen, Blue. As Cole and Blue hit it off, getting to know each other, Katrina and Colephantus further degrade in their relationship. Also, Cole, Kat, and Pope start a bar fight with reploid hating humans and send human/reploid relations further downward.

March 5th, 2224

Session 244: The Wedding Part I
As the wedding approaches, Slasher decides it's time to throw Wind a bachelor party. As the bachelor party gets ready, Colephantus and Blue continue to interact more and more, conversing on how bad Katrina treated Cole. Also, the Alternate Unit investigates a strange murder case where people are cacooned and their fluids are drained. But when Cole leaves to join the bachelor party, along with Wind, Chad, and Slasher, they have a good time with strippers, cake, and booze. And when one strippers turns out to be Blue, there to give Cole a good time, he decides to show her what romance really is.

March 8th, 2224

Session 245: The Wedding Part II
As Wind and Slasher prepare themselves for the big day, trying to fight evil cats for wedding rings, the Alternate Unit tracks their cacoon-murdering suspect and have a giant fight with an ugly creature from hell. After they kill it, the wedding commences, full of usual insanity with the group that's present, Wind and Ariel prepare to unite and live together as one. However, when a person from the past - namely, a reploid looking Death Star who claims that Wind is a fake and he's the real deal, it seems like the wedding might come to a bitter end.

Session 246: Vows
Standing before them is a reploid Death Star, saying he's the real DS and that Wind is a fake. As Slasher begins to run scans and their stories are tested, it seems that the reploid DS really is Death Star - but at the same time, it's obvious Wind is real, too. Unable to explain this, Ariel declines Death Star's attempt to stop the wedding, and marries Wind anyway. Accepting this, Death Star fades back into the background, letting the festivities commence. However, what does this foreshadow?

March 13th, 2224

Session 247: Tension Mounting
The Alternate Unit chases down a clown gang that has stolen money from a bank. However, while they deal with the crooks and blow up the money, they find something even more startling: President McCabe is holding a meeting about the reploids. Assuring the people that everything is being done to fix the problem, he tries to encourage them to not resort to violence nor ban reploids from establishments. This goes after very poorly and soon the group finds some battered reploids that it appears the cops have protected the attackers. Cole snaps and attacks the cops along with Terra, then turns himself into McCabe, claiming it's fully his responsibility - now putting blame on reploids attacking cops.

March 15th, 2224

Session 248: A Murder
Disaster strikes heavy in the city of Mega City, pushing everything to the breaking edge. As the people call for Cole's head for attacking human police officers, things continue to break down. And it results in the murder of an innocent reploid by unknown offenders and a cyborg blowing up McCabe's manor - with McCabe inside. With an injured president, a dead reploid, and a crowd of angry citizens, the city's about to break.

March 17th, 2224

Session 249: The Shot Heard Around the World
The final straw is reached when Jerry, the loveable tech guy of the Alternate Unit, is murdered by reploids. The city descends into chaos quickly and Colephantus and Blue get Death Star ready for power to help lead the reploid forces to victory. But the humans have their own plan: calling themselves the Maverick Hunters, it's obvious they're going to tear the city apart to kill all reploids. War has offically begun.