October 31st, 2200

Session 135: Hauntings Prologue
Battle weary and confused, the Wraith Hunters - along with Garland, Death Star, Dominator, and Wiendigo - have survived the final battle with CorSec. But this victory came at a great emotional cost and now the members must try to repatch the already shakey team. As Death Star and Garland make amends, Eve meets the son of her loved one, Sarlen, but still remains distant from Dias. Gravedigger and Velocity also check up on Elayne, but remain further apart from her as Snipe gets closer. Snipe and Garland also seem to have finally come to a clear plain now. Hotaru and Seraphna become closer and Kyouki watches over Grey Fox --- but there are still some shakey events on the horizon, even with all the healing going on. While Wiendigo and Death Star are going rounds, a spirit is beginning to make his move --- but who's his target? Before the night is over, the team's newly formed bonds may snap.

Hauntings Part 1: Unknown
The power goes off on Garland while he's in his bar, cleaning. As one thing leads to another, with Chip as his only guide in the matter, Garland will have to face the spirit's true test --- as each of Garland's loved ones seemingly turn against him. As Garland is torn apart and tortured throughout the hour, will his temptations to do what is right give way to an even larger disaster when a spirit named Azrael makes a deal with him?

Hauntings Part 2: Midnight on the Firing Lane
Velocity's assigned the duty of tracking down the master pilot Maestro, who escapes along with the squirrel when the power goes out, shutting off the power to the cages. As Velocity and Maestro pound each other's brains out around the station, they'll learn they might just be made of the same cloth. Especially when the battle leads into space, where each pilot has to face off against the other in a starfighter. But as flashes of his past haunts him, can Velocity stop Maestro from blowing up Origin, which is defenseless with no power?

Hauntings Part 3: Going Up?
John McCormick and Elayne Hianule have been a couple since the summer. As they sneak out of MedBay and talk about each other, they'll find horror waiting for them. While taking an elevator, the power goes off, thus stranding them on a damaged elevator, surrounded by sparks of electricity, threatening to take them both down. As each of them reaches out to the other, they'll find a true moment of peace and love, agreeing it's time to become closer. That is, if they can survive long enough to escape the death trap the spirit has set up for them.

Hauntings Part 4: Revelations
When the lights go out, Dias works his way to see how Eve is doing in the dark. Anger boiling over the recent Sarlen events, he is hit by a vision. What does it mean and what does this Azrael have to do with it?

Hauntings Part 5: Just to Hear One Word...
Death Star has some making up to do with Ariel now that she is back. Exactly how is his relationship with her going now that he's started fixing some burned bridges with Iceheart? But when the power goes out, the two, who have put the problem to the side, must team up to find Strife and Katrina in the darkness of the unpowered station. As they work their way down to the engine room, they'll encounter some deadly undead foes and much, much more as they get seperated. Also, searching for Katrina, Death Star will run into a friend long since dead. Plus a voice keeps haunting him during his search. This all adds up to the conclusion in the Control Room with the deadly foe from the past out to kill them all. But how does it all add up?

Session 136: Hauntings Conclusion
As the Wraiths claw their way out of the nightmareish hell that has been striking the Origin station, they must now band together to find out what is the source of their troubles. The members of the team fight their way to the control room where they find the entire place filled with living wires which try to attack them. Together, Hotaru, Slasher, Snipe, Kara, Elayne, and Slasher tear the barrier down and enter the room to find Death Star crucified on the wall ... and bleeding blood. It seems Death Star is no longer a reploid. However, when Garland arrives on the scene, it's obvious the source of the madness has taken root in him ... and is trying to control him into killing the others. As Snipe and Dias enter battle with the crazed Garland, the others attempt to calm down Garland when the being known as Azrael appears, the one behind their suffering. However, his attempts to control Garland fail, Azrael reveals that he is the spirit of Crucifixtion, who clawed his way from the afterlife on halloween to extract revenge. Everyone begins to battle the evil spirit and manages to banish it from the world of the living once again. Eve helps the wounded to the medical bay and the team tries to recover from their otherworldly encounter.


November 1st, 2200

Session 137: Breaking Protocol for Cash
After the latest attack on Origin Station, the Wraiths are literally in the danger zone with supplies and money. However, when Iceheart calls up Death Star and warns them that the Alliance fleet needs him back, he quickly agrees to head back, leaving the Wraiths and Snipe on their own again. However, Garland begins to have plans of his own and decides it's time to go back to Earth and take it from the Maverick hands which clutch it. While Snipe's reluctant to take that method, more interested in just ending the war with the Tsivrixshs now, Airier shows up and begins a pissing contest with the two in who's done more in the war. Also, Snipe and Elayne begin to reach conflict on when Snipe should announce their marriage plans, but for some reason he continues to avoid doing. Finally, however, he uses the latest crisis - the finacial one - to put it off when he comes up with a daring plan to get the Wraiths cash: he's going to rob a bank. As Snipe prepares for their adventure, Kara seeks compansion ship in a lesbian, beginning with Eve, who just confusedly goes back to working on her mech. And Hotaru, her body having aged since being made Session 125, is now at the age of 14.

Putting his plan into motion, Snipe gets Dias and Velocity to fly with him on an unmarked shuttle. Elayne, Kara, and Kyouki join them as they are leaving the hanger, thus leading to a wild adventure to steal some money. However, in order to actually steal the money without alerting the girls along, Dias and Snipe concot a plan to send the girls shopping while they rob the bank. But, along the way, they discover their shuttle is broken. While the girls have wonky fun after they crash land on the planet, the boys break into the bank, fight legions of enemies, get the money, get the girls, and get home in time to save the day.


November 2nd, 2200

Session 138: Foreshadowing of the Mother Project
When a simple mission against a Tsivrixsh cruiser takes place, things begin to go seriously wrong for the Wraiths. As Snipe, Dias, Kyouki, Elayne, Velocity, and Eve take the fight to them, Shretrav launches a trap that is designed to bring about the demise of one of them - Eve herself. Some strange bacteria is slammed into her and begins to invade her systems. As her human DNA begins to erode, giving way to the Tsivrixsh DNA in her, it seems as if Eve might lose her very humanity. Dias attacks Shretrav in a great rage, determined to protect Eve at all costs - however, Shretrav brings him down to his knees, forcing Snipe to order Kyouki and Velicity to get Dias out of there. Snipe then attempts to take on Shretrav alone, in order to buy the others time, but the others decide to come back, with the wounded Dias, and attack Shretrav together once again. The battle goes in Shretrav's favor again and before she can kill Dias off, Kyouki leaps in the way and takes the blade to the chest. As the the ship begins to take damage from the fighting, beginning to collapse, everyone uses this moment to escape, retrieving Eve as they run away, leaving Shretrav to her fate on the ship as it blows up. But it's obvious this isn't the last they'll see of the female Tsivrixsh.


November 3rd, 2200

Session 139: The Mechian Wars Part 1
While Seraphna and Slasher compete in building newer and better models for the Wraiths to test out, a new threat emerges when the Wraiths learn that the Tsivrixsh Empire has designed a next-gen mech that will be used in the war against the Alliance. Despite the fact that Seraphna tells him that it's a trap, Snipe decides to destroy these next-gen models before they can become a major threat. Calling upon Dias, Gravedigger, Velocity, and Fera, Snipe leads them out on a wild trip to find the factory producing these gears. However, if they don't kill each other, it's obvious the gears being made in the factory will be happy to do it for them. When one of the mechs destroys their shuttle, forcing them to ditch it and land on the surface, they have to use their wits (yeah, right) and skills to survive along the planet's surface. After a long battle, they manage to blow up the single patroling mech, but they are far from through - now they have to reach the factory.

Session 140: The Mechian Wars Part 2
Back at Origin Station, the rejects of the team, Kara, Kyo'Yokou, and others are having a good ol' time when they discover that their teammates have gone out on a mission. After some sad debate, the rejects decide to go out looking for the missing members of the Wraiths.

Meanwhile, while Death Star, Dominator, Wiendigo, and Garland prepare their plans for an upcoming battle in the Alliance, they learn shocking news. Reports are finally coming in from the planet Parnel after all this time and they learn that there are no survivors left on the planet - Shretrav personally order every type of poison known to man to be used on the planet to be sure that there would be no more Chiere warriors like Garland that could rise from the ashes. It seems as if the Chiere race has been given a fatal blow. In the end, it only strengthens their resolve to give the Tsivrixsh Empire a taste of their own medicine.

As Snipe, Gravedigger, Fera, Velocity, and Dias inflitrate the factory, the rejects of the team join them, resulting in an all-out confusing battle with the Tsivrixsh forces there, then against the mechs. However, in typical Wraith fashion, they bring the entire place crashing down with lots of explosions. The only troubling part is when someone with Sera's voice and flying a powerful mech attacks the entire complex, not caring who is hit - Wraith or Tsivrixsh. In the end, the mech just flies away.


November 4th, 2200

Session 141: The Psionic Wars Part I
Some reoccuring dream is hitting the psionics on Origin, revealing some mysterious planet as if it's calling to them. Yet, while Dias blames Seraphna for attacking their forces the day before, it seems the Lunarian has no idea what he's talking about. And more troubling is that this mysterious mech might be tied to the dreams - which the Wraiths learn when they decide to help Diamondback by discovering the source of them. Snipe, along with Diamondback, leads Dias, Kyo, Kara, and Velocity to the planet where they are attacked by the mysterious mech called the Viper, which appears to be polited by Seraphna. After a brief scuffle, the mech flies away and leaves the team alone. When they finally reach the temple, they find Seraphna waiting on them, refusing to let them gain entry to the sacred place. However, it seems this isn't the real Seraphna ... it's someone called Zeraphna and it seems she's Sera's twin. After a scuffle, Zeraphna lets them into a temple, which they discover is of Motenk origin. And in the middle, they unleash a vision that shows the ultimate psionic source of the galaxy is buried somewhere - the treasure of all treasures. After the vision fades, and to everyone's surprise, Avatar's psionic spirit appears before them, brought back by the intensity of the psionic flows in the galaxy. And it seems even he's interested in this powerful source of psionic energy. The race is on to see who will be the single psionic user in the entire galaxy to claim the grail of power.


November 5th, 2200

Session 142: The Psionic War Part II
Ripple returns on the scene, lured in by the call of the psionic motherlode, and he, Diamondback, and Avatar are ready to find out where this power is at. The Wraiths, especially Snipe, have no clue what's going to happen, but they realize that this power source is disturbing psionics all over the universe and it seems it's a race to reach the planet first. As the Wraiths race there, they run into trouble by the Tsivrixsh battleships who have gotten their ahead of them. The battle that results rages onward when suddenly Slasher's newly designed flagship arrives, led by the Alliance into the thick of the battle. It seems it's an all-or-nothing fight up there in space, so Snipe decides to leave the fighting to Dias and the Alliance in their gears. He takes the shuttle with the others down to the planet, hoping the can gain time by getting in there as quickly as possible. However, once they are on the planet, they run into more trouble in the form of Zeraphna's Viper, which has cut them off. But the fight isn't over, as stepping up to bat for the psionic team is the young Hotaru and Em, and one angry Spirit, who are determined to make sure the heroes win this round. As the psionics team together to beat off Zeraphna, more problems arrive in the fact the Enhanced are here and they wait the power for the collective. And the Enhanced Leader isn't willing to step aside for Diamondback, Ripple, Avatar, or Spirit in the matter. Zeraphna quickly moves into attack formation against the Enhanced, as do the Wraiths and Psionics. After a tense battle, they manage to drive the Enhanced off for now. But it's only a countdown to who gets to the source first.

Session 143: The Psionic Wars Part III
Snipe, Hotaru, Diamondback, Ripple, Avatar, Spirit, and others are on the verge of a historical moment - who will gain the psionic source of power and become like a god until the universe? Only they can find out now. As they battle their way through tides of angry Tsivrixshs and Enhanced users, each step brings them closer to the end of their long journey. However, once they battle their way through all of the enhanced, they find it's too late and the power source has been unleashed upon the planet - it's a psionic creature of huge power, a creation of the Motenks, and it's goal is to wipe out the unworthy psions of the galaxy. It seems as if they have brought about their own damnation.

Session 144: The Psionic Wars Part IV
The Motenk psionic creature has been unleashed by the galaxy and it's quickly gathering all of the psionic powers of the Enhanced. Soon there will be no psions left in the galaxy and it will be completely void of this unique gift. However, Diamondback, Ripple, Avatar, and Spirit are far from ready to give into this fate. Even young Hotaru is prepared to fight with everything she has to prevent this from coming to pace. As they attempt to battle the creature, they find it's impossible to win against it, so a desperate pack is made - only one can gather the power, so Diamondback is chosen for the duty. As Avatar gives all of his psionic energy into him, fading away into oblivion, Ripple, Spirit, and Hotaru give their own strength to Diamondback to power him up. Then, as Snipe uses his negative psionic abilities to slow the creature now, Diamondback uses his power to merge with it, gaining the ultimate psionic power of the galaxy. As everything returns to normal, the group is forced to retreat as the planet is destroyed. Now that Diamondback is the strongest psion in the galaxy, he uses this power to bring order back to the Enhanced.