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The Nue Age Corporation runs things a little differently, and due to that holds a lot of power despite their quadrant being a little smaller than most others. Keeping the barrier seperate between the middle class and the elite class, and to a degree even the slums, in only 60% of the areas, this allows the slums not to be rained on constantly in their area and opens up a 'community of fashion'. Encouraging people to use their Data Readers to get to know people and keep up with the fashion world, what apartments are open, and to enjoy life, the Nue Age has made their quadrant laid back and sells tons of clothing. Their workers work on fashion and clothing, pushing the latest trends via the Data Readers, which even the poorest Slum person has under the CoreSector Corporation orders. Old clothing is given to the poor at a huge discount to keep them fashionable and they are given contests to be moved up to the middle class every month with the luck of the draw - whoever the best dressed Slummer is - wins.

The entire quadrant seems very happy and content, always focusing on dance clubs and their latest wares and jewlery and items. The money that changes hands is always moving around and the economy that moves about here seems to be doing quite well. The Nue Age Corporation is run by a Fauna Foxgirl named Shiki Nueage, a female in her mid-teens, and her board of directors are all females, of all species but Biotects. Their names are in the directory to be looked up at any time. This has caused some controversy, having a Fauna being the head of the company, but the results speak for themselves, and Shiki Nueage has done wonders for the Quadrant and the Corporation. Originally the pet of the previous President, she became the companion and lover of the President before she died. The company, to the shock of all, was left to Shiki and the Board had no choice but to go along with it, the first case ever of a Fauna running such a company.

Though many claim Shiki does not act like any Fauna they know of, being more knowledgeable and smarter than many Fauna seem capable of, and not given to animalistic instincts, she does still have to answer to the Board of directors in many areas. But it is unlikely she will be voted out any time soon as she is the darling of the public eye. She makes it a point to employ many Fauna and other races to be her models, knowing they are big sells.

They have six main Corporate facilities on the Top Level, with their main HQ located up there, and 20 facilities in the Middle Class area that design and produce labor. The six main Corporate facilities are connected to 6 of the 20 below. Only the HQ is not connected to the Middle Class Level. They also have a minor facility in the Slums to keep a presence there.

Quad 2, Slums, Mid-Class, Top Class, is very mixed ethinically.


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