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Season "7": Legacy

Erevis and her team have taken up residence in Los Angeles after the events of:

The Alien Wars 4: Session 266

Timeline: 10-587.12.23

Session 1: City of Angels

The group discuss Erevis, her coming back from the future, her ring, and the things she will not say, along with the origin of Legion. Erevis appears to have cut her hair and dyed it black in order to blend into the background. Erevis admits that she will lie if it's absolutely neccessary, but it's still obvious how much she hates to do so. It is revealed that Wind's name at one time to be Malervis while at the same time a strangely british progenitor introduces himself by picking a fight with Erevis, before stating his name: Drasek. And then a huge Dark One blows up the alleyway everyone is in.


Timeline: 10-587.12.23

Session 2: Destiny

The group narrowly dodges the Dark Matter Ball as it flies into the ally, Megumi decides to face the Dark Ones on her own as everyone else cuts and runs, including Drasek and Erevis. As Darien and Angela escape, Darien comes away with a shoulder pierced by a Dark Ones but claims it doesn't bother him. Megumi winds up explosively leaving the Dark Ones to go chasing after Erevis while the others make their way back to the apartment. There Zephyr colors Ariel's hair a bright pink color and Chad encourages her.

As the group reunites they find Erevis and Drasek didn't head there, Darien and Angela believing they've run off to mate. This angers both Megumi and Terra who decide to go out hunting for them. They eventually pick up noises of fighting on the roof and head upwards to find out what's going on. There they find Drasek and Erevis fighting Dark Ones back to back, but taking the roof door out to the roof triggers the building's alarm system. The others head up to see what's wrong and soon the whole team is beating back the Dark Ones. This time the group succeeds in scaring them off, their leader identifies himself as Asmoedueus and promises to find them again soon.

All is not over however as the group tries to head back downstairs only to find the Police looking for them. As most flee and get away, Darien slows down Angela and Ariel who all begin to get arrested when a blast levels a police car and distracted the cops long enough for Ariel to break free of her cuffs and Ariel, who hadn't been cuffed yet, to free Darien. A sniper seems to take the police down without killing them and Chad uses a flashbang to blind them, this lets everyone get away to argue another day.

Relocating to an abandoned hotel, the group takes up rooms and finally corners Erevis to ask her questions. They turn out to be very fruitless efforts, but Erevis is able to at least tell them what she can't tell them, and that's their futures to come. Ending up having to agree to trust her and follow her blind for now, the group settles into their new digs to rest and recover from their fight with Asmodeus and figure out their next steps.

Later that night, as Darien is about to head to bed, Angela corners him to talk things out and finding that Darien really doesn't remember the last few years while DS was in control, realizes that her former bond partner and friend is gone. She quietly says goodnight to Darien, and goodbye to DeathStar.


Timeline: 10-587.12.24

Session 3: Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

It was Christmas Eve and all through the Hotel... everyone was stirring, probably even the mice. Zephyr dragged in a giant tree for the lobby, assisted by the menfolk after they were asked to. Zephyr began to decorate to please Aya, who was having a killer time, Angela adding her own touches we well. Drasek continues to learn about human customs with the child like wonder of a divrced 30 something Jason Stateham that spent his entire life under a rock, to Darien's amusement. Chad casually continues his drug habits as everyone else has a good time.

Some family bonding time happens as Aya leads the charge in decorating and Megumi spends her time hovering around Erevis trying to get her attention. When she cannot seem to get a proper connection to her mysterious, future bae, she decides to wander outside into the snow for a time. There she meets a Totally-Not-John-McCormick Santa (and possibly not the real one, like, definately) who gives her some good advice about pacing herself and taking things as they come. Ariel and Erevis have an awkward moment before Darien swoops in to distract her and Angela makes the crew hot cocoa.

After a little bit, Ariel finally brings herself to talk to Erevis and the two engage, Erevis seeming to melt on her cold hiding what's going on with Ariel around. Ariel advises she not shut out her friends in everything that's happening. As this warmth grows, Aya's gets a bit unruly and hyperactive and seems to want to go outside, which Chad forbids at least without a coat. She however later tricks Angela into looking away while watching her just long enough to sneak out, but is thankfully roped in by her aunt shortly thereafter, though Chad uses it as a reason to shun her further. Some early gifts are exchanged, Ariel giving hers out early, a picture for Erevis and trinkets for some of the others. Darien gives her something intimate and the two check out for the evenintgs. Just as things seem to settle down, Megumi gets revenge on Drasek for teasing her about Erevis by tripping him up and chase antics ensue until Erevis steps in to shut it down.

Stardate: 10-587.12.25

Christmas Morning is announced by Aya and Zephyr cheering like kids and tearing into presents. As everyone else exchanges presents, among them things like alcohol for Drasek (his preferred gift), stuffed bunnies for Zephyr and sarcastic books for Angela, Megumi is found to be absent. Erevis brings her her gifts in her room and they have a touching moment where it becomes apparent that Erevis is not unfeeling towards Megumi, but instead holding back rather intense feelings. Chad has a battle with the tree in the background while others bond. The day passes rather peacefully as Erevis begins to let herself get close to Megumi again, Darien seems to have an unerring passion for Ariel reignited, and Drasek establishes himself as the weird drunken uncle of the family.

Stardate: 10-587.12.26

The lobby is a disorganized mess, however, under the tree a pair of yellow, catlike eyes watches Chad has he goes about making the arrangements more uniform and organized.


Timeline: 10-587.12.31

Session 4: Oh Meus Parvulus

Zephyr is out with Aya shopping, as they review the candy aisle a dart suddenly strikes Zephyr in the neck and she goes down. A man with a cane looks them over as men grab Aya, he instructs them to kill Zephyr and leave before the father realizes what has happened.

Meanwhile... Darien investigates the loss of his eggnog, the culprit is clearly one Megumi. Saiwase stumbles by innocently drunk. Chad is just asking where Zephyr and Aya are when an older dark haired woman bursts into the hotel nursing a gun wound in the chest. Chad scoops her up for medical attention which ultimately falls on Angela. As Angela works on first aid, Megumi assists by stablizing her with her powers. They find a note on her that says Aya has been taken, the only other clue on the paper is the number 9.

Locating where they last were, the group heads to investigate the shop after Angela leaves Zephyr in bed to recover with a watchful Ariel. The police seem to pay them little mind but they are able to discover the two were in the candy aisle and there was some camera footage, but at a horrible angle. Most likely why they were attacked there, not just the irony of stealing a child from a candy aisle.

While Darien and Chad piece together clues with the trail they find, including a teleport and a possible shuttle trajectory, Zephyr awakens suddenly in her Red Eyes Mode and begins to persue Aya. Eventually she is guided with Angela and Ariel to the shuttle that Darien is stealing for the team to follow Aya's kidnappers. The group then heads off in search of Aya.

Hours later, they arrive at a secluded countryside, with a manor that appears to belong to some rich family. As they arrive they see troops coming out to meet them and Zephyr in murder mode answers by beginning to mow them down with snipe shots as they come in hot. The shuttle is hit and crashes, scattering the team, who each recover and battle their way into the manor. Quickly they identify the troopers as VI members and now they are using some form of mutated Dragoons to augment their forces. While the team fights Chad busts his way into the center of the manor where he finds Hodges mocking him about his DNA and the plans for Aya.

Erevis is shot and Angela, who came in with a backup shuttle, arrives to treat her while the rest rush into the heart of the compound. Chad attempts to stop Hodges who uses his injury and last chance to start the sequence. Zephyr blasts open the tube and frees Aya, and nothing is apparently wrong with her... yet. The group cleans up their enemies and gets Aya out of the building. Angela insists they take her shuttle back, as despite his protests, Darien's is slag.

Stardate: 10-588.1.1

The group celebrates a muted New Years Day and Zephyr's birthday. Zephyr seems to remember nothing about the night before and everyone dotes on Aya. Darien and Megumi tease each other into oblivion.


Timeline: 10-588.1.4

Session 5: Maternal Instinct

The team is sitting around talking, with Darien zoning out over a conspiracy magazine and Angela noting it is rather cute, leading to Chad to comment on the fact she would chase after him if she could in a lover's sense. Megumi tries to find some eggnog, failing, while the group asks Darien various questions, leading him to pause before answering them. Chad teases Darien about remembering the first he slept with Ariel, leading to Darien to deflect about a picture on the wall not being aligned correctly. Erevis and Drasek discuss things on the roof such as training while the others below discuss ages and Megumi qualifying for retirement sometime soon if she was part of EarthGov. Erevis warns Drasek about battling the Dark One they faced, dubious about his ability to win, especially with what happened to him.

Darien goes over having ways to beat each of the team members while Drasek asks about the team being hostile towards her so far, the person they are following. Erevis notes that she doesn't think they are hositile per say, merely not always agreeing with her decisions. He seems to also note that she is hiding something and points out L.A doesn't seem to be her sort of city, but Erevis counts out she found Drasek here after all. They also discuss the legacy of their race and what each might do with it; during all this, catnip and other things are employed downstairs while Darien, Megumi, and Chad talk about the past. Megumi notes, after learning Wind is defintiely gone, sorrow and that surprises Darien, and soon only Darien and Angela are left as everyone has left them. He agrees to keep her company with the baby stuff.

*Main Session*
Stardate: 10-588.1.8
Location: Outside a Shopping District
Angela is robbed while shopping and the gun goes off, hitting her in the stomach during the struggle. She manages to use her comm before blacking out.

Stardate: 10-588.1.10
Location: L.A.
Darien wakes Angela up with a tray of food when she experiences a dull pain and Darien panics, announces to everyone she is in labor. As everyone gathers around, Zephyr graphically describes what she is about to go through, announcing that she will never get to go through that happily and Megumi points out she will go through it twice, all the while Chad getting grossed out. Zephyr wonders to Megumi if she'll ever have kids and Megumi notes she doubts it, and Zephyr points out she doubts Erevis will ever want something growing inside her. Darien returns with a wheelchair, running over Megumi with it and earning glares from Ariel; the commotion even drawing Erevis out to see the little humans. After getting Angela situtaion, he runs her over again on the way out. Also Drasek seems to have lost a finger and taken up beer drinking.

Megumi asks Erevis about having children one day which leads to her asking if Megumi wants to give birth to children one day. She also notes to Megum ithat there are artifical means for same-sex couples to get pregnant if she is interested. While Darien notes Angela is too huge to walk, leading to Angela to proclaim she is not and Ariel to back Darien, informing her the van has been reinforced for her. Zephyr follows along, planning to record it all to send to Cheryl, which Ariel notes she will appreciate it. As Aya leaps into the van, Angela's water breaks in the back of the van, before she is shooed away and everyone freaks out.

Erevis questions Angela about if she and Megumi should have children, in which Angela replies they should have lots of children while Megumi holds her hands as Darien drives them out. As they have Angela work on her counting, the two decide to start with one before having "lots" and that Megumi will have it. As they are stuck in a traffic jam, Darien reveals his plan to take them to a doctor working out of his house who was fired on a rumor of killing person, leading to Angela dislocating two fingers. They end up going for the plan to deliver it themselves.

As it seems Ariel has abandoned as they reach the final bit of the labor, he turns to Megumi and her reference book, leading to Darien to become more erratic. Ariel returns with table cloths and Darien begins to work on delivering them with the help of the others and Zephyr filming it all. He hands baby 1 to Ariel and baby 2 to Erevis. As she gives the two babies their names, it turns out her wound from the other day might be a problem. Zephyr pauses in her flirting with Drasek and they all set out.

Location: Hospital
The doctor looks over Angela and proclaims she is fine, as the team is there with fake names and disguises. Despite the fact she is still having a pain in her stomach, he just gives her some medicine to combat it and notes the children are okay. They then go into conspiracy mode and Darien moves off to make sure any blood samples they took don't give the team away or could be used against Angela.

Date: Several days later
Location: L.A.
Angela's dull ache continues to grow worse while Zephyr notes baby John is staring at her breasts. Erevis gives the children a wide birth and Terra sticks with her, feeling guilty for some reason, but does check on Angela, looking concerned. Megumi thinks she is defective due to not having a glow about her. As John gets louder and annoys many on the team, Erevis and Megumi promise to have quieter children and Terra comments that Strife dealt with her injuries. Chad pinches off feeling to her hand and Angela doesn't react to it, leading to Darien to panic a bit. He promises to keep trying to find hospitals to look into her, even if it gets them caught; Erevis moves back to the roof with Terra.

Date: Several more days later
Location: L.A
After seeing all sorts of doctors, the verdict still is that Angela is healthy and Megumi ponders if Angela is maybe doing this for attention. Darien wants if it is post birth depression and Terra admits she wouldn't even know. Darien though moves to get her pills and Ariel advises anti-psychotic as well if she is imaging feeling like this; during all this Erevis continues to avoid her. After taking the pills the room goes blurry for her and it feels like Chad isn't there a moment yet he is. Erevis later visits her in her room while she is attending her children and she asks about the future and if she dies there; Erevis states there is nothing wrong with her, how could she die there. Megumi even states she visits their wedding as her vision goes snowy white then normal as Erevis notes to her the mind is a powerful thing, giving one what they want to see.

As she feels herself spiraling out, everyone begins to act a little off, not seeing the blood on her hands or stomach and ask her if she wants to live and soon John appears to her, calling her an idiot. He reveals she is dying out in the snow from being shot and this is all in her head. Even Kane appears to give her some umph and informs her she never reached the comm. The others try to tell her to ignore them and continue to live in her fantasy. They encourage her to reach out to the adult Zephyr in her to save herself. She wakes up with an adult Zephyr cradling her in the snow and Darien commenting that she's lost a lot of blood. Megumi works on keeping her alive as they try to get her to the hospital. Drasek ponders who would do that and Darien promises they'll find out and make them pay.

Date: 10-588.1.11
Location: Hospital
Angela wakes up in the hospital with Zephyr back to her normal age, asleep, beside her as he informs her that Megumi saved her life; Erevis roams the lobby with Terra and Drasek while the others talk in the room. Erevis seems uneasy being in the hospital but promises she will be okay when asked by Drasek. Megumi notes she thinks she can track the mugger when Darien breaks the news that Angela lost the children due to the gunshot right as Marcus arrives at the hospital. He steps out with Megumi and Zephyr as Marcus comforts Angela. After informing Megumi he has Chad helping him, Darien moves to the parking lot and gets the information from Chad on where to find the mugger; Drasek joins them and it's clear Darien plans to kill the mugger.

Zephyr wonders what she can do to help Angela, feeling useless as she hugs on Ariel. Erevis goes in to join Angela and apologizes for her loss, asking if there is anything she can do for her. The three arrive at the location and do what they set out to do. Deal with the problem, while Zephyr seems mildly irritated at a comment made by Megumi, the two not quite there yet in their friendship as Erevis steps out to tell everyone about Angela's status.

Date: 10-588.1.12
Location: L.A.
Darien welcomes Angela back home and has prepared her favorite dessert and Terra gives her a hug to greet her back. Zephyr carries Angela's materials to help her out and Chad stays in his room working on stuff. Erevis seems stressed; when asked by Megumi she confesses she knew she did not have children in the future. She tries to argue she should have changed the future when Megumi dismisses the supposed sin, but Megumi seems to have none of that. Surprising Megumi with a kiss on the lips, she kisses her for a bit before the two stare into each other's eyes. Meanwhile Terra after helping out reeturns to her apartmenets while Marcus offers to stick around before going back to Tokyo if Angela needs help, but she tells him she can handle things, but does ask him to stay as long as he can manage.

Date: 10-588.1.13
Location: L.A.
Darien arrives in Angela's room to deliver a muffin and finds Angela buiding something from computer parts while Erevis is asleep during normal hours; Megumi makes some food in the kitchen while Darien and Angela talk about what happened to Angela. As Erevis awakens from the smell of the food, Darien works on reaching out to Angela with muffins. Erevis and Megumi have a tender moment while Aya is found reading science and math books out in the living room by Chad. After hiding the books and mouse trapping Chad's hand, she moves off to hide from Chad. Angela and Darien discuss everything that has happened, including her breaking him out of jail to this moment now; though his zoning out moments continue to grow worse. However, back in the living room, Chad and Drasek have a confrontation when Chad touches Drasek, leading to Aya revealing herself.

Megumi asks Erevis about the broken rune blade that is in two halves with a green sphere as they eat and asks when she comes in possion of the the Rune Blade. Erevis notes she cannot exactly tell her as Aya hurries off to Erevis' pants to check them out; during this Chad and Drasek talk about Erevis and Drasek's relationship and how Erevis will come to want to help him and want to learn more about her people in the process. Erevis reveals the green sphere is the Emerald Sword to Megumi and it's power, recalling memories in Megumi; as for the Rune Blade, she says it's power is currently gone.

As Aya joins them in eating, Chad arrives and apologizes to Erevis that he let it out that Erevis is a time traveler to Drasek after talkng about his funeral to him and running, making Erevis frown in displeasure. It is hard to say if the funeral thing is true or not, but the time traveler is true either way. After smashing her fist through a table, she steps out, leaving a dejected Megumi behind. As Darien sits and tries more muffins, Terra is on the roof watching the sky. As the two argue about her not being alone and her worrying Zephyr, Megumi goes to see Terra and the two talk about herself and her destinations. As Angela connections with a worried Zephyr, Terra and Megumi discuss Terra's hunted feeling and that being a VI experimented that they'll keep coming after her, noting how afraid she is of them. As Zephyr and Angela declare that they will attempt a deeper friendship and be honest with each other, moving onto discussing Ariel and her pink hair, Megumi tells Terra that is might be best for her if she left the team, telling her while the team is coming together in a fledging team, Terra's fears on holding her back and she needs to go out and face them.

She points at the direction of Warren, but Terra is resistant to the idea; as the two get into bouts of ideals, Zephyr and Angela go to see Chad after losing in a game of truth and dare, having to kiss him on the lips, shocking him. They continue the game while Megumi ends her talk with Terra and goes to Chad to inform Warren that either her and Terra will be going to join his unit soon. Erevis and Terra meet on the roof and when she informs her of Megumi's plan, Erevis is neutral, tied by the hands of the future, because she can't give anything away. The two continue their truth and dare game with Drasek and soon Ariel busts them for stealing a thong from them, dumping an ice cub into Angela's shirt and okaying an earring for Zephyr. Warren after a bit okays the Terra transfer, but it's clear he's going to get Megumi back for it.

Megumi plays with the green sphere until Erevis joins her and apologizes for all the trouble today and Aya is still reading the dictionary Megumi gave her. She also asks if Zephyr is her real mother - in a rather crude way - and he reveals about Eve Summers. After denying her existence, Aya runs off. Zephyr and Ariel plan ice cream and other things as Darien and Ariel work on dinner; on the way Chad informs Terra about the transfer if she wants it and she seems shocked and like she won't follow orders, so he tries telling her about how Erevis would follow them. Afterward he moves on while Darien, Angela, Ariel, and Zephyr share a meal and talk about hair color and other things. At the end, Angela sees a child's toy, probably one of Aya's, and pauses until Darien touches her shoulder and snaps her out of it, leading her to join the rest as they go to get ice cream.

Timeline: 10-588.1.15

Session 6: The Fugitives



Timeline: 10-588.1.19

Session 7: The Empty Heir



Timeline: 10-588.2.2

Session 8: Terminal Velocity



Timeline: 10-588.2.10

Session 9: Knighthood



Timeline: 10-588.2.14

Session 10: Assassin's Creed



Timeline: 10-588.2.17

Session 11: Tears of the Progenitor Part I



Timeline: Unknown

Session 12: Tears of the Progenitor Part II



Timeline: 10-588.2.23

Session 13: Sins of the Father Part I



Timeline: 10-588.2.23

Session 14: Sins of the Father Part II



Timeline: 10-588.3.2

Session 15: The Ascendency



Timeline: 10-588.3.6

Session 16: Followers of the Progenitors



Timeline: 10-588.3.15

Session 17: Yesterday's Child



Timeline: Unknown

Session 18: The Winds of Destiny



Timeline: Unknown

Session 19: The Legacy of the Progenitors



Timeline: 10-588.3.18

Session 20: Legion

Erevis the Progenitor continues into the Season 14 finale:

The Alien Wars 4: Session 286