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Phase 4: New World Order

Date: 2225

Session 0: Prelude

A bunch of minis that take place before the first session, most of them of little importance.

Date: 5.23.2225

Session 1: At Least It's Not Cardiff

Location: Shuttle

Ire, John, Dealer, Anyata, Phirax, Chad, and Megumi land in London to investigate why Mavericks attached the ocean column. After doing some investigating, they find some workers in a bar and the team tries to use Anyata's looks to woo the men into talking, only to find they enjoy Phirax's attentions so much more. The information leads them to a platform facility, where Ire had already decided to check. Heading in, they uncover 5th Column spies and fighting breaks out, a greande killing Chad. While the team is gripped in shock and horror, Anyata leaps after the only target not killed in retaliation, into the ocean.

Iceheart, with Cole, Elayne and Null head into the jungles to find the Jungle Facility, here they meet up with Katrina. Elayne makes friends with a blue kitty, who leads them to Blue, who joins them.

Date: 5.23.2225

Session 2: Jungle Fever

Location: The Rainforest

The group reintroduces themself to the sexy jungle Blue, and face terrible dangers, like Monkey-Bots and Tigers on the way. Null is nearly killed when she catches an exploding coconut and fails to do anything with it, covered in a sticky substance. Elayne shows off her dragon form in a fit of mischeif, leading her to have to explain that she's not human to Blue, who doesn't seem to know Lunarians. Null's actions lag as well as her reactions to news, worrying the team.

Elayne and Katrina compare notes on the way, deciding that Möbel, the company front for the operation is just a sham for Senreich, the team gets to know one another as they sneak along. They proceed to sneak into the base first by sneaking on a truck-bot, having to leap out as a pile of trucks are dumped out of it, Elaye flies up to avoid damage and accidentally alerts some guards. They rush for a back door to enter before trouble occurs.

Date: 5.23.2225

Session 3: Springtime for Nazis

Location: The Rainforest

Iceheart's group takes down some guards who come to investigate, Null taking a shot as she learns these particular Mavericks use bullets instead of energu. Using Elayne's tiny form to scout, she spots some guards and rushes back to tell the others. Null, who chooses to be loud and chatty instead of quiet, alerts the guards and gives them even further warning by yelling out and attacking one as they get close. A quick fight breaks out, then Proto decides to celebrate by trying to mate Elayne. This causes a moment of pause when they realize Proto is a lesbian.

The group moves along, winding up debating on such matters as the dragonishness of Lunarians, Null being able to remember Katrina's name, and Cole wanting to tune them all out. Coming upon more guards, Katrina uses her Psionics to stun them while Elayne and Cole take them down, Null commentates. Blue kills them afterwards, much to Elayne's distaste. They finally reach a control room filled with Nazi Soldiers, and a man wearing a monocle, who is clearly in charge as he has a monocle. The team battles the Nazi's, when down to the last one, Cole tries to cleverly teleport behind him to dodge a shot, taking two shots in the back when Katrina and Iceheart try to peg the attacking soldier.

They recover a ton of intel from the computers while Cole howls like a baby over wounds. Iceheart moves after the dastardly Monocoled Man and hen the rest arrive after her, find her down and Monocle in a mecha suit like Hitler in Wolfiestein. Together they take out teh gear, sending it flying off. They take a shuttle to escape the base as it explodes, barely getting away.

The teams gather back together after the missions to look over the intel. John runs off to be alone, but Elayne moves after him. The others all start to take a break, needing time to recover from their missions.

Date: 5.24.2225

Session 4: Shatter the Mirror

Location: Hunter Station

While the data decodes on Hunter Station, the teams reunite again under sad terms. To bury Chad, nearly everyone from both teams shows up at the funeral, including some seldom seen faces, such as Seraphna Vangaurd. When they start the ceremony, the funeral is interrupted by a 5th Column and joint Maverick attack. The forces teleport in around the teams and begin firing. During the bloody fight Dias and Slasher are killed, Even placed in critical condition. Hotaru and Em are killed in the crossfire as well, nearly breaking John.

Vile appears to deliver the coup de grace, and finds himself fighting enraged heroes. Overpowered and outnumbered, Vile decides to flee from the fight, but not before dropping a nuclear bomb, forcing the team to choose between chasing him and stopping a nuclear explosion. Null pulls all the wired on the bomb at once, which prevents it from activating, saving the day. The groups recover their dead, Elayne and Sera moving about and acting as the team medics like they once served. After all are packed up, Warren convinces Wind to let him build a super fortified base, and the teams relocate there and to the Hunter Station for safety.

On Hunter station, bonds begin to form as Anyata takes charge of Andrea's care, Katrina and Cole have a long talk, and John finds comfort in the Vanguard girls.

Date: 5.26.2225

Session 5: Foxfire

Location: Hunter Station

Anyata begins to teach Andrea to be a killing machine, as she learns the jobs of being a mother. Dealer hits on Katrina, Cole finds himself between the love of Katrina and Blue. Dealer asks Anyata out on a date as they're all called in for a meeting, Anyata agrees and Dealer looks happy. Iceheart goes over the information to date and informs them of a mission down in Japan. The group, Cole, Blue, Katrina, Dealer, Anyata and Null head down to a tomb area near a temple outside Tokyo.

There they must sneak and battle mavericks, making their way into the tomb, however, as they close the gap, Cole is left outside to hold off the enemy and Dealer is blown up by rockets. Anyata takes on the guilt of his death, feeling she could have saved him, the group moves on after a second rocket forces them in deeper. As they search for the Rune, Cole battles a tentacle, which may or may not make him a new man.

The girls uncover a mummy, who seems to be a quite healthy looking Japanese girl with long white hair... and fox ears. Katrina moves ahead and Anyata races after her, they find a room holding a red colored Rune. Here they battle four Nazis and the Monocled Man, who takes the Rune and tries rocketing out. Anyata and Cole, who joins them when it rises outside, cling to the armor and try to bring it down. After a complicated moment, they overpower him, get the rune, and electrify the jerk in a lake, leaping to safety, the team regroups, finding Dealer's remains missing, save a hand. They return to base, Fire Rune in hand.

Date: 5.28.2225

Session 6: Dogs, Cats, and Wind Dragons

Location: Shuttle

Ire takes his team, Elayne, Seraphna, John and Phirax out to the Jungles of Africa in search of another rune. Along the way they run into a strange dog, whom after some checking, they discover is named Tomoe, an Inugami. The Inugami, appearing to be a picky creature, decides for some reason that Ire is the only worthwhile person in the group and chooses to bind with him. They travel further still to a mines.

Here they find themselves quickly in battle, a mistaken blast of lightning from Tomoe sets the forest ablaze, and the team must vacate it into the mines. Here they find with Wind Rune, just in time for Vile to arrive. He demands they hand it over, but Seraphna, being a Wind Dragon, equips the rune and with her power and the others combined, they kick Vile out of the mines.

Back on Hunter Station, Chii the Fox goes missing, and has an epic battle with Anyata in which Chii attempts to cover her in food. Iceheart manages to step in and tame Chii, making her her fox pet.

Date: 5.30.2225

Session 7: Dogs and Foxes

Location: Special Unit Building

Ire's unit gathers around a skimpily clad Lilith. Tomoe's chosen name. John hits on her while Seraphna and Elayne seem eager to help with the flirting. Elayne calls Phirax 'Tony', only to find that his name is Dimitri, a mistake clearly made by Ire playing a trick, or someone labelling his character sheet wrongly. Lilith takes a command from Ire literally, and nearly tosses John and Elayne out a window. Ire gets up, getting ready to head out, the others start to follow.

On Hunter Station, Wind arrives to inspect the foxgirl, bringing his catgirl along. Ire's shuttle arrives and the teams, once again united, spend some time together. While some inspect foxes, those not needed, such as Sera, Elayne and John, go off to waste time. That trio goes off on a life changing date, while Cole and Blue take a teleporter to go out and have some fun.

Date: 6.1.2225

Session 8: Searching For Answers On Weird Human Foxes and Dogs

Location: Hunter Station

On Hunter Station, Chii is trained to wear clothing and behave herself, while Anyata teaches Andrea to mercilessly defeat her enemies. On Earth, Ire has taught Lilith to wear normal clothes and do tasts for biscuits. Elayne and Seraphna cling more to John then the days before. Iceheart takes her team out on another mission while Ire prepares for one of his own, missions to investage a fox and a dog respectively.

Ire, along with Lilith, Sera, Elayne and John travel to a hick down where technology is hated. They meet up with Wind and Megumi here, and ride horses across the countryside. Elayne feels emotions around them as they travel and they track down an underground cult. Stepping into the cult's meeting, the team teaches them of the true occult, Lilith unleashing her power and Sera showing them what a dragon is. The group beats them down and they find a second Inugami, life force fading. Elayne binds herself to the Inugami, Doragon.

After searching nearly 80% of the suspected land mass for the second fox, Iceheart retires her group for the night to rest before trying again in the morning.

Date: 6.2.2225

Session 9: Twin Foxes

Location: Hunter Station

Across the Station and on Earth, couples wake to great each other on a new day. Anyata rises to take care of Andrea, who is growing close to her, and Iceheart wakes with Chii: assuring her of success on this new day. Meanwhile Wind spends his morning with his cargirl, finding solace in her.

The Unit rises to the news that Cheryl broke out of the hospital and has run off. The team moves out to track her down, afraid for her safety. They gather in a shuttle and head out for the most likely location she would travel: Slasher's Mansion. THere they must fight Mavericks and Slasher's Anti-Lunarian defenses alike. As they battle their way along, coordinating over comms with Iceheart's team, they realize that both teams seem to be travelling with Katrina. Seraphna urges them to check for a mark and find one on her, and Wind touches Katrina, the mark vanishes and Katrina collapses, revealed as Erevis. The team helps Cheryl clear out the Mavericks and they depart for a hospital to help the wounded.

Iceheart's team comes upon a mountain stronghold. Here they search, seeking out the second fox. They wind up battling a swarm of Mavericks, at the root of which they find a duplicate of Anyata, with long purple hair. Anyata and the duplicate fight, in the end, Anyata is able to critically disable her. Chii awakens Freyja, with Atanya captured and Freyja retrieved, the team departs for home.

Date: 6.4.2225

Session 10: Classic Trouble

Location: Hunter Station

The Hunters find that the teleporter to the Unit's Base is ready, using Sera's Lab, built on the floor of a hotel which has become the McCormick home as a middle ground, they teleport in, temporarily meeting the McCormicks. Anyata moves into the McCormick Home with Andrea, and Iceheart takes Chii and Freyja down with them to do some shopping. Kumiko, Sera's Chiere Maid is introduced as well. As everyone settles down a little, an explosion rings out through the city.

The explosion as it happens, occured at the hospital. Mavericks swarm the place, their goal to capture Erevis, the red haired goddess. The Hunters teleporter in, along with Sera, Elayne, John, and other members of the unit to fight back. Fighting their way up floors, they eventually come to the roof when Vile appears to grab Erevis, taking her up there. Attacks seem to do no damage to him at all now, and everyone is shocked to realize Vile has been upgraded to a Mark III. The team manages to knock Vile away and run him off when Erevis awakens, most displeased at her treatment. Elayne checks her over and starts what will be a long process of giving her knowledge and experience.

The group takes Erevis to safety and locks down a little. Null and Aya increase their relationship as more then just friends, and people spend some time together, as Ire readies his investigation to find out how the attack occured.

Date: 6.5.2225

Session 11: Erevis

Location: Hunter Station

On Hunter Station, a part of Vile that Null managed to secure confirms their hears, Vile has been upgraded to a Mark III, technology only found on the Reploid Homeworld. Katrina sends out a transmission the the Homeworld agrees to meet with them. Anyata gets the agreement to have Atayna cleansed and revived, bringing back her sister.

Wind calls in a Psionic to help him with Erevis, Elayne answers the call. Elayne begins to work on Erevis, discovering powerful blocks on her mind, after some digging with Meg's help, the two find they can insert memories and knowledge into her mind. They begin to do so. The others in the unit head to the hospital, following a trail of oil down into the sewers below. There they find a giant reploid who appears on a teleport pad, it begins to attack the team and when John is hurt, Seraphna goes into a rage and turns into a Dragon, grabbing the giant reploids blaster arm and squeezing, it explodes, destroying Seraphna's hand, she is hurled back and becomes humanoid once more, John picking her up as Iceheart takes down the bot, Lilith and Ire blasting it to shreds.

The reploid defeated, they secure the pad for study, Sera is taken to have her wounds treated and Erevis takes a break from treating Erevis to treat her mother with her Healing Power. While the McCormicks sort themselves out, Megumi has a vision of the future, foretelling a time with Blue and Cole having sex on a bed of skulls, possibly meaning they have gone Maverick. Wind orders an investigation.

Back on Hunter Station, Null explores Atayna deep and intimtely... by jacking into her and fighting the viruses inside. With Aya's help they cleanse Atayna, giving Anyata a task, needing to rebuild the girl's personality from base code when she awakens.

Date: 6.6.2225

Session 12: Men in Black

Location: Special Unit Building

The morning banter at the unified base breaks out as Anyata prepares for her trip, Chii and Freyja find themselves under the loving care of Iceheart, while Elayne makes the mistake of being adorable and furry around Erevis, soon made her pet. A meeting is called and Ire lets the team know that they will be taking charge of the Hunter Station and watching things in their place when they go on their trip. In the meantime, he has a mission for them, a lead on Cole suggests he has been seen in London.

The group heads out, Phirax in the lead, to the streets of London, where they begin to look for strip joints of the more... Phirax variety. Disguised as black people by Erevis, they slip into the bar and mingle, they find, to their sheer and utter terror, Cole dancing in a thong. Terror recovered from, they realize they have found him and as soon as they are revealed, the busy stripclub turns into a firefight. Mavericks swarm the building the the combined groups fight them off, knocking Cole out. A bomb is thrown into the mix and the team flees the building, some trying to evacuate people before it blows.

Recovered, they leave with Mav-Cole, to have him cleansed. Cole fearfully avoids having Sera fix him and instead ops for the Station's facilities. Aya cleanses him with Null's help, while Anyata greets her revived twin and starts the task of giving her a mind back, consquently starting to learn of her own past, forming a link with her. The Hunters spend the evening talking, bonding, and working out the kinks in their systems, getting ready to face the Machine Homeworld.

Date: 6.9.2225

Session 13: Reploids

Location: Hunter Station

Wiendigo, Cole, Anyata and Null along with Katrina and Aya prepare to go and say their goodbyes to the others, who will be watching the base and the extra members of the Hunters not going on mission. Erevis reinforces and teaches her pet, Elayne, some manners, and new spreads that Iceheart has quit the Hunters, leaving quietly. The hunters leave, travelling for the Machine Homeworld.

Two days later, the crew having been knocked out by Wiendigo so he could drive in peace. They are given permission to land and even given the courtesy of oxygen for their humans. THe group meets with some leaders of the Machine World and states their plight, while Aya does some looking into things. After an arduous discussion, the group is finally allowed to recieve upgrades, but due to an attack from the Bots, their aid inlisted. Weindigo moves off to go help, as do Aya and Katrina, while Cole, Anyata and Null are led to a machine to start the upgrades. Just before they go in, Null is warned that there is a Maverick in the group. She says nothing as they go under, darkness swells as they alarms ring, and they begin their upgrades.

The three awaken to find themselves in pitch blackness. Forcing the door open, they find themselves half-upgraded, and stronger. They make their way out and icicles fly in at them. Iceheart, Chii and Freyja leap down to join them, revealing they've been asleep for over a day. The Bots are winning, and the Maverick Virus is attacking the Machine Homeworld. And Wiendigo is the Maverick behind it all.

Date: 6.12.2225

Session 14: Zeraphna Is Cooler Than Seraphna

Location: Machine Homeworld

Anyata, Cole and Null are reunited with Iceheart, Chii and Freyja and strike out, using tracking to try and find the missing Aya and Katrina. After a race through dangerous territory, dodging bots and Maverick threats, they find a location where Bots are tying to convert Aya. Fighting through wires and bots, they free Aya. As they try to get their bearings on Katrina, Null runs off on her own to save her, despite not having a clue where she might be, while the others try tracking her down. Iceheart is hit with Nanites while trying to fight more bots and becomes infected, the group manages to slow her infection for now.

They find her in a large room filled with Mavericks. Chii and Freyja work on a Super Indignation spell while Anyata and Cole work to stop the enemies from hitting them. Cole retrieves Katrina with a smooth Teleport and the nanites inside her attack her as well. Null comes by with an escape car and the group leaps on. Deciding they have no other choice, lest the Maverick Virus create an army of Super Mavericks to take over Earth the group proceeds to the planets core.

While Chii and Freyja prepare a special bomb magic on the core, the rest of the group has to fight Wiendigo, who hops on board their ship and tries to capture them. Using teamworkd and a well placed Zero Point Strike from Anyata, the team pushes Wiendigo off and flies away from the planet as it explodes.

Stranded in space, they are picked up mby a strange spaceship, to find Seraphna has saved them. Only it's not Seraphna, but her identical twin, Zeraphna, who has rescued some surviving Machines as well. The group rests and recuperates, while Zera starts taking them back to Earth.

Date: 6.14.2225

Session 15: Classy This Team Ain't

Location: Zeraphna Ship

Nearing Earth, the team goes into debate about what to do with their captor, who has a bounty on her head from Seraphna to be brought in alive at all costs. Anyata ends up giving in when Iceheart subdues her, but finds the idea dishonorable. When she leasts expects it, Iceheart, Chii and Freyja spring a trap and take her into custody. They arrive back on Earth not only with Zeraphna as it turns out, but her three missing children, Angel, Lucas and Jonas. They reunite the family, Seraphna asking to have her bonds removed and taking personal responsibility for her twin.

They have a long talk, where Seraphna apologizes to Zeraphna for how their father mistreated her and attempts to form a bond as sisters, rather then rivals they once were. Zeraphna gives her the chance and the two begin to bond. Wind makes Iceheart the new leader of the Maverick Hunters due to Wiendigo's turnaround and everyone vacates the station while they clear it of possible Maverick threats. The crew discusses leadership, who can and can't possibly lead a team, while everyone else relaxes, reunited. Atay and Anya have a moment and begin to plan training with Cole and Null under Icehearts orders.

Megumi hits her boss up for a huge payrise, citing overtime hours. Evil accountants.

Date: 6.15.2225

Session 16: Family Matters

Location: Hunter Station

The teams settle down over the next day and starts to get into a new routine. Megumi berates Wind for spending billions on the Hunters and Iceheart dresses up her sex pets. Cole teleports down with the others and is shocked to meet John's ever increasing family. Null expresses her strange hatred for Lunarians more. THe group heads to the mansion for a meeting, where Ire explains they have orders to look for Blue.

As they make plans they discuss Lucas, Seraphna's son, who has a libido to put John to shame and already seems to be taking on more then he can chew in terms of ladies. Katrina decides to find a solution to Royal Lunarian Pheramones and Aya's deep crush on Null becomes apparent to all. Ire explains the plan to do a little sniffing around in an area where Blue was believed to be taken. Elayne and Sera rag on Ire for saying the time honored curse of 'We never know what might happen.'

Returning to the exploded Strip Club, the team finds an intact office which is guarded with the ominous sign of 'X1's Only'. Ire, feeling the McCormick Girls should do the honors, urges them to test the door. Elayne uses TK to open it from a distance, avoiding a Coffee Trap, behind a file cabinet they find a secret passage. To disapooint the girls, Ire's words prove to not hold secret power, and they find a disused teleporter, but no major battles.

The group splits up, some remaining behind to work on the teleporter. John and Cole go out to hit another bar and have man-time. Others head back to the bar, Aya takes Null to go see Eve in the hospital.

Date: 6.16.2225

Session 17: The World is So Blue

Location: Mansion Base

Heading underground and taking the teleporter, Katrina leads a team to retrieve Blue. Cole, John, Elayne, Sera, Anyata, Atayna, Null and Phirax go with her. The group sneaks up on some guards chuckling about the Maverick entry on Wikipedia, heavily edited by Vile, and are taken unawares by the team that quickly overpowers them. Navigating a few more halls, the team comes upon a lab, guarded by Angry Blackman Reploid. Anyata ends up destroying him after being denied a quick kill and the group steps into the lab. Inside they find Blue, converted into a Maverick, and standing on the far end of the room behind his shiled is Dr. Doppler.

The team finds themselves overwhlemed by Doppler, they manage to disable Blue for a moment and teleporter with her out of there before Doppler can take them down. Up above, they have to take Blue down so that they can cleanse her. Seraphna uses her Dragon Form to subdue here, with the combined efforts of the other teams shots to take her down. Disabled, she's taken away, and the team must worry now about this new threat added to the long list of their enemies. Back at home, people recuperate and Eve wakes up from her coma.

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