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Stardate: 6.10.2240

Session 57: Sewer Rats

Location: Graveyard

Pulling themselves out of the grave, the group finds themselves in a Nazi occupied London. They aren't given much time to reflect on this however, as search lights begin to look for them. Seraphna orders the group to move, and Null finds herself in trouble when she does nothing. Atayna and Anyata speed their own way away from danger, while Seraphna leads the others into the streets. Their passage is eased as Null keeps the Nazis busy, chasing her. The group ducks into the sewers and starts to move, hoping Null can get out on her own. Null blasts her way underground and joins them, leading the Nazis towards the group.

Moving along towards a resevior, Seraphna lays some simple sticky explosives down to help cover them and the group moves down into it. As they all get down, Nazis begin sniping at them, the group fires back and Sera ignites the sticky explosives. They have a deeply unforseen consequence, somehow destablizing the entire sewers system and sending water flooding in. The group has to struggle to get out on the other side of the resevior and then rush to seal a door against the waters. On the other side, they find Chou. She takes some convincing from Null to help them, but leads the group out of the sewers to the rebel area.

Here, the surviving Reploids and a meager resistance hold out, they find Chloe in a wheelchair and Seraphna is reunited with her foster daughter, Allouette, now full grown. Elayne talks Chou and Chloe into rendering them assistance, and gets Chou to lead them to a hidden skiff. The group takes a short break and learns a bit more about where and when they are and what's happened. Senreich has essentially won, taking many parts of the world, some places still resist, but the Hunters are long since missing and Hunter Station's location is unknown.

Sneaking to the skiff, and joined by a new ally, Pip, the group gets to the water. As they're launching, Chou falls in danger of being captured so Sera pulls her on board, sticking her with the team. The two end up replacing Anyata and Atayna, who never met up with the group, Seraphna lending them out to the resistance while they're gone. The group then sets sail, choosing to head for Australia, one of the only places not taken over.

Stardate: 6.13.2240

Session 58: Pirates of the High Seas

Location: Skiff

Crossing the oceans towards Australia, Seraphna's team encounters a group of pirates that easily outgun and outnumber them. Choosing to surrender the skiff, the group is brought aboard and given rooms. Seraphna then speaks to the Captain, Hawk, and reveals who they are. This gets an odd reaction out of Hawk, and Seraphna agrees to her team being placed in lockdown while they divert course. They wind up in a large secret Pirate Base.

Here they meet Lady White, or someone claiming to be her, getting suspicious, they wind up being escorted to rooms to wait after the Pirates confirm them as the previuosly thought KIA Maverick Hunters. They overhear talk from the next room which clues them in, and the fake Lady White steps in to tell them the truth, and brings them out to meet the real Lady White, Cassandra. Ash is with her, and Teddy is reunited with his other half bro and adopted daughter. The group settles in for a bit while Captain Hawk's ship is prepared for it's next mission. They need to head to an old hold out cell of Wind's to get the scanning equipment needed to located the floating Hunter Base.

Once they've acquired that, the Hunters can begin to rebuild. And maybe XX will stop scowling at everything.

Stardate: 6.20.2240

Session 59: Deadly Kangaroos

Location: Captain Hawk's Ship

The valiant Hunter-Pirates went ashore on Australia. Trekking overland, the group gets some bonding time in which they lean that Ash is embarrasingly stalked by a kangaroo lady who has beaten him up on more than one occasion. The group is assailed by kangaroo bots as they continue on looking for the base and due to Null shooting one down, they are soon surrounded. Seraphna, on Kat's suggestion of following John's philosophy of fighting fist with fist, goes toe to toe with the Kangaroos.

Taking on Kangaroos with her fists and a bit of Lunarian enhanced strength, Seraphna ends up calling out the leader, able to go toe to toe with him, she uses a launch into the air to come down hard on him with a momentum punch, winning the fight, and the loyalty of her new Kangaroo Army.

They follow the Kangaroos and find the abadoned base. Here they learn the name of the General who led the assault on the Australia base and they're able to acquire the algorythmn needed to pinpoint the Hunter Base. The name of the general may be a clue as to where they need to look to find the MIA Wind. Downloading what they can, they head back for the sea and take to the oceans once more.

Stardate: 7.1.2240

Session 60: Ping? Pong!

Location: Dock

Seraphna's Mighty Hunters and their friend Null sail into the pirate base with their new army of robotic kangaroos and the means to find the Hunter Base. Cassandra volunteers her own ship, and Hawk's, to head out to find it. As they near the base, a storm rises.

Braving the storm, and using their powers to ease entry, the group is able to find a hangar bay with which they... dry dock... their ships, almost completely not damaging everything in their wake. Lights lead them into the station and to the command deck, where they find Replacement-President Megumi and her helper, Iceheart. Here they catch up on events and start to make plans to track down Wind and possibly the returned Warren.

The group settles in as the base is readied to go Wind Hunting, next stop, Russia.

Stardate: 7.1.2240

Session 61: The Russian Bearski

Location: Hunter Station

The group docks in Siberia, here they unload with fake IDs and pass off Teddy as a Russian Bear Reploid Wrestlet. After tracking down Uplink, who's having an affair with his Russian computer, the group learns that there really is a Russian Bearski and begin a mission to infiltrate the hotel he's staying in. After taking him out and replacing him with Teddy, the group sneaks back out with the nearly destroyed Bearski in tow. Returning to "base", they discover that Warren has been found, detained in prison. After considering the possibilities and whether or not waiting to get him is an option, Seraphna decides that they must break him out while the mission is already underway and they plot to get Ash arrested, carrying all the tools of anarchy in his subspace he could need to start a prison riot. Ash pisses on a cop and gets sent to hell, prison style.

Stardate: 7.2.2240

Session 62: I'll Box You For that Information

Location: ????

Teddy and Cassandra manage to get inside the secret boxing lair where they find many of Seinreich's top lieutenents are watching, and he has to box his way to the top, through many climatic, epic battles, including against a kangaroo is the second to last opponent. Meanwhile, Ash is dragged to the prison, where he is surrounded by a lot of horny men and everything fades to black on him as the others move into position. When Ash awakens, he brings out his hidden weapons and creates a riot by unleashing all the prisoners, overwhelming the guards and the others move in, usiong this time to help Ash and a discovered Ire to get out, who has grown a giant beard in the meantime back to Uplink's base, where Ire informs them that they are in trouble, the winner of the boxing match is being sent straight to Senreich's base, where while there is likely to be information Wind, they will come fac e to faec with Senreich. Teddy defeats the kangaroo and the Nazi champion and he is led off with Cassandra into a private jet, which takes off before the group can stop it

Stardate: 7.3.2240

Session 63: High Flying Adventure to the Lair of the Nazis

Location: Ship

Teddy and Cassandra win their tournament only to be spirited away on a jet to meet with Senreich himself, the prize of the tournament, it would seem. Inwardly and outwardly cursing themselves, the group, reunited with an epically bearded Ire decides to go after them. Sneaking into the air yard, Seraphna sends Elayne back to the ships to tell them to pull out and relay to the station what's going on.

The group takes out some engineers and disguises themselves as such, sneaking onto an air interceptor and getting it ready. Flying out, they cause the base to come under alert and the Nazi air force comes out in full to try and stop them. They are forced to fight an Nazi airship and big tough looking Nazi fighters. After a messy fight which thankfully results in few lasting injuries, the group overcomes them and zooms off, following Teddy's tracer.

Teddy and Cass meanwhile, are drugged by the flight officer, Korbak and awaken near Senreich's castle. They are brought before him and they come face to face with the Feuer, his scars mostly gone, looking younger, handsomer and stronger than ever. Teddy and Senreich come face to face, but will he notice that Teddy is a bear!? Yes. Probably. And that's a good thing.

Stardate: 7.3.2240

Session 64: Castle Senreich

Location: Balcony

The group managed to touch down relatively uncrashed outside Senreich's Castle while Teddy and Cassandra were given rooms within. Moving out to talk to them through a window, the group gets a better idea of what's going on and the two are dragged off to see Senreich while the group gets into the castle via a balcony. Seraphna helping them up inside, they find the room was a trap, fighting off the troopers attempting to shoot their way in, the group uses a secret passage to escape.

Senreich reveals to Teddy and Cass that he knows exactly what's going on and they strike up a deal. Cass is brought to the group to arrange a ceasefire just after Seraphna blows the leg off a soldier they discover to be a Cheryl clone. They agree to leave without taking anything else, or the girl, and are marched out with Teddy as a hostage. He's soon returned to them and when they get on the ship and fuel back up, Aya informs them that Katrina is on her way to Africa to investigate a reality disturbance.

The group heads on down that way as Teddy informs them about Senreich's youthful form and they look over the things they did manage to take.

Stardate: 7.6.2240

Session 65: The Hunt for Wind 1.1: Elephant Graveyard

Location: Hunter Station

After returning to PAX Station, the group follows Kat's signal until they get within striking distance of Africa, Seraphna then leads the group out by hovercraft onto the land and over it. John driving them towards Katrina's signal, taking a detour to follow another signal, the group discovers an elephant graveyard which is on the way to Katrina's signal. Here they see the Nazi forces and a man in an iron mask leading them, searching for the source of the disturbance.

Sneaking into the gorge, the group sneaks to the enemy commanders base and Elayne and John sneak inside to try and deal with him while the others don't follow. The two are bashed out of the base and the group has to fight the General for a short time, when Chou, who left to try out an idea, rides in majestically on the back of a horde of Elephants, leading them into the graveyard and crushing the Nazi opposition in her wake. The General escapes using a rift in reality, and the others have to scramble out of the ravine in time to not become jelly.

After a slightly less than destructive ride under the skillful hands of Ash, the group doesn't crash into the area the Nazis are searching. Thanks to not crashing horribly, the group winds up in a jungle surrounded by Amazonian warriors. Katrina there with them, and joined by a youthful looknig Cheryl, with some younger looking fox girls and their little Chii too.

Stardate: 7.3.2240

Session 66: The Hunt for Wind 1.2: Tribal Affair

Location: Forest Area

Following battle with Nazi forces in an elephant graveyard, our heroes finally meet up with Katrina and her Amazon warriors! That is not all as Super Dimensional Strike Force Cheryl has already joined up with Katrina. At the request of their tribal hosts, our heroes have changes into native clothing as they stand upon sacred land! Eyecandy promptly ensues and Kay was slapped upon the back of the head repeatedly.

Once they are appropriately attired, the tribal festivities begin with food, music, topless dancing... actually it was alot like Woodstock. Cheryl discussed her reason for coming and hinting at an as yet unseen threat. There was also an energy in the air, an invisible fountain of youth that reinvigorated all those gathered. With the energy in the air producing amorous feelings and a vision-causing pipe being passed around, so this was definitely alot like Woodstock.

Seraphna had a vision of disaster should the team not succeed in disabling the orbital defenses. XX, on the other hand, had a vision of darkness devouring the entire world. Speaking of XX, Cheryl taught her how to channel the energy of the sacred land to use for healing. They have to save the world!

Stardate: 7.9.2240

Session 67: The Hunt for Wind 1.3: The Desert Fox

Location: Forest Area

Departing the forest, Sera's Hunters and the Mizukaze family trek towards the palce where there is a known airbase in hopes of getting a plane or shuttle, the first step in their need to take out the defense grid surrounding Earth. After some trekking, Seraphna takes dragon form and the group rides on her back for the day into dusk, stopping a mile outside the city just out of sight, the group continues on foot.

Here they sneak into the city through a window, knock out a poor dude trying to get it on with his woman, and Elayne puts the woman asleep before she can scream out. Donning disguises, the group manages, with only minor suspicion, to get near the base. Breaking into another house they find a lesbian Nazi and her lover, and end up blackmailing her for her codes and uniform. Using the old prisoner line trick, XX in disguise takes the rest of the group inside the base, where they overpower the guards and break into the main control room.

Here they meet the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel back from the dead. Seraphna is pleased when her evaluation pays off and Rommel turns out to be quite reasonable. They find him with Lilith, who was attached to him in order to bring him back from death, as well as Chii and Freyja. Rommel lets them take Chii and Freyja, but Rommel keeps Lilith with him, all the same, the two are bonded by the Inugami contract. Rommel allows them to take a plane and orders the guards out of their path, avoiding bloodshed on both sides. The team takes the plane and flies out for Hunter Base, where they can begin to use the plane's codes to figure out a way to get them attached to a shuttle and hopefully get onto the defense grid.

Stardate: 7.13.2240

Session 68: The Hunt for Wind 2.1: The Sacred Steak

Location: Hunter Base

At the Hunter Base, the team meets and goes over their current status, needing time to make the Nazi codes work for their shuttle, the group needs to find a Nazi shuttle and the command codes for getting to the defense grid. While a mission is set up for London, the team disembarks from the station by the Nazi plane to India, following a lead on another Nazi Base.

Running out of fuel just as they arrive, Seraphna and Elayne use their powers together to make a controlled crash of the plane. The plane hits a cow and kills it when it lands and the plane is surrounded by overly native Indians. Escorted off the plane, they are asked to surrender and face punishment. Led into a hut, they wait and enjoy some drugged food and beverages, then are fed cups filled with fruit mixed with blood.

Once they drink them down, they are brought to a fire and given a vision. In it, as animals, they see Rasputin alive and well, rounding up villagers and taking them off somewhere. The group comes out of their vision, seeing their punishment is to deal with Rasputin. As night is falling, they are told scaling the mountain at night is suicide as no one ever returns. Taking a vote, half the group stays behind in the village while the rest head up the mountain anyway with a brave guide.

Trekking up the mountain, they are assaulted by wolf creatures who eat the guide when he tries to run. Running themselves, not away from but towards the monastery, they break down the doors and get into a secondary door, barricading and pushing it closed. Now inside the monastery, they must face whatever is inside alone. Unless the other group can find a way to come to them.

Stardate: 7.13.2240

Session 69: The Hunt for Wind 2.2: The Mad Monk

Location: Monestary

Seraphna's group, with Cheryl, enters the dark and miserable monastery. Upon exploring they find a journal that claims something evil awoke deep in the mountain and that's why everyone fled, something that fed on the monks. They find a stewpot with human remains grown fetid once exploring the galley, following Taiga, and beyond that, a chained door. Breaking the chains the group finds another hallway and enters it, and heading the downwards from there, the group comes out the other side of the mountain in an emergency stable.

Backtracking, they head upwards instead and find a library, filled with books, but it seems the section of dark magics has been entirely cleaned out. Finding a ladder up, Taiga vanishes into the dark and the group follows, finding a tentacle monster. They battle the tentacles, and the combined hits of Seraphna and Chii to a bell the thing is living in cause it to retract, allowing the group to kill it.

Beyond the bell they find another room and inside, Rasputin. Approaching him, Seraphna hangs back at the door, to her luck as Rasputin has set up a trap inside. He attempts to tempt Seraphna in, promising that his formula could bring back the dead, right wrongs Seraphna has committed. She opts instead to punish him, and as he attempts to gobble down a second formula, she and Chii once again share shots and fire on him. He hurtles to the ground outside the tower, where the beasts pick him apart. To try and make sure the job is finished, they toss the bell down on him too, but some huge beast arises from the bell and runs into the night.

Rasputin leave behind his notes and a coffin which seems to contain a half-alive Maria Rasputin. Seraphna sets about seeing if she can help restore the girl while they camp out in the tower for daybreak, and an oppurtunity to get down the mountain again.

Stardate: 7.14.2240

Session 70: The Hunt for Wind 2.3: Himalya Madness

Location: Rasputin's Tower

After a night in Rasputin's tower, the group opts to continue on in the mountains towards the Nazi base. The team, to be joined by the others later, is effectively split into two as they climb. Heading upwards, the teams coordinate in their climbing until they reach the mining area, where John and Elayne's group are set upon by the beasts from before, this time led by a mad, hulking Rasputin monster.

Delayed in getting to the others, Cheryl's group arrives too late and Aya is killed in battle, however, Chii is able to revive her with a feather gifted to her by her weakened Phoenix summon. Together, the group is able to defeat the monsters and send Rasputin sailing down the mountain to his demise. Still seperated by some distance and a cliff, the group enters mines from two sides, however, Elayne is able to figure out the mine cart system and sends a cart to the others, reuniting the team at least.

Together, they are able to use the mines to sneak into the Nazi base where Seraphna rigs a bomb and detonator while the team gets aboard an enemy shuttle and takes it over. The group narrowly escapes on the shuttle, Seraphna detonating the over-powerful bomb which wipes the base from the face of the mountain, disguising their theft as a total loss to the enemy.

Flying out, John takes the shuttle high into the atmosphere, just under the range of the satellites keeping everyone Earthbound. Here, Cheryl is close enough to the sweet spot where she shifts the flows of time in the Classic Reality again, giving the natives time to sort out their problems while she puts together a force to help them out.

Returning to base, the team gets some R&R while they ride the base on it's three day journey to London. Where they plan to get the codes they need to disable the satellites, prevent the terrible vision of failure that the Lunarians experienced before Rasputin, reunite with the rebel forces there and their team mates left behind, Anyata and Atayna.

Stardate: 7.20.2240

Session 71: The Hunt for Wind 3.1: Jack the Ripper

Location: Hunter Station

Last time, the group arrived in London, setting down in a quiet spot, they were confronted by the rebels, who took them in and informed them about many young women who had been killed recently, Following this Jack the Rupper Rip Off, the group is urged to work hard when Seraphna's adopted protigee is kidnapped and investigations lead Seraphna's group to a dead end, while John's goes through a doctor's office and Elayne's vision of another address. The group converges on the office to find Ghoul, and as they attempt to take him down, John saves his adoptive daughter from an explosion. Some chemical burns away at John and he is now in a stasis field while his wife attempts to cure him, and the group ghas to get going with their plans.

Stardate: 7.20.2240

Session 72: The Hunt for Wind 3.2: War of the Roses

Location: London

With John in stasis, Katrina supposes the best way to cure him is to either get Aya's DNA, which could allow John's body to take on Motenks abilities and regenerate, or get the aid of a Progenitor. With Aya as the only viable option, Elayne and Katrina plan on that while Chou sits the group down to a meeting. She explains that in order to make the mission into the Nazi base possible, they will have to occupy the Nazis with something else.

The Houses of Lancaster and York are fueding, and ripe to begin an internal war in London, the group merely has to provide sparks to the powder kegs. Agreeing to this plan, especially since both families are Nazi sympathizers, the group takes to the streets, first stabbing a bunch of Yorks with Lancaster knives and then attending a Lancaster party and poisoning the punch, leaving York evidence. Narrowly avoiding some virginities being taken by Lancaster nobility, the team succeeds and lays low to let the battle begin.

Stardate: 7.21.2240

Session 73: The Hunt for Wind 3.3: London is Falling

Location: London

Moving through the underground, Seraphna's team takes out a couple security guards, getting their comms and passes, as well as getting through several traps, one costing Chou her arm. Arriving above in Buckingham Palace, the group storms the castle, mainly due to Atayna's bloodlusts, they free the royal family and Chou takes the hostages out back through the sewers while the rest, taking up the strange super powered weapons of the Nazis, blast their way through to the control room. Arriving there, they find a young commander waiting for them, he taunts them, letting them know that even though they got there, they will not have London. He informs them of nukes set up all around the bases of the city, Seraphna sends him off, and tries to think of a plan. Harupia meanwhile uses the open access to try and find information he wants, unable to find it, he angrily smashes the console.. and the groups chances of at least turning off the defense grids. Seraphna vows he will be ejected from the team after the mission, and Katrina is forced to stay behind as they others move out, splitting into two groups, Cassandra and Ash head to the edge of the city to warn the Station, while Seraphna's group fights their way to get the the royal family and Chou, who they know to be under attack.

Ash and Cassandra succeed in notifying Iceheart, Aya puts the engines to max and depends on Null's ability to absorb overloads to rush to the city. The two then begin teleporting from pillar to pillar, trying to disarm the nukes in time. Seraphna warns Elayne of the attack coming on the rebel base, but the fight there still costs many times, a deserate strategy has Elayne, XX, and the rebels fighting off the tanks while the innocent flee to safety. At the same time, Seraphna's group finds the royal family and the remains of Chou, who died trying to make sure they survived. Seraphna recovers her core and a goodbye to Null, and the group moves to join with the rebels. With moments left, the group is about to take a final gambit on Big Ben, which has been turned into a Hyperspace cannon, it destroys the palace just after Harupia is able to download the database on Wind and Katrina sends a virus into the defense grid, making changes Seraphna asked for to try and change a vision of the future.

The cannon also fires into the city itself, almost destroying those below, Ash and Cassandra, joined by Chii and Freyja, are able to take out the last bombs just before the counter hits zero and Katrina directs Station shuttles to blow up Big Ben. The city is saved, and the group transports to a Station in need of heavy repairs. The damage begin to get patched up while everyone tries to recover. Seraphna works on restoring Chou's core, Aya is hooked up to John to try and give him Motenk healing, and the group does their best to recover before the final step, opening the door for help from space.


Dust in the Wind


Date: Alt: 10-605.7.26 / Classic: 7.23 - 7.24.2240

Session 74: Dust in the Wind Part IV - Curtain of Iron

Curtain of Iron Song

Location: Second Oracle Planet
The Alt Group has begun to rebuild their resistance life on the fourth moon of the fourth planet in a far away system. The jungle planet was the ex-home to an ancient civilization that built temples now housing the resistance base, school and living areas.

The people amongst the different groups begin deciding who is and isn't going to join the Reality Strikers, notably Rosetta steps the leadership role of the stealth assault unit to her mother, the Alt Cheryl, to join the RS, Zeph, Inari, who has planted a tree presumably housing the Heart of Gaea that nurtures her spirit as well as the existence of the Kitsune. Picking up the tail end is the mad scientist Myria.

Some temporary patching up and reacquaintances later, Cheryl discusses the next move of the Reality Strikers' goals-- to find Wind, and if necessary, defeat him.

Class: 7.23.2240 (night)
In pursuit of Wind and Leviathan, the Hunter Station trudges at the brink of failing, falling apart and overheating all over, Katrina patching up reploids

A meeting to the bridge is called to discuss the upcoming mission. A distortion in time is at the heart of Seinrich's Sky Castle, likely concealing the signature of Wind and being produced by the Staff of Ra, hence not detecting him for some time now.

The state of Iceheart is degrading, one becoming childlike and the other quickly losing higher function on her memory chip, and the degradation has reached the point that her foxes Freyja and Chii are beyond concerned. However, it is raised that little can be done for her, the two wish to stay with her. The revealing of the Rune Blade is done by Iceheart and the runes are given out; Alternate Megumi receives fire, Katrina earth, and Harpuia wind.

7.24.2240 (Day)

Crossing the threshold of the Hunter Station being detected, Ire and Iceheart remain aboard to pilot it to the end into Seinrich's hold, while the rest leave aboard pirate ships to infiltrate it in the commotion. It doesn't seem like it will hold together, but the foxes reveal their presence still aboard and assist in cooling it long enough and getting off with Iceheart and Ire.

The impact on the Island Fortress creates a massive shockwave, and at the same time Cheryl appears with the Striker ship and fires into it to stoke the flames, announcing her arrival and business starting as they take the orbital elevator into the Sky Fortress safely.

Date: Classic: 7.24.2240 / Alt: 10-605.7.26 - 7.27

Session 75: Dust in the Wind Part VI - Crossfire

Crossfire Song

Location: Hunter Station

Following the signs of reality changing destruction across Europe and down to Africa, the group chases down Prime Cheryl in the African deserts, just in time to catch Prime Cheryl and Chii being surrounded by the African Nazis there. As the Desert Fox, Rommel, orders his men to retreat and tries to distract Cheryl, a horrible misunderstanding occurs and leads to Cheryl erasing the Desert Fox inadvertently causing the wrath of Classic Lilith. Lilith comes after Cheryl and in her shock, Cheryl is shot down by enemy troops, though in her current state, unharmed. The group lands and moves out to try and convince Cheryl to calm down. Cheryl takes this offense personally and leaves the reality after bringing Rommel back, cutting the group off as she heads to the Alternate reality - leaving Chii behind as well. Ire meanwhile uses an orb he found to re-establish his pact with Lilith and since Rommel is back to life, he doesn't need Lilith to live.

The group together thinks up the plan to contact Centerpoint and ask Jamie to send them to Alternate. As they use a wickerman to do this, Cheryl begins to help the Alternate Reality. Appearing in A. Aya's command center, Cheryl upgrades the team's technology to help them track the Illium better. A. Aya then answers when Cheryl asks what they would like done, and has the forces around the Illium's Light Gate to their galaxy decimated, she even decimates the forces on the other side. Reappearing, Aya doesn't hesitate to ask for Earth to be freed as well.

Cheryl basks in the glory and thanks of millions of freed people and begins to move on her own. A. Dawn smacks Aya to try and bring some sense to what Aya has done, ordering the execution of thousands upon thousands of the enemy; this doesn't seem to dissuade Aya, but A. Angela is able to convince her to let the group examine Cheryl before sending her out. Unfortunately, Cheryl doesn't return.

The Reality Strikers appear in Alt and follow the lead to discover Cheryl on a colony wiped out by the Illium, the Illium people now living over the graves of the slaughtered and using their possessions. The group is brought to Cheryl - who is invisible and spying on the colonial Illium families - where she addresses them, surprised to see them following. Miyuki and Chii are able to convince Cheryl to come back with them and stay her hand. She agrees and the group returns to the Oracle Base. Before giving her powers up, Cheryl uses her powers to ressurect Classic Cheryl and brings back Chou using the core.

Cheryl holds a meeting and comes to realize she must pass on the power. Half going to Wind, and half, as the group suggests, to Prime Miyuki. Once the power is transferred, Cheryl is weakened and sick while P. Miyuki gains a ninth tail. However, the group has a final task, they head back to Classic to examine the damage. What they find is people cheering at their rescue, the Neo Reich still has a definate hold in some areas of the world, but Zeraphna and the united reinforcements are quickly overwhelming the technologically backward enemies.

However, Zeraphna pinpoints multiple locations where doomsday weapons are activating, Senreich's final legacy. The group teleports to multiple locations throughout the world and have to disable an explosive powered by a Rune each. They teams manage to work together and recover the Runes, however, Cheryl's group arrives late and seeing the Dark Rune already leaking energy, Cheryl stuffs the bomb into Teddy and sends him on a teleport loop. Teddy's head and core survive, but the Dark Rune is destroyed for the Classic Reality, or at least, missing.

The group returns back to the Alternate Reality just as Oracle Aya is taking a group out to investigate a meteorite. As they walk and notice the shuttle landing, Aya sips her coffee, and falls down dead from poison. The cup reads on the inside, 'For mercilessly ordering the deaths of so many.' The group rushes Aya to P. Cheryl's shuttle, with dim hope. Either the new base has an infiltrator, or the Alternate team has a traitor in their midst.

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