July 24th, 2200

Session 88: Asteroid Field
Weeks have passed since the Cyber War occurred. The group continues to spend the time to recover, with Snipe and Dias training like mad, and Elayne trying to cheer Ariel up, who moves through everything as if a ghost - her only connection to the world the ring Death Star gave her and little Katrina. However, when an asteroid field threatens the safety of Origin, Snipe, Cipher, and Dias head out in their mechs to destroy the asteroids, proving that no job is above them!

July 27th, 2200

Session 89: Incoming Power
The Wraiths continue to train, preparing themselves for the time when they will engage the Tsivrixsh forces again. With Booster running an orphange on the Origin and other crazy things, they are thrown off guard when a Parnel vessel arrives and a man named Yeger challenges Garland to a fight. The two begin to battle and it seems Garland overpowers the man by far, but the more they fight, the stronger Yeger gets, until he finally defeats Garland, much to everyone's surprise. Then Yeger decides to stick around and lend the Wraiths his strength. Also, Ariel discovers Katrina has a lollipop that some black-haired man gave her.

August 3rd, 2200

Session 90: Misfits Part One
Snipe and Grave encounter the eerie ghost of Em when she uses a glove to try to communicate with them. Seraphna's people quickly begin to look into a way to help the phantom Em with her problem. With Em haunting Origin, there's other problems, especially things begin to go wrong, much to Wiendigo, Iceheart, Seraphna, Ariel, Booster, Dias's, and everyone's else's dismay. When a jailbreak occurs, Maestro, the squirrel, the manager, and Eve are free once again. But who broken them out?!

Session 91: Misfits Part Two
All the misfits of the past are free and running around the Origin station, and it's up to the Wraiths to take them down again, one way or another. As they take out the lesser of the evils, like Maestro and the squirrel and the manager, Eve proves to be more troublesome. As a battle breaks out, Snipe is injured to protect her from Iceheart, and Garland uses this a reason to take out Eve for good, which Gravedigger promptly tells him to kiss off. Afterwards, they trek her down again, and Gravedigger does everything in his power to make her stop, but it takes an intervention by Wiendigo to force her to see the truth, bringing Eve's fighting to an end. But the mastermind shows up - Bimbo the Clown. The Wraiths battle the Maverick clown, along with Eve who joins them, and they defeat him once again! Also, Snipe and Elayne start to become closer...

August 15th, 2200

Session 92: The Labyrinth Saga - Pathways
When Snipe and Dias investigate a planet called Yurian, they vanish without a trace in the maze. Garland follows them, and he, too is lost in the maze. Hours later, after no contact from the others, Slasher, Yeger, and Seraphna head in after the others, trying to discover what occurred. But, like those before them, they are claimed by the labyrinth.

Session 93: The Labyrinth Saga - Illusions
Each of the Wraiths are trapped in an illusion world where they have perfect happiness. However, some things are just too good to be true, even for them. Garland finds this out when his mind conjurs up Death Star to tell him this is a fake world, and he breaks free, working on defeating the evil spirit in the labyrinth that holds the others under his sway. Afterwards, the Wraiths topple their greatest pleasures and come back to the real world ... ready to fight to make those illusions real.

August 17th, 2200

Session 94: Generations
The simplest of mistakes sets of the older Hunters against the younger Wraiths. When Ariel makes an off-hand comment about Seraphna living to be older than Snipe, she forgets that a virus is slowly killing Snipe. Angry, Snipe storms off and refuses to accept her apologies, which begins to esculate as he throws things back in her face. As the two sides line up to see who's better, they battle it out with one another, until finally neither side can get the upperhand. Also, Elayne begins to look into ways to cure Snipe. And Ripple and Spirit are back!

August 20th, 2200

Session 95: Ceremonies and Conspiracies
When the Fury docks with Origin to give it supplies, the Wraiths head over to the big ship to visit the city within and to see how things have changed. Seraphna and Garland decide to offically marry with a ceremony this time, using a small church in the Fury for their moment of bliss. As things are set up for the big wedding, a strange man encounters Garland, asking about things that seem strangely familiar about him - as if he knows things. But, with that, he leaves, after stopping by to see Katrina. But right before Garland can kiss the bride, armed men bust into the church and attack, bringing the happy ceremony to a tragedy. After defeating the men, they realize they use to be part of CorSec. With the threat over, Snipe and Garland begin to bond, the two men finally putting aside their differences for the first time ever and agreeing to work with each other. However, Yeger tells Garland he is a fool and that power is everything - the power to crush one's enemies.

August 22nd, 2200

Session 96: Ladies' Night
When Shretrav, the 2nd Council member, kidnaps all the males in the Wraiths, it's up to the women to get their men back. However, Shretrav has an ace up her sleeve - she's mind-controlling Eve to control the others. As the woman are forced to fight each other to win their men back, things begin to get nasty quickly, and until the team get break free and turn the tides on Shretrav, things almost end fo them. Even Snipe is controlled and battles the others at one point, angering Garland who delivers a near-fatal blow to Snipe's temple. Iceheart, also, attempts to kill the women, if it means freeing Wiendigo. But Shretrav is driven back and escapes, allowing the team to escape back to Origin. In the end, Eve, ashamed at being controlled, sends herself back to the Brig, unable to face the others.

August 25th, 2200

Session 97: A Shattered Picture
The team is shaken from nearly tearing itself apart. Snipe's head injury is bad and he's taking pain pills for it. Ripple and Spirit are around, seeing the team falling apart as time goes on. However, worst off is Eve, who has fallen into self-pity, with Dias and Gravedigger trying to make her understand that she isn't a part person and that she just has to try to find redemption.

August 27th, 2200

Session 98: On Thin Ice
Garland's reaching a breakdown, after learning what he did to Snipe. However, things go out of control when he ejects the Sigma Virus out of him. But before he can destroy it, Cipher eats the Sigma Virus, thus becoming infected and transforming into Cipher Sigma. Cipher quickly retreats from Origin, heading for Earth, in order to take it over once again. Also, Eve slowly tries to find her way to redemption, using Dias and Gravedigger to help her. Her aim? To become a mech pilot.

Chip, Origin's computer, also begins to gain more personality after this incident.

August 29th, 2200

Session 99: Prelude to Sorrow
The Wraiths must come together for a big assignment. After reacting from one situation to another, they must take the offensive again, and strike back hard. As they gather together and attack a base, they manage to take it over, but are then surrounded by some strange new force. The leader of the group appears, declaring that they hand over the files, or he will destroy them. And it's Death Star - his hair cut shorter and both his eyes repaired. Their ex-leader is now their most deadly foe.

Session 100: Splinters in the Mind's Eye
Dominator, Ariel, Snipe, Wiendigo, Booster, Ripple, Dias, Spirit, Yeger, and Garland have to stop Death Star from getting the information he wants. As the team battles Death Star's forces, they find that their leader is much stronger than he was before - and just as deadly. With his new mech, Isolator, he takes the fight to them in orbit. Snipe, angry that Death Star has betrayed them, engages him in a battle that sends them plunging into orbit, destroying both of their mechs. However, as each one escapes, the fight continus to Death Star's ship.

Once there, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall in place. When Wiendigo takes Death Star one on one in a fight, claiming he's been looking forward to this moment for years, the others find out that someone else is controlling Death Star from behind the scenes, using his weakened state after the hyperspace incident to do so. A man named Grant, who once worked for Talon, is looking for revenge against the Hunters.

As Wiendigo and Death Star tear the ship apart, Ariel throws herself to Death Star, pleading for him to stop this fighting. He wavers, the control weakening, and finally agrees to help the others, fighting back against Grant. It takes everything he has, though, and he collapses into a coma like state. The Wraiths pull him out and then proceed to escape.

August 30th, 2200

Session 101: The Parnel Saga - The Return to Parnel
Needing to get Death Star medical attention, the Wraiths head to the one place they think they can get it - Parnel. However, Garland isn't pleased to be back home, even though Yeger seems to be. As Booster and Ariel work on getting Death Star fixed up, they quickly learn that he's no longer quite a reploid - but something else. Just what is this? And when Yeger reports to Di'Mantha, things begin to heat up.

Session 102: The Parnel Saga - Family Ties
Yeger is a half-breed like Garland Hianule, and Di'Mantha is using the Parnel society of looking down on half-breeds to control him. Using Yeger to lure Garland into a fight, Yeger and Di'Mantha battle the Wraiths. However, Garland isn't the same kid he use to be, and he fights back stronger than ever, against everything that Parnel upholds and is wrong. In the end, he prevails, bringing Yeger over to his side in the matter, telling him that he's gaining respect the wrong way. Also, Elayne, Booster, and Ariel bring Death Star out of the coma - the real and true Death Star. But things are shortlived when the Tsivrixsh fleet show up to destroy Parnel.

Session 103: The Parnel Saga - The Fall of Parnel
Sometimes, despite their best efforts, heroes can't always win. When the Tsivrixsh Fleet strikes Parnel, the Wraiths attempt to push back the fight. But not even Death Star, Garland, Booster, Ariel, Ripple, Garland Junior, Snipe, Dias, and Yeger can even stop the inevitable. As they fight to try to save Parnel, it becomes obvious the planet is doomed. In an act of redemption, Yeger goes down fighting for a planet that hated him, while the others escape. Behind them, Parnel is brought to ruins.