The Decade After...

Year 1: 2208

January 1st, 2208 - April 20th, 2208

  • In the beginning of the year, things begin to get laid out that will begin to direct the path of the galaxy. On Earth, Slasher begins to campaign to get the 1.75 million remaining people on Earth to elect him as leader of Earth so he can begin to prepare for the upcoming hard days that are sure to follow. When it becomes clear victory is in hand, Slasher begins to use his contacts in space to set up ways for them to protect Earth from any upcoming invasion, since at this point Earth is economically shattered and without any space technology of any sort. It's almost a back to basics for the entire planet. Katrina and Ariel move in with Slasher and Cheryl, the group preparing for the upcoming election of Slasher as leader.
  • Diamondback begins to help establish a system of schools to be built on Earth so that education will once again flourish. Under his guidance, things begin to rapidly progress.
  • Snipe begins building his personal cabin along with Hotaru-chan and Emily. As the three finish the cabin before summer, they begin to make it a home.
  • Garland Hianule begins his search for any clues or signs that Xevil is still alive and kicking. As he searches the galaxy for any sign of the Tsivrixsh, he proceeds to eliminate rogue threats that might threaten the stability of peace in the galaxy, including Tsivrixshs who have refused to quit fighting.
  • Dominator and delegates from thirty planets begin to form the first galactic Alliance in the history of the galaxy from the remains of the Alliance force that defeated the Tsivrixsh Empire last year. As these people form a permenant Alliance, things begin to look up as Dominator is made President and begins to laydown the groundwork for the future.
  • Eve and Dias settle down in a little area and begin to make prepartions for a family of their own one day. The two are quickly married early in the year and begin to make plans for a bright future.
  • Elayne Vanguard becomes a nurse at Mega City, hoping to support herself and to find herself after the war has ended.
  • Kyouki is determined to find some Motenk technology in order to bring back Death Star once again. However, when it becomes clear someone has deleted all references to the locations of known Motenk technology, except the one place it was found on Earth, she makes a journey into the pyramids of Egypt. But what she finds there will alter the path she walks on forever... January 15th, 2208
  • I have some of the logs on the Decade After but unless there is a huge demand for it I will not post it.

  • April 21st, 2208 - September 30th, 2208

  • As Slasher is elected Leader of Earth, he begins to work on repairing the shattered economy. Extending his hand out to the forming countries of the world, he begins a Counsel with a member from each county presiding in it. They begin to work together to repair and restore the earth to it's former status. Following the completion of that, Slasher has Earth join the Alliance as a silent member and to ask for the Alliance's help in aiding Earth in restoring itself and to protect it from outside attacks.
  • Garland continues to dig deeper into the mystery revolving around Xevil and his secrets. Learning that the results from the Alliance's studies on the body found at the Planet Killer's remains was not Xevil's, it seems obvious that the Tsivrixsh foe is still out there somewhere.

    October 1st, 2208 - December 31st, 2208

  • Slasher, upon Garland Hianule's many visits back to Earth during his search for Xevil, begins to use the man to his advantage to keep the peace and deal with untimely threats that emerge now and again. So far, it seems Earth is starting to stablize once again.
  • At Snipe's cabin, it's lazy days and much action. However, as things begin to progress at the cabin, events begin to take place that start changing Snipe, Hotaru, and Elayne's lives forever.
    ----- October 4th - At Snipe's cabin, he is chopping wood and preparing for the first winter at his house when Elayne Vanguard shows up once again at this door, ready to turn his life upside down. However, when Hotaru-chan begins to try and repair the damaged relation between the two, it will turn into a night of orgies with all the women of Snipe's life.
    ----- October 17th - While relaxing at his cabin with Hotaru-chan, Snipe and Hotaru enter a conversation of family and kids that leads to the startling revelation that Hotaru-chan is pregnant with his child. And when Elayne returns and also tells the news that she is pregnant, also, strains appear on all three people as they have to deal with this. Also, Snipe begins to show signs of his manifesting psionic powers - or is it the flip side of psionics? And Garland defends Earth from a giant robot.
  • Diamondback finishes establishing school systems and helps get colleges up and running once again. As it seems everything is being set in motion for next year's beginning courses, he himself signs up to become a student once again.
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    Year 2: 2209

    January 1st, 2209 - April 20th, 2209

  • As the new year progresses, Slasher's leadership on Earth slowly begins to restore it to a state that resembles what it once was. As he begins to restore the economy, he begins to open jobs up for the residents of Earth and encourge a population growth for the dwindling population of Earth.
  • Elayne and Hotaru's kids are born in January and thus starts a new cycle for the lives of Snipe, Elayne, and Hotaru. How will Michuri, Hotaru's child, and Aaron, Elayne's child, alter things for the group?
  • Garland Hianule continues to search for clues of Xevil, stumbling upon Xevil's base of operations. There, he begins to see the bigger picture of Xevil's plans and just how deep they might go.

    April 21st, 2209 - September 30th, 2209

  • Slasher announces the creation of a new building that will be shown in the next year, but at the time doesn't reveal exactly what it contains. Also, a group of scientists begin to gather the remains of the Hybred Planet Killer in order to discover some secrets about it.

    October 1st, 2209 - December 31st, 2209

  • Earth begins to flourish once again and things seem to be going fairly well for the recovering planet. Slasher's popularity continues to increase and grow. Things are looking up for the next year and for the future of the planet.
  • Garland Hianule returns to Earth after his long journey into discovering about the mystery of Xevil...this time to stay permenantly as it's protector.

    Year 3: 2210

    January 1st, 2210 - April 20th, 2210

  • Slasher continues to boost up the economy of the Earth and to increase the rate of technology advances in an attempt to once again get Earth into space. As his popularity continues to increase, he begins to use his influence to make allies in space and set up protective measures for Earth.

    April 21st, 2210 - September 30th, 2210

  • Slasher unveils the new building he started creating last year, revealing it to be a musuem called "TAW Musuem". Hianule, Garland's clone, begins to became a spiritual icon for the people to follow under and shows up to help show off the new Musuem with Slasher.
  • Eve becomes pregnant with one of Dias' children.

    October 1st, 2210 - December 31st, 2210

  • Slasher begins to create space ships for Earth once again, with the agreement of the Counsel, and attempts to get Earth ships going once again.
  • Hianule, Garland's clone, steps up as a spiritual leader for the people, deciding that even though the people have a government to guide them, they are lacking in the means of a religious leader to save their souls.

    Year 4: 2211

    January 1st, 2211 - April 20th, 2211

  • With the world's condition becoming better, Slasher announces the construction of a giant Colliseum to restart the World Martial Art's Tournaments located in Japan. The scheduled completion for the Colliseum is slated for a 2213 date.
  • Hianule, Garland's clone, becomes the new Pope, leading the people of the Earth into a spiritual revival.

    April 21st, 2211 - September 30th, 2211

  • Slasher begins to set up security forces to prepare for any unknown factors that might plague Earth - mainly Xevil, who has yet to reappear since the last encounter with him on the Hybred Planet Killer.
  • Eve gives birth to Chad.

    October 1st, 2211 - December 31st, 2211

  • Snipe's family celebrates Christmas in style at his cabin. Of course, weird things always happen around the Snipe Cabin, even during Christmas. And what does Santa Claus have to do with it? December 25th, 2211.

    Year 5: 2212

    April 21st, 2211 - September 30th, 2211

  • Elayne and Snipe begin to grow more distant, despite the fact they have a child together. He proposes to Hotaru and Emily.
  • Slasher appears on a talk show where Garland calls up and publically insults him and gets into an arguement in front of a world audience. Ratings go up higher than ever.

    October 1st, 2211 - December 31st, 2211

  • Eve becomes pregnant again with Dias' second child.

    Year 6: 2213

    January 1st, 2211 - April 20th, 2211

  • The World Tournament is offically completed in the early part of the year with a major tournament planned later in the year.

    April 21st, 2211 - September 30th, 2211

  • Eve gives birth to Aya.
  • Katrina and Garland spend time walking around the capital and talking.
  • The first world tournament is held. Garland is the winner.
  • Diamondback goes back to college in order to learn how to become a professor. He adopts a squirrel. Snipe and Diamondback go on a roadtrip throughout Vesperton.

    Year 7: 2214

    April 21st, 2211 - September 30th, 2211

  • The second world tournament is held. A vicious fight between Garland and Snipe results in Garland being the winner.
  • Slasher is re-relected as President of Earth with an overwhelming majority vote - except one dissenter who was probably Garland.

    Year 8: 2215

    April 21st, 2211 - September 30th, 2211

  • The third world tournament is held. Snipe manages an amazing victory in the tournament ring.
  • Elayne and Aaron move back to Lunarius with Dakota.

    Year 9: 2216

    January 1st, 2211 - April 20th, 2211

  • Pope Hianule prepares various religious texts for the world and leads them in a national record of world spirituality.

    April 21st, 2211 - September 30th, 2211

  • The fourth world tournament is held. Dias wins the tournament this year much to the amazement of the world.

    October 1st, 2211 - December 31st, 2211

  • President Dominator of the Alliance announces plans to visit Earth next year on his Alliance tour.

    Web of Deceit

    September 29th - October 4th, 2217

    The Alien Wars: Web of Deceit
    It begins with a mystery. In the TAW Museum, the Death Star statue is destroyed by someone who looks like Death Star and the piece of armor hidden in the statue is taken. As Slasher begins to investigate, he heads to talk to 15 year old Katrina about it. There he learns Death Star's spirit has been visiting her for ten years now, claiming that he has no control over his body.

    Later, as Dominator begins to give a speech about the victory over the Tsivrixsh Empire ten years ago, however, when an assassin who looks exactly like Ariel shoots Dominator in the chest, it seems as if the anniversary of victory will become one of horror. A poison has been unleashed into Dominator's system and it seems to be slowly killing him and the prime suspect is Ariel herself. Vice President Kectar claims that the Alliance will stop at nothing to find this killer, even if it has to take over the entire planet of Earth to do so.

    Back at Slasher's house, Ariel awakens from another blackout to find Death Star sitting calmly across from her. He claims that she is being framed for murder and asks for his sabre back. Ariel hands it over, then Death Star leaves the room as Kectar, Slasher, Katrina, Cheryl, and some Alliance guards arrive. However, once they arrive, they find evidence that Slasher supposedly helped Ariel gain access to shoot Dominator.

    At the McCormick residence, Snipe realizes something dangerous has been set into play, so he prepares his family, including the visiting Elayne, for an investigation to discover just who shot Dominator. However, while they're getting ready, Xevil suddenly grabs Aaron and Michiru in front of the family and teleports away from them.

    Across the area at Vesperator, Professor Diamondback receives an unexpected visitor from Wiendigo, who apparantly has returned from the banishment given to him by Death Star years ago. However, all is not well, as the first thing Wiendigo does is attack him. After a tussel, Diamondback manages to run Wiendigo off, but he finds that his wife, Jennifer, has been stabbed. Angry, Diamondback swears to become involved in this incident now.

    Back in Mega City, Dias is startled to learn that his wife, Eve, has been kidnapped by someone, while his kids remained unharmed. Vowing to find out who would dare take his wife, Dias prepares for the hunt of the person responsible.

    Outside Mega City, Garland Hianule is meditating when Xevil appears before him. He tries to goad Garland into a fight, and when that fails, he informs him that he has murdered Pope Hianule and Sharlena with his own hands. Finally enraged, Garland enters battle with Xevil and just as Xevil is preparing to destroy him, a mysterious figure whips Garland out of the battle in time.

    Snipe calls everyone together at Slasher's house in order to prepare a full scale investigation on what the hell is going on. Everyone gathers, including Baberlus who Snipe personally hired to be a part of this investigation. However, the only one missing among them is Garland - just what happened to him? Seraphna is advent that the person who took down Dominator is none other than Vice President Kectar who is using this situation to get himself promoted to President. Everyone decides they need Slasher to help put the pieces of the puzzle together, so they quickly go to see him in his jail cell. There they learn that Ariel has been kept drugged for a while now, causing her blackouts and temporarily elapses of reality. While they debate what could be behind this, all agreeing the web of deceit leads straight to Xevil himself, Kectar appears and orders them to leave for the day.

    The next day, Snipe, Diamondback, Katrina, Dias, Seraphna, Elayne, Hotaru, Ariel, and Cheryl visit Dominator's bedside. There, Snipe investigated Dominator's arm to discover that he is indeed a reploid, though reploids shouldn't enter comas like this. However, while they try to discover while Dominator is showing signs of virus infections when he was shot, Baberlus enters with the answer: someone injected nanites into Dominator through some sort of injection point. Upon hearing this, Seraphna recalls that Vice President Kectar bumped into Dominator, causing him a look of pain, and indeed, there's a pen prick on his left hand. While Diamondback takes on the form of Dominator in order to trick Kectar into playing his hand, up in space the Alliance fleet arrives and surrounds Earth in order to seize it by force. And teleporting around them is the Cartel who worked with Slasher in the war. Hoping to avoid a galactic war, the gang puts their plan into motion and Diamondback lures Kectar into the room. Catching the Vice President in the act, the team gathers all the proof they need to bring him down. As the team beats Kectar down as he tries to escape, they capture the lizard. Afterward, they revive Dominator, clearing Ariel and Slasher's names.

    However, the mystery comes to a direct end when the Motenk Planet Killer's pieces that crashlanded on the earth a decade ago begin to reactivate. Now the team must use Slasher's latest invention to fly themselves into the floating Planet Killer castle in the sky and face Xevil's plan for the final time. And once there, they'll learn just how far the deceit goes.

    As they prepare for launch, Garland returns and seems even stronger than before. Can his new found strength aid the team in their final fight with Xevil? Only the battle itself can determine that as they take off flying for the floating castle, with Snipe desperately piloting them into the castle itself. After they enter the castle, they find a scientist with Aaron and Michiru, who claims he has infected them with a new strain of the virus that was given to Snipe. And the only thing they can do is watch their children die. Hotaru and Elayne immediately fall into a deep rage at these words and Dias himself begins to beat the scientist for information. Quietly, Snipe bends down and hugs his children, taking their energy from them and absorbing the virus into himself. Dias proceeds to kill the scientist when he refuses to tell him where Eve is at.

    After they proceed further up the castle gates, they fun into Wiendigo who attacks the team with full ferocity ... but it's obvious that something's not right about him. As the team battles Wiendigo, especially Diamondback in a rage, Wiendigo demorphs into the shapeshifting Kyouki, who has been playing everyone all along. After the team has a fierce battle with the powered up Kyouki, they manage to subdue her. There, Ariel grabs her by the throat and demands answers for what has happened so far. After an inner debate to kill her, Ariel releases Kyouki to her own fate and follows the others further up into the castle.

    As they arrive higher, they run into Death Star, who tries to convince them he's all good. But when Katrina steps out with the DS sabre activated, she informs them this thing is not her father. Hearing all that they need to hear, the team lashes into Death Star in a brutal fight high in the sky as the castle begins to break apart around them. After beating him, Death Star informs them his modifications will bring about "the end of the galaxy", but what does the Motenk inside him mean? The others aren't standing around to find out and they take the fight directly to Xevil's chambers.

    Xevil unleashes his full rage upon them and the final battle reaches it's pulse pounding conclusion. With Snipe dying from a virus, the others exhausted, and Death Star taken over by a Motenk, it falls down to one person to bring Xevil's plans to a complete end: Garland. Having lost everything around him, Garland is infuritated to learn Xevil's plans to put him through hell have succeeded. So, he does the only thing possible to defeat him: he unleashes his full power and eradicates them both in a brilliant life.

    Death Star, shocked by this event, expels the Motenk power in him and collapses, hugging Ariel and Katrina. However, the castle is preparing for whatever it was designed to do, even as Eve is returned to Dark Heart. Dying from the virus, Snipe orders everyone out as he destroys the castle by self-destructing. As everyone escapes to the ground below, they look up to see an amazing explosion rock the area. And afterwards, Snipe comes crashlanding on the ground - having survived and is apparantly virus free. However, the motenk energy in Death Star begins to return, so he's forced to allow himself to be encased in a crystal to prevent it from occurring.

    The heroes have won again, though they have lost many friends. But the threat of Xevil is over and the earth is safe again. But can Death Star ever be freed from the crystal? Only time will tell...