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Date: 10-608.11.5 - 11.20

Holiday Wars Mini 1: Kitty and Jem

Waiting on Taiga to be reborn as a clone, and following her rebirth, Ouka has decided to pull out of the school to a part time student that studies from home, especially with Kitty taking it over. Kitty, as the new leader, decides to put it to vote with the student council and though Lenneth is Jem's bond partner and friend, she begins to vote against Ouka being a part time far away student which is what Ouka wants. Kitty and the others talk her into voting for Ouka, especially when Jem and Ako and Iko are brought in to break the deadlock vote. However, Jem turns against Kitty and her take over of the school and their friendship dissolves, and begins to strain the friendship of Lenneth and Jem too. Though Jem and Lenneth patch things up in time for the final battle, it continues past that and threatens to wreck their bond. Lenneth lectures how, despite Jem's "attempt" to patch things up with Kitty like she suggested, it was really a sabotage attempt and that she did not try it and goes into how Lenneth is a much harder taskmaster and that she uses people to get what she wants, and that Kitty does not. In the end, Jem still decides to end their friendship because Kitty should know how Jem is.

Date: 10-608.11.11 - 11.20

Holiday Wars Mini 2: Taiga the Clone

Being reborn on her fifteenth birthday, Taiga is brought back into a strange world. Not having the last six months, nor the memories and nightmares that drove her to make the Zodiac, yet remembering the training and effort and the reasoning, Taiga is all too glad to put the Zodiac behind her now, to the dismay of Si. Her fighting days are behind her, she notes, and she is ready to focus on the future and friends. However, many in her life want nothing to do with her since she is not 'Taiga' - not even her soul is 100% the same anymore, as Chii tests out. While Chii is ready to accept her, Cheryl cannot bring herself to do so, saying her daughter died and that people went behind her back without asking her to make the clone; and while she agrees to try to accept the clone for Chii's sake who seems to need it, Cheryl clearly cannot bring herself to accept it. And Taiga begins to note many of her friends do not seem to accept her - Kitty never coming to meet her and even Miyuki is distant, saying that people brought her back because they needed 'a' Taiga.

Due to all this, Taiga begins the process of moving out of the house, no longer wanting to be in a place she is not wanted. Having already lost her family once for 5 years, she cannot bare to do it again with them right there in front of her, and so she moves into a dorm place while going to high school still, to Ouka's surprise since Kitty runs it though Taiga has no issue with who runs it, since it's convinient and it's close and she knows it. During all this, she refuses to read the old Taiga's diary, since she says that's another person in the end and she works on making a new life for herself, and without her photographic memory she has to work twice as hard to study and learn things, while going on dates with Ouka, the two having gone back in time to a place where they weren't as close in their relationship.

However, one upside is that Taiga and Kasha have become closer again after the original Taiga's falling out with her over Kasha's reaction to Isis asking her if she would take in Alt Spirit and Lilith's essence inside Miyuki to make babies during the battles. Since the clone has no memories of this, Taiga congratulates her on being pregnant since Miyuki, when insane with power got a lot of people pregnant - Aurica, Kasha, and it's believed she might have done so with Isis and Cheryl as well, before giving all the power to Wind after getting burnt out. Making Kasha happy at hearing Taiga congratulate her, she embraces her and gives her a going away present, wishing her sister good luck.

Date: 10-608.11.11 - 11.20

Holiday Wars Mini 3: Momma Cat and Brief Summaries

Momma cat gives birth to four kittens and continues to take care of the wounded, near furless fox kit. Due to the fact snow is beginning to heavily fall, Kitty and Jade gather the animals up, after making sure the vet gives them all their shots, and takes them to Kitty's house to stay, much to Thatcher's dismay. During all this, Taiga - while staying at Si's and waiting on the dorm apartments to finish, kidnaps the two tiger cub mascots and forms an attachment to them without realizing they were Kitty and Miyuki's and once doing so, says goodbye to them, leaving them with Si to give back to them before moving to the PAX across the street and staying in the guest room of Ouka's, since Rin and Justice are doing better now after Rin's brain damage was repaired.

Meanwhile, Jem is continually pestered by Si about making up with Kitty and she is flat out denied and Pio sends her to room for cursing and threatening to upper cut Si in the resturant. And Taiga gets a job in their secondary store in PAX City. Meanwhile, it seems Cheryl's reality powers are subconsciously reducing her breast size, indicating if she is pregnant from Miyuki's rampage, she is getting rid of it. The Nue's meanwhile plan on taking their Thanksgiving vacation on Cheryl's beach island.

Date: 10-608.11.20 - 11.25

Holiday Wars Mini 4: Lead Ups to Thanksgiving

The Nues head out to Cheryl's island where they play around on the island, talking about porn making and how much Gor makes and Chieko getting into the idea of it for future endeavors, to Chieka's horor. Cheryl causes an uproar when she learns that The World is going to be released, due to the fact if they do not release her, they would have to try all the Arcana, and that she was technically abused and under the control of the Illium forces since she was a pre-teen. And though she shows no signs of guilt for actions, she only ended up killing Taiga who stopped her in the end. Cheryl promises that if they release the girl she will kill her, to Gordon Paladin and Erevis and Leyaeh's grim horror.

Meanwhile Jem continues to read books and Taiga and Ouka remain close, Taiga learning of Justice's filming habits and how she records everything that her family has done - ever. And Ama trains Lenneth how to be a proper goddess one day. And X heads out to the Everglades to wrestle gators with her family.

Date: 10-608.11.25

Holiday Wars Chapter 1: Cold Turkey

Paladin tracks down the killer of The World, convinced that it's Cheryl. As he spends his Thanksgiving gathering clues and pondering, he begins his quest that will lead him throughout the Holiday Wars on a mission before God to apprehrend the killer, and bring them to justice, one way or another; and one does not break a vow before god. Click the title of the session to read the story.

Date: 10-608.12.7 - 12.11

Holiday Wars Mini 5: Finals Week

Taiga and the rest of the group finally take their finals, working on taking their tests they have been building toward all year. Being a clone and no longer having her photographic memory, Taiga shows disadvantages in a few categories, while Ouka seems to fly by. Others, like Morrigan, seem to do just fine in all the caterogies while not caring at all, and helping their bond partners like Ros, and Si, Lenneth, and Kitty in their respective classes all do their respective high marks as expected. Aya and Eve Allighieri guide them through their various classes to James and other teachers that still teach, until finally they are let out, and the various groups break up into their mini groups - Taiga, Ouka, and Si going off to celebrate with each other at Pio's before she starts work and Jade, Morrigan, Ros, and Kitty, along with Butterfly and Mute in their own, showing signs of cliques, with only Si moving between them.

Afterward, Taiga begins to do work at Pio's and puts her focus on it, only having one incident where she greets Ouka and is told not to flirt. Kitty, meanwhile, after the base gets all the Ashcroft fortune after Brian Ashcroft is arrested following the Illium incident and no heirs shows up, is asked by Isara, after convincing President Tess Arakawa to give 1% to a fund to help Vanessa Ashcroft, to find her. So Kitty sets out and locates her, with Gor's help, in Mega City, teaching dancing and acting lessons and while rejecting the credits, they do work out an agreement that will let Vanessa work toward her dream and live a little more comfortablely.

Date: 10-608.12.1 - 12.18

Holiday Wars Mini 6: The Mini Gods

With Sol freed by Inari, to be a pet, and then Blase and Tsuni freed by Kagu and Mizu shortly after, three of the four descendant gods are now roaming the ship. Sol, trained to be a leader and warrior all her life, and not knowing how to be a girl or teenger, immediately gives Inari a hard time at every bend and turn, despite Inari wanting to be a mother to her. Exploring the ship at first chance and taking Jem to be her servant/avatar, which definitely sounds like lover the longer it goes on, she makes Jem lead her around and explain things. However, once they go outside in the blistering snow and learn about the school, and she hears from Jem that it is Kitty's place to teach others to obey her now, she goes to destroy it, bringing Kitty to tears and the wrath of the other gods down on her. Blaze and Tsuni step in to defend her and Sol even helps to repair the school, though once Jem yells out she never wanted the job as her servant and was forced into it, and that this wasn't her fault, Sol looks angry and hurt and dismisses her.

Later, Kitty takes a tour with the other student counsel members after Finals Week, and the repairs are complete and shows them the new student rooms and how the ranking system works. Taiga and Ouka make plans to soon move in at the beginning of the next year.

Due to her attitude, Sol is given to Hatchi to be trained and the two do not hit it off well at all, nearly coming to blows when he tries to throw her over misunderstanding the race course. However, Sol does warm up to his kids and shows signs of liking cute things like plushies and sneaks into Inari's rooms to take pretty things she likes.

Blaze and Tsuni, meanwhile, have been enjoying their life and going about learning and eating new things while expecting their baby. They take Sol out and reconnect with their sister, since they know Sol has always loved them and wanted to protect them, and show her the new world and try to help her adjust from always having to fight and be a weapon. So far it seems Sol has slowly, bit by bit, been readjusting and trying to make new friends while looking for a servent, though it's clear sooner or later her and Lenneth will come to battle over the Empire, though probably more due to Lenneth's mechanics due to stalking and watching her.

Date: 10-608.12.18 - 12.25

Holiday Wars Mini 7: The Lead Ups to Christmas

Enjoying their time back at home in the snow, the Nue Family has been relaxed and enjoying themselves. Sumire and Miyuki's parents stop by for the holidays, interrupting sex, and other hijinks have been ocurring. While getting dressed to go to the annual KU Christmas Party, everyone attends, including Aurica, (except Cheryl, Chii, Lorelei, and Taiga) and they dedicate the party to those lost over the year, including Taiga, and have a nice party and time together. During this, Cheryl has taken a step to be with her family as Taiga, Chii, and Lorelei made plans to go to Santa's Forest, a theme park in a forest, to spend time with them and they all have fun on rides, doing bumper cars, and riding animals, petting them, and doing other Christmas activities.

The Del Family goes to Christmas Mass, minus X as usual and taking Tomoe, though it's a battle to find suitable clothing for her to wear to begin with. Though after they succeed and go, she begins to babble and act weird and once they leave and take her to the hospital, they learn she has a brain tumor, a large one, and Enue says it can cause memory loss. Which it seems to be doing already, this fast and sudden out of the blue. Jennifer and Dr. Frank take her in for surgery immediately.

Tomoe comes out of it, but seems to remember some of her past life, to X's surprise; Drake, who has arrived after being out studying abroad for a year and a half, doesn't seem to pick up on it, just glad to be with his love and help take care of her. Meanwhile, everyone begins to celebrate Christmas, opening gifts and being merry and happy together, and showing love and good fortune to one another.

Date: 10-608.12.25

Holiday Wars Chapter 2: Ice Christmas

Cheryl, Lorelei, Aurica, Benjamin, and Taiga Mizukaze each go through Christmas Day, recalling events in their past, while struggling with loss, yet keeping an eye to the future. However, the murder of The World hangs over them and Gordon Paladin is hunting for the killer that is in the family - will the family stick together, or tear itself apart? Click the title of the session to read the story.

Date: 10-608.12.26 - 12.30

Holiday Wars Mini 8: Moving into Cheryl Manor

Cheryl informs all the children about moving back into the old Cran Manor, now dubbing it Cheryl Manor to remove all traces of her father, and lets Lorelei know the offer to take over the old base below it as the General, which she jumps on immediately. The family moves back in and gets things set back up, and then Cheryl asks Taiga to move back in with them, which means leaving Vatican City with the PAX and moving half-way across the world to Mega City. Taiga agrees, but only if Ouka is allowed a room in the manor, which Cheryl agrees, for Chii's sake since she wants Taiga back home. Meanwhile, John decides to retire from EarthGov so he can spend time with his own child, Chain H. McCormick, so he gives the Vatican City base to Peter.

While Cheryl and family moves in, Lorelei quickly snaps up Hale, Del, and Tabetha to move into the base to work for her, before Peter can do so, offering them fantastic job offers and making it so there is KU in the base. While everyone is moving in, though, and Taiga and Ouka are packing Ouka's things in, Ouka wonders why Lorelei is acting hostile towards her still so she finally asks and learns that that Lorelei found Vanessa's pictures of Ouka naked after sex and of her and Vanessa naked together, showing they had sex together to a degree. Ouka explains that they had a sexual relationship after Taiga going out on her camping trip training mission up to a week or two before Kitty got Vanessa's help, which was a week or two before Taiga and her cemented their relationship physically.

Lorelei, clearly not pleased and grinding her teeth, tells her not to tell the clone since she would not understand and does not really remember who Vanessa is, since the clone's memory does not include the camping trip at all. But it's clear if this Taiga had it all, Lorelei would have shown the pictures. Oddly, when Ouka runs off crying to Justice back home, leaving Taiga without a word at first, Taiga moves off without her datapad, leaving the mansion at the same time Umi gives birth to her puppies, causing Lorelei to forget all about the pictures and Ouka. Everyone spends the moment rejoicing happily, and when Ouka returns, Taiga does not indicate even remembering leaving, smiling at seeing Lorelei having puppies and Ouka back. Born on the 29th, their names are Lumi, Pugglesworth, Lomi and Pomi.

Also since Si has rich people problems with multiple houses, she hides under Taiga's bed already.

Date: 10-608.12.26 - 12.31

Holiday Wars Mini 9: Lead Ups to New Years Eve/Day

Kitty and Jade find themselves next door neighbors under the base in their new homes as X and Del set up their nice manor like homes, the new base homes much larger and bigger than before due to the reconstruction, with three rooms holographic so one can configure them however one wants. And X and Em already have plans to reopen their respective businesses in Mega City.

Kitty and Jade, with their ties strong back in Vatican City, plan to continue to go to school there and run the Student Council, use the mansion teleporter and set up pre-new semester Student Council meetings planning out parties and activites for the students. Sol shows up asking how one gets on the Student Council, getting Lenneth's back up at the 'competition' and Kitty tells her how to join clubs and do well, which Sol eagerly agrees to, apologizing for what she did to the school before.

Meanwhile, Cheryl sends out invitations that she will hold a New Year's Eve party to everyone, at her new Manor, which everyone accepts. Erevis, in a strange, mischevious mood lately, seems eager, having been pulling pranks on her lovers like setting up a shrine of pictures around the bed for them to wake up to.

The party comes and everyone gathers, talking and laughing, and Lemon has baked a caked shaped like a 24 hour clock and each slice being sweeter. Everyone meets and greets and Sol gets addicted to dancing with her siblings, and even dancers with Jem, who has been spying on Lenneth and Iro and dirty dances with her. Jade and Kitty get closer and dance and Benjamin seems distracted a bit.

Everyone seems to have a well time and get closer, Erevis and Ama cuddling and Lemon and Chii playing with the sweets. At midnight confetti comes down and Taiga and Ouka share a kiss.

The party goes off well and things seem to be doing nicely and as people leave, the Nues prepare to spend their New Year's Day at Miyuki's Hot Spring Resort. She invites the Mizukazes along and Cheryl agrees after a bit. They spend the day there relaxing, though Taiga hangs back from interacting with the Nues, still wary of many of them outside Suzu and Mitsu.

Especially when, in the hotspring after playfullness turns bad when Kasha states she wishes her pregnancy would go faster like Hi's 3 month cycle. After a bit of back and forth Cheryl uses her reality powers to speed up Kasha's so it's 9 months but gives them 5 minutes to reverse, but only another can do it, then steps out. Back and forthness goes on and Miyuki gets angry at Kasha and her attitude, and Isis finally steps out after a bit herself and Miyuki goes to the car, after freezing Kasha.

While Isis tries to convince Miyuki in the car about Kasha, sitting on Miyuki's lap, Kasha splashes them both with water and since it's winter it's cold, Isis gets angry and storms off, another straw broken and Miyuki refuses to talk when Kasha explains she was being playful when she said she wanted her pregnancy to be as fast as Hi's. Even though Hi thought it would be cool to give birth at the same time. Kasha gives up and moves off to emo and Cheryl listens to both and moves over, drying Kasha off and calls her family to leave, though at this time Taiga and Ouka had snuck off to the Mega City High School for a dance and Benjamin had vanished as well, with a strange shuttle in the sky following Taiga's Air Taxi.

Cheryl tries to talk to Kasha, who is emoing, telling her she is on her side and asking her if she wants her advise, but Kasha is to emo to take it, so Cheryl goes and tells Miyuki that she is making a mistake with Kasha acting this way, that Kasha has always had a light, childish heart and that Miyuki has fought for months to get her family back together and not to tear it apart now not believing her own sister when she says something is true.

And with that Cheryl leaves her two Nue daughters alone on the first day of a long new year. Tied into the events of Holiday Wars Chapter 3.

Date: 10-608.12.31 - 10-609.1.1

Holidays Wars Chapter 3: Warm New Year

Tied into the events of the previous mini summary, the Mizukazes host a New Year's Eve Party and then go to the Nue Hotspring Resort. However, during all this, Gordon Paladin, despite Benjamin Carmichael's warnings, continues to keep tabs on the family, and it will all lead to a dramatic head during a High School Festival celebrating the new year. As Taiga, Benjamin, and Paladin all end up in an alley, one will not leave it. Click the title of the session to read the story.

Date: 10-609.1.3 - 1.7

Holiday Wars Mini 10: New School Year

The new year begins and students flood in. Kitty and company watch over as the students begin their new semester. Sol eagerly takes to her classes to rise up to Student Council, taking debate club, archery club, and others. She also takes an art class and PAX Classes to learn more about the PAX. Morrigan as always slides by not applying and Ako and Iko become the queens of middle school instantly.

At Mega City High School Taiga and Ouka enter a new semester, but not the beginning of a new year. There they find the Arcana led by Hei, having started their own super hero group inspired by Taiga, though Hei is wary of the two since The World was killed. Though they share classes, it is awkward and the groups avoid each other until after school when Ouka confronts Hei asking what is up, and Hei adopts Ouka's stance of talking and acting, telling Ouka why they are wary of Ouka - thinking she might be The World's killer. Assuring her she is not, they go on their seperate ways, though only the future can tell what will happen.

Gordon Paladin is found outside the Mega City High School in a coma, from a blast to his back by EarthGov security forces and brought to the PAX, where Cuddles and Erevis oversee his being hooked up by devices and Cuddles making sure he is hooked up properly. By the end of the week she fixes his wounds and gives him a shot that will wake him up soon, she promises.

As the days go on, both school groups begin to go on their own ways Kitty finds her school room door has been left open by a careless student and Siri is gone.

Date: 10-609.1.8 - 1.10

Holiday Wars Mini 11: Search for Siri

Kitty, in a panic, searches every for Siri, spending a whole day looking for her little fox. Running into Sol the next day, after busting the first, the goddess zooms every looking for Siri, returning with tons of foxes that are not Siri, making Kitty more and more depressed. Finally, Kitty thanks Sol and leaves, and Sol keeps a tiny fox cub, decided she wants one due to it being cute and since Inari is mother of all foxes. However, it beats her up day after day.

When she goes home Kitty tells X what happened and the third day X organizes a Search for Siri mission, getting the Mizukazes involved and a massive search is made under way. Taiga and Kitty go to the shrine and Taiga finds herself a little uneasy seeing the clone is a little uneasy seeing a shrine devoted to herself. However, due to the snow storms it's a little beat up in places, except the momma cat house, which is closed up and the food supply uncovered.

Taiga goes back and tells Kitty, and she and Jade head over there. When Kitty tries to open it up, a fox paw reshuts it. So Kitty ripples into it and a sleepy blonde-brown striped fox looks at Kitty for disturbing it. Siri. Taking Siri out happily, and finding that Chauncy and Eva are there, the two tiger cubs having gone with Siri, Kitty takes all three backi home, ending the search and getting the 1000 credit finders fee X was offering the public for finding the pet. Once home, she sees momma cat has broken into the base armory and gotten an empty grenade belt to carry Siri and the kittens around in, oddly.

Date: 10-609.1.7 - 1.15

Holiday Wars Mini 12: Babies

Hi'Saa finally gives birth to her babies that she was impregnated with by Miyuki on the 7th. Having the spirits of Spirit and Lilith in her, they are reborn as pinkies plus a boy, giving the Nues three more children. However, with the overcrowding now taking place, the older kids begin to decide they have to move out, with so many little ones, and though it clearly bothers Isis, since she grew up twice as slow compared to how the kids grow up twice as fast with the Nues, she finally gives in, on the stipulation that Chieko be allowed to move out as well, as the oldest, despite the fact she looks pretty young compared to the other eldest siblings.

As Chieko, Gor, Mitsu, Suzu, Tonbo, and Hotaru look for places to live, to Kasha's sadness, near home where Isis insists they help pay for and possibly install teleporters, so they can be connected to the Nue Manor, though with the option for the kids to turn it on and off, life continues on, and finally Kasha begins to go into labor on the 12th.

Date: 10-609.1.15 - 1.27

Holiday Wars Mini 13: Changes

Paladin awakens and while Cuddles makes him stay in the hospital bed, he begins to do research on clone degradation, as well as into Benjamin Carmichael's background, though he denies remembering anything when questioned by Erevis or Leyaeh. Also during this, Woodechs invade the land and Taiga begins to put the moves on Ouka, claiming she is her's. Sol makes moves to try to be friends with Jem and Katrina and Mem move into the mansion base when Lorelei offers Mem a job in the black ops so she can be closer to the family.

Date: 10-609.2.5 - 2.13

Holiday Wars Mini 14: Lead Up to Valentine's Day

Taiga and Ouka become sexually active and even get tattoos on their stomach of a little foxy symbol to celebrate. Erevis begins to ride around in a hover chair as she nears her time of pregnancy and Suzu becomes pregnant with Gor's seed before Mitsu, celebrating it to Isis and Kasha's faint heart. Though Isis claims she will now be spending more of her free time there now that she has quit her job to help raise all the kids they have now. Also, Iku wants the D now and Isis makes her wait until she's 6. Can she wait 5 more years? Will Isis have a heart attack? Will Hi lose more wait or eat all the cans of swiss cheese?

Date: 10-609.2.14

Holiday Wars Finale: Hot Valentine

The climax of the murder of The World comes to a head as Gordon Paladin comes at Taiga's clone with everything he has, convinced she is the murderer after his last confrontation with her in the alley on New Year's Day. However, Benjamin Carmichael plans to cut him off, with everything he has in his arsenal. At the same time, the other pieces on the board begin to move and new piece awakens after coming into contact with Taiga. The murderer will stand revealed, and new revelation will come to light in the fallen snow. Click the title of the session to read the story. Concludes in Session 449.

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