November 7th, 2200

Session 145: No Need for a Designated Driver
After the huge psionic war from the previous few days, Garland and Wiendigo remain behind on Origin while Death Star and Dominator return to Alliance duty. However, when his virus begins to act up slightly, Snipe decides to take some time off from leadership duty to work on his health, which leads a void in leadership. As Garland has everyone take some time off in order to relax and rest after the huge battle, a lot of drinking goes around as a party is held in honor of the victory.


November 18th, 2200

Session 146: Bullets for the Gun Part 1
When Garland learns that the Wraiths got their extra funds by stealing money, Garland is none too pleased with Snipe. Meanwhile, Hotaru and Em play with their new Lunarian bodies more, experiencing the various forms they can manage and falling deeply in love with each other. Finally, when Garland gets ready to call a mission, attempting to get Snipe to lead it, Dias informs him that he's relieved Snipe of command duty, it's decided that Gravedigger will lead the mission assigned to the Wraith by Garland. And Garland decides it's time to use the funds to good use and get more weapons to help fight this costly war. His plan: to strike a Tsivrixsh weapon depot on the edge of the Sol System and take their goods off their hands for them. Gravedigger, Garland, Dias, Hotaru, Emily, Ariel, Airier, Seraphna, and Elayne head out in mechs to deal with the depot. However, when they arrive at the depot, they find plans have changed as the depot is over run by heads that seem ready to take them out.

Session 147: Bullets for the Gun Part 2
As the Wraiths have entered the most HEADing experience of their careers, they'll want to lose their HEADS if they're going to get aHEAD in this mission. Killer heads are chasing them throughout the depot and they have to evade them if they're going to survive. The entire team is forced to use their HEADS to survive in this terrible place and in the end they're forced to blow up the entire depot in order to survive - also, they destroy the very supplies they came to get. You win some, you lose some.


November 28th, 2200

Session 148: Another Hianule
It seems Elayne has become disinterested in the dying Snipe and has chosen to pursue Gravedigger instead. And when Snipe walks in on the two, there's obvious tension as Gravedigger is nervous about what Elayne is doing behind Snipe's back. However, it appears he knows exactly what is going on and doesn't do anything to stop it, since he knows his own virus has begun to enter the final stages. He merely walks away from the entire matter. Meanwhile, Seraphna has gone into labor yet again with the third child of Garland Hianule. And that never ends well. However, when Garland proposes the darign plan to take back Earth once and for all, Death Star is against it, claiming it will waste whatever resources they have left. In the end, Death Star decides to search for the homeworld of the Tsivrixsh alone, claiming he has a dream where someone on the station betrays him into a world of pain and suffering. And the Wraiths settle on returning to Earth to free it one last time.


December 5th, 2200

Session 149: Conflicting Interests
Snipe takes control of the Wraiths for one last romp as they plan to take back the Earth and possibly give up Origin while their forces are concentrated on the planet. Slasher thinks it's madness, but Death Star has decided to use Garland's plan to cover his own tracks as he leaves to find the Tsivrixsh homeworld. As the final plans begin to go into motion, team interests begin to split as everyone has to decide just exactly what they plan to do in this upcoming mission campaign. While the enegetic Snipe, teaming with power and energy as the virus gives him all the strength he needs - and basically takes away all his life doing it - seems intent on following Garland's plan to the very end, even though Dias tells him it's a stupid idea. After Slasher and Death Star leave on their plan to find the homeplanet, Garland and Snipe take the others into hyperspace to go back to Earth for one last rumble.

Session 150: Strike Zero
Once they arrive on Earth, the Wraiths hook up with the remains of X and Zero's team who have been fighting against the Mavericks, but not much is left and even the legendary heroes are no more. Now it's obvious that the Wraiths must take it upon themselves to take the remaining Maverick Hunters on Earth and turn them into a fighting force that can challenge the Mavericks for one last battle over the fate of the Earth - will it be Hunters or Mavericks who rules it all?

Session 151: Snipe is a Mother
The final battle has arrived for the fate of Earth as the Wraiths - Snipe, Garland, Hotaru, Elayne, Kara, and the Hunters must face the final remants of the evil Mavericks. However, once they arrive in the chambers of Sigma, they find Sigma's head has come right off - into Snipe's hands. It seems his time fused with Cipher has degraded the entire Maverick mind hive and now they all think Snipe is their mother. Confused, Snipe merely sends them off on a mission into the heart of the Tsivrixsh Empire to attack it. Now, it seems the battle for Earth is over.

Session 152: The Red of Blue Pill? Follow the White Rabbit
With the Earth freed, Garland and the Wraiths decide to visit some of the remaining places of Earth and see the sights. As they take trips down memory lane, sooner or later they know they must return to the war in the galaxy at hand.


December 8th, 2200

Session 153: The Blue Thunder, and the Super Nova
Snipe and Garland decide it's take to go back to Origin Station, so they gather the Wraiths together for the long journey home. However, with the Horizon stolen by Wiendigo, this leaves the Wraiths having to use a slower means of transportation back to Origin. As the long jounrey continues, it becomes obvious that not all of them might make it back - Snipe's virus finally over takes him, having made him burnt out all his energy using it. With Snipe collapsing into painful agony, it becomes apparant he's down to his final days of life now. As Garland, Gravedigger, and Dias struggle to keep Snipe breathing, his life force fading faster and faster, Hotaru stands to the side and watches him fading away from them all. When Snipe begins to struggle with insanity after the experimental drugs, Hotaru freaks out and kicks him in the head, knocking him out. However, the fun and games end when a distress signal comes from Death Star and Slasher.

Across the galaxy, Death Star and Slasher are ambushed by a crazy Wiendigo, who has come for one last throw down with Death Star. He claims that when he beats DS down, he will take him as a prize to the Tsivrixsh Empire. Determined not to die, Death Star battles against Wiendigo, their fight raging across the galaxy itself as they battle through the Horizon's decks, into space, and onto the planet. However, despite his best effort, Wiendigo beats Death Star down and defeats him.

Back at the ship and station, Snipe begins to hear voices from the NRPs of the universe, who begin to tell him to do things. In his delusional state, Snipe begins to babble to them, asking them what they want as the others stare in horror. But more horror comes when Elayne, Em, and Sera begin to try to save Snipe by any means necessary. ... however, their attempts only speed up the virus at an alarming rate and send Snipe further down the path to death. Once they arrive at Origin, they meet up with Slasher, who informs them of what Wiendigo has done to Death Star. Now everyone is looking to Garland to make the hard decision of what to do next.


December 15th, 2200

Session 154: In Sickness and in Health
Snipe is dying. Meanwhile, Garland, Iceheart, and Gravedigger investigate the ruins of Horizon to try to find signs of Wiendigo or Death Star, but there appears to be nothing left there. And when the squirrel returns to try to kill them all in the depths of space, it'll take some quick squirrel beating to survive.

Session 155: Heads or Tails?
Snipe is still dying. Meawnhile, Garland has to figure out how to keep fighting this war with the Alliance's leaders missing in action and the entire operation on the verge of being destroyed. However, that's not the least of problems, as the crew members of Origin themselves are beginning to reach high levels of tension with each other. When Airier attempts to become the next Death Star, this leads him into direct conflict with Dias, who will have nothing to do with Airier. Hotaru, Elayne, and Em continue their weird relationship thing while they all talk about what they want to do in the future. And Slasher himself is closing off from the others as he continues to work on his machines in an attempt to be ready to win this war by any means necessary, especially since he views Garland as floundering.


December 17th, 2200

Session 156: Death to Snipe! Kill!
Snipe has revived from his coma only to have reached the last hour of his life. As the pain becomes unbearable for him, it's obvious that his end will be a sad, lonely, and painful wasting away of his body. With Wiendigo having turned evil and Snipe now dying, Gravedigger begins to cut himself off from the world and especially Elayne as she continues to pursue him even as Snipe is breathing his last. Emily and Hotaru begin to sped his last moments with him, trying to bring him comfort, while Dias watches over all of them, trying to keep his best friend conscious. However, Snipe turns to none other than Garland to end his suffering. After saying his goodbyes, Snipe had Garland kill him to put him out of his misery, which unleashes Gravedigger's full rage upon Garland for granting such a request. But this begins to kill Dias, as their life bond is brutally broken. Everyone rushes to keep Dias stablized, and finally they manage to bring him back from the brink so that he doesn't follow Snipe to the grave. Now there's just silence as everyone wonders what to do - when suddenly Ariel and Cheryl return on the scene from exploring space and crashland on the station. It seems they're all back in time for one last crisis - because something has escaped the Tsivrixsh Empire and is headed their way.


January 4th, 2201

Session 157: Supernova Part I - Reboot Redux
The end of reality has begun. As the team celebrates a rather dry and bleak Christmas and New Year's Eve, their world beginst to turn around on them as all the bad things over the past few months comes to a startling climax. While Garland, Iceheart, Slasher, Dias, and others are relaxing, they have a startling visitor when Death Star returns with an arm missing and his body badly beaten and mangled. After he reveals that Wiendigo set him up and turned over to the Empire, it seems as if his very shred of sanity is hanging. However, it snaps when he learns that Snipe has died. As the emerald sword glows red briefly, Death Star vows to fix everything once and for all by gaining the Prime Reality powers that Chronos once attempted to attain himself. Even if it means he has to destroy the remaining realities to create this perfect reality. However, before they can properly follow after him, Shretrav arrives with a large Tsivrixsh fleet, ready to destroy Origin and everyone on board.

The Alternate Wars Session 30: Supernova Part II - Reality Invasion

As the inhabitants of the third reality are enjoying their day to day lives, a rip in the space time continium is opened up as Death Star invaded the reality. The unit there quickly dispatches to the disturbance, where they find Death Star having opened up the hidden veil to the prime reality powers. Learning that if Death Star uses the powers of the prime reality will destroy their own reality, they battle Death Star with everything have, but the determined invader stops them and gains access to the prime reality powers, unleashing a tear through the three universes.

The Chronological Theorum 2 Session 1: Supernova Part III - The Prime Reality is Revealed

Long ago, there was the Prime Reality. It split off into multiple possible realities and created a multi-verse of realities. But once upon a time, a being called Chronos, a guardian of the realities, wanted the power of the prime reality. The power to manipulate reality to his will. So, he chose the Wraiths to do his bidding starting what later became known as The Prime Reality Crisis. This result was that the universe the Wraiths were from and the Chronolocial Theorem universe became dual realities that comprised the new Prime Reality. There was a balance between the two. That was changed when a third reality sprung out to house the power of the prime reality. This universe took traits from both universes. And it's here where the prime reality power is housed.

But to get to this reality, Death Star needed to visit the Chronological Theorem one more time in order to steal their time units. As he stormed the gates of the reality through Centerpoint, he quickly slashed his way through the Hunters in the reality until he got their time units. Not caring who he hurt or killed, Death Star brutually beat them down, then moved back into centerpoint, activating the time device to propel him into this third reality.

Session 158: Supernova Part IV - Challenge
Back in the home reality of the Wraiths, Garland must lead the tired Wraiths against the full front of Shretrav's forces. As Garland, Diamondback, Hotaru, Seraphna, and Velocity battle against them, it becomes apparant this is all-or-nothing mech and space battle for the fate of Origin. Determined not to lose the station, since it has kids like Katrina onboard, Garland does everything in his power to hold the line against the darkness. And the as the battle turns in their favor, something happens and a tear from Centerpoint smashes into all of them, knocking them out of the reality into the emerging tears.

The Alternate Wars Session 31: Supernova Part V - Starlight
The Alternate Team regroups after the vortex appears and enters it, finding it a white landscape void of anything, as far as they eye can see. They travel through it and soon come across their companion, Death Star - or do they? Seeing a bunch of dead reploids around them, they think he has become unstable and insane, but he tries to convince them otherwise, until he slips up and calls Cedarton "Garland".

From there, the Death Star before them is clearly unstable, saying Chronos is behind it all and that he needs the power in this place to save everyone, but the team thinks otherwise, since it means rewriting their reality, so they take a pre-emptive attack on him, trying to stop this intruder, especially when their Death Star appears. Soon they manage to drive him off and others arrive to aid them and they find what appears to be the gate to the prime reality, preparing themselves to the fact they have to stop him, or possibly get erased forever.

The Chronological Theorum 2 Session 2: Supernova Part VI - Plans of Action
Back in the Chronological Theorem universe, the Hunters there realize they need to track down this person who dared to take their unit and injure their teammmates. When the reality begins to suffer from some unknown source, Speedblade, the leader of the Hunters, realizes that someone has gained access of the Prime Reality powers. He realizes it's time to track Death Star back to the source and stop the prime reality powers from being used. No matter what the cost.

Session 159: Supernova Part VII - Deja Vu
The Wraiths have been thrown out of their reality and are lost in a multiverse of possibilities that lie out there. With Death Star attempting to create his perfect reality, it seems that the multiverse of realities has returned once again at a high rate, meaning that all the previously destroyed realities are returning. Lost in there, Garland and the others must live through various realities until they realize just what's going on. Stuck in a void between realities, Garland and the Wraiths encounter Shretrav, who was pulled in with them. Determined for one last battle with the female Tsivrixsh and desiring revenge for Parnel, Garland battles her one on one, but cheats and has someone attack her from behind. With Shretrav dead, the Wraiths head for the Perfect Reality that is being created.

The Alternate Wars Session 32: Supernova Part VIII - Timeline Crash
Ire plans to lead his hurting team into the gates for one final mission, hoping to save everyone. As they approach, a wave hits them and past and present becomes intertwined, them able to see everything at once, with their past selves moving about. A blackwave, due to the tampering, begins to hit them. The TGC Death Star claims it has erupted his plans as everything as the blackwave hits and everyone is erased briefly.

But does this mean the Prime Reality is now in his control?

The Chronological Theorum 2 Session 3: Supernova Part IX - Free for All
As the Chronological Theorem deals with these Alternate beings of the third reality, both sides stubbornly try to defeat the other for the honor of fighting Death Star himself. But the real trouble lies when the Wraiths arrive tracking Death Star also. Now that all three sides have finally run into each other, it's not going to be a pretty sight as everyone is determined to emerge the victor. But, when people begin to see alternate reality versions of themselves, can they put aside their differences to focus on the main threat?

Session 160: Supernova Part X - Breakthrough
Now that there has been a temporary alliance between everyone, it has come down to how they will face against Death Star. With the third reality - tentatively named the Alternate reality - being transformed by Death Star into the perfect reality, it seems as if things can't get any worse. Wrong. When Wiendigo finally shows up once again, it seems as if the Wraiths have their own troubles to deal with - but it turns out Wiendigo is there to help. He did what he did to Death Star to attempt to get closer to the Tsivrixsh Empire inner circle. However, there's little time for that when it seems Death Star has sensed Wiendigo. And what part does General Cran have to do with all of this when he appears to give aid?

The Alternate Wars Session 32: Supernova Part XI - Banished Forever
Death Star returns to battle Wiendigo in a rage that cannot be equaled. Momentarily distracted from his goal, this would-be God battles Wiendigo across the city of the Alternate Reality with every intention of killing him. As the others are helpless to do anything, Iceheart attempts to bring Death Star down. Enraged, Death Star opens up a reality portal and throws Wiendigo into it in order to be rid of him forever, and he accidently banishes Gravedigger with him. Turning on Iceheart, Death Star does the unthinkable and kills her. Now it seems to Garland, Slasher, and the others there is no means of stopping Death Star peacefully - it's all or nothing against him.

The Chronological Theorum 2 Session 4/The Alternate Wars Finale: Supernova Part XII - The Perfect Reality
The three forces finally enter the hidden veil of the Prime Reality in order to face against Death Star one last time. Slasher's determined to stop his old friend at any cost, even if it means using the young Katrina to talk him down. As everyone stands ready, Death Star tries to talk reason into them about his plan by ressurecting Snipe from the fabrics of the reality. Shaken, members of the Chronological Theorem and Alternate Reality kill Snipe before he can do anything. At a loss, Dias and Slasher recover his body while the others fight against Death Star. After a long battle, they bring him down, but then they learn he's being controlled --- by the Emerald Sword and Garland. Laughing, Garland unleashes the sword and it turns into the Ruby Sword. Determined to gain the prime reality himself and using Death Star as a pawn, Garland begins his assault. In the end, the team is forced to knock the sword away from him into the vortex. Coming back to his senses, Garland decides he needs to leave for a while to rethink things and leaves. Death Star, having blood on his hands, decides it's time to return back their own reality once and for all. He opens up a portal, but like all things, the return trip back doesn't always put you in the same time you left.