November 20th, 2199

Session 23: Let the Games Begin
A week after the destruction of the Maverick forces, the Unit is called to escort a group of cargo ships to a docking bay in another system. So, Snipe, Garland, Avatar, Spirit, Diamondback, Dias, and Paladin (with Slasher on his way too) all head out. After some rough flying, they manage to arrive and begin to have the time of their lives on the station, Garland dragging Dias to church while the rest go off to gamble (Paladin heads to a bar). Snipe and Garland later get into a dancing contest while Dias gets the other players who are gambling in trouble by claiming they are cheating.

The announcer on the station calls that a tournament is going on, so everyone heads there, including Ace Hunter. Upon arriving there, they split into their own groups and begin to battle it out with each other. Ace Hunter proves to be a worthy match and manages to defeat Snipe, and Dias is defeated by Paladin, while Garland is defeated by Diamondback, Avatar, and Spirit. Garland and Snipe get into a friendly battle, in which Snipe loses, again, while Paladin and Slasher go at it, and the other three battle Ace Hunter. In the end, Ace Hunter wins the cash prize when Snipe forces them all to head back to Earth, worried about a strange blank transmission he received.

November 21st, 2199

Session 24: Dead Earth Part 1
The group that went into space hurries home, not suspecting the danger that is lurking outside Earth... cloaked. Xevil has finally arrived at Earth on the orders of the emperor himself, while the rest of the Tsivrixsh council debates what to do with Earth. Part of the council now himself, Xevil will stop at nothing to gain the 1st seat in the council.

The attack is launched on the Armed Forces HQ and Spade's house, both quickly being destroyed. General Steel, Grave, Ripple, and Iceman struggle to hold the fort down while Snipe, Paladin, Garland, Dias, Slasher, Avatar, Diamondback, and Spirit land at the base, blocked in by an attack they never saw coming! Together, the group heads out to rescue as many members of their unit as they can and escape the base. However, the price begins to prove high when Iceman is forced to sacrifice his life to assure that the group can continue on. Joined by X2 and Garland's daughter, Sharlena, Snipe leads the team to the teleporter room to teleport them to the spacestation Freedom when Xevil crashes the party, already having killed Steel in one blow.

Xevil, thinking he had the unit trapped, began to gloat and tell them about his battle with General Death Star and claims he killed him! Snipe quickly launches a destracting attack while everyone teleports up to the station above Earth and Snipe quickly follows, with a pissed Xevil blowing up the teleporter room. Now it's a race to escape the planet Earth and Xevil.....

Session 25: Dead Earth Part 2
On the run and with time running out, the Special Unit is hurrying through the hallways of the space station Freedom, trying to reach the universe's biggest ship ever built, the Fury, which is docked inside. However, they must witness the terrible destruction of their planet below...will Earth ever be the same? And with Xevil arriving on the station, hot on their heels, it's going to be one hell of a battle to reach the Fury, as Paladin's knowledge may be the only thing that can save them. When they do manage to reach the Fury, where Admiral Drake and Maestro are fighting for control of the ship, they must ram the station dock's doors to escape.

In a desperate bid to save some of humanity, the Fury activates it's teleported and manages tp teleport a half a million people from the dying planet - but the strain destroys the teleporters, rendering them useless. But as they finally begin their escape from Earth, the alien's have other plans, and a mysterous call from someone barely saves their lives - warning them of a trap laid out for them. Arriving at the old Hunter HQ, they fly down to it and make a vow to stop this war once and for all, renaming themselves The Hunters in honor of the first team who beat the Tsivrixsh. However, Xevil attacks the station with them on it, and the old run-down station cannot survive and is destroyed, with the Hunters barely escaping to the Fury and leaping into hyperspace, heading for Foreigner Inc.

November 22nd, 2199

Session 26: Shattering
Traveling through space, while heading towards Foreigner Inc., might shake the newly formed Hunters even worse than anything that Xevil could throw at them. A fight within the team is unleashed after tensions are bottled up and angry feelings are finally lashed out against each other. With everyone growing verbal and resulting to name calling, will the Hunters continue on...or utterly and miseribly shatter? And who is the Hunter that quits the team?

Session 27: Rejected and Alone
Snipe leads the team into the hands of Foreigner Inc., with the thought of Paladin leaving the team at the back of his mind like a bad thought. Expecting Earth's biggest supporter and ally to aid them, the Hunters are all slapped in the face with the cold, hard truth - Foreigner Inc won't help. The leader of the Inc. gives them money, food, supplies, and even fuel powered shuttles, but refuses to battle along side them to free Earth. Exploring the shuttle, Spirit and Ripple reach a new height in their relation by connecting to a web that links together, and Shell buys an object from a store, while Maestro thinks that Foreigner Inc. is being manipulated by the Tsivrixsh, and Airier destroys tracers that is all around himself, while finally Snipe is growing antsy with waiting around. When they finally leave though, a joke turns sour, and Gravedigger causes Snipe to crash land the shuttle on the hanger bay of the Fury. ....will the new Hunters rise to the challenge of remaining a team, something even the old Hunters learned how to do in the end, or will this new generation fail?