Who We Are Part Two

July 8th, 2222

Session 57: Pope - Cowboys and Indians
After the disappearance of Infinity, Pope sets out west to find himself again. Joining him, for mysterious reasons, is Ire. As the two set out west in an attempt for them to both witness something of it, they find trouble in a deserted town .... until they find the bodies hanging around. It seems Ghoul, recently escaped, has left Mega City and headed out west. The two must deal with the psycho Ghoul and Pope must face up to his self-doubts in order to put him down. It's good vs. evil here.

July 16th, 2222

Session 58: Dahok - Tits
When Dahok Fyro hears of a chance to win a box full of suckers by getting two friends to join him in at a newly opened stripclub, he talks Ire and Silouette into joining him. Once there, they meet up with Stark and the three get into one weird caper as a ninja thief steals Dahok's suckers.

July 18th, 2222

Session 59: Infinity - Pauses for Infinity
When a riot breaks out due to lack of rations from the war, the Alt team joins other police officers in stopping it. But, once there, they find Ayn Lyon, Infinity, is alive and well, but suffering memory loss. As Ayn flees from the team, Ire, Silouette, and Jake take it upon themselves to help her out, at any cost. But can Ire bring back Ayn and can Ayn trust Ire? It's a fall of faith here.

July 19th, 2222

Session 60: Bobo - A Day in the Life
Bobo undertakes a mission to get Ire some coffee, but must deal with several dangers along the way.

July 20th, 2222

Session 61: Dahok - Bad Seed
When someone, Paynel, shows up baring Dahok's abilities, Dahok, Ire, and Jake must get to the bottom of the case before the maniac unleashes enough plant power to destroy the entire city. However, Paynel's abilities go far beyond that of Dahok's and even with Ire and Jake aiding him, Dahok will be pushed to the limit in order to stop him.

July 25th, 2222

Session 62: Silouette - You Only Live Twice
When the team is alerted by Jerry that an assassin is lose in the city, it looks as if they might be given a high profile case. However, the truth of the matter is that the people who are being killed --- were supposedly dead beforehand. As Pope, Ire, Silouette, and Jake look into a nightclub to find the killer, it seems he might find them when Silouette is the next target. But ... why?