August 20th, 2207

Session 161: Making up for Lost Time
Death Star's portal opens up in a strange hallway that seems to be decaying and is several years old. As soon as he, Katrina, Seraphna, Ariel, Cheryl, Hotaru, Emily, and the others emerge - along with Slasher carrying the perfectly perserved body of Snipe. General Cran, having traveled back with the others, decides to explore the decaying station to see if it's truly the Wraiths' base of operations - Origin. With the team exploring it, trying to reach the command room, they begin to learn it is indeed Origin, but something seems to have aged it considerably. When Ariel retrieves a hologram message from Dominator, they learn that Origin vanished for 24 hours, then reappeared in this shape. It seems it went to another reality for several hundreds of years before it returned back to the universe. After Cran forces the Origin Computers - specifically Chip - to do some work, the station begins to collapse, forcing the team to flee for their lives. They escape to Slasher's ship, which was contacted by Death Star, and they all get teleported over, while Cran uses a shuttle to escape - after he leaves Slasher a little present. On the disk is the files for Chip. Now the team has to locate the Alliance and learn just what became of the war.


August 22nd, 2207

Session 162: Learning What Has Passed
The team has reached the Fury in order to meet up with Admiral Drake and Dominator. It seems that while they were gone, the Alliance has been slowly pushing back against the Tsivrixsh Forces for the past 7 years with little progress. As the Alliance and Tsivrixsh Empire warmachines have winded down to a grinding halt, it seems as if the war is at a point where either side could claim victory if they can find a weakness in the other. While Seraphna, Ariel, Hotaru, Emily, Cheryl, and Elayne head back to Lunarius in order to find out what happened to their fellow people, the others stick with Drake on a mission to get some action going. In order to get back into the feel of things, Death Star, Slasher, Drake, and Dominator attack a Tsivrixsh ship and raid it like pirates. Meanwhile, Slasher has the Fury freeze Snipe's body to prevent decay occuring on it.


September 2nd, 2207

Session 163: Revelations
Back in the game, the remaining members of the Wraith team - now just comprised of just Death Star and Dias - decide it's time to find the location of the Tsivrixsh Homeworld. While the two of them, totting the crazed Phantasma along to keep him out of trouble, meet with a member of the Cartel, Shiva. After they get the information, the three of them attempt to get out of there when they raise some suspicions of the locales and get some mechs after them. However, they're saved when Garland appears, having been here for seven years training. After he dispatches the mechs for them, they all begin to escape the planet. With some fancy flying, they manage to ditch the Tsivrixsh patrols and escape the planet with the information. And it seems it has Eve's picture and information. Deciding to risk the danger of going there, they all set out to find what became of Eve after all these years.

Session 164: Making a New Direction
Meanwhile, on Lunarius, Ariel, Cheryl, Seraphna, Elayne, Emily, and Hotaru must decide where they want to go now that they have reunited with Dakota. However, things aren't quite as clear cut as they like to be, as Cheryl decides to bow out and join with Slasher back at the Fury before he leaves on his journey. After relaxing and visiting for a while, the others decide to head back to the Fury in order to join the remaining Wraiths.

Session 165: The Search
Slasher has been searching for information on Motenk technology and he's finally found what he's looking for - there could be such a cavaet emptor device hidden on a planet. Taking Snipe's body and tranferring it to his shuttle, Slasher prepares to set off to find it when Cheryl arrives just in time to join him. Now the two of them are engaging in a secret mission to bring Snipe back from the dead, no matter what the cost might be to them. Can they succeed?


September 3rd, 2207

Session 166: Evolution
Death Star, Garland, and Dias arrive at the Gaia System base and quickly inflitrate the massively guarded base in the hopes of finding the lost Eve. As they work their way through the tunnels and twisting hallways, they quickly learn that this is all part of the Mother Project that Shetrav hoped to make when she first saw Eve long ago. Once they arrive at the center of the base, they find a nursery for tons of Tsivrixsh children with human DNA mixed into them - and Eve as the mother. When they learn these children are Eve's and the Emperor's, Garland quickly begins to attack the children in order to kill them. Eve, haven fallen to her Tsivrixsh side, attacks them all, forcing them to battle her. As Dias pleads with her to quit fighting, it finally begins to reach her and she collapses in his arms, crying for the dead Tsivrixsh children. Quietly, they pull out of the base and head back.


September 6th, 2207

Session 167: The Bounty Hunter Wars Part I
Back on the Fury with Admiral Drake, Death Star and Garland let the facilities there deal with the broken Eve and Dias. However, their time to relax is far from over when someone who looks like Ultra Omega appears. Positive that Kilath Hianule cannot be alive, it falls upon Death Star and Garland to deal with this imposter bounty hunter and it seems they'll easily dispatch him when suddenly another threat arrives - Zeraphna has returned after all these years and she's looking to collect the bounty on them just like Ultra Omega has come to do.

Session 168: The Bounty Hunter Wars Part II
Things begin to go from bad to worse when Zeraphna lures in a shuttle with Ariel, Seraphna, Emily, Hotaru, and the other Lunarians on it into the ship. Now, though everyone's number is greater than Zeraphna and the Ultra Omega looking bounty hunter, that gives the two of them more targets to shoot at. As the battle rages on, Eve and Dias finally join the fray and side with the others, helping to battle the two bounty hunters into a corner. Just when it seems they all are about to overpower the two bounty hunters, a third one steps up to join the fray - Baberlus has returned and this time he's full of tricks to throw at the team. However, the battle takes a surprising turn and the UO wannabe and Zeraphna retreat for the time being, leaving Baberlus alone with the Wraiths. Just as they are about to engage in an epic battle, Baberlus reveals it's not his working hours of 9 to 5.


September 8th, 2207

Session 169: The Bounty Hunter Wars Part III
While everyone works on relaxing, it seems the time for Baberlus' working hours have arrived. As the clever Bounty Hunter begins to pick the team off one by one and capture them, Zeraphna and the Ultra Omega wanna-be return to the fold for one last rumble. As the bounty hunters fight each other, and the team, it becomes a free for all on who will get the huge bounty and walk away with a fat wallet. Despite all the fighting, more helps finally arrives in the form of Ace Hunter, the most famous Bounty Hunter of them all. As Ace begins to to turn the tide of the Bounty Hunter war in the favor of the Wraiths, there's one last casuality before Baberlus leaves - Zeraphna, the crazy twin sister of Seraphna. With her death, Seraphna has lost one more member of her crazed family.


September 10th, 2207

Session 170: The Last Laughing Matter
When an ancient threat returns to the Fury to attack the team one last time, can any of them survive the might of ... BIMBO THE CLOWN!? As Death Star, Ariel, Hotaru, Emily, Eve, Diamondback, Garland, and Dias face the clown, he uses a new technique - he fuses with Death Star to form the unstoppable Dimbo the Clown. This powerful new clown might prove to be the undoing of the entire ship, but at least they'll die laughing.


September 16th, 2207

Session 171: Shadows
While Dias and Eve continue to grow closer in their relationship, drawing upon each other for strength and understanding, the rest of the ship has to deal with another problem - General Cran has arrived on the ship for one final game. He reveals to all of them who is dead and alive in the universe, resting upon their minds all their worries and troubles. And after he plays his games, he comes for Zeraphna's body, telling Seraphna as he's leaving that she turned out exceptional and to keep on living her life. He then says his final goodbye and leaves with the body of Zeraphna - telling Garland and Death Star about a secret base on Earth that holds secrets retaining to Garland. Just what is it?


September 19th, 2207

Session 172: Sacrifices
Slasher and Cheryl have been tracking the location of the mysterious Motenk life device for weeks now, carrying Snipe's body in frozen suspension. And when they finally arrive at a planet covered by an asteroid field, it falls upon Cheryl to get them past the asteroid field onto the planet. Using all of her skills, they manage to touch down in one piece and find an ancient Motenk temple with the device inside. Saying his goodbye to Cheryl, Slasher hooks himself up to the device and transfers his life to Snipe, bringing him back to life but killing Slasher. As Snipe gasps his new breaths of life, a mysterious figure shows up - General Cran has found them at long last. Seeing Slasher laying on the table dead, he quickly makes a sacrifice for the life of his "son". Cran hooks himself up to the machine and transfer all the remaining years of his life to Slasher, reviving him and dying himself. Slasher and Cheryl help Snipe to his feet, who struggles to remember how he died - but now isn't the time. It seems it's up to Snipe to save the universe, according to Slasher, so he must train for the upcoming battle of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Garland and Death Star travel to Earth to discover what hidden secrets remain buried in the Earth. As the two of them combine their strength to break through the Paradise hologram and uncover the real, ruined Earth beneath it, they find a hidden base that belonged to Crucifixtion, where they discover clones of Garland were being made - and of Sharlena. However, it seems that the clone of Sharlena and Garland might actually be the real ones - no one knows and that seems to be the point of Crucifixtion's last ploy. Deciding to bring the clone and Sharlena out of the base, Garland must decide what future lays in store for them - if there can be any.


September 21st, 2207

Session 173: Preparing the Way
While they travel back, Snipe trains with Slasher and Cheryl, all the while learning about what has taken place while he was gone. As he prepares for the fight of his life, John McCormick must first learn how to fight again without relying on the virus to power him up. And learn he will - one way or another.

Death Star, meanwhile, thinks he knows where the Tsivrixsh Homeworld is located and gathers a small group of the Wraiths to go hunting for it. Blackjack, Garland, Diamondback, Siawase, Hotaru, Ariel, and Death Star set out to find the planet, but their troubles are far from over when they actually discover more than they've bargained for - not only have they probably discovered the homeworld, but a whole lot of trouble to boot.

Session 174: Behold, the Tsivrixsh Homeworld!
The Wraiths have found the homeworld, but now they need to escape to tell the tale to everyone else. As they battle their way out, some alien Tsivrixsh Overlord appears on their shuttle and it seems intent on taking them all out. As Hotaru, Diamondback, Blackjack, Garland, and Ariel battle the overlord, he begins to fall out of the shuttle, planning on taking Ariel with him, when Death Star and Blackjack concot a plan to knock him out of the shuttle and save Ariel. In the end, all of them manage to make it out and they hurry back to the Fury to prepare the Alliance for the final battle.


September 30th - October 2nd, 2207

Session 175: Climax Part One
The time for the final battle has arrived. Standing on the Fury's hanger, which has been emptied of it's entire crew except for the Wraiths and Admiral Drake's men, it's time to launch the universe's largest armada into the heart of the Tsivrixsh Empire and end this once and for all. Death Star's plan is bold - the Red Pirates will bring down the planetary shields, while the Alliance and half the Wraiths deal with the Tsivrixsh fleet, and the other half of the Wraiths will launch a ground campaign in the capital city of the Tsivrixsh Empire and kill the Emperor. The Tsivrixsh underground, led by Xrileshr, will assist them on the ground. Everything is in place, it's only time to say goodbyes now. Booster takes Katrina to the orphange, in order to protect her, while Ripple and Spirit wish their comrades good luck in their last battle. Even Paladin shows up to see the final part of the mission prepared. Everyone is gathered when ...

A startling surprise comes about in the form of Slasher, Cheryl, and ... Snipe. The crew, overjoyed to see Snipe alive and well, rush to his side to welcome him back into the fold. Especially glad to see him are Hotaru and Emily as they hug onto him tightly. And with everyone present, the mission is launched - Snipe, Dias, Eve, Diamondback, Cheryl, and Kyouki launch a brutal space assault against the Tsivrixsh Armada in space, driving back the startling huge amounts of forces, while the Red Beard Pirates land on the station with the first set of planetary shield controls. However, once they arrive in the center of the base, the only way to take out the station is to self-destruct it with them in it. With one last shout of defiance, they detonate the station and take down the outer planetary shield, allowing Death Star's group to fly to the planet's surface.

Session 176: Climax Part Two
In space, Snipe, Dias, Diamondback, Eve, Cheryl, and Kyouki attempt to hold the line against the impending Tsivrixsh armada, but it becomes increasingly obvious that the Tsivrixshs have the superior number. As all of them fight harder and faster than any of them have ever done before, they try to hold out while they wait for the ground team to take out the inner planetary shields. However, salvation, at least temporarily, comes in the form of Slasher's new weapon onboard his latest ship - the huge beam tears through the Tsivrixsh armada, buying them more precious time to survive.

On the ground, Death Star, Garland, Ariel, Blackjack, Xrileshr, Seraphna, Hotaru, and Paladin blaze a trail through the Emperor's elite guards. As each of them are forced to battle closer and closer to the Imperial Palace, things begin to grow increasingly more dangerous for the ground team. However, once they arrive inside the Palace itself, they find their bodies increasingly exhausted and worn down with obvious signs of ready to collapse. And when a siege of elite soldiers come flooding in at them, Paladin sacrifices himself to take out the hallway and the soldiers in one fell explosion, allowing the others entry into the throne room. However, with their comrades dying in space, they have to hurry to the lower levels - but the Emperor himself in the throne room won't let them go without a fight. Ordering them to move on, Death Star challenges the emperor to a sword duel to buy them time to take down the last shield. Now the team has to hurry and locate it before it's too late. Can they do it?

Session 177: Climax Part Three
Blackjack leads the team further into the depths of the Imperial Palace while Death Star buys them precious time. Once Blackjack, Hotaru, Ariel, Garland, and Seraphna, they find the core itself, but a surprise ambush damages the explosives Blackjack is carrying, meaning they cannot be detonated from far away. This leaves only one option - someone has to shoot the explosives. Blackjack decides to stay behind and detonate the explosives while he sends the others onward. While they escape the palace, some more imperial guards stand up to attack them, but they blaze through just as Blackjack destroyed the core and the entire palace, bringing down the planetary shield for good.

Back in space, Snipe, Diamondback, Dias, Slasher, Kyouki, and Cheryl desperately hold the line while waiting for the shield to come down. As they fight their way through, they find the shields going down, but in horrifying moment, the Fury, having taken massive damage to protect the Alliance fleet, begins to plummet toward the planet. If it hits, it will destroy the entire Tsivrixsh homeworld. Admiral Drake detonates the Fury in order to protect the planet, but a piece of it survives, forcing Dias and Snipe to chase after it and destroy it in space. However, one last horror awaits them when a platform with the power of the Ti'dah begins to activate itself against the fleet. It's up to two hot shot pilots to take it out, so Dias and Snipe zoom in toward the platform, planning on taking it out from the inside. While Kyouki, Cheryl, and Eve provide cover support, the two blow up the platform in the inside and they both manage to escape intact.

On the surface, the death toll begins to come in as everyone gathers at the ruins of the Imperial Palace. Death Star manages to dig himself out, but collapses from the poisons in his system. Just as he's dying, a mysterious figure comes out and pumps something into him, restorting his systems for one last game. The figure reveals himself to be Xevil to the war weary fighters. After congratulating them on beating the Tsivrixsh Empire, he informs them that he has a Motenk powered Planet Killer heading for Earth and that he looks forward to one last showdown with them. Now the team has to protect Earth one last time and put an end to Xevil's ultimate plan.


October 4th, 2207

Session 178: The End
He faked his own death more than seven years ago. He used the Galactic War to his advantage to further his plans. And now Xevil is about to put in motion a plan that will reap benefits ten years later. But none of the Wraiths know that and they are determined to stop him at all costs.

Death Star, giving off no life signatures, comes up with a plan to cut off the Planet Killer and find out just what Xevil did to him that keeps him animated. Dominator, deciding that the Alliance can handle the peace keeping of the Tsivrixsh Empire, decides to go along. Garland, naturally desiring one last confrontation with Xevil, signs on for the battle. Snipe, ready for any challenge that will put him into direct confrontation with Xevil who poisoned him the virus years ago, is entirely ready to take him out. Slasher and Dias, both ready for one last rumble, step forward. Hotaru and Kyouki, determined to follow their comrades to the very end, follow along. And Diamondback, reeling from the loss of his father, is ready to give the Tsivrixsh a piece of his mind for the death of his friend Avatar years ago.

As they inflitrate the Planet Killer, running through familiar halls to the one that attack Earth decades ago, they come across a familiar foe in the form of the Squirrel, who launches a series of attacks against them. Dias and Hotaru combine their attack forms to take out the squirrel, allowing them to move onward to the planet itself in the Planet Killer. Once there on the temple, a computer scans each of them and records their data for future use.

After entering the final chamber, they come across Xevil, who pumps himself full of the material that turned him into Doom decades ago. Full of power, Xevil singhandedly begins to thrash the Hunters in the ultimate battle of their lives, tearing through them. As the weakened Hunters are batted around like flies, Snipe and Dias are the first to hit their inner power, unleashing it against Xevil with their full fury. Next up are Diamondback and Hotaru, unleashing their hidden strengths into him. Then Dominator and Kyouki hammer into him, weakening his body further. And finally, Garland powers up and hammerblows him away.

However, the Planet Killer has arrived at Earth and the Motenk power source in the core will set it off at any time. Only way to stop it is for someone to leap into it - and that means someone dead. Realizing that he's the only one qualified because of what Xevil did to him, Death Star says his good byes and leaps into the Motenk power, being engulfed. As the team scatters to the surface to escape, the degranded Death Star, full of Motenk power, explodes from the surface, determined to kill them all. Now possessed by a Motenk, Death Star is no more. As the Motenk Death Star chases after them, the team escapes and leaves him to die on the Planet Killer.

As the Planet Killer explodes in space, it seems as if their trials are over. However, Xevil's plan is far from over. Recovering the Motenk Death Star, his final plan is to set the heroes up for the biggest fall ever - a plan that will take ten years to complete.