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Phase 1: Effects

4.10.2862 AJ

Session 301: The Broken Strings of Fate

Those who faced Gartareh appeared in a cave, finding light, they felt the strangest pull of energy, Lightning seemed strong here while other elements were diminished. Turning on glows led to draining and even magical lights seemed dim. As the group, confused, worked their way down a tunnel, Pupumi remained behind to try and dig her way out. They came across a girl, strange and only slightly familiar, what was startling was her companion, an older looking, if still shrunken Kaji.

The group took the girl and had her lead them out of the mines they were in an into an underground town. Sight of elves in their group brought hateful comments and even violence, but the group was able to mollify the citizens and secure supplies and a way out. The group didn't stay long, and headed back into the caves and towards an Intersection. Here they found a much more peaceful underground zone where the people allowed them in with less fuss.

As they rested, a group of Mutants attacked the town and the heroes ran out to meet the threat, beating them back. The village was surprised when the heroes asked merely for food and rest as a reward and were quite thankful. The group settled down for the evening to rest and try and recover, reeling from their discovery that they're so far in the future, even the names of counties have changed.

4.12.2862 AJ

Session 302: It's a Trader's Market

Departing from Intersection, the band of adventurers step into the dark and find a decrepit trolley cart. Gemane breaks the rust off the wheels and Kaelan begins to move the cart with Wind Magik, joined by Rachael. However, everyone else who can decides to join in the fun and the cart goes wildly careening forward, shattering and crashing. The group manages to recover, Rachael injured badly. Picking themselves up, the group walks the rest of the way to Bastion.

Here, they allow Belit to try and sweet talk the guards into letting them in. She fails utterly and causes the guards to think them spies. Offering trade, and a night with Pupbro, who starts coughing up a small fortune. He's soon taken, as well as Aurica and after she bitches, Rica as well. The group is allowed in to shop and rest for the night. After settling Rachael in a nice inn room, the group goes to check out the Archives they hear about while Belit tracks a lead of her own.

Kaelan leads the group from the archives after learning they need permission, and they go to see the chairman. The Chairman, distracted watching Bro cough up a fortune for him, denies them access but provides the answers they needed. He tells them of how the nations were renamed, and how the world's land masses shifted. He cannot give them much information, but directs them to Gelus' capital city. Belit loses her lead due to lying to him, and the group reforms the following day, heading towards Trader's Market.

There they find easy access to the surface, where they start to take the road Eastward towards the capital city of Gelus, Anora.

4.14.2862 AJ

Session 303: Road to the Capital

Our heroes travelled along the road towards Anora. As they travelled, they were set upon by a storm, lightning crackled all about and the party found, those with Lightning Affinities, that they were charged by it. They also found an open leyline, swelling with power. The more powerhungry had to be distracted away from the vein, and the group used trees and Earth Magik to cover up the ravine the leyline was in. After doing so, they journeyed on, having to flee from supercharged monsters.

Continuing along the road, and heading out of the forests, the group made friends with an unlikely monster. Naming him Gunthur, the group found feeding him fruits could affect his size, speed, and other capabilities and he was able to quickly transport the group towards Anora. At one rest stop, they had to hide Gunthur in a tent as they spoke to a travelling family, who identified Gunthur as a Wolpertinger, and mentioned the huge bounty on a Wolpertinger head. They managed to hide Gunthur for the moment, however, Wyrd, callously morphing into humanoid form in front of the family and calling herself a Demon Blade, caused the family to suspiciously take their leave. Kaelan attempted to warn Wyrd against being so showy, but Wyrd would not listen, Jean however, was able to talk to her about it.

Moving on and closer ever to Anora, the group spot a girl with a map and close in on the cart she's on. Her parents are of course, inquisitive, and Kaelan is able to mollify them towards trading. The man at first asks for 50 gold, a clear rip off, but Jean instantly agrees. Kaelan, seeing what Jean sees, the poverty of the family, consents as well, they even offer to cook for the family. The family, growing a bit ashamed at asking so much, ends up letting them ride with them towards Anora. This forces the group to use Pupbro's fur to make a dog disguise for Gunthur.

Stopping to rest later, tensions between Jean, Umi and the rest of the group grow more apparent. In the night, they have a talk and after it, Jean stepped away from the group. When Truth tried to go to her, she was warned not to follow or use her unique abilities to head after her, so she obeyed, waiting. The following morning, they find Truth still waiting and a note by Wyrd, from Jean telling the group goodbye. She has decided to move on her own for the moment, wanting to find herself and grow up before being able to help the group deal with their own problems. Taking charge in her wake, Kaelan pushes the group to move on with the family, and they head to Anora.

Here they are able to find shelter in a Tailor's Shop run by a Bunper called Thayer, they pay for rooms and settle down while Belit tries to get papers. The group sets about getting some rest and thinking about what they want to do. Kaelan making it clear her intentions to travel north to the lands called Neer, where she thinks she will find information about her family, and those of many of the members of the group, as most of those left behind were in Nuege.

4.20.2862 AJ

Session 304: Anora

The group, settled in Thayer's inn, sets out to check out the library. Once there, they are able to get in thanks to Belit's forged papers, and gain access to the first two levels. There they are able to copy maps and get a view of the changed world, as well as the histories of the various nations they once knew and those that rose up after. Kaelan learns what became of her family and the rest gain new goals and places to explore.

Here they also meet a woman with red hair who surprisingly resembles Moira. They soon learn that she is Mimi McTreggor, Moira's decendant. They are then able to question a Clerk, they learn about the Demon Realm, it's Cadre, and the various demons that live there. After collecting the information, the group goes back to rest and they decide that collecting papers will help them travel. El and Gemane make their own way ahead of the group out of the city and the rest wait on lines and get processed properly.

Two days later, they are ready to go, Belit having easedropped on a group of soldiers collecting supplies, they learn that a couple of Princesses are about to be shipped out somewhere. That in mind, the group heads out and North by Northeast, towards Kael.

4.23.2862 AJ

Session 305: A Tale of Two Princesses

Travelling Northeast, the group begins to gain on a carriage, almost prophetically, they begin to suspect it to be the carriage carrying the princesses, a mounted guard being the clue. As they near, they spot Mimi McTreggor and their suspicions are confirmed, catching up, they hold a small conversation with them, however, Thomas acting like a fool manages to make them paranoid and the royal company darts ahead. After discussing it for a short time, the group speeds up after them.

Jubei, riding on Kaji, is able to spot the kidnapping as it takes place. The carriage collapsing under an Earth trap and riders swooping in, killing Mini's three guard companions. The girls are taken and Mimi is saved from sure death by the intervention of Jubei and Kaji. The team catches up, and they're soon able to fight off the enemy, keeping one alive, catching up to Kaji however, they find the kidnappers escaping on Lizard Queens of their very own.

Mimi reveals the kidnapper to be her own brother, and the group gets caught up on the events of how Anora's family line lost power to the Gelus family line. They secure a cart to Kaji's back and ride in style to the base, where they sneak in, take out a group of guards, and split up. The team heading up to confront Mimi's brother and Mimi herself moving down to rally the 94 other soldiers to her, claiming her right as the eldest. Above, the group finds Lohain discussion having the girls used and raped before killed, this enrages the group, however, as Belit, Butler and Jubei race in to fight, removing the chance of ambush, Kaelan and Moira step in and try instead to talk Lohain down when he uses the princesses as hostages.

They seem to be getting to him when Jubei utters the insult of false king, setting the already unstable man off, he orders the girls killed and the rest wiped out. The group enters a bloody fray, Belit able to use Time Magik to slow the murder of the girls down, allowing her and Jubei to step in and knock away their killers. The rest face down the 26 soldiers and Lohain, soon joined by Mimi backed by the rest of the mountain stronghold's compliment. Lohain leaps from a window to escape, flying off on his dragon. Ignoring Mimi's warning that attacking the Dragon would be too dangerous, Jubei fires an arrow at the Dragon and in turn recieves a Death Mark.

The group returns to the road and repairs the Princess' carriage, as well as their own. Moira and Cersei agree to accompany Mimi with the Princesses to Tri'hill as was originally planned, and the team splits here, continuing to head towards Kael in Neer, and some journeying on in Gelus.


Session 306: The Trading City

Moira's group reaches the Trading City, a mark that sets them on the estern road towards Tri'Hill. Here they find a place to stay the night, but as they're searching, someone in the crowd stabs Mimi in the back. Moira yells out about an Assassin and the entire town breaks into an uproar. Thayer, having beat the group to the town, helps them get Mimi somewhere she can be treated. Gemane and Cersei up on the rooftops tracking, are turned down when the group finds Cersei falling to the ground, Wyrd in her chest. The two are treated as Belit is caught by a shopkeeper who tries to frame her as the assassin.

Spending the night in jail, Belit is visited by a figure with a very interesting presence, she seems to ba Kohna's decendant. The figure leaves something on the ground and flees, Belit tries to warn the guards. The next day, court is held and they try to blame Belit on the assassination, they end up having to have her confess to breaking and entering, but get off on the assassination charge, a good thing since no one was actually killed. However, as this happens, a strange creature crawls up to the princesses and glows, Narok kicks it away before it explodes. When they try to blame Belit on this, Thayer gets enraged and they're able to call out the jerks since Belit tried to warn them. The group rests up and decides to head to Tri'Hill as soon as they're able, whoever wanted the Princesses dead is not done with them just yet.

Meanwhile crossing a river on the way to Kael, Kaelan's group has to stop and take their turn to cross a weak bridge. Making sure to hide Gunthur, they get out to handle the weight difference and El hops out naked. This causes an angry hick woman to march over and demand she clothe, El unwilling to, talks back. Kaelan loses her temper when the woman tries to pull on El's tail and ears, and gets nose to nose with her. Their squabble is only ended when El agrees to get dressed, ending the confrontation, the event makes Rachael question whether or not she wants to be with the group.


Thayer, returning to her shop, finds soldiers waiting and a man in black. He tries to get Thayer to sign an affidavit that portrays the events in Trading City in a poor light. She refuses, and the man warns her that by not signing the people heading towards Tri'Hill will suffer. As he walks off, he orders her shop burned, and her taken away. The shop is lit, but explodes unexpectedly, allowing Thayer the chance to run off, free into the night.


Session 307: The Cat on Tri'hill

Heading into the city of Tri'Hill, the group has to sell their carriage to get through the amazingly crowded streets. Passing a group of dancers in the middle of the square, Mimi presses them on towards to Royal Compound. On their way they spot a Catmew hanging from the window of the Guild Tower. Belit heads up and saves the Catmew, who introduces herself as Lia Mason. She shows Belit an easier way down, then is turned down by Mimi when she offers to escort them to whereever they live. THe group heads on leaving her behind and into the Royal Compound.

Here, Robert, an advisor of the King waits with his son and orders Mimi seized and arrested for kidnapping the Princesses. Juliet doesn't buy a word of it but her sister seems to. The group is closeted in a room and made to wait while Robert interrogates Mimi. Gemane sends a note out to Lia asking for advice on them, leading Lia to a misadventure where she must ask a Dancer for her note. Sending it back by way of her Lizard Queen Anne, she and the Dancer are excitedly dropped right into the courtyard after. The Dancer keeps the guards occupied and Lia considers her next action.

The group recieves her note and begin to discuss what they should do, ultimately deciding to spring Mimi and run. Moira prepares to then notices the painting in the room with it's odd eyes. Further inspection uncovers a passage, and reveals someone was listening to them. Lia is arrested by guards outside thanks to their blabbing. THe group heads down the passage and finds Mimi in time to run into Robert, who has the guards push Lia and Juliet in the room with them, and he has a fire started. As he gets away, the group fights their way out and joins the dancer outside.

Where a legion of Guards wait for them. Leaping into the river, they speed away and to safety. The dancer, Nilla, guides them to his caravan where they use it to take a breath near the city gates, and hopefully tone down their noteriaty level for a time. Lia sends a message off to her tower by some secret Guild means to have them completely set themselves apart from the incident, and hides her colors. The group, currently minor outlaws, make to rest for the night and wait out the trouble.


Session 308: Crossing the Border into Kael

Kaelan's group is travelling towards the border city of Kael when a strange metallic beast of a train much like the Express Carriage comes barelling at them over the grasslands. The group, seeing it coming right for them, and unable to conince Gunthur to flee, create a trench and wall to stop the great vehicle and break for it. This topples the train and sends carts flying, the group is very lucky not to take too serious injuries, however, the carts are full of injured and dead prisoners, and the guards who want to stab them. Healing up the guards, they keep most of the prisoners at by, Lenneth allowing some free that she feels have Aschae's type of situation going on.

Thanked for helping them, the group leaves with one prisoner in their care, Sissy, who they smuggled out after Jubei decided to save her. The group continues north and into Kael, where they find a much more accepting city, able to openly ride Gunthur through the streets. Kaelan begins to lean about the royal family and is confronted once more with her sorrows, seeing images of her decendants and her wife both. The group settles into an inn and decides to at least spend the night and maybe an extra day before heading towards Mercy.


Moira's group, are waiting just inside the city gates, trying to think of a plan. The group starts to think that Juliet might leave them behind so they try and make sure to stick close to her. Annoyed, she rejoins them inside the carts and begins to make plans. They ultimately decide the try and head Julieanne off at the pass, splitting up to check if any of the guards will back up Juliet and to observe Robert's house to keep an eye on their political opponents.


Session 309: Pawn Takes Queen

Juliet, Lia, James and Mimi head into the guard barracks, having to diguise themselves as serving maids after Lia suggests they use the food shipments to get inside. Once inside they are able to change costumes by breaking into an armory and dressing up like guards. Here, they hear people yelling over an attack on the Hill Mansion. Dreading the worst as the other group was supposed to only watch the place, they seek help and find it in Olrick, who has them wait in a safe place while he tries to gather men.

Moira, with Cersei, Belit, Narok and Wyrd watch the Hill House when they see a female figure in the windows. Belit sneaks up to get a better look and tries to jump the wall to the mansion, doing so sets off something she has never encountered before, an alarm system. As it sounds, soldiers begin to fill the streets and the group is forced to take the path of least resistance, through the guards in the yard, and into the mansion. Here they fight their way upstairs where Belit finds a serving girl. Quieting her, they're shown an escape passage and follow it to a carriage that Francis is getting ready to take out of the area.

Juliet's group is met back up with Olrick, who informs them that due to the kidnapping of Francis Hill, he could not garner a lot of support for Juliet. The group is helped out of the Barracks by some like minded soldiers and heads back to Nilla's caravan. When the others do not return, they decide to make their way out of the city before things get worse. Nilla uses some sort of magic to get them through the gates in a concealing shroud, Olrick remaining behind to disable the gate and let them get away.

Outside, the two groups meet up in their carriages and arrows are loosed on them when Francis tries crying out for help. THe groups race away, having to leave the serving girl behind, who Nilla later retrieves with Olrick. Lia is able to heal an arrow wound Cersei takes as the group races off, and they begin their journey for Seacress, planning to raise support for Juliet against the claims of Hill and his conspiracy to put Julieanna into power with his son.


Session 310: Into Positions

Taking their time to leave Kael, the group decides to test a breast growth serum, the mighty melons of Kaelan, Thayer and Fi growing up a cup size, and Thayer's tail... dat tail. Later, as they gather for dinner, the group finds Rachael is about to be arrested for suspicion of murdering the waitress who hit on Leruste the day before. Kaelan accompanies the guards and a mixture of questioning and magical analysis proves Rachael innocent. The group returns to the inn and deciding not to stick around for more trouble, especially with the thought that Sissy may have done the crime, they leave.

Heading on the road, they see a bonfire in the distance and hear angry shouting. The group diverges to check it out and finds the village about to burn Sissy for yet another murder, the victims in both cases strangled and stabbed. Kaelan attempts to mediate and talks the villagers down from becoming a lynch mob. The group has to remove one man who resists the notion of justice and the guards are called. Their investigation concludes that Sissy too is innocent, the murder though, very similar in both cases.

Since Sissy is a known fugitive, they are forced to take her back to Kael, the group rushes back to attempt to get the Rose Knight Captain who was in charge of the operation to delay her sentancing. Kaelan stumbles in her attempt, but Thayer is able to clean things up by convincing the man of their intentions. He agrees to give them three weeks, which hopefully is enough time for them to get to Mercy and gain some royal influence.

As they start heading back, Kaelan slips into the cart to try and talk to people about the incident, but this sparks Rachael's anger and she declares that because the group can never seem to work as a group or friends, that she's done, and will make her own way to Mercy the next chance they get at finding a carriage. This leads the group, over the coming days, to start to attempt being friendlier, and finally it seems, they seem able to get along as friends.

Lenneth's adopted Chae starts training to hunt and drowns, some miracle however, the curse of a drowning spring, brings the tigroar back to life, as a little tigroar girl. Lenneth, with a newfound daughter, seems to start to regain her sanity, and the group with a young one to set an example for, begins to grow even closer.


Session 311: The Legacy of McTreggor

Moira's amazing group splits up a little as they approach Mimi's hometown. She and Bel head off from the rest to go around it, Mimi not wanting to face her family. The rest ride in and find a village of Serpent Queen breeders and warriors. Mimi's mother attempts to adopt Moira, eager for someone of the blood who shares her views. The group puts on a performance for the village and learns, due to Wyrd getting caught changing again, of a Vampire and a Demon Blade who once guarded Anora's line before it fell.

Taking all their new knowledge, the group leaves the next day, departing just before Mimi's brother sets down on his own Serpent Queen. Parting hopefully in peace, the group crosses a bridge and adopts the bridge operated, Bridgette, into their troupe. They continue on towards Seacrest, and what may be yet another challenge in the quest to secure the Gelus throne.


Session 312: The Inn at the Crossroads

Kaelan's group stopped at the Crossroads tavern, where they were able to rest for a bit, get a hot meal and enjoy Chae's adorable performance before things got messy. Truth, following a sidequest lead headed out for the stable where she found the man on the run, dead on the ground. Shifting to human and forming armor and weapons, she headed for the sounds of a departing carriage and leapt for it. Alarms raised over an armored woman rushing a cart with swords drawn, the man driving it tosses a sword at Truth and she's deflected, and soon in the arms of the guards.

Pleading her case, the guards deem that she is not the killer herself and they believe her story when a woman is found tied up stating that the man who was killed was about to rape her. Still, two wrongs not making a right, the group gets saddled back up on Gunthur and tracks the man down to his cave. After disarming him they find his stash and more importantly, his daughter. When the man confesses and states he was only trying to do the right things, Kaelan allows the man to leave with his carriage and stock of creature eggs, and enough gold to get started settled down somewhere. The group takes the rest of the stock and continues on towards Mercy.


Session 313: A Tale of Two Cities

Kaelan's group arrives in Mercy, and discovering the captial has grown in size, set off for the castle almost right away, skipping through the vast city for the castle. As they near, they pass the Rose Knight's Headquarters, and there Jubei is accosted by her mother, Rachael Silas, the Commander of the Rose Knights. The group learns that Jubei is a runaway and in quite a bit of trouble for taking the Rune Blade with her. Choosing to come back later for her and allow Jubei some time to work out things with her mother, the group hurries on to the castle. Here they find open doors and in the courtyard... they find Zegretta Di'Neer.

Kaelan wastes no time, rising up and declaring who she is. Causing a stir, she is soon let in by Zegretta, who has her mark and the marks of those with her checked, a few questions seems to be enough to convince Kaelan of her legitimacy. To Kaelan's disdain, she learns that after her disappearance, several imposters played on Mercy's feelings to try and gain power, thus the suspicions are great. They are given rooms to stay in and Kaelan invited to dinner. Zegretta agrees to have Sissy sent for to be judged herself and Thayer recieves the pardon and protection of Neer.


Arriving in Seacrest, Moira's Heroes find a place to park and discover a need for permits to stay in the city. While the caravan settles in, the group begins scouting out Seacrest and learning more of the three noble families who they need to gain in an alliance. The Seacrest Family, The Linerisas Family and the Garnif Family each hold lands here. After checking out the Seacrest Manor, and leaving some soldiers to identify the servants that go to the taverns, the group moves on and finds an old woman standing by a broken carriage.

Lia engages the Lady, offering help. The sassy old lady turns out to be Lady Lea Linerisas, who invites the group to her house as a thanks. Leo Linerisas, her son, is offered up to the females of the group for marriage, to which the group seems to shyly decline. However, they seem to have somewhat of an ally in Lea, and after being offered her hospitality again, they continue on to check out the Garnif family holdings, finding them small, but still large enough for servants, they post guards again as they did the other two locations and head back to rest and plan. They learned that they have one week until the heads of the families return, called to a council by Lord Hill.


Session 314: Family Crest Part 1

Arriving in Seacrest, Moira's Heroes find a place to park and discover a need for permits to stay in the city. While the caravan settles in, the group begins scouting out Seacrest and learning more of the three noble families who they need to gain in an alliance. The Seacrest Family, The Linerisas Family and the Garnif Family each hold lands here. After checking out the Seacrest Manor, and leaving some soldiers to identify the servants that go to the taverns, the group moves on and finds an old woman standing by a broken carriage.

Lia engages the Lady, offering help. The sassy old lady turns out to be Lady Lea Linerisas, who invites the group to her house as a thanks. Leo Linerisas, her son, is offered up to the females of the group for marriage, to which the group seems to shyly decline. However, they seem to have somewhat of an ally in Lea, and after being offered her hospitality again, they continue on to check out the Garnif family holdings, finding them small, but still large enough for servants, they post guards again as they did the other two locations and head back to rest and plan. They learned that they have one week until the heads of the families return, called to a council by Lord Hill.


Session 315: Family Crest Part 2

The group decides to split up to try some different venues. Mimi, Juliet and Lia go to see the sassy old lady while Moira and the rest go and try to establish contact with Monica Seacrest. With some rocky starts, they're able to secure an audience with the woman and arrange a meeting with her brother, who controls the town guard. They aren't entirely sure if it will be an honorable meeting or a trap, however.

When the group reunites, they learn that due to their small numbers, things didn't go so well for Juliet's group, and Mimi had to offer her hand in marriage to Leo Linerisas. Infuriated, Nilla goes off to see the woman while the group goes out in force to visit the Garnif family. They meet the head of the family however, he is unwilling to declare any form of aid for fear of his family. They depart and return to the caravan to learn that a deal was struck with Lea Linerisas to have a night in bed with James. Juliet refuses this, but Nilla solves the problem by posing as James for the evening.


Session 316: Family Crest Part 3

Weeks pass by happily, the group getting some time to adjust and get familiar with Neer, Kaelan growing closer to her descendants and Jubei catching up with her mother. After a night's celebration where Rachael Silas dances, she speaks to the group about going to see a contact to follow up on her suspicions on who informed the Empire of the Marked appearing in Neer.

The next day, gathered for a picnic, the group sees from a distance a body falling from the Senate Building. They arrive to find the Enforcered being arrested, convicted of murdering Rachael Silas. The group, not believing that story for a moment protests. They find themselves dealing with Rachael Silas' wake and as they try to talk things out with Zegretta, things become instigated when Tyriach interrupts, moving in to demand the Rune Blade be turned over to him as the up and coming commander of the Rose Knights. Jubei protests and states her intention to take the position herself. Tyriach is put off from further protest, reminded that Rachael has not yet even been buried. He leaves, vowing to take it after the funeral.

The groups comments about the Knights upset Zegretta, who leaves them annoyed, her relation to them strained. However, she sends over papers allowing the group to investigage the murder. They first head to the Rose Knight HQ where they question the Enforcers and Kaelan uses her mark to connect with Lessa, she sees things as Lessa saw them, how she was framed, and then the group looks through crystals that contain recordings of the event. Taking clues about who was tipping Lady Silas off, Senator Duncan, and a piece of paper that was dropped on the scene, the group heads to the Senator building.

Here Kaelan introduces herself to Duncan and establishes a contact with him while the rest of the group heads to where the paper was dropped, following scents and residual mana, they find some form of cloaking magik was put into use. Signs seem to point to Timothy for a short moment, but the group is informed suddenly that the Enforcers have been released and proclaimed innocent, calling off their investigation. They arrive to collect them and find none other then Timothy being the one to clear up matters.

Suspicious, the group counts their blessings for the moment and heads home to rest and think about all they've learned. The funeral is soon, and the future of the Rose Knigths and the Rune Blade to be determined.


Session 317: Family Crest Part 4

Meeting with the Seacrests goes foul, Rob Seacrest having no intentions of joining their side attempts to bully and verbally abuse Juliet into a position of going home. JUliet doesn't give way and when it becomes clear that Rob is all for the status quo, Juliet sees her ideals clashing and walks out. Lia, having read his intents during the meeting, recommends they move their camp. After doing so, they go to mean the Garnif family.

Things are much more successful here, however, as the Garnifs are merchants and Nilla speaks their language. Able to secure their support, the group opts to get the caravan outside of the city, hiding in Monica Seacrests farmlands, Monica silently sliding in with them on their quest. A small group stays to meet with Leo Linerisas, and Leo turns out to be rather warm and approaching towards Juliet, making some of the group uncomforterable. He presses the issue of what to do with Francis Hill, the group agrees that he needs to be placed somewhere safe, with an ally, but leaves the matter in deliberations.

Meetings done, the group marches north towards Cromwell, where they plan to continue their quest, also planning to visit the Garnif's mines in the north. They have two families on their side and one part of another one helping them, with hope rising within them, the group continues in their mission to aid Juliet, who wants to change Gelus for the better.


Session 318: A Shattered Blade Guides

The group attends the funeral of Rachael Silas. After the tear filled affair, in which Lin confesses that she was the one keeping Rachael alive, and it was because she would die when Rachael did that Rachael held off so long from retiring, that it's decided that Lin should establish a new link with Jubei. That goes well enough, while the others head to Zegretta's throne room to meet someone else who has come to the city. Gemane is there, asking for Neer's aid to Juliet's plight. Timothy urges against action, while Kaelan subtly tries to push for some sort of underhanded assistance, as they know that their friends are caught up in the trouble.

It is settled that they should go to Ametsune and the Empire and seek aid for Juliet that way, and killing two birds with one stone, they are charged as Zegretta's agents to take the Rune Blade and seek out a means to restore it. Agreeing, most of them ready themselves to go, Lucky and Lit deciding to settle down in Mercy. Kaelan gives Zegretta and Fi'anna a tearful farewell, though Fi'anna will see them again in Ametsune, being sent to stay with her Auntie Ama.

Maria Mason offers them a side quest, and going to speak to her in the tower, they learn she wants them to smuggle some items to Lia to help her efforts. Rachael calls Maria on her dishonesty, which causes Maria to see what she's doing could hard Zegretta, and she instead goes to ask Zegretta herself for the aid. The Queen decides not to send the group on such a mission as it could expose them, and instead sends others to deliver the goods.


The group sets out, leaving Gunthur behind as well, who will totally get all the hot ladies with his dancing while the group is gone.


Session 319: The Trip North

Arriving at the fort, the group settles in for a meal and to meet the Garnif younglings. Here they are introduced to Jerrid, the eldest son and Maka, a daughter with a gift of premonition. The group first passes through the steward of the fort and it's guard captain, who proves to be a brash and stubborn man. When they hear that Serpent Queen Riders are attacking shipments and the surrounding area, teamed up with thieves, the group tries to give their advice and offers to take care of it, but the captain will hear nothing of it.

Once with Jerrid and Maka however, they secure 2000 troops to journey with them, Cersei stepping out to hand pick the very best. The group does convince Jerrid to let them deal with the raiders, and the captain is included for reasons to diplomacy. Going out into the night, a small company of the group, -minus- Juliet, Ian, Thomas, Nilla and James, with Jerrid, the Captain and 50 Soldiers head into the fields and soon find a scout. Bel moves to knock out the scout, only to be beaten to the punch by a knife in the dark from Lia. Discarding the body, and realizing that the enemy is near, they creep quietly on a cave.

Mimi points out a Serpent Queen within, and she and Cersei, along with Bel and Wyrd go into the darkness of a side cavern. Here they ambush the thieves sitting around a table, Bel taking them while Mimi, Cersei and Wyrd take down the sleeping Serpent Queen. Mimi realizes too late that killing the Serpent Queen will alert the rider it is bonded to. Lia, thinking quick when she, Moira and the others step into the cavern, suggests they make it look like the dead theives messed with the Serpent Queen, and they take the one remaining thief prisoner.

Sneaking back into the night, they listen and watch as the Serpent Queens and their Riders turn on the theives, and then fly towards the fortress. There, James holds back riders with the Magik Tech defenses, while one enraged Serpent Queen crashes into the tower Juliet is in. While the others join the fight outside and start taking out Queens, Juliet faces down the rider of the Queen and takes him out, and when the Queen tries to gobble up her and the others inside, Ian baps it with his wooden sword, while others outside attack it. Still, Ian is named Serpent Queen Slayer, mightiest in the land.

The group rests and recuperates after the only surviving Queen and Rider fly off, and prepare to leave the next day lest they bring trouble down on the fort, Jerrid and his siblings seem to be setting up to accompany them, as they head towards the mines and Cromwell.


Session 320: The Lost Forest

The party approached the Lost Woods, here they were warned by a sign to not stray from the path and to trust the "blue one" to take them out if they got lost, and not to trust the "red one". Sure enough, Rachael sees something that lures her off the path and in the true spirit of our heroes, they all head after her, leaving Lenneth to take Chae and the Carriage, along with Thayer and Fi through the woods by the path. The group finds a cave where a evil presence lurks. Stepping inside, they face a Behemoth while Butler, outside, has to break through a crystal barrier.

The group attacks from both sides, and on Kaelan's idea to focus mana attacks on the Behemoth's crystal covering, they attack and destroy it's cover, able to take it down. Truth notices a false wall and Jubei discovers the trick to opening it while Leruste attempts to retrieve some daggers. Taking them, the daggers spring a spike trap whick Leruste is impaled on. After he is healed, Kaelan attempts to take a spike as they are made from precious Ore.

This triggers yet another trap, forcing the group to evacuate through the secret exit. Once on the other side, they begin to explore, eventually finding a red lizard creature similar to a serpent queen. Deciding, agaisnt the advice of the sign to follow it, they are taken to the remains of Ulieah. Here they find a picture of the last crew to fly it, commissioned by, and presumably left by Seth Vimes. They also find a device which Butler takes. Exploring deeper into the mists they find the remains of part of the PAX. Here they find evidence of an experiment using a hyperspace chamber. Notes indicate someone was trying to make something, further evidenced by the red haired, burnt corpses all around. Choosing not to remain too long, the group ventures and fines the Blue Lizard by luck, who leads them on a fast path through the woods.

They battle through a group of hyenabarks on the way in. Taking them out, Seraphim getting injured, they continue on through the woods, Truth carrying her until her healing kicks in.


Once through, they find themselves outside the City of Ruun, a treetop wonder. Here, the Exalted One known as Nephilim is revered, and evidence of her decendants is strong. The group heads up into the trees, where they reunite with the others and find a place to stay.


Session 321: Stop at the Mountain

Our brave adventurers arrive at the Garnif mines, where the villagers are in extreme distress. They learn a monster has been snatching people, pulling them right down into the mine floors. The heroes, as is their station, volunteer to get rid of the monster. Their first excursion takes them down Mine Shaft C, where their guide is taken, and then Cersei, using Wyrd's link to Cersei, they are able to follow her down into the depths and save her just in time, slaying the strange, slime filled monster. Returning victorious, the group parties with the villagers when suddenly monsters begin to attack right on the surface, popping up and dragging people.

The group and the villagers rally and begin to face off against the monsters, eventually using Lia's golem to lure them up and then, when these graboid creatures dig down deep, Wyrd implements a Lightning Rod idea that brings up a big one to take down. The group, tired, realizes that all is not yet done. They delves back into the mine, splitting up and going down A, B and C this time. The excursion goes well, in the sense that the monsters are slain, bad when Lia overreacts and feeds an exploding golem to one of the beasts. The mines collapse, and people realize too late that James and Olric had not made it out. This devastates Lia, and for a moment she has to take on the idea that her actions killed someone, when a Serpent Queen touches down, James and Olric getting off.

Above the mountain they found Pher's Serpent Queen service. And now having a fast ride, the group can get to Cromwell much sooner. The group, relieved to have the group alive, accepts the deal and is shrunk down, and taken adragonback to Cromwell.


Arriving outside Cromwell, the group agrees to get an inn outside the city as the night closes in and to take the trip in during the day.


Session 322: Ruun

Having arrived and settled in Ruun the party ventures out of their inn and through a gauntlet of shops and merchants, along the way encountering many things. This includes a peddler selling a wooden sword with 12 slots that he declares is the ultimate weapon which Kaelan oddly seems to think might be legitimate. As well, they run across a Gypsy fortune teller whom Truth takes an interest in. Soon getting past all of these, the group finds at the end of the city a large complex home, the home of Nephilim's decendant. Angel, blind but gifted with magical senses greets them and verifies them by touch.

After the greetings are done, she leads them inside to show them the ship, Tanan-AI. However, as they head up their cart is alerted to an intruder thanks to the amazing guard duties of Roxie and Chae. The theif, apprehended, turns out to be the Gypsy from the market, named Asha, and while she is being dealt with the others find Tanan-AI and it's flamingly queen like voice is soon adjusted to a less... offensive level. With the ship secured to speed their flight to the port, the group takes a load off and accepts Asha on the premise that she try and reform herself from her theiving ways.


Session 323: Cromwell

Passing into the city of Cromwell, the group is greeted by the smog and dust clouds of an industrial Ore Processing city. Here they find a city which produces Magic Tech and other goods for the country, and housing three of the larger families. After getting an inn and settling Ian into bed, who seems to have a terrible reaction to the smog, the group sets out by carriage to the nobler parts of the city which are kept clean with magic tech. After doing some fishing around and finding some servants, they learn a lot about the three houses: Cromwell, Fishter and Cardinal.

Once they return to the inn, Mimi suggests a plan where everyone gets jobs in the noble houses to scout them out, dividing up so that Lia, Maka, Cersei and Wyrd go to the Fishters, Juliet, James and Mimi to the Cardinals and Bel, Narok, and Moira to the Cromwells. Jerrid remains outside the operation to watch over their gear, his face far too well known to try such a feat. After each group gets themselves hired on, they meet back up to share what they know.

The Fishters are Fubrank and Trisha, with five children of varied ages, and tied to the royal family by some sort of deal. They do NOT get along with the Cardinals at all for some reason.

The Cromwells are not run by Byron, their Lord anymore due to his age, but Byron Jr. and the family has four other children, Welheim the Fabulous, Fritz the Handsome, and Betty and Wilma.

The Cardinals are rather extremeists as far as Gelus is concerned - they are more open to new cultures, and dealing with the master of the household, Robin Cardinal and his wife, Blue Cardinal seem to be really interested in change, and in how they approach stuff; they have only daughters.

The groups return to their duties, hoping to learn more before they decide to make any moves.


Session 324: Flight, Politics, Religion

Things come to a head in Cromwell, learning that an army is on the way to the city, the group is brought to come out to each of the Lords of the three families and quickly gamble for alliances. Song Cardinal ousts Juliet in front of her parents because of the urgency, Song herself pledging her support to the Princess. The Cardinal makes his case known, he sees a reason to align himself with the princess, but refuses to if the Fishters, who have laid allegations against his family, are included.

This allegation causes Lia to become worried, the acusation is that the Cardinals are responsible for the leyline local to the city to become deeply drained. This, she notes, is backed by her inability to feel it out, however, from what Song tells them, the process they use to take mana is no different then any other's process in Gelus, so the abnormality is likely not caused by them.

The group resolves to meet with the Fishters to get their side of the story before making a choice, and then planning to meet with the Cromwells, who's army may mean their survival if the army approaching belongs to loyalists or the Royal Family. Nilla meanwhile makes her way out of the city, the caravan stopped and some exiled demons leading a search of their caravan, looking for someone, possibly Juliet. Recognizing Nilla for what she is, they let her pass out of a sense of comraderie, and Nilla's caravan heads North for Lore.


Angel informs the Neer group of how to properly fly the Tanan AI and the group takes off, experimenting with a recieving device that picks up on magical communications. Some odd things are heard, but communications from Neer and Gelus speak about the Empire about to make an announcement, the Gelus transmission also mentioning an army. At the same time, Aurica, Rica and Bro are in the Empire, in view of the announcement itself, waiting as the current leader of the Empire begins her speech.

All over Tareh, the world plays witness as the new Empress of the Empire is introduced, the Angel Returned. And Aurica and her friends look on as none other then Jean steps up for her introduction, unmistakably the woman in Lorelei's body.


Session 325: The Empress Angel

Juliet and her company sit down with the Cromwells after deciding to put off their talk with the Fishters at the news of the coming army. They are recognized easily and led into the Cromwell estate, where Byron Jr. lays out his beliefs plain and simple. The group attempts to knock him off balance, Cersei asking Wyrd to ask him directly what he wants. This almost comes too late when Wilheim interrupts the meeting and gets upset when Narok will not cuddle him. Lia presses Wyrd's question however, bringing Byron to have to lay it all out.

What he wants is control over Juliet's armies, to in effect be it's Lord-General, Bel and Lia manage to get him to at least stipulate that he will follow Juliet's ideals as best he can, provided he is given enhanced trade agreements and the prime seat on the council. Juliet allows this, provided Byron doesn't cross her, which she promises will only lead to words he will not like. Byron Jr. leaves to draw up the paperwork and get his men on alert to repel the oncoming royal forces, as well as activate the defenses.

Up in Neer, Kaelan's group discusses the new Empress Angel, absorbing the new information and deciding, ultimately, that they need to contonue to Ametsune as they planned, needing the ore to forge the sword. As they get into the sky, Rachael narrowly manages to dodge a blast that comes from the skies above. As it passes them, they feel a very familiar sensation in the Mark, and turn the machine south towards the city of Lore, the direction the blast was going.

Nilla's caravan meanwhile has come to rest in Lore, and they after settling see a shooting star, the crash is audible and just outside the city. With the curiousity of catmews, Nilla and her band head out to investigate.

Umi, Bro and Rica, in the Empire, look on as Jean delivers a greetings speech then goes into the temple. The three try to decide how they should approach this. Rica goes up to a Templar and asks if the Angel is taking any audiences, and learns that she'll only accept important people and close friends. Worried this may be a trap, Aurica hesitates still in making any announcements. Pupbro changes into a dog and tries to play with some Templars, this gets him picked up by Jean herself and taken into the temple. Puppies always have a way in.

Back in Cromwell, Juliet discovers that the Fishters were warned of her coming, they are let in and soon meet with Fubrank and Trisha Fishter. Fubrank seems very much disillusioned about joining forces with them, Fubrank seems to be stalling, and the group at first tries to rush things. After Matty breaks up the argument by distracting Trisha, revealing Maka is well and so far not discovered, the group ends up giving Fishter their time. It seems that the family is trying to send the kids north into Neer, they move to leave, Wyrd staying behind to hug Maka and get information through a mind link, this creates some suspicions, however, Wyrd does make a show of acting like they'd only met recently.

Kaelan's group lands just north of Lore and finds that the crater is empty, some questioning lets them know that an odd group, one of them fitting the description of Thomas, took those that were in the crater to Lore. The group heads there, and starts seeking out Thomas, Thayer and Fi singing his favorite song. This brings out the group and they are soon united with Nilla's group. Together, they settle into the inn, where they get to look upon the fallen visitors for the first time, what they find, shocks them. Jean, in her old body, with Pupumi, they both seem older, out of time, and they have a litter of puppies. Jean explains that she had to come back to prevent something, and the group is set to try and figure out what, Jean and Umi unable to remember.

In Cromwell, the group is discussing plans for the seige, it has become apparent that they will need to establish a supply line to the North, as the army has blocked off all escape into Gelus and seems content to try and wait them out. Bel suggests she climb the wall and sneak around the army to make contact with their troops heading to Cromwell, which Byron thinks impossible. The group sits to plan and make their preparations while Lia examines a care package from Maria, and informs the Mage she may have need of Guild support soon.

Back in the Empire, Jean writes to Truth and the others about how she misses them and cannot contact them in the Mark. Bro reveals himself to her and this leads to Aurica and Rica heading out to join the two. Jean asks the three if they will be her advisors and companions.

Back on the other side of the world, the two groups begin to talk over the Mark, and make plans.

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