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Cheryl Mizukaze had gained half of what is known as the Prime Reality power at the end of The Alien Wars 4 to save her reality and the Multiverse from the Corruption begun by Xevil, along with Wind. They defeated him with many other heroes on the platform of Centerpoint at a point in time before he corrupted the Multiverse, and then Cheryl - to save her son whom she thought was dead - did an action at that point in time to save a man named Xanatos Durran, the EarthGov Fleet, and Benjamin Carmichael - her son. This made a split reality called the Alternate Reality and Cheryl's reality the Prime Reality. And Wind, who had been a long time for until that point, remade the reality of The Alien Wars 1 - 3, which was dubbed The Classic Reality. Cheryl and Wind linked them together since they were made around Centerpoint and the Prime Reality power and they became the Prime Trinity and the two put a forcefield around them to separate them from the Multiverse. The three realities went on about their business.

The Alliance of Realities:

When attacks began to occur in all three realities that were similiar, and beings from the Prime Reality's future were scatted amongst them - from a world called Tareh that was Earth's moon where Prime Cheryl Mizukaze's world would be destroyed in 15 years and most of the heroes wiped out against the threat of the Others. Cheryl formed Alliances with the Alternate Reality and the Classic Reality, despite trouble in the Alternate Reality's governmenters joining. In the end, even when the Others were beaten, a new threat rose up called the Illiums in the Alt. Reality and the Nazis in the Classic Reality that wiped them out before they could use the Alliance, and the fight with the Others froze Cheryl 's team for 5 years before they could peacefully win.

Rise of the Reality Strikers:

When being saved by their children during the final battle with the Others, they went to call on the Alliance of Realities and saw they were in the fight of their lives against the Illiums and now a ragtag rebellion. Prime Cheryl, after things were calmed back down in her reality, began to gather people willing to spend time in the other realities, and spent all her fortune and Darien Starr's to build Asteroid C in a part of space where no government laid claim and set it up to link into both realities once they were saved. Lately, Cheryl has begun to also feel a "tear in space" as well. As she did this, she spent 3 years with her family and went into both realities and the Multiverse to train them and herself, slowing down time in the realities so she would have time to recruit and build the base without the other realities being destroyed - this ended up giving her a white streak through her hair.

While the three years in other two realities in the Trinity and the Multiverse was only a week in Prime thanks to the slow down, when Cheryl returned, she spent another 3 months getting the base operational, the slow down in the other two realities barely moving thankfully. Building ships and reality jump tarot cards, she then decided to go to Alt then Classic to save Wind who had been captured by Nazis who had ruled Earth for 15 years and possiblely captured Wind and his reality powers.

The first Reality Strikers team compromised of a ragtag team of volunteers from across Prime's galaxy and had Cheryl and Miyuki has their leaders.

The End of Centerpoint:

In the end, the three realities and the alternate future Tareh had to come together to deal with a far flung future where their descendants were the true enemy, the mechaniations behind all the trouble they were having these past many years. Led under the banner of a dying Ako kept alive for over 3000 years in machines, and her descendants as well as descendants of Erevis and Ama, such as Sol, and Kagu and Mizu, it all came to a head when they brought down their group, but when Rose, mentally instable due to the death of her brother at the hands of Belit, gathered a heart of a God and used it to access Centerpoint and tried to collapse everything, brought everyone together and put aside differences.

Wind, Miyuki, and Cheryl, forming a trinity of reality powers, decided it was time to end the prime reality powers for good and fed it into Centerpoint which had been activated and the ancient device which had been used to observe and monitor the Multiverse shattered into untold pieces across the multiverse as they all escaped. In the end, the passages between the realities sealed off for good and the holes begin to seal away slowly. Leaving only the Interceptor as their only means of transport, and all the occupants began to return to their realities to live out their lives, marking the end of the Reality Strikers original goal. Leaving Airym and Taiga, who had taken over it on the side, to monitor the Multiverse and study it, and Airym to see if she could find any of the shards.


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