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The Alien Wars 5: Shards of Time

Date: 10-615.4.5 (Year 7)

Session 1: (17th Anniversary Special) Shattered Shards


Asteroid C – Strikers HQ

It’s been seven years since the fateful battle on Centerpoint where the Reality monitoring and creation station was destroyed, now however Taiga and Airym sit and converse about their current situation and what occurred several months prior; an event that shouldn’t have happened and the repercussions that are still fluctuating. Near them is a board plastered with pictures of long-time friends and family members, each of the pictures with a large X through it; Taiga recalling the specific events that caused the deaths of so many because she was present for the trigger.


PAX City

The former members of the Reality Strikers are gathering in PAX City, a reunion of sorts since most of them have gone their separate ways to live their lives; Taiga, Airym, Gor, Ako, Iko, Suzu, Mitsu, Tel, Xander, Lumi and Jade coming together to spend time shopping and catching up. They head into a summer clothes store and peruse through outfits, Airym being led by Ako and Iko who are trying to outfit her with sexy and provocative outfits. John McCormick is outside preparing to give a presidential nomination speech when an asteroid destroys most of the plaza; buildings being shattered and entrances blocked by debris.

Next to the crater appears a large horrifying structure, and what appear to be Reploids begin surging forth and attacking whomever is nearby, grabbing weapons where they can. Shots ring out from both the responding security forces as well as the Reploid attackers, and before sense of the situation can be made, a Reploid that looks similar to Iceheart is shot dead…followed quickly by another familiar looking Reploid. A third Reploid, massive and wielding chains attacks them, only to be cut in half by Kitty wielding ripples. It’s at this point that Airym identifies a shard from Centerpoint, the object having been the asteroid that landed earlier; before it can be recovered however, a security officer steps on it and produces a crack…and with that all of reality twists around them. Friends and colleagues disappearing in an instant and Taiga left feeling a horrible gut-wrenching pain as if she were being torn apart.


Taiga and Airym bring together everyone whom they trust, keeping them on the Strikers HQ has protected several from the effects of the reality shift, discussing the problems they face and the horrible truth; that unless they gather the pieces of Centerpoint, their entire reality may be changed…and not for the better. To this end Taiga suggests going down to Earth during the upcoming shift back to their known reality and recover additional allies, even those who don’t exist in the alternate darker version of their reality…like Kitty. Using Taiga’s blood (due to her latent Reality Powers) as a catalyst for a serum to inject into those that are currently lost, they plan on gathering as many of their friends as possible though there’s concern about Cheryl and some “C” President on Earth. They however will only have a few days to get their friends back.


With the change in reality going back temporarily to their known history, Taiga and the others quickly depart the Station and head after friends, family and allies. Lorelei and Mem working together to get their teammates squared away, like Katrina, Josephine, Em, Hale, Umi and Lumi before getting her team together to investigate the President. Meanwhile Ouka, Jade and Taiga head out to find Kitty, Vanessa and the clone; Kitty being the first they find, but in an odd shadow version of herself, a shot of Taiga’s blood returning all of her memories before Kitty and Ouka engage in a long-awaited

spat…their usual greetings, except for a roundhouse kick to Ouka’s jaw. Shortly afterward they head off to find Vanessa, and through her the location of Taiga’s Clone.

In the Presidential Building, Lorelei and her team are largely ignored by the occupants, but odd blue flashes seem to reveal the alternate timeline…and potential problems, such as X stalking them, but as quickly as the blue comes about it disappears again, leaving the team members wondering about the subtle changes and whether it’s really them that’s being stalked.

Taiga and Ouka return to the Station, letting Kitty and Jade deal with Vanessa and the Clone, there they find out that Airym has detected not one new shard but three; and there’s only so much time that they have available to recover them. As they are talking a different type of discussion is about to begin aboard the PAX in 1B, the home of the Zhenmei’s; Erevis has decided that she is officially stepping down as Empress, and leaving it to Isis since Athena doesn’t seek it. Lenneth, Ako and Iko are encouraged to keep helping the family and that eventually they will rise to the same.

Kitty and Jade make contact with Vanessa in an inner city area of ill repute, but they get the location of Taiga’s clone Tora as well as Cuddles; Vanessa agreeing to go with them to the station. While at the Executive building, Lorelei and the team make it up the President’s office where they begin to look through papers and download information when they’re suddenly attacked by X, using windbarks, fire and various other attacks to get distance while they evacuate through a window. X follows and is subjected to additional attacks before she is piledriven into a parked vehicle. They initially fear the fact that they have killed Kitty’s mother, thankfully this fear is short lived; however they do need to find somebody skilled enough to regenerate a broken neck.


With the new morning, Jade and Kitty find themselves at Cuddle’s door asking for Tora and help; while they try to briefly explain what is going on another knock comes to the door…Lorelei and Jose have brought X to Cuddles for healing. And once that’s done there is a very tearful reunion between mother and daughter. They are however being tailed by a version of John McCormick that few of them are familiar with…one that existed in the Classic Reality. Before he can be questioned though he leaves the area and Lorelei, Jose, Kitty, Jade, X, Tora and Cuddles take little time before they leave for the station as well.

Once there, and with X on her way to a medical bay for recovery, Taiga goes over the situation with the shards and how they’re going to go about recovering them. James will head into the Alternate Reality and recover the shard there, while Taiga and the others will head after the other two shards consecutively. Lorelei and her team on earth will continue to work their own angles, figuring out that “C” is a combination of John, Delano and Alexander Cran; but that is impossible, isn’t it?

Date: 10-615.4.13 (Year 7)

Session 2: Scattered Shards

Alternate Reality

Taiga, Airym, Ouka, Oui, James and Teddy have arrived in the Alt. Reality to begin the search for the three Centerpoint Shards; deciding to work with their local friends a call is placed to Aya, who quickly agrees to assist. James and Oui departing the Tigers Claw before Taiga sets off to retrieve a second shard in another reality. James and Oui are greeted warmly, James moreso since this is his home; between getting tackled by teenage Toka, a groping spat between the Alternate and Classic Erevis’s, and Hi’Saa latching onto her errant mate (among a slew of other antics), the situation is detailed out and several of the Alternate Reality heroes agree to assist in retrieving the shard which seems to be located in the old Government Building.

Opposite Reality

Taiga and the others arrive in a reality that is directly opposite in many regards, Men wear skimpy outfits and have long hair, Women wear more conservative suits and have short hair, Red is go and Green is stop…even Cheryl in this reality is a villain, as evident when they observe an attack led by Cheryl and several familiar faces on the local presidential building. As Taiga and the others observe this, Airym scans for the presence of the reality shard; finding it after several minutes in an old church located in what they know as Los Angeles.

Alternate Reality

James, Oui, Zephyr, Megumi, Ama, the Erevis’s, Isis and Ai Mew arrive at the old Government Building to find it encased in a bubble like shimmering field; stepping through it causes no harm thankfully, and they proceed until they come witness to past events unfolding before them. Ariel, Wind (who looks like John), John, Xanatos, Serena, Hotaru, Cassandra, Kane, Ceil and an unknown man are fighting; before long Wind kills Hotaru, and Alt. Erevis seems to be effected, changing before the eyes of her comrades to look more like an Erusian. Isis and Ama taking Alt. Erevis back outside the barrier to prevent any further changes.

They quickly continue into the building’s basement where the shard is detected, finding it in a room that had been designed and used to contain Wind in the past. When the shard is recovered the past begins to fade away, leaving several of them trapped underground; Megumi and Zephyr transforming into Zeph’s Dragoon form and blasting away the encroaching ground before it completely entombs them, the shard surviving without a single scratch thankfully.

Opposite Reality – Near Los Angeles

The Tigers Claw is brought down near a Church overlooking a Cliffside; Teddy, Taiga, Ouka and Airym stepping out to survey the area and finding the church surrounded by a bubble. Their scans indicate that the shard is within the church, and as they step through they hear voices from within, and a woman’s scream in pain. Looking inside they see Erevis in the process of birth, Megumi, Xanatos, Chad Winters and Angelos…shortly afterwards Ao shows up, and fighting commences. Taiga and the others try not to interfere, deciding to let things play out on their own while sneaking to retrieve the shard.

It’s not long before the battle rages out of control, and the shard is almost destroyed; if not for Ouka and Teddy breaking cover and saving it…though there may be a slight change in the history, since Ao saw a giant Bear, and she vows to ‘stab bears’.

Alternate Reality

The Tigers Claw arrives to recover James and Oui, placing their shard into a stasis field alongside the one retrieved from the Opposite Reality; they prepare to leave in order to recover the last shard, but before they do the Alternates are asked if any of them would be willing to go with and assist; Isis, Athena and Su? Deciding to go along with them. With a few tearful and emotional words of parting, and Teddy sternly telling Oui to stop waving around the reality shards, the Tigers Claw lifts off to head for the third reality and the shard there.

Pantheon Reality

The Tigers Claw arrives in orbit of a new reality (new to their experience), where all of the Gods of each Pantheon live alongside the mortals of the world…though in space drifts a lonely Grinner holding up signs and making sexual gestures to the passersby. They land in the Japanese Diety area, amazed at what they see; Cheryl serving Ama, Taiga serving Inari, and dozens of other deities that they know or have heard of. It’s not long however before Erevis arrives, decked in armor for battle and declares them all ‘rebels’; bringing them before the local gods to decide upon, where Ama sits and awaits her husband to handle these affairs. When he arrives most are mortified to learn that it is Su.

They quickly relay why they are there, and why they have no markings denoting which god they serve; and are given a very simple choice: choose a god and be allowed to roam freely while you look for the shard and remove it.

Asteroid C


The time where the true Prime Reality is present has come to an end, alarms going off throughout the station denoting the change. X is awake finally, talking with Kitty and Xander; but the alarm klaxons seem to be too much for X, saying she needs to lay down and rest…however neither Xander nor Kitty see the gleam in X’s eyes.

Date: 10-614.7.14 (Year 6)

Session 3: Fox Op


With Taiga’s team still off in other realities, Lorelei has her team working closer to home; trying to uncover specifics about what exactly is going on in the Fake Prime Reality, first off is to investigate the Vatica Base that was mentioned in President “C”’s files. Before they can begin, they’re contacted by an upset Empress Isis, who has remembered that she was pregnant during that first shard incident…but now she has no memory of giving birth, or where the flufflings may be. Lorelei issues orders to gather a few additional resources, like a scientist, some blood samples taken from Tora and meet up with Isis in hopes that the next shift will reveal the children once Isis has been given a dose.

Em, Josephine and Hale head out to find the scientist, a former associate of Tess Arakawa known as Isara Graves. Lorelei and Katrina meet with Isis and Miyuki, offering to have the remaining Nue family brought to Asteroid C and protect them there while her team goes with Isis to try and recover the babies. Meanwhile Em, Jose and Hale bungle their way through identifying themselves to Isara but are still able to convince her to assist the team. With only a few minutes to spare before the realities shift they all converge on a safe house in PAX City.

When the change comes, none of them are prepared for what occurs; Isis doubling over from severe abdominal pain, her belly growing quickly it seems to hold two Gitari / Famfrit flufflings that are almost a year old. Isara and Katrina quickly working together to assist in an emergency C-Section to deliver the babes; Umi helping out by cleaning the flufflings and curling about them to keep them warm, while Isis contends with the pain and shock of the entire situation. Umi stays behind with Isis and Isara, keeping an eye over them while the others head out to investigate the Vatica Base.

They make little headway before they’re confronted with a pair of nude figures; John and Adam, who claim that they’re naked because the government puts trackers in all articles of clothing, but they’re willing to assist in taking down the president even though they recognize Lorelei as being family to Cheryl and “C”.

Asteroid C – Strikers Station

X has recovered enough to be out and about, spending the time with Kitty and Xander, but she is cautious of the arrival of Miyuki and the rest of the Nues. Dinner being offered up to all in varying types (vegetarian options available) before the Station rocks from what seems to be an attack. Inari and Ama appearing in the midst of the cafeteria and demanding their Miyuki and Kasha be returned to them; battling ensues over possession of the twin Kitsunes between Inari and an irate Hi’Saa, while several people try to explain that the twins here on the station are not the twins Inari’s looking for. Finally relenting, Inari states flatly “Then I, Erevis, demand you give her to me.”

Date: Unknown Reality Time

Session 4: The New Strikers

Pantheon Reality

Taiga and company have chosen deities to serve who they are most compatible with, Teddy with a Bear God, Athena and Isis a Cat God, Oui with Nie, Taiga with Inari, Airym with Fukrokujun (a knowledge god), and James takes a safe route with Hatchiman. Due to the sheer amount of Godly powers the scanners are having difficulty in tracking down the shard, and so many get the opportunity to rest for a bit, this doesn’t keep them from trouble though; Oui spying on and taking notes on the intimate affairs of the Gods, poking fun at Zion and finally ends up in a petrified almost adult state after she attempted to see what she’d be like when older, Ouka and Taiga have some intimate time together before Taiga finally proposes, and Teddy becomes almost god-like in his own way amongst his fellow Bear God worshipping bears.

Finally the scanner locates the shard, it being in the home of the Greek Gods…Mount Olympus. With Susano’o and Ama escorting them, they arrive on Mt. Olympus to find something strange, it is strangely quiet and the ground, columns and even the Olympians themselves seem to be dusty echoe’s of themselves, crumbling away when touched. Proceeding to the location of the shard they arrive in the Treasury of Mt. Olympus to find a peculiar sight; Thor and Hercules are battling against an Erusian World Destroyer while Dionysus greets them and offers them wine. As the godlings continue to battle the ship, Su wades into the fray; Ama providing defenses for Taiga and company.

It isn’t long before they discover the Shard, having been damaged due to the battle between the Gods and the World Destroyer; Teddy placing the shard into his belly to keep it safe until they can put it into a stasis field. Upon questioning Hercules they learn that only a few of the Greek Gods were lost due to battling the ship, and thankfully Zeus is already back and trying to catch new prey…Nie. Taiga and the others quickly return to the Tigers Claw, gathering Oui (back in her normal state) and return to their own reality; only to discover a heavily armed and armored PAX sitting next to the Station.

They have little time to respond and get back to the station before an Earth Fleet arrives bearing President Cran; who insists that Taiga turn over the station; while this is going on Airym connects with the Station computers to find that it is being subjected to an odd virus, and that there seems to be a saboteur on the station; she must quickly re-establish control of the station and using the hypserspace drive relocate it to another hidden location while investigating the breach in security. James takes the shards to the vault, offering to stand watch over them while the investigation is under way; Taiga concluding that whomever it is likely worked for Cran in this reality and either faked getting the shot…or neutralized it. She quickly suspects X to Kitty’s extreme displeasure, but X confides in her daughter to let Taiga do what she wants. The scans of X coming up positive for traces of Tora’s blood and seeming to clear X.

With the Station safe once more, Taiga and the others make preparations to head out once more; this time to a reality that they’re familiar, The Tareh Reality. Taiga, Horus and Denise make up the team to go out this time; when they arrive they notice that not much has changed in the calculated 100 years since their last contact. They quickly head towards the Demon Realm, hoping to make contact there and start looking for the Shard here; they’re met by Seraphim who quickly brings them before the current Demon Queen Sea.

With the Demon Queen’s assistance, notice is sent to each kingdom of the situation and requests made for a meeting of representatives; and within a few hours most have gathered and enjoying a brief respite at the dinner table, Horus gorging himself. The representatives agree that assisting Taiga is in their own best interest, considering now where to look for the shard; Ryne, Hoko, Leruste, Bel, Narok, Jules, as well as others join Taiga and the decision is made to start looking near Kagu’s Volcano. They also decide to awaken Moira so that she can assist.

While they head in the direction of the Volcano, the shard activates, drawing them instead towards the Anora Kingdom; and when they land they encounter a fearful scene from their own history that seems to have elements changed…the

arrival of the Angel, but she is surrounded by the 13 Gods of Tareh and Amazo declaring “Amazo smash naked girl prophecy”.

Date: 10-614.4.20 (Year 7)

Session 5: Secret Avengers

Beneath Vatican City


Lorelei, Hale, Mem, Em, Kay, Katrina and Josephine have gotten the assistance of John and Adam in their resistance against President Cran; and through them a way into the Vatica Base. They gather their respective equipment, including several explosives and make their way to a large steam pipe; opening it leaves Adam injured, and forces Lorelei to push herself to protect the entire time while traversing the length of pipe, needing several shots of adrenaline to keep going. They come out in a power generation room which is lightly guarded, the single occupant quickly being rendered unable to resist them.

While they gather information from the guard they have an unexpected visitor, Zephyr arrives and renders Mem unconscious before engaging the rest of them in a short but fierce fight. Em detonates a charge on one of the generators to end the fight; leaving Zephyr there while they look for a way to get to the bases command center, while they figure that out Cheryl and Cassandra arrive looking for the infiltrators. Adam stays behind to buy them time, Lorelei and the others climbing up a laundry chute to escape another fight. Once safe they begin to lick their wounds and rest up for a bit.


Lorelei, John, Hale, Em and Josephine have used their down time in the Vatica Base well, hacking into the computer and tricking it to show the floor being shut down due to damage and giving them breathing room; it’s also given them access to a listing of prisoners currently held: Isis, Isara, Mem, Katrina and Umi, Adam it seems has already been interrogated and died during the process. Kay apparently is unaccounted for. Instead of heading out in force to rescue the hostages, they decide to split up and hit both the detention area and the command center; Lorelei, Josephine and John going to the Command Center while Hale and Em head down to rescue their comrades.

Detention and Interrogation

Hale and Em find the cells relatively easily, Zephyr and Cassandra nearby as well as three guards; sneaking and speeding the guards are silently incapacitated while Zephyr convinces Cass to give her the opportunity to question Mem alone, clearly upset over her sisters apparent betrayal against her and Cran. Mem and Zephyr spar verbally, punctuated with threats by Zephyr against both Mem and Katrina when it’s revealed that Katrina is Mem’s bond-partner. Cassandra quickly realizes that they’re not alone when the guards don’t respond on time while Hale tries to jury-rig the cell doors open. As Zephyr opens the door to Katrina and Mem’s interrogation room, Em uses the opening to inject Zephyr with their last remaining dose of serum.

Unfortunately this leaves them having to deal with Cassandra who quickly shoots Em in the face before Zephyr recovers her wits enough to render Cassandra incapacitated. Isis, Isara and Umi rejoin the others; assisting in treating Em so that she won’t die. Zephyr is still unsure of what all is going on, but she is clearly on their side now.

Command Center

Chii sits in the command center monitoring the base while Lorelei, Josephine and John arrive un-noticed, fox-holing into the central structure where Chii is Lorelei and John begin fighting; Josephine meanwhile attempting to download the Vatica Base data. John and Lorelei seem to be in a losing battle however, and the technicians on the main floor make it difficult in downloading the data (subscription services and nudes of Cassandra slowing her down); Lorelei finally decides to take a leap of faith and has John stab her, hoping that her blood has enough traces of the Reality Power within it to

bring Chii back to their side. Josephine meanwhile has taken control psionically of one of the technicians and gotten the rest of the data. Cheryl arrives in the command center and tries to interfere, but Lorelei foxholes her comrades (including Chii) away from her mother.

Underground Tunnels

Lorelei, John, Josephine and Chii appear in the tunnels in front of Katrina, Isis, Hale, Mem, Em, Zephyr and Umi (carrying the babies) who have already escaped the base. While John doesn’t immediately trust Zephyr and Chii, even considering attacking them, he’s stopped and the two are quickly stripped of their clothes to destroy their trackers, while waiting for an answer to why they’re no longer his enemies…and just what exactly is going on.

Date: 7.2.2963 (Tareh Date)

Session 6: Collapsing Reality

Tareh Reality

Taiga, Horus and the Tarehn’s are facing off against the 13 Gods briefly before an intense battle erupts, and somewhere along the line Jade and Kitty have stowed away on the shuttle bursting out now to assist. The Gods seem intent on destroying the Angel Jean who is still unconscious, and attacking the Tarehn’s who are interfering with them. With injuries mounting quickly, Kitty and Jade form their Dragoon Mech and start turning the tide; dropping several of the God’s with their attacks. Taiga using the opportunity of the God’s focusing on Jade’s Mech Form to head in after the shard, finding it finally and deactivating it but with changes already apparent.

Returning to Al’hyrl they notice more changes, but thankfully nothing drastic; the Tarehn’s depart the shuttle, leaving Taiga, Denise, Horus, Kitty and Jade with the shard and they begin their return home.

Asteroid C – Reality Strikers Headquarters


Taiga and the others return home to the station, but it’s apparent that the activity is beginning to take a toll on Taiga when she stumbles while holding the shard; against the advice of Kitty and Jade, Taiga insists on pushing forward citing that they’re running out of time. Showing them several calculations and simulations that suggest that other realities will soon splinter off and be entirely unreachable soon; before much else can be considered an alarm sounds, indicating that the Alternate Reality is beginning to slip out of the Trinity Bubble. Taiga calls to James and any other visitors from the Alt. Reality and loads them up in the shuttle, heading out to return them to their home before contact is lost forever.

As Taiga leaves, Airym detects an unauthorized communication attempt; the saboteur is still active onboard. Several individuals start scouring the station to find the perpetrator, Kitty and Ash rippling / teleporting through rooms at high speed to quickly narrow down the search…until Kitty arrives at a room where X sits leaning in towards a stuffed bear. While not alerting her, or wanting to accept that her mother is working against them, Kitty gets ahold of the bear while X excuses herself; the bear having within it what feels like a communications device. At the same time, X enacts her own plans and ripples to the stations hangar bay in order to steal a shuttle; Ash arriving to stall her and they begin fighting earnestly, each one trying to incapacitate the other.

The fight continues between them and eventually Kitty, Jade and even Tora wearing some of Taiga’s extra gear show up to try and stop X. With X rippling all over, there’s a remote detonator grabbed and dropped, Kitty stabbed, and Tora elbowed in the gut, but finally X is brought to a stop after its learned that she’s been tricking them by constantly rippling the serum into her left hand. Ash is damaged unfortunately, cut in half by a ripple, and is brought by Teddy to be repaired; Jade is concussed due to speeding through walls with the detonator before handing it off and running almost full speed into a wall, and Kitty is left upset at having to shoot her own mother to stop her.

Alternate Reality

Taiga returns James only to find another Centerpoint Shard has manifested, getting the assistance of both Isis and Athena to retrieve it before she runs out of time. With another shard in hand Taiga returns home, leaving the Alt. Heroes to rejoice at the return of their friend, and mourn at the loss of those they’ll never see again. When Taiga returns she learns of additional shards that have manifested in the Classic Reality, and that it’s showing signs of initial splintering; time is slowly running out to retrieve those shards before the reality is gone forever.

10-615.4.24 (Year 7)

Session 7: Black Mesa

Underground Resistance Tunnels


With Chii and Zephyr having been returned to their side, the team sets about looking through the data they retrieved from the Vatica Base while the resistance members clear out; they expect to be attacked soon by Cheryl. What they find is astonishing, beneath Ireland is another base called Black Mesa, and here they are working on projects that shouldn’t be known about…such as the blackhole where centerpoint stood, the realities, and even a gate device that they’re hoping to use to cross over. Perhaps the most surprising however is who is doing the research…Tabetha. Before they leave though, they agree that Isis and the babies need to be sent up to Asteroid C first.

Before they can leave though, they’re attacked by troops led by Cheryl, John using booby-traps to decimate the troops before he falls; Chii and Mem staying behind to provide additional cover for them before trying to escape themselves. On the streets above the look on Zephyr’s face is adequate in scaring off most troops, it seems that word of her defection hasn’t been circulated yet. But as they progress, they are forced to take cover in a store in order to evade Delano; the store owner as it turns out is none other than Myria, she thankfully doesn’t raise any alarms and allows them to leave. Chii, Mem and Kay catching up to them as they make their way to a space port; where Zephyr and Chii bluff their way past the guards and onto the shuttles.

Delano has expected this move unfortunately and quickly surrounds the shuttles, demanding (in a very bad French accent) to lay down their weapons and surrender. Lorelei takes another gamble and after cutting open her wrist, forces some of her blood into Delano as the others scramble to lay down suppression fire and get the shuttles launched. With Delano slowly coming around, the shuttles lift off and head their separate ways; though Hale vows to never let Del live down the accent.


Lorelei’s ever growing team lands near a small Irish town, the location where the entrance to the subterranean base is; and begins looking around for a way to gain access. By a stroke of luck, they locate Tabetha who seems drunk and trying to ‘dissect’ Inari-Erevis, but the altercation ends without real blows being thrown; Inari-Erevis heading off towards the forest, and Tabetha being carried back towards their base. Zephyr takes the opportunity to search where Tabetha was fighting, and with no lack of luck manages to find her access card. Moving quickly to the base entrance, they employ a gas grenade to cover their entrance into the base; and as the smoke clears along comes the two henchmen carrying their inebriated Tabetha.

10-615.4.24 (Year 7)

Session 8: Shards of Time


With X resting in medical, and finally in her right mind, Taiga and her team are able to focus their efforts on gathering additional shards; three of which have been detected in the Classic Reality which is expected to splinter off from the Trinity relatively soon. With time against them Taiga, Airym, Tora, Ash and Teddy head out in the shuttle; as soon as they’re gone another shuttle arrives at the station that bears the markings of the new Prime EarthGov, bearing Isis, Umi, Kay and the new flufflings. The Nue’s quickly gather to welcome them all, a veritable stampede overwhelming them and bestowing love…including the overly worried Hi’Saa.

Classic Reality

Taiga and the others arrive without a clue of what to expect, this is the first time any of them have traveled to the Classic Reality since the first shard’s impact almost a year ago and the changes that resulted. What they find is frightening in some regards; the space around Earth is occupied by Tsivrixsh Battlecruisers and Reploid Battlestations. Using the shuttles cloaking technology they fly in towards Mega City, scanning the planet and finding that the human population is alarmingly small and mostly focused in concentrated areas doing menial work. As they make their way towards a Data Center they note the presence of Wind-John who is effectively stapled to the side of the Government Building and supplying power to the entire city.

At the Data Center they access the history of the world in order to answer their questions of how much things have changed, as they learn these answers Taiga comes to a rather startling conclusion; that before they consign the Centerpoint Shards completely into the Blackhole, they need to restore enough of it in order to re-insert all of the data that has been corrupted or changed since the first Shard landed in PAX City. As they discuss this they observe several Maverick Reploids approach, demanding that they follow them for processing; instead of surrendering, or running for that matter, they are instead saved by the arrival of Seraphna and Megumi. Seraphna cutting into the Reploids with a vengeance, and both Ash and Teddy quickly decimating the others.

With data in hand they head after the first shard, which ironically is located in the government building; both Seraphna and Megumi deciding to go with to assist. Seraphna, Taiga, Tora, Teddy and Ash heading towards the lobby as Airym uses a drone to engage in aerial acrobatics, distract the surveillance drones and shoot the pylons that are pinning Wind-John to the side of the building. With John freed, the power is cut to the building, Megumi moving to recover the body while Teddy leads the charge inside and begins doing what he does best; creating a distraction and destroying things, the others heading upstairs for the Shard.

Riding up to the 66th Floor, Taiga and the others are greeted by Vile who is wearing a suit of crusher armor that looks to be powered by the Centerpoint Shard they’re after. Ash immediately begins taunting him, and soon battle erupts; Ash, Tora and Seraphna working together to keep Vile off balanced and his attention from focusing on one target. Before too long they are able to crack open the armor suit enough that the Shard is able to be pulled from it, leaving Vile sitting in an oversized explosive trap. Ash teleports them to the roof where they’re relatively safe while they wait for their shuttle to arrive, and Vile vacates the building to seek refuge on a battleship nearby.

Once on the shuttle and cloaked they discover a problem, the battleship is following and targeting them; it seems that due to Ash using a datachip from a fallen reploid, that he has been infected with the Maverick Virus and Vile is able to track them. Seraphna works to remove the virus while Taiga and Teddy pilot their ship and try to keep it from being blown out of the sky, Teddy with the weapon controls finally landing sufficient hits against the battlecruiser to trigger a self-destruct. With Vile gone, Taiga sets course for Siberia to arrive at a heavily irradiated area; Seraphna, Teddy, Ash and Airym heading out to find the shard since they’re immune to the effects.

As they get closer to the shard, they encounter another scene from the past, this one of Miyuki and Kasha as teenagers before they were placed into cryogenic stasis. Ash stands by with Seraphna as she works to keep the radiation from flowing into the past while Airym and Teddy head to retrieve and deactivate the shard. As the scene unfolds Seraphna is forced to interfere and delay the actions of those from the past, she thankfully is able to remain un-noticed; while Airym is forced to delicately avoid triggering self-detonation controls in order to retrieve the shard. They collectively shudder when they realize that the final shard is located not on the planet, but the old Hunter Station…where Sigma is likely waiting for them.

Prime Reality

10-615.4.25 Asteroid C – Reality Strikers HQ

Oui and Kitty look on as the Stations Sensors monitor an unexpected turn of events, the return of Centerpoint itself. Si joins them due to alarms and conjectures that this is the result of changes occurring due to the current shards that have brought about a current Prime Reality where Centerpoint was never destroyed.

10-615.4.24 (Year 7)

Session 9: Last Call

Black Mesa:
Lorelei's team descends to a massive undersea complex,its high level of security keeping the team on the alert. Em goes for the first strike when a tentacle steals Hale away from the team. After engaging the beast and escaping their locked room, they face guards with shoulder cannons, when they fire one strike hits Zephyr, ripping her from the reality. Josephine clears away the enemies with a grenade, and Lorelei gathers the shards she needs before heading towards Level 5 after tearing out the panel.

Outside the light house, this realities Cheryl goes in after the team to deal with them personally.
Lore's team escape Cheryl by traversing the vents and reach a lab that contains something that looks similar to a Light Gate as well as what appears to be five broken shards, destroyed intentionally for the sake of being experimented on.

The Lab opens to Cheryl and Tabetha to collect equipment as well as the shards, before advising Tab to break down what she can before they relocate to another facility. From their hiding places, Lore and co can see Cheryl has Lumi captive. Soon the two groups are engaged in battle, a bomb being tossed about in the chaos.

Soon Cheryl and Tab are returned to normal and its discovered that while Cran is involved he isn't the one calling the shots, merely following someone elses orders who promised to help Cran achieve victory over his enemies with the use of tech from the future which began changing history, every event already planned for, that is to a certain point.

However Cheryl could not give a description of the puppet master other than he was instructed to be called C and similar to Cran. As they leave via the gate, they find the missing members of their teams, naked and in the process of being brainwashed as they move to help their friends, they are attached by a guard who is revealed to be the long dead Shretrav.

Soon Lore discovers a signal coming from a black hole, likely where this realities Centerpoint is located and chances are this mysterious C.

After making their way to the Executive Building, Shretrav is revived and begins to explain what has become of her when suddenly she and Cheryl begin to be strangled by their clothing and set alight but are saved thanks to the team.

10-615.4.25 (Year 7)

Asteroid C:
After discussing with X, Kitty decides to go with a small team to reach this realities Centerpoint, with the intent to damage it enough to cause their reality to return. Isis lends her assistance in this en devour as Kitty, Jade and her small team move out. However during this, Umi notices that little Lumi is missing.

As Team Kitty moves out past Jupiter they discover the massive EarthGov fleet geared up for combat, the flag ship stationed by one Admiral Gordon Paladin. They are able to sneak past to the faux Centerpoint. Once landed Kitty and the team barely get a moment to look about before being attacked by a massive surge of energy, scattering them and rendering them weak, a massive blue fist hauls Kitty up by her hair to greet Xevil face to face.


10-615.4.25 (Year 7)

Session 10: Generations


Executive Building

After saving Shretrav and Cheryl from their own clothing trying to kill them, Lorelei and her team are trying to figure out what to do about “C” when they come across a device that looks like it’s Centerpoint Tech. The device holds within it several reality shards, each of them containing information on one specific person…Angela Bennet from various points in her life, as a child, as the dark version of herself, and as the version that Cheryl brought back using her reality powers. It’s concluded that this device is likely the cause for the alternating realities, and Angela is the focus within the shards because she is an inherent weakpoint within the reality due to Cheryl bringing her back.

Classic Reality

Taiga, Teddy, Airym, Ash, Seraphna, Megumi and Wind-John head up to Hunter Station in order to retrieve the last shard in the Classic Reality; Seraphna affecting some repairs on Ash while they head up. Using the shuttles cloaking technology they are able to get there without fighting, and as they open the ramp Vile attacks; damaging key shuttle components and forcing them all to finish the battle with him from earlier. Wind-John disappearing to fight in his own way while Teddy, Ash and Airym begin a tactical battle to position Vile in way of several crates of explosives and ‘airlock’ him out of the hangar.

Seraphna forcing herself to transform partway to keep Tora, Taiga and Megumi from getting sucked out due to the vacuum; thankfully though Vile has been finally dealt with…they hope. With few options remaining they head to the location of the final shard and upon their arrival meet Sigma, who oddly is acting calm, thoughtful and even courteous. While he doesn’t shy away fighting them, he suggests compromise; he allows them to take what they need (the shard) and in return he gets to download Airym’s technical schematics so that he can incorporate it into his next body. The accord is struck, and Seraphna is left feeling betrayed; but Taiga relieves the tension by telling her the nightmare will be over soon.

As they leave aboard the shuttle, Ash takes control of the weapon systems to finish off Vile once and for all…his last words, “I AM YOUR NIGHT---!” They drop off Seraphna and Megumi on an island planetside, Teddy deciding to stay behind with them.

Prime Reality – Asteroid C

Alarms sound on the Reality Strikers Headquarters; X, Miyuki, Horus, Denise and Si responding to the alert and find traces that there is serious damage being incurred in a critical system area, the presence of a foxhole there causing some alarm as well. Miyuki and Horus head there via their own foxhole, Si following at her own pace; what they find there is Aurica (who has more kitsune capabilities than her regular counterpart) along with a group of commandos. As the commandos begin attacking they are quickly outmatched by the combined efforts of Si and Miyuki, forcing Aurica to foxhole away from them while wondering just who they are.

Miyuki and Horus follow after her, Miyuki hoping that her blood retains enough traces of the reality resistance intends on trying to save Aurica. But as their fight shifts constantly from location to location, and abilities of all types get brought to the fore Miyuki is left with singed hair and a simple declaration that she’ll beat Aurica bloody after this. They’re finally able to subdue Aurica long enough to get Miyu’s blood in her, and she’s given temporary reprieve…but only for so long before Miyuki comes to discipline her errant step-sister.

No sooner has this episode been resolved than the arrival of an unpiloted Tiger’s Claw causes the entire Nue Family to work together to foxhole the shuttle into the Stations hanger in order to avoid a catastrophe. Taiga meekly thanking them and looking to join back up with everyone to finish the job while Miyuki and Aurica collapse with the Nue kits and family to rest.


Kitty and Jade wake up in the Control Room of Centerpoint, secured together and bound in crystal; nearby Xevil works to replace specific crystals in the Centerpoint controls. He flaunts his power over them, threatening to destroy the moment that they fell in love by shattering the crystal that retains that information; but the girls maintain their composure even in the face of Xevil threatening to destroy the crystals that retain the moment of their birth. When Xevil returns his attention to his work, Kitty ripples the crystal containing the relationship between herself and Jade to them; while Jade works to weaken the crystalline structure of their restraints.

EarthGov Exec. Building

Lorelei, Cheryl, Tabetha and the others discuss the Angela Bennett reality disruption device, and Cheryl admits to only one course of action that she can imagine; acquiring pure Reality Powers and using them, even though the idea is not one Cheryl is fond of. To achieve this, Tabetha reconstructs her gate device and several of their team steps through the activated portal.


Cheryl, Tabetha, Hale, Del, Lorelei and Josephine arrive and look around at the vast changes from what they knew; Cheryl though heads directly for a Mana Ley-Line, telling the others of how the alternate Lorelei (Angel) and Aschae were technically ‘alive’ within the ley line and could be brought back. Lorelei moving to plunge her hand into the line in hopes of connecting with her other self; it works and both are brought back. With little discussion it is agreed that they will assist, the Angel merging with Lorelei to affect what needs to be done.

EarthGov Exec. Building

Cheryl and the others return, Lorelei using the reality powers within her and Angel simply shattering the device but protecting the important crystals, letting the Dark Angela Shard shatter…thus releasing that version of Angela for the team to beat, destroying this version of Angela being the key to start restoring everything. Lore’s team, along with her friends and family, quickly bring the Dark Angela to her knees despite the use of Spades precognitive capabilities, and are able to destroy the darkness, releasing the true Angela. As this is done, reality shifts once more back towards their known reality. But time is slowly running out.

Asteroid C

While Lorelei’s team is in the process of getting reality powers, Taiga and others on the station are working to affect repairs to the station; while they’re discussing what is occurring the ripple of reality resetting runs through space around the station and the PAX is suddenly there next to the station. Taiga decides to transfer everyone off of the Station and to the PAX, intending to brief everyone at the same time on what needs to be done.

PAX Hanger

Close friends and lovers are briefly brought back together aboard the PAX before leaving an open invitation to all that if they want to help to join her on a PAX Shuttle; several stepping forward to join her including Denise, Ash, Tabetha, Tora,

Lorelei, Aschae, Si’Chii, Airym, Angelos, Jaime, Ouka and Sen. Taiga prepping the shuttle and telling Tora that she’s under no obligation to go, which she simple replies “Of course it is. I’m your clone.”


Shion, who had hidden on the shuttle that Kitty and Jade used to get to Centerpoint, meets Erevis’s long lost son Jamie. Hoisting equipment that is larger than she is, she drags Jamie along with her towards the control room. While Taiga and the others experience a bumpy flight in to the crystalline planet that hovers on the event horizon of the reality blackhole, deciding to expedite the journey to the control room, Lorelei opens a foxhole for everyone to use. Stepping through they come out in the control room itself right as Jade’s work at weakening their bonds has resulted in their freedom.

Xevil greets them all as they step through by forming a slew of crystals that correspond to key events for that particular individual, Kitty warning them all to back away for their own safety; for added safety though Xevil shatters a particular crystal splitting Lorelei and Angel so that they’re no longer combined. As they consider how to get Xevil away from the device where he’s working, he’s suddenly blasted by an out of control Shion in power armor. The gathered team immediately launches into attacks against Xevil; rippling his hands off, telekinetically holding him still, Fiery heel kicks and ninpo of several sorts while others rush to get the shards to safety that he had pulled forth.

Kitty and Jade go Mecha-Form in order to deal with Xevil when he tries to build a crystal dragon to protect him, but the girls along with assists from others are able to keep Xevil occupied while Ouka, Taiga, Denise and Airym search for Xevil’s birth shard; when it is, Ouka hesitates for only a second before snapping the crystal…stopping Xevil in his tracks before Jade has a lite snack chomping on him. Everyone starts to gather themselves up, helping the few wounded back towards the shuttle that Taiga’s team had arrived in; however it’s noted that Taiga, Ouka and Airym haven’t returned yet. Tora, Kitty and Jade returning.

Taiga explains to them, the only way to restore everything is for her and Airym to work in conjunction while Centerpoint goes over into the blackhole; repairing enough of the centerpoint control by Taiga replacing crystals and Airym reinserting the corrupted data and histories to restore the realities. Ouka isn’t pleased with this since there’s no way for them to rescue those who stay behind; Tora decides on her own that this isn’t happening instead she will stay and give Taiga the chance for her life. Kitty reminding Tora that Sen will miss her, and even going to the point of telling Sen who has stayed on the shuttle. Sen at first hurt, making her choice to stay behind with Tora.

Asteroid C crashes into Centerpoint to push it into the Reality Blackhole in order to close it; the shuttle carrying Taiga and almost all of the heroes straining even with Angelos providing a boost of hyperspace energy to get them clear of the overwhelming gravity. While Angel and Aschae use the shuttle from the Tiger’s Claw to return to their own home. As the time runs out for Tareh and Classic, Airym and Tora work feverishly to place the correct shards back into Centerpoint and re-input all of the data that had been damaged due to the shards activity and changes occurring…the loss of Deathstar, Iceheart and Wiendigo, Xevil’s life and death in history, the death of William Spade. And as the last few moments of the multiverse draws to a close, Airym is able to enter the last bits of data while Tora and Sen embrace.

Epilogue 1 – Classic Reality

Wind, restored to his true stature and identity, oversees the world he created; Teddy, the only one to remember what had happened becoming President of Earth and ruling as only a Robot Bear can. All of their collective friends and family oblivious to their reality speeding along outside of the Trinity.

Epilogue 2 – Tareh Reality

All of the changes to their past undone Irevi, the Angel, and Aschae return home, crashing into Jean’s garden and raising her ire. But their return also heralds the reunion of loved ones, and oddly Tanan has survived in this timeline.

Epilogue 3 – Earth


For most there has been no disruption to their daily lives, the populace as a whole not remembering the events of the past several months…with a few exceptions. Those who had been on the Asteroid or had been given the blood serum still remember and they mourn for a few whom have not returned. Taiga heading over to begin her actual job as a teacher while she makes plans for her bachelorette party before the wedding with Ouka, Kitty trying to think of who to find to replace Sen who made her favorite tea’s; Shion offering up her cuteness and willingness to please.

As they talk and prepare for the day, they begin to act more like they had seven years earlier when they were in high school together; thinking and hoping that in time they may be able to save their lost friends, but in the here and now…they’ll simply live their lives.

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