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Date: 6.18.2225

Session 18: The Doppler Effect

The team has a drunken party, in which they learn just how bad a bad drunk Katrina can be. The team is sobered up quick however when Ire gives them the bad news. Doppler has made his move and 8 locations he once took over, he has taken again, and it's up to the Hunters to take them down so they can begin the assault on his base before Doppler launches even greater threats. The teams divide up, Seraphna, Cheryl and Cole on one team, Anyata, Atayna and Phirax in another, Null, Iceheart and a rookie in a third team, and John, Elayne and Qo (Sera's newest creation) in another. The teams prepare, having a short time to go before they teleport in.

Date: 6.18.2225

Session 19: 8 Maverick Masters! Epic Clash Begins! Fight for Justice!

The four teams launch. Anyata's team leaping through the trees of a Jungle and rushing past a revived Bit to fight Neon Tiger, destroying him and retrieving his DNA power. Null's team battles their way through a snowy landscape at the end of which they meet Blizzard Buffalo and take him down, retrieving his DNA weapon. Seraphna's team goes to the Power Control Center and make their way through some challenges before stumbling on a teleporter. Seraphna thinking it could lead to a secret, and forgetting her history, urges them to try it out. They wind up in an abandoned factory, which brings Sera's memory back quick, warning them this is Vile's and that they're in a trap.

They enter Vile's chamber to hear his taunting voice, and a self destruct sequence. The three rush forward hoping for an exit and teleport out of the location just in time. They complete their trip through the factory, finding X1's Coffee Gun on the way in a Dr. Light Capsule. They defeat Volt Catfish and take his DNA item. Elayne's group rides the waves and makes their way through several challenges, running into Byte along the way and narrowly escaping his overpowered wrath. They find Toxic Seahorse and take him out, retrieving his DNA weapon and porting back to the others. Four master's down, the team takes an hour to rest before going back into the field.

Date: 6.18.2225

Session 20: 4 More for the Fight!

The four teams launch back in again. Null's team battles Byte, who tosses Cole's head at them. After Rookie gains coffee armor from an X1 Capsule, They succeed in taking him out at the cost of greatly injuring Iceheart, the now empowered Rookie and Null recover her and send her off for healing, then head for the real boss. Blast Hornet fights with them and Null and Rookie manage to take him out once Rookie takes on the Gravity Well power.

Elayne's team goes underground and fights a worm mini boss. It uncovers an X1 capsule and Elayne leaps in, gaining a scanning helmet. They continue on, and meet Tunnel Rhino, whom they have to fight, he proves interestingly tough, but a manual Acid Spray weapon helps them whittle him down. John takes a hard blow and Elayne finds herself with a drill pressed dangerous close to her pregnant tummy. John charges it's back as Qo cheers them on and punches it, blowing Rhino up. Elayne finds John in the rubble and heals him up, and the three head back.

The group takes a break again, this time to mourn the deaths of Cole and Phirax, Phirax having died in Anyata's team. Anyata appears to have gained special X1 boots as well during their mission, all 8 DNA chips recovered. Ire sets to locating Doppler's stronghold and preparing them for their next mission, giving them time to breathe.

Date: 6.18.2225

Session 21: Bit Byte!

After some time to recover and relax, Warren locates Doppler's lab. The first team is teleported in to deal with Bt and Byte. Anyata, Atayna, Katrina, John, Elayne and Ash head out to do battle with the the reploid duo. First navigating a passage of Darkness, they come out into a battle with Bit. Armed with weapons Sera gave them, the group is able to overcome Bit's shield and take him out. He warns that all is not over, and with 'his' ressurection, they will all be doomed. The group travels on after Elayne heals them up and using her future sense and shielding, they navigate a laser trapped hallway and reach Byte's room. They find something worse, what Sera identifies over the comms as Bit and Byte combined, Godkarmachine. In a series of near misses, the group works together and finally takes down the duo's combined form. Anyata deals the killing blow and the group teleports home to rest up.

Date: 6.18.2225

Session 22: Dope-ler

Seraphna, Cheryl, Anyata, Null, Iceheart and Ash teleport into the inner workings of Doppler's labratory. Navigating it's labrynthine layers, the group comes up to a series of 8 teleporters, and one inactive one. Instead of following the old trope, Seraphna bypasses the teleporter and the group moves on. Before they reach Doppler however, Vile appears in their path. After a battle against the near invincible Vile, Ash unleashes the awesome might of X1's coffee into Vile's face, causing him to flee. They proceed only to find Doppler waiting for them, confirming for them that he's just sent Sigma's new, Mark 5 body away, and Seraphna identifies the fact that it's not Doppler they're really facing, but Sigma in his body, choosing to sacrifice the old reploid doctor. After a long battle where the base starts to come down on them, the group defeats Doppler-Sigma and makes a mad dash to a place they can teleport out. Having to face an ancient Sigma relic, they overcome his giant form and blast their way out. Narrowly escaping explosions and lava, teleporting to safety.

The battle won, the groups can begin to reassume their positions and return to their usual duties. Until Sigma resurfaces.

Date: 6.20.2225

Session 23: Spirits of the Dead Cat------gons

The Hunters, about to resume duty on Hunter station, suddenly lose contact with the station and everything seems to go silent. Iceheart takes Anyata, Atayna, Katrina, Freyja and Aya up to investigate. The place feels like a haunted house, and when they reach the mess hall, they find a core of some sort. Attacking it only seems to annoy it as it flees. Following it, Freyja attempts to use spirit attacks to take the creature out, only to be foiled and captured. Needing spiritual fu to take this down, Anyata is sent back to get Chii, and after a short misadventure where Anyata is grabbed by a tentacle and saved, the two return, and weilding Chii like a gun, she tries to get Chii to help. Chii, ignoring everyone's insistance on using spiritual attacks to free Freyja and the others, Atayna and Aya captured at this time, instead attacks the core, wasting her energy. Anyata, trying to free the others, uses spirit papers that Freyja drops and frees the fox, who then turns her powers on the beast, freeing the others and defeating the beast. Aya and Atayna, killed by the tentacles, are restored to life. The spirits, revealed as the souls of catgons, fall down to hell, and a mysterious being promises that this attack isn't the end, escaping.

Date: 6.21.2225

Session 24: Interludes

During a brief lull in danger, the groups meet over comms to discuss plans on what to do about the rising villains. Ire reveals he has Pope in deep cover, checking out Senreich, and Seraphna has Elayne testing Katrina's mind, since she had been possessed to find any traces or clues on the spiritmaster. Checking out, the groups relax some, Katrina going down to get her testing, then joining Ash for some time together. Iceheart enjoys her girls, and Anyata expresses interest in learning to use her gifts as a former sex slave to her advantage, and to practice, she wants to try and date Wind or Ire, whom she sees as challenges. Cheryl kidnaps some people for a trip out, and Blue, after Kat parts with Ash, teaches him some mojo.

Date: 6.23.2225

Session 25: The Hall of Light

Recieving a tipoff that the Mavericks have been spotted down on Earth. Iceheart takes her team, presently consisting of Anyata, Atayna, Null, and Blue. They land and discover Mavericks setting explosives, so Anyata blasts the explosives, taking out the Mavericks in one blow. Going through the hole they created, the team discovers and ancient labratory. After some study, they determine it was Doctor Light's lab. There they find and beam up a whole inventory of robot masters, inventions, data, and eventually going lower, they find a Reploid Capsule. Inside is a female reploid which resembles Roll, Mega Man's sister. Asian with blonde hair and big breasts, she seems unseemly. Just as they decide what to do with her, Null activates her on impulse and something goes wrong, the data corrupting.

Three Mavericks step in, Serges, Agile and Violen. Anyata insults Violen, making him attack her, and Agile is foiled in trying to tag the pod for teleportation. Katrina beams the pod up and the three decide to back off. They escape and the place starts to rumble. Anyata teleports them all above where a giant reploid attacks. Blue leaps to it's face and attacks, doing some damage, but is smacked away. Anyata leaps in and speeds up the body, slicing with her Gattousu technique, destroying the head. The group escapes it's explosion and goes home.

Date: 6.25.2225

Session 26: A Relic Awakens

The pod is finally opened and out comes a new, or rather, very old, reploid. She is unnamed, with no memories and only looks similar to Roll and massive breasts to help identify her. The team gets to know this mystery girl from the past who is coined with the name XX after Null suggests names. Getting situated, XX is shown around the Hunter HQ and given a place to sleep and clothing to wear around her body.

Date: 6.29.2225

Session 27: Path of Light

After a series of lessons and help from various Hunters and some guest Hunters such as Seraphna McCormick, XX is acclimated to the station and her gear comes into question. Before much can be decided however, Aya locates another Light Facility down on Earth and the team goes out to see it. Taking XX with them, Seraphna also joins the Hunters out of curiosity over the links to her past, as a decendant of Dr. Wily.

Arriving in a deep forest area, the team makes their way past insane layouts and rolling logs, and when confronted with climbing down a cliff to a waterfall, Seraphna reminds them she's a dragon by changing form and flying them down. Null makes a self manned atmosphiric entry to catch up to the team and crashes into the nearby pool of water in flames. After digging her out, the team continues, into the waterfall.

Hearing someone coming, the group readies an ambush and takes out a group of Nazis who head in after them. Anyata fires their own rocket launcher back out the way they came to buy them time and they enter Light's Lab. Here they find a Light Capsule and XX finds she is actually Roll X, and that Light built her with a special ability, the ability to get it on with a human and bear children.

After recieving a boob upgrade and the power to command men, a Nazi General steps in and stuns the whole team. Commenting on wanting Roll X as a specimen, he moves to capture her when Seraphna shifts into a dragon again to beat her tranq dart, this causes the commander to become interested in her as well, however, XX uses her new power to convince the man to leave. The team makes their escape before mechs can move in and heads back to the surface and home.

Date: 7.1.2225

Session 28: Lord X and the Strange Future

A strange rift in time and space appears in the old American section of Earth. The Hunters are called in to check it out by Wind. Seraphna, as a double agent for both the Hunters and the Special Unit tags along. Landing with suits and supplies, the group tests the rift and is pulled into a strange wasteland. After a while they run into a group of drone reploids who claim they are rebels and begin to attack them. The group fights them off, surprised at how bots that look so advanced can be so easy to take out, and take refuge in a cave. Sera, Katrina and Aya work together to gather information from the remains on the bots.

They discover the location of a city and supposedly, the rule of a Lord X. Confused, having thought they went into the past, none are able to recall a time when X ever fashioned himself to be a Lord. The group rests and embarks for the city the next day, passing through security, the biologicals in the group are almost completely ignored. They arrive in the city and run into one of it's guardians, who decides to take them to Lord X.

Date: 7.2.2225

Session 29: Harpuia and the Guardians

The Hunters are led along to an area, their weapons and offensive systems disabled while they await an audience. They are instead questioned by General Harupia and the other guardians, who take a keen interest in getting to know who they are, especially who XX is, her very name seeming to be blasphemy to them. Led into a dark room, they are asked more questions and Seraphna encourages the group to play along, seeing how far down the rabbit hole they can go.

XX is led away to be scanned to verify her claims of being an original creation of Dr. Light while the others are led out to a car. Just before X can get the data on XX, a group of rebels crashes the party, kidnapping XX and Aya who was with her. This causes a fight to break out in the car, the team fighting off a guardian and soon drones as they fly for safety, guided by operators of a rebel group to a teleport pad. Arriving they hold off their positon until they can teleport, the team reunited in a rebel camp.

Here they meet Ceil, the creator of Copy-X, who begins to inform them of what has happened in this future world.

Date: 7.2.2225

Session 30: Upgrades and Sneaks

The Hunters gather around Aria, who explains to the group the current situation of the world, how Lord X is but a copy of the original and how Dr. Weil is decending to Earth, having heard of the travellers from the past, wanting to steal them and their secrets, travel back in time and change history. The group agrees this cannot happen and choosing to upgrade before they go off and fight, Null, XX, Anyata and Iceheart are placed in capsules and upgraded with future technology while Seraphna babysits Aria's daugther in baby dragon form and Katrina and Aya work.

The group awakens to find the place filled with dead bodies, the rebels shattered while they slept. The upgrades having worked, the group was stashed behind a false wall while the carnage occured. In the chaos, all they find of the biological team members is a blood stain from Katrina, and searching, they find Seraphna and the reploid child together. Seraphna reforms into a humanoid and the group finds a teleporter set to both Neo-Arcadia and Wiel's ship. The group, deciding that Zero, who seems to still be alive, can handle things in Neo-Arcadia, heads to Wiel's ship to save Katrina before it's too late, Aya in Neo-Arcadia.

Seraphna, staying behind with the child and rebuilding a Command and Control center for the mission, directs the group when they arrive intothe bowels of the ship, after some difficulty, they step deeper and deeper into the ship where they come face to face with an oversized capsule, the container for Omega.

Date: 7.2.2225

Session 31: Copy X

Omega awakens, the group is forced to run, Iceheart stays behind to hold it off while Anyata and XX head to the lift. Null disobeys orders and stays behind as well, leaving Anyata and XX to rush through security halls, taking down guards to locate where they're keeping Katrina. Finding the location, they find themselves chased by Omega, who rips the ship apart to get at them. Arriving at Katrina's cell, they find themselves facing Harupia and Leviathan. Instead of fighting them, Anyata manages to talk them out of the fight and bring them to their side, revealing the team to be the Maverick Hunters and Wiel a madman wanting to rule all.

Just as they make peace, Omega arrives, tossing a battered Null and Iceheart down to them. Seeing nothing for it but to escape, the group moves together, Anyata powering up her teleport ability to take them away, as she does, Leviathan rushes in to fight Omega and hold him off, Harupia, refusing to abandon, stays as well, the the team teleports back to Seraphna's awesome holdout location. Seraphna repairs them, and the group readies to go an hour later to go retrieve Aya from Neo-Arcadia.

The group appears in Neo-Arcadia and begins to fight their way through the city. Getting on the elevator to the central tower, the group finds themselves facing off against Phantom. Anyata goes all out on the fellow Shinobi warrior and tries to force him off the lift. Before he can fall, Phantom starts his Armored Phenominon, turning into a giant spider. As the lift stops, everyone gets off and Anyata tries to hold him back. Then, Zero appears and launches himself into Phantom, the two dropping down below.

The group moves on into a chamber and X is waiting for them. XX and X are goaded into a sibling duel and begin to fight as they others race along to a spaceship about to head into space. Iceheart holds back the guards, more generals, while the group rushes on board, Anyata dragging Null to keep her from disobeying again. They board as the platform to the ship collapses. X and XX's battle takes to the air and XX finally overvomes X, about to kill him, they are seperated and XX begins to fall to her death with X's corpse flying past. At the last moment, Harupia, alive and well grabs her and heads for the ship with her.

On the ship, Omega stands before Weil, guarding him, sparking with an exposed core. Anyata charges up her speed and bum rushes the mammoth reploid, using her charged slash against the reploid, blowing the core and filling the room with white.

When it fades, Omega is gone, and in his place is his true core, the real X stands before them, ready for a fight.

Date: 7.2.2225

Session 32: The Doctor and the Omega

As Anyata, Aya and Null face X, XX and Harupia show up on the ship with Iceheart in hand. X proves to be fast, deadly, and whenever he changes modes he only gets worse. While XX and Anyata handle some sibling rivalry, Null snipes between X and Weil, while Harupia and Iceheart takes on Wiel, who proves to be just as dangerous. When X goes into his Gold Armor mode, Anyata, XX and Null desperately try to stop him. Iceheart eventually ends the problem with Weil by dropping with him out of a destroyed section of the floor.

Anyata, Aya and Null manage finally to combine attacks enough to really do some heavy damage to X, Aya pushed to one side to deal with Katrina's injuries incurred in the fight. As they overcome X, he's reduced to a metal skeleton, XX goes to a console, destroying it with Seraphna's help, but not before the console sends out a signal, a portion getting through the time portal the ship heads towards. The ship, starting to crash, nears the portal, and Seraphna uses Anyata to activate a special teleport routine.

The crash, blackness, and the team revives, everyone on the other side of the portal, back in their own time. Seraphna starts dealing with major injuries while Ire's shuttle sets down nearby. Iceheart stands over the headless body of Weil. The team back, the past apparently saved, all they have to deal with now is those who came through with them. Harupia, Leviathan and Allouette alive and at their sides.

Date: 7.7.2225

Session 33: Clubbin'

The girls have a night out to unwind after the events in the distant future. They party all night and only cause minor amounts of property damage, Atay and Anya determining that not even their sexy twin love powers can break the ice on XX. In the morning they're ordered on a mission, following scans of XX's energy signature, they discover a trace amount in Siberia. Here they find the ground zero site of the location where X and Zero were supposedly destroyed, in the middle of a nuclear detonation. However, the ground seems unburied, and saber marks indicate something dug it's way out of the impromptu grave site.

Date: 7.10.2225

Session 34: A Special Case

XX is taken out on mission with Seraphna and Elayne, when an unknown vigilante is reported to be fighting crime in the streets. Investigation leads the team to fake being victims in a jewelry store robbery, so they can witness the white garbed hero move in and take out the bad guys. The culprit turns out to be none other then Lucas McCormick, Seraphna's son. Threatening him with spankings, the hero is chased off back to home, where the team can begin it's real mission.

John is left out of the mission details as the others meet, a serial killer, possibly Ghoul himself, has been at large again, and the team needs to plan how to trap him. Seraphna takes John off on one of her missions for the Lunarians to keep him busy, while the others begin to dress up and create aliases as students in the school.

Date: 7.12.2225

Session 35: Halloween Comes Early

The group to infiltrate the school, Anyata, Atayna, XX and Lilith pose as students and pick up dates to the big halloween party. Investigating the campus, they discover an abandoned tower and climbing it, discover a skinned corpse hanging up top. After this shaking incident, they continue with their plans and get into the halloween party, where disaster strikes. The building becomes sealed and student after student is slaughtered. Hanging onto two of their dates, the girls regroup and try to find the killer, given the threat that everyone will die if they don't call Katrina to the scene.

Hoping that Katrina will do the smart thing and bring backup, the team calls, Anyata dialing up Katrina and informing her on the situation. Katrina moves out to join them, with Ire. When they arrive, they're seperated and Katrina is taken. The building cleared, Anyata escorts the survivors out while Lilith sniffs for clues, seeing the tower might be their answers, XX and Anyata teleport up to it to discover a body, which explodes. Teleporting to safety, they all realize it's a ruse thanks to Lilith's nose and hop into the sewers to give chase.

Date: 7.12.2225

Session 36: Ghoulish Nightmare

Navigating a trap filled sewer, the team tracks Ghoul through the muck to an abandoned house, where three ways in, Anyata, XX and Ire try to reach Katrina in time. However, they fail to reach their objective in time and all they find is a ruined corpse, so multilated only a few surviving bits of DNA survive for testing. The group takes it back to the lab to be analyzed, tasting the sting of defeat due to someone not being in the mood.

Date: 7.12.2225

Session 37: Maverick Attacks

Gathering about over the apparent death of Katrina, Wind states his belief that Katrina is in fact alive, and this corpse was nothing more then a red herring. Before the team can decide what to do however, a massive Maverick attack launches over Mega City and the Hunters, along with some volunteers, race out of meet the threat. Armed with amazingly sophisticated new tech, including guns which immediately infect with the Maverick virus, all hope quickly fades.

Cheryl is beheaded before their eyes, Atayna blown up, and Ash decimated. Null attacks a leader Maverick and destroys a gem on his chest, created a void. She is sucked into it and Iceheart quickly leaps in after her. XX and Anyata are left holding the corpses, and a discarded Maverick Weapon, Anyata takes the wounded and the weapon back to base. XX leaps in after the others.

They find themselves in a flowery field, overhead, a junker airship flies by. Following, they happen across a robotic town and people who seem far more advanced then they ever were.

Date: ?.??.???? (8.4.8064)

Session 38: Legends

Entering the town, the team follows a blue armored boy who goes to buy some items. Here they bump into a strange girl with wild red hair, dressed like an adventurer, she introduces herself as Aero, and seems quite happy to tell them all sorts of things. Like that they are on Manda Island in the year 8064. The girl seems distressed when the blue armored boy leaves. She gives chase, as does the team, especially when she identifies him as Megaman.

As they arrive at the ruins the girl is convinced he's going to. They see him enter, followed by a group of Mavericks. The girl informs them that they need a key to enter and Iceheart realizes the Mavericks must be a group that came forward in time, giving them Mavericks all the powerful tech that led to the deaths of their teammates, stopping them could save many lives.

Aero leads them to an ancient ruins like the one they're locked out of, and the group has to face Reavers, several puzzles, and having to upload a careless Null into a minibot to continue on. They claim the key, or at least, Aero takes it with glee, and the group heads back to the ruins to save Mega. On the way they encounter Baby Bonnes, and Null bitchily tosses the big baby into the sea. Aero fishes him out and comforts him, after pushing Null into the sea. The group fishes Null out and continues onto the ruins.

Date: 8.4.8064

Session 39: Ruins

The team delved into the ruins, where they fought off Reavers, had to face off against the eldest Bonne brother, who took offense to Null's antics. Defeating him as a team and taking his sword, the group moves on and finds themselvesjoining up with Tron Bonne to get to the Mavericks. At the center of the area, they found Mega, disabled and being used to allow the Mavericks entry to a teleporter. They have to defeat a Storm Eagle clone however before they can follow after them.

They are foiled at first in trying to follow, as XX's data was considered not a match however and a mysterious, yet strangely familiar woman appears and informs the group that they must go after them to save both timelines. She activates the teleporter and motions them on, at the last moment, Iceheart seems to recognize her, asking if she's Seraphna, the woman merely sends them on their way.

Date: 8.4.8064

Session 40: Elysium

The group appears in an ancient underwater ruins, thugh it seems surprisingly well kept, with no signs of the Mavericks, they race ahead, Bonne racing right into a shield and vanishing into it, disintegrated. Hoping she's not dead, the group moves on using the portal gun to get around. Null is lost along the way and the group presses onward, encountering a series of puzzles and a challenge area with a Dragon Reaver, the group triumphs all the way to the final chambers.

Here they find the Mavericks downloading information and getting ready to go back and set up the terrible situation that brought the group there in the first place. Seeing Mega's dead body, Aero goes into a rage and unlocks her final form, a new, female version of Zero, she begins to attack with new flaming strikes at one Elephant Reploid, XX uses her new power blaster to try taking out another while Iceheart battles the reploid leader.

The leader dispatches Iceheart as Aero and XX destroy their own targets. Now with only one Hunter left, they face the general, XX putting her power into her blaster and sacrificing herself to destroy him in a combo attack with Aero. Aero, left alone, looks lost as Elsyium's self destruct sequence sounds. Sera reappears and informs her that she can go back in time and undo everything that's happened by stopping the Mavericks from ever crossing over. Equipping herself with the powers of XX, Iceheart and the Mavericks they defeated, Aero grabs her Mega and leaps through, knowing this will be her final fight.

Date: 7.12.2225

Hours before the attack, a group of Mavericks in an alleyway set up a time travel device and get ready to leap through, Aero appears some distance away and lines up her shot. Just as the time travel device powers up, she fires XX's cannon into it, destroying it and the Mavericks who planned to go through. Aero fades from existance, her timeline corrected, sometime in the future, she will find a happier life, yet her data chip somehow survives, falling to the ground.

The Hunters, following a report from Dominator about a new Time Rift, go to the alley, finding the chip and the power orb that Aero took back with her, and evidence of the attack. Checking through the datachip, they see the reploids last vision, someone else was watching those Mavericks, and took something from the site before running off.

Stardate: 7.15.2225

Session 41: Sigma Rising

Wind, resolute in determining that Katrina is not the girl that they found, but rather alive somewhere, has found particles on the body that belong to Roma, Italy. The team flies out there, finding a strange town full of strangely happy people. Anyata sticks with Wind as the others go out to where they landed, spotting a pair of twins that act differently. Learning from this Dawn and Fiore that the town is full of pod people, the groups battles a small army of zombie like people before taking the shuttle and flying over to get Wind and Anyata. Elayne gets a call that John's on his way, and he and Seraphna's latest Reploid, Grizzly Bear, drop from the sky to help fight.

Following scans, the group takes their shuttle to a base where Wind opens doors with hyperspace and reality powers, and after fighting a Yellow Blob Monster and a Dr. Wily machine, the group comes on Dr. Wily and Sigma standing over Katrina. Sigma leaves, dropping info about a mind control virus, and the group charges Wily. They secure Katrina and have to fight some of Wily's Robot Creations before he flees. They are forced to teleport out of the base as Wily hits a self detonate, teleporting to the shuttle and flying out to safety with Katrina.

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