November 26th, 2199

Session 28: To the Core of the Matter
The Hunters are aiding the people on the Fury in building a small community on the huge ship. However, their help is cut short when a distress signal knocks the Fury out of hyperspace and they see that the Tsivrixsh are attacking some planet's shipyard. Going out in a shuttle to aid them, the Hunters are shot down onto the planet. However, Snipe insanely leads an attack against space fighters, and they happen to BEAT them! Stranded, they accidently attack the natives...until they learn the truth about them and agree to aid them. Flying up into space on one of their shuttles, they launch an attack on the core of the Tsivrixsh battle ship and destroy it. Crash landing, again, on the planet, they are about to be rewarded when Xevil's Terror shows up over the planet. The massive ship has the strength of a dozen Tsivrixsh battleships and can easily destroy all the accomplishments the team managed to do. Now the question is: how did Xevil track them down?

Session 29: Figuring Out What's Inside
Where has Paladin been during these past few days? Having quit the Hunters, the experienced fighter wanders the Fury, attempting to make a living for himself. However, when he gets involved with a woman, his life gets the ol' turnabout and he ends up in MedBay. Leaving the MedBay, after persuading X2, he looks for his love, who had shot him, and finds her gone. But things can't settle down for him, because Xevil's launched an attack and the Fury is in his sights. Quickly escaping the Fury's MPs, hired by Snipe, he heads out into space, heading for the Xevil's Terror.

Session 30: Maximum Cloneage and Carnage
What might possibly be the final battle against Xevil begins with a ..... personal shuttle sent by Xevil to collect the team. Diamondback, Elayne, and Airier ride down on a Hunter shuttle and join them. Snipe then sends Dakota, Avatar, and Grave back to the Fury for back up, taking DB's shuttle, while everyone else boards the ride Xevil sent, heading up into the Xevil's Terror. Once on board, Xevil challenges them to battle in the Arena, but only Garland takes the offer, blinded by his rage. Snipe leads the rest of the team to blow the ship up, knowing that's more imporant than the need for revenge.

As Garland and Xevil battle it out, the rest of the Hunters have to attack the aliens and work their way to the core. Airier leaves to aid Garland and reveals he's some type of weird Spade project to mimic that of the real Death Star. Garland instantly thinks he has his best friend back and begins to defend the fake clone's life as they both attack Xevil, who continues to gain the upperhand. Meanwhile, the rest of the Hunters, after taking some strange elevators, arrive at the core and attempt to blow it up, when suddenly Xevil attacks them mentally, showing he can carry on two battles at once! Managing to succeed, however, in blowing up the core, the team rushes up to the Arena where they all attack Xevil in great force, hoping to over power him. It looks like Snipe, Garland, and Airier's combined might succeed, but Xevil blasts Airier to near death and quickly deal with Snipe and Garland. Pinning everyone on the wall, he prepares to kill them all when Paladin attacks him.

The Hunters are freed once again and the fight continues, until Xevil is forced to teleport everyone to the shuttle and send them flying to the Fury, so he can deal with Airier. Xevil quickly destroys Airier and leaves the Xevil's Terror as it explodes. With Paladin back, Garland's heart broken over the death of a fake clone, and mysteries still out there, the Hunters fly off, with Xevil alive and well...and still after them.

Session 31: Resistance Against Death
Meanwhile, back on Earth...
Dominator has formed a resistance against the tyranny that has seized the planet. However, with deadly Vultures, Angers, Executors, and Zombies, can he possibly lead a rag tag team of survivors to victory? The Resistance wanders to the spot of Spade's rule and finds his skeleton laying there, Spade having died during the attack on Earth. There they are met by Wiendigo, who is all too alive and well after his "death" in Session 100 of The Alien Wars. With the team heading out after a Vulture discovers them, they head for a place called 'Paradise', a supposed place that wasn't destroyed when the planet was attacked. Dominator decides to lead them across the Blood Ocean and to the other continent, heading for the Wastelands. As the team heads off in a rusted bucket of bolts truck, can they reach the Blood Ocean? And can they save the planet from it's horrible predicament?

November 27th, 2199

Session 32: Too Fat
Taking a shuttle out to the planet ________ to pour a vaccine against a virus unleashed by Xevil in retaliation to losing against the Hunters earlier, Snipe plots just how much fuel will be needed according to the weight of the passengers and cargo. However, when extra weight in the form of a young boy appears, the Hunters will have to face a difficult decision. Follow Paladin's plan and throw the vaccine out and screw over millions, or follow Snipe's plan and throw the boy out to save the millions. Or Garland and Ripple's plan to throw one of themselves out? It's a deadly countdown on the clock as time ticks away for the team.

November 29th, 2199

Session 33: Faw Fear
Having outsmarted the weight problem and saved everyone, the Hunters come across a planet that is seemingly deserted. Going to investage will pit the team against their darkest fears....but will they rise against these fears or fall into the darkest corners of their lives? Manipulated by Fear Man, who was by Wily and then taken by the aliens, they'll have to defeat him and the fear he controls. Sound easy? Throw some zombies into the mix and a burning hatred for Fear Man by Gravedigger ... and then things get complicated.



November 30th, 2199

Session 34: Anniversary: Enemies United
Arguments break out about Snipe's leadership abilities and Paladin's latest disappearance, which then causes the team to fight it out with each other once again. However, when a call comes in that says someone is attacking the Tsivrixsh, Snipe hauls ass over there to find out who has the guts to do it...

Only to find SIGMA attacking them with a colony of reploids. Uniting, the two enemies defeat the Tsivrixsh there and land on the ground to make a truce...right as another dead man appears...Spade. Hoping to take over the newly formed alliance between the reploids and the Hunters, he is shot down by the team and Snipe remains the leader. However, as the three of them unite in a shakey alliance... knowledge of Death Star comes into hand.

December 2nd, 2199

Session 35: Anniversary: Grave of a Star
Traving to the planet where Death Star supposedly died at the hands of Xevil, the Hunters finally have learned the truth about the reploid's the battle torn planet holds his grave. As Garland mourns, Gravedigger tries to piece together the puzzles lurking around and Avatar lands in a shuttle to warn them that some type of weapon is heading towards the planet. Spade begins to laugh, warning them that "The Five" have come in the Ti'dah to deal with the Hunters for humilating Xevil. A battle is about to break out!

Session 36: Anniversary: I am the Wind
The Hunters are confronted by Xevil, who shows them the power of the Ti'dah by blowing up the nearby star, causing it to begin to collapse in on itself and destroy the star system. Garland attempts to fight him, but finds himself seriously outgunned when a figure called Wind shows up and attacks Xevil, allowing the Hunters enough time to escape from the planet. However, upon escaping Snipe knows it's going to take some serious talking to gather enough forces to take on the Ti'dah in a battle for it all.

Session 37: Anniversary: Crossing the Sea
Meanwhile, back on Earth...
Dominator continues to lead the rag tag team of survivors towards the Wastelands, in hopes of finding this 'Paradise'. However, crossing the blood ocean might prove to be too fatal when the creatures guarding it begin to pick them off easily as the Resistance is poorly equipped. Once they begin crossing the ocean, the boiling ocean begins to eat away at the boat, forcing the team to soon have to fly over the Alantic Ocean, heading towards Europe. Upon arriving, they decide to head to Paris, France, in hopes of finding some resistance members in the ruins of the city.

December 3rd, 2199

Session 38: Anniversary: Assembly
It's up to Gravedigger to make the leaders of various planets to join the Hunters in the upcoming battle. However, can someone who has been mute for more than a decade really move the hearts of the leaders...or will it take some help from his teammates?

Session 39: Anniversary: Assembly Redux
What's this?! While the forces of good gather together, it looks like evil is doing the same thing. But who is their key figure in the battle? Is it really Slash who will be taking the Hunters on? And what about the Ti'dah?

December 4th, 2199

Session 40: Anniversary: Destiny and Fate, History and Future, Chance and Death - COLLIDE!
The lines are drawn, the stage is set, and the battle that will decide how the rest of the war will proceed begins here!

Snipe leads a crazy suicide mission inside the Ti'dah while the fleet that Gravedigger managed to assemble attacks the enemies' fleet. However, this won't be a short or soon forgotten battle as even the Counselor decides to come along, for emotional support to the crew.

Sneaking onboard, the group immediately finds themselves under attack by the most deadliest of traps...including enemies from the past, like Vile, Crucifixtion, and The Elder! After they manage to defeat them, Xevil shows up...along with Slash, who takes the entire team on. Soon, it's Ripple vs. Slash in a battle in which Ripple wins!

However, when Xevil shows up, it seems that Blackjack might seriously be injured. Enraged, Garland takes him on alone as Diamondback, Snipe, Ripple, Spirit, and Slash try to help their injured comrade. However, Xevil proves to be too much for Garland until Wind shows up, knocking Xevil back. Deciding to run, Xevil splits and Wind reveals himself to be...Albert!

The group heads to the control room where "The Five", five members of the Tsivrixsh Council, meet them and the battle breaks out. The Counselor takes out the super weapon...however, the cost is her own life. Unfortunantly, the weapon was already fired and the star is destroyed, causing the system to collapse. Albert sacrifices himself to keep the five council members busy and the Hunters escape as the Ti'dah is destroyed

...However, the Ultimate Weapon used by CorSec during War is brought back by Spade. And he uses it to attack the Hunters! The team rushes on board the Ultimate Weapon and Snipe takes Spade on one on one as the rest of the team takes out the Ultimate Weapon. Everyone escapes..only to have their shuttle give out and begin to plummet. Ripple and Slash form a portal and the team teleports off to a strange new planet. But have they come this far only to die?