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Stardate: 7.18.2225

Session 42: Fall from Grace I: The Fall

Katrina recovers on Hunter Station, the Hunters rest a little, going about their daily lives when the station shifts orbit. Discovering Katrina out of bed, they race against the station, life support, and doors as Katrina closes them off from the control room. Soon the Hunters and members of the Special Unit battle Reich solders boarding the station in the hangar, while a group works to take down Katrina, her mind altered by the Reich.

The group is able to knock out Katrina and bind her, and start to take control of the station as the Hangar team takes down the last Reich, a mech unit. When it starts to self detonate, Seraphna tries to push it into space with her dragon form but can't get it out far enough in time. It detonates, but instead of killing everyone it sends the station crashing down towards Earth.

Rushing to the teleporters, the station crew and the team work to get everyone off board. A fight breaking out over who should go first when a human worker tries to push a reploid off. The group makes the human wait as they send people down. Shifting the last people down, Seraphna has Ash teleport her and the remaining Hunters off the ship. Iceheart and Dominator trapped on board, too far to be helped. The group appears in midair and Seraphna goes Dragon form to fly them all back to the base.

Stardate: 7.18.2225

Session 43: Fall from Grace II: Sinking Feeling

With little time to spare, the Hunters and the Special Unit are sent out to the ocean to stop Hunter Station from sinking into the ocean. Navigating the ship, the group has to fight robot sharks and set up devices to shield the station, keeping it safe from Mavericks who try to board. The group succeeds, but signs begin to show in Aya that something is terribly wrong with her.

Stardate: 7.20.2225

Session 44: Fall from Grace III: Undercover

Teddy leads the Special Unit and some volunteer Maverick Hunters on a mission to infiltrate a group of weapon smugglers. Here they meat Uplink, a Russian Reploid built to make weapons, with a bit of a special personality. Seraphna works on a distraction while Elayne plants the tracking device. Teddy makes a deal for bombs and the team leaves after some tough negotiations on the price. Hoping the shipments can lead them to the Neo Reich, the group returns home and gets ready for a new mission.

Stardate: 7.24.2225

Session 45: Fall from Grace IV: Quake

Our brave heroes went into a city being buried alive. As earthquakes ripped through, the party had to navigate an area where Reploid and most other powers were being drained. Iceheart and Seraphna, veterans of such horrors, attempted to keep the group on task and together, however a need for heroism drew the younger party members to attempt to save everyone they could. This resulted in the death of Teddy.

Finally coming together and taking out each installation, the group then had to fight a Reich General and Atayna attempted to take him down with her into a crevace, only to be saved by Anyata. The group managed to pull him down and destroy the last device, preventing the entire place from going under. The groups evacuated, darkened from a trying time in which heroism became suicide and having to accept that they couldn't save everyone. The events caused Atayna to declare she was going to begin a solo act, much to the dismay of her twin. Torn apart, the group accepts repairs and healing as they head to London, where they plan to stop this attempt before it begins again... and get a little payback for Teddy.

And a little girl hopes to be a hero just like him one day. Just like him.

Stardate: 7.24.2225

Session 46: Fall from Grace V: Big Ben

The team, hoping to get some payback for the earthquake, goes into London and meets up with Pope. Handing them a datapad and clues on where to find the bombs, Pope is taken out with a Sniper shot. Seraphna stabilizes him and sends him off in the team shuttle as the others give chase. They are rejoined by a hastily repaired Teddy who now must be ridden by Cassandra, the little girl he saved to operated. Ultimately losing the killer, they decide to follow the clues, leading them to a tavern and into the sewers.

Splitting up, Iceheart took Anyata and Atayna down below to stop the bombing of the lower pillar while Seraphna leads the rest to Big Ben, where a second bomb is set up to create a shockwave effect. Rushing to get there, Seraphna urges the group on so far that they run right over the police, causing an incident. However, when they reach Big Ben, XX is able to clear it up with her ID. The group rushes to the top, inspecting the clock room and finding nothing. Remembering an odd stop on the way up, they head back down and find the bomb with seconds to spare. Seraphna disarms it, the day saved.

After the bombs are disposed of the team heads back to base, to report a successful mission. Megumi seems upset over the hospital bills for some of the police, and an agitated Seraphna heads upstairs to give birth to three eggs and repair her Reploid Teddy Bear.

Stardate: 7.26.2225

Session 47: Fall from Grace VI: Uplinked

Getting a lead on Uplink, the group heads out to Russia in an attempt to snatch him up and gain his expertise. The group, led by Iceheart, approaches a hospital and steps in under their fake Russian identities. Megumi joins them on the trip in and the group heads up the stairs for Uplink's room. Seeing they're being tagged, they head up an additional two floors and work to lose the man watching. As some go up and a few others head in, they talk to Uplink and learn that the doctors have told him that he can't be moved.

Sensing trouble about to come down on them, Anyata uses a broken circuit board to keep Uplink occupied as the group leads him up to the roof to get on a shuttle for a 'party'. Anyata drops a smoke bomb down the stairs to keep the Russians busy as the group makes their escape. Seraphna reveals that the circuit bioard as a teleport beacon, only to find that Uplink never put it down after fixing it. This leads Megumi to take Ash and XX back into the hospital and rescue Uplink's mother.

The group returns home, job done, and Uplink learns how he's been mislead by the bad guys, he agrees to help the team.

Stardate: 7.27.2225

Session 48: Fall from Grace VII - Nazi Relics

Heading down to South America to inspect some ancient ruins, as that is the natural habitat for Nazis, the group finds they are indeed camped around a large temple. Creating a distraction, the group sneaks past the Nazis and kills the guards, propping them up and heading into a temple where they find a puzzle to solve. Deciding that the inscription calls for light, Seraphna's compact becomes a channeler of the sun and the group slides into the darkness.

Navigating an underground maze, Ash is left behind to guard as they open up doors. Seraphna takes the EXP once again as she solves the door puzzle and the group manages to sneak in just as Senreich storms his way through the halls, destroying Ash. The group finds themselves facing treasures. As one they each grab something, Iceheart some rings, Teddy a cloak, Anyata a spear, Seraphna a gauntlet, Warren an important looking text, XX a bow. As they grab, the place shakes and someting sprays them in the face, spikes shooting out, it all goes black.

Stardate: 7.27.2225

Session 49: Fall from Grace VIII - Rise of Senreich

Falling into a dark pit, the team slowly recovers, however, they are pinned by rubble. Using a Teleport trick, Anyata is able to get all but Iceheart and Ire clear of the rubble just as Nazi soldiers step into the chamber they are in. Fleeing down a chute, they come into another tomb area where the team tries to solve a puzzle to get the mysterious Eye of Ra. Solving it just in time, Teddy gains possession of the rod just as Senreich steps in, holding Iceheart and Ire captive. Holding guns to their heads, he offers a trade of the staff in return for their lives. Ire orders them to run and Iceheart conflicts it by ordering to save her. Seraphna, forced to make a call, follows Ire's orders in sending Teddy away, and XX, Sera and Anyata attempt to save the two. Ire's brains are blown out by a shot and Iceheart damaged. The team manages to get away with the badly damaged Iceheart, as Senreich sacrifices the temple and the soldiers in it to try and kill them.

Back at base, it's a somber moment reflecting on the death of Warren Carmichael, Seraphna is named leader and the group sets to preparing for the inevitable assault by Senreich. Wind picks up a relaity shift and takes XX and Ash to investigate. They find traces of Famfrit DNA and blood, and set to try and find the new reality visitors.

Stardate: 7.27.2225 (Classic)

Prime Session 261: Class Act Part 1: Broken Wings

Time rapidly goes by in Prime, where the project to revive the Erusian Homeworld nears completion and Suisen Empire Ships begin to move out of the shipyards and into service. In Wind's Reality, Seraphna works to put together the team after their recent run in with Senreich when a look alike of Wind, in fact, the original man known as Deathstar appears to tell them that Senreich is about to destroy the base from below. Seraphna wastes no time or hesitation in sending the Special Unit and the Hunters to the incomplete Hunter Station out in the Ocean.

Sending Deathstar to intercept Mavericks after Leviathan and Harupia, Sera orders Anyata, Ash, Teddy and Null to go with him. The rest teleport over to the ocean base. Deathstar flies the team out towards the desert, where the team has to work together to destroy Chill Penguin's skyship. After destroying it, they speed through the canyons. At the location, Jennifer leads the team into a cave to escape the wrath of Vile. Cheryl nowhere to be found, they are forced deeper into the caves fleeing the Mavericks, when they are intercepted by Spark Madrill. Mandrill follows a stupid pattern and stuns himself, allowing the team to attack him and blow him up. Escaping the blast, they come out of a tunnel to find Deathstar's shuttle, boarding and fleeing, Chii feels out Cheryl finally and learns she's on the shuttle Vile is escaping with, loaded with Leviathan and Harupia.

Chii stops DS from shooting down the shuttle, and the team opts to give chase instead of returning to Hunter Base, sticking to Seraphna's standing orders of not letting the Future Reploids fall into Maverick Hands.

Back in the Prime Reality, Peter takes a unit out with Isis, Miyuki, Josephine, Hale and Em to check on a mysterious Kitsune who is not a Kitsune spotting. They find Gemane, who agrees to come with them once cornered and they identify themselves as friends of the Angel.

Seraphna, back in Wind's Reality, finds that a 5th Column fleet is heading in towards the base, ready to take it out. She sends her husband, John, with the Future Visitors to the Tower of Babel, turning to order the rest of the base staff to ready for battle and to get base defenses up as good as they can. They have to hold out until the military can join them in destroying the 5th Column's fleet. A decisive battle is about to begin, on the Sea and in Space, as the teams fight for reality itself.

Stardate: 7.27.2225 (Prime Stardate: 10-593.8.26)

Session 50: Class Act Part II

Anyata's team, flown in by Deathstar, pass through a barrier and arrive at a Wily Skull Fortress. Anyata and Ash are instructed to teleport onto the fortress while DS makes one of his daring manuvers to escape. THe group then fights through Wily's fortress, headed towards their goal of freeing Cheryl.

Meanwhile, Seraphna leads the defense of the Ocean Base against Senreich, he contacts her and offers her the oppurtunity to hand over all the relics to avoid the fight, but knowing nothing he does with them will be any good, she insists on defending. The battle launches, and it's a brutal fight, claiming the lives of Eve and Cheryl. Cheryl, killed by a bomb in her stomach, dies when Seraphna attempts to double cross Senreich, who holds her hostage for the Staff of Ra. Seraphna relents but then calls the base to take him out as he tries to leave, Senreich detonates the bomb, Cheryl dying before Sera's eyes.

Anyata's team feels reality crumbling around them as Wily and VIle attempt to take Cheryl's powers for their own. Rushing into the cell blocks they find the guards already destroyed by a beam saber weilding ally. Null recognizes the patterns as Zero's. Using a key card to free Harupia and Leviathan, the team rushes on to Vile's chamber, where Cheryl is hooked up to a machine. Wily begins to use Cheryl to create a Wily World, the orb of reality, when touched by Vile, makes him into a god. Jean uses her powers to teleport a massive number of allies into the room and Wind, awakened, is able to end Vile's power boost while Chii breaks the shielding around Wily, Anyata and Ash break the glass and XX runs after him. Anyata turns off the machine and Cheryl is freed, and pissed off.

The team bashes Vile to the ground and takes him prisoner, while XX kills the Wily she finds, that they later learn was a double. Cheryl and Wind take the group out of the base after they escape by shuttle, and land to join in union, then and there they use their powers to synch the timelines, Alternate, Classic and Prime's time flows change so that they run in unison, allowing better travel between the three. This change is felt throughout the realities, and Cheryl lets everyone know she'll explain why later.

The groups are all now on the Ocean Base, which is now rapidly being repaired and set to rights, having destroyed the 5th Column fleet. A blow has been struck against the enemy, but at what cost?

Stardate: 8.10.2225

Session 51: Adrift

Seraphna called a meeting to order to get people's opinions on how to tackle the mounting issue of declining rank numbers. After taking suggestions, Seraphna forms a group dedicated to hunting down the Mavericks left so that the team can strike. Before they can get going on this however, they get a teleport signal from Null and go to check in on her.

What they find is Null lavishing in a private club after finishing her training with Zero. Added back into the roster, Null joins the groups as they track down markers left on a note that may have come from Zero. What they find is Mavericks hiding, and coming out at set intervals to send out a signal which seems to travel all over the planet. Needing to know what the Mavericks are up to, Seraphna authorizes a mission to take out the cell nearest to Hunter HQ, making it look like they simply stumbled on the cell by accident. The team gets ready to go.

Stardate: 8.10.2225

Session 52: Plans Within Plans

A team infiltrates the Maverick Bunker to find it's populated not just by Mavericks, but untainted reploids following a being called the "Creator". Null follows a couple techs around while the rest storm the communication center, where things get a little bloody as the veteran team members act on the assumption that all of the enemies are Mavericks or Maverick sympathizers. In the end, the group is able to get control of the comms systems and with help from one of the two of Null's new friends, the other enraged and knocked out seeing all the techs harmed, they are able to secure the system and get info before teleporting to the shuttle and making a narrow escape.

What they learn is disturbing. Sigma and X are working together, uniting the Reploids as a race and attempting to build a sort of arc made of Eruasia that will take them all away to another world to colonize on. The launch of this will devastate the planet however, which leaves the team questioning how X could possibly allow such a plan. As the team gathers information so they can stop this terrible event, for now needing a plan to set back the launch so they can prepare, otherwise it will happen soon. Also, they have another issue to deal with, the techs they rescued from the bunker, what do you do when the Mavericks aren't actually Maverick?

Stardate: 8.15.2225

Session 53: Legendary Hunters

Determined to find X and a way to slow Eruasia's launch, Seraphna sends out feelers for a contact, getting an old friend, and she takes a large group of the Hunters to meet him, bringing the duo of Engineers from the bunker as per instruction.

Arriving, they learn her contact is Death Star, an old ally, and the man who made himself into a villain to unite humans and reploids before. With his help they Narrow down their search to find Zero, who might be able to lead them to X. They arrive at the crater where years before, X and Zero had their famous battle which created the wastes, fighting past some bots, they enter a hole at the bottom and locate Zero.

He first challenges Seraphna's leadership, Seraphna holds on tight, and while she doesn't seem to deeply shift any world views, Zero conceeds to tell them his plan, that he's going to use an unused power conduit to sneak well past the Eruasia base's defenses and go right for X. The team gets the door open and rushes inside, because there's no time to waste, any idling and they might be in the conduit when it's turned on, which won't end well.

Stardate: 8.16.2225

Session 54: Nullified

The Hunters raced along an energy conduit, nearly being fried by the activated energy fields, but managing to get through intact. Once inside, they battled their way towards X, losing on of their two Engineer escorts along the way due to sheer unlucky fire. Arriving in X's chamber, the group is forced to battle the clearly insane X and with teamwork, wild throwing things, and a litle absorbtion technique by Null, they are able to overcome X, slaying the ex-hero.

Sigma's voice resounds and tells them they are too late, they Erusia will shortly launch. XX is able to open the door leading to his chambers and Seraphna reminds everyone that only by working together will they overcome him. Too cool for school, Zero rushes off to ensure Sigma's demise on his own, the rest of the group soldier up and head out to face him together.

Stardate: 8.16.2225

Session 55: The Alpha, The Omega, and the Sigma

Regrouping, the team follows markers left by Zero to follow and discover a secret elevator. On the way they are challenged with a collapsing hallway, which nearly takes Null's life, however, Elayne and Sera risk their own to save Null. As they move to attempt and take it, Wendigo strikes, infected Chou with a new form of virus. While she fights it, Seraphna directs her to get the elevator open and a mech becomes active. Null and Chou narrowly escape doom to join the others in the elevator. In the darkness of the elevator, John is stabbed in the spine and disabled, Seraphna uses a flare to ward Wen off again. The group, in a stopped elevator, is forced to repel down the shaft, which becomes a knifework trap of Wen's shadows.

DS holds Wen off to allow the others to get down, seraphna activates flash bombs after they're clear to get DS free, but not before he's damaged. DS then volunteers to hold off the Mavericks waiting in the next, huge chamber as the others run into the reactor core. There they find Sigma, the core itself, a surprisingly normal reploid entity with the comforts of home inside the core. The group, mostly Seraphna, speaks with Sigma and he offers them the killing blow, wanting it all to end. In spite of the ambiguity presented, Seraphna attempts to do something with a datapad, then seems to forumlate a plan, uploading the antivirus for the Maverick Virus directly into Sigma, ending him.

With Sigma destroyed, the Erusia complex begins to overload and go critical. Seraphna holds up two priorities, find DS and find Chloe before leaving. However, Chou acts unfavorably to how Sigma was taken out and seeing Chloe in danger, begins to leave after sending out an evacuation order, to find Chloe on her own. Seraphna offers to help her and go with them, however, Null interjects by grabbing Chou's hand and running off with her, claiming the others have no such intent.

With time closing in, Seraphna decides to let them go and instead tries to check for DS, however, in the chaos and the size of the room he was in, finding him in time is quickly seen as impossible, Using Ash's teleport system, the group beams out and heads home. Seraphna makes her report to Wind and the group, broken up, beaten and tired, takes a much deserved rest, Erusia's launch prevented, X and Sigma no more, and only one Reploid threat remaining, a new one, in the form of the Wendigo Virus.

Null returns to Hunter Base, and after a short conversation with Aya, seems to decide to leave the unit. She collects Iceheart, who wants to do something rather then sit around and be prodded back into health.

Stardate: 8.25.2225

Session 56: The Neo Reich

With the weeks following, reports surface that Chou has been trying to spread the truth of the events that unfolded in the core, that Sigma willingly allowed the group to win and that he was good. This of course, it taken by the public with violent denial, and as the group watches a news report of the protest led by Chou, rocks are thrown and the reploids are soon taken into custody. When an explosion rips through the jail, the struggling Seraphna is forced to act and sends a team out to investigate.

Anyata heads out with Aya, XX, and Teddy to investigate and what they find is teleport traces. The group asks where the reploids lived and they're taken to a warehouse compound. Here they meet up with Null and find peaceful reploids, mostly kids staying there. As they begin to interact, 'police' who oddly resemble Neo-Reich soldiers announce they're there to arrest the reploids. They open fire without hesitation and the Hunters are forced to defend.

Succcessfully protecting a majority of the reploids, the group holds out till Chou and her group return. THey rip into and utterly destroy the attacking troops. As the slaughter finishes, a drone that was watching the whole time flies off, too fast for the team to take out. Seraphna and the rest of the Hunters arrive in time to try and break up a second fight between the Reploids and the police reinforcements. As this fight begins to happen, the team notices some sort of black evil aura floating over many of the reploids and some of the cops. Aya is able to use her Pheramone Command to send the things away.

It becomes apparent that this dark energy was acting like a sort of Maverick Virus that was controlling both humans and Reploids. It clearly was not the virus, especially with Sigma dead. Aya's blood proves a quick cure to this possession and Chou, once freed, tells them who did it. The possession was through Senreich. Zeroing in on his location, the entire team heads out to face him and take him out once and for all, Seraphna choosing to double their protection by bringing Aya and vials of her blood to cure people with.

They arrive and the Staff of Ra turns out to be where the power comes from. The vials free the team, and they get shots off, injured, Senreich activates his trap, a time portal, and leaves. The group is pulled in, some having to run in, because they have no choice, the base is about to explode and teleports are jammed.

They arrive in the same place, in the dark, and have to dig themselves out through the graves above. They have arrived at least a decade in the future, and the Neo-Reich has taken control.

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