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Date: 10-608.9.4 / 10-605.2.17 / February 17th, 2241

Session 416: Gold Strike Part One

Prime: The Special Unit is at work and discussing some security measures they should be taking when the kids from various schools arrive for a field trip tour. Peter volunteers to take the kids around while Hale and Josephine bravely delve into the depths of the catacombs to check things out. While the two take 18 of John's new recruits - highly trained officers that the best the military has to offer these day - down with them, Peter starts the tour with the united school and several guest schools. Below, Hale and Josephine split up into two groupes - Hale taking half to investigate one way while Josephine goes another way. Josephine reaches what appears to be an entrance way that has been destroyed in a strange way, distorted and warped, as not to set off alarms, while Hale's group begins to approach an energy build up and a figure.

As they tour, Taiga takes a look around the entry hallway and seems to get sick suddenly. She gets excused to the bathroom, then explains to Ouka and Morrigan who follow that this is the day she's seen coming for so long. Her major memory was being in a hallway with kids during an attack, lots of blood and she didn't know many of the students as they were in uniforms of other schools. She makes her way back out and as the kids discuss the issue, they tip off James, who tips off Peter, just as down below, Hale's team finds what seems to be a female Weapon. The Weapon charges her body as two of Hale's team approaches her, the rest of them hang back. She explodes, killing them, and as the wave goes forward, two more shield Hale since he is their commander, being killed by sheer bad luck of bone and debris from caskets hitting their neck, which would have gotten Hale.

The first thing the kids notice is that a group of non-Japanesed skirted girls have vanished in the chaos, while others fall into a gaping hole in the floor. The teachers and the Zodiac team up to save the kids. As they catch kids and usher them to safety, the group is left with how to find and with the Arcana who are loose in the base. Taiga knows the adults will be too busy with one threat to deal with the other, and only the Zodiac can turn this situation around.

On Asteroid C, Warren meets with Blue and Red team in order to organize the rescue mission. With Gold Team gone for a full four days, it's come time to try and track them down. Warren explains the situation and his belief that if the others got into trouble--entirely likely--that they might have gone into another reality to get away from the Illium. As Cheryl's ship couldn't pass the Barrier, only the trinity realities were a possibility. However, their location would be in the unreachable Delta Quadrant of the Galaxy.

Alt: Following an idea the Alternate Lisa has about the PAX2, a group volunteers to head to Oracle Planet and look into the fate of the ship. A. Aya tells them it was destroyed in a mission 15 years ago, but that the parts of it were stored in a warehouse behind Myria's lab. They're able to take the core parts of the Light Engine, since the engines are too big to use due to the size of the PAX2, to adapt to Airym's ship. Miyuki leads and takes James, Marshall, Cameron, Alt. Lisa, Curali, Airym, and Ash.

Heading into space, they take the unstable Light Engine out into the Delta Quadrant of Prime, where they find Illium, lots and lots of Illium with super advanced ships that can teleport around and fire Hyperspace Cannons. Clearly outmatched, Curali flies the ship towards a nebula.

Classic: Cheryl's team finishes patching up the ship enough to at least move around. They're trying to decide on a plan of what to do as people start recovering and getting up. As Wolf expects an alien junk world to save them, one actually does, a mechanical world with some actual environment and atmosphere. A very advanced Reploid appears on their viewscreen and tells them they've found Roboticon, the Reploid Homeworld.

Prime: Back in Prime, Curali flies into the Nebula and then asks how dangerous a Light Jump would be inside it. Cameron says it's dangerous, so she makes the jump, Lisa using her shields to try and keep the ship in one piece. The explosion of the Nebula starts a brand new star in Delta Quadrant while taking out seven of the enemy ships and damaging another. The group crosses into Wind's Classic reality and appear in space without Illiums, but a broken Light Engine. It's then that they also find Roboticon and are welcomed down to the surface to meet their friends.

Classic: Here they meet X... another X, who seems completely unaware of the one the Hunters killed off 15 years prior. He invites XX on a walk while Roboticon fixes and enhances the group's ships and Reploids. In space above them, several Illium ships appear in the area looking for them, Roboticon chugging along innocently.

On Wind's Earth, Wind cancels his appointments and leaves with Megumi and Death Star to the Prime reality to look for Miyuki, Wind sensing something coming and needing to train Miyu for the final fight. With all the incursions by the Illium and hunting for Centerpoint, and the fact Miyuki has been exhausted by all her reality efforts, he has decided he needs to step in and get her ready for her powers against this strange threat, lest Miyuki fail when it's most needed. They leave Seraphna to hold the fort.

Prime: Back in Prime, Warren watches the situations unfolds and sends Darien to the PAX to begin to pull the strings of the trap which is undoubtably being laid there.

Date: 10-608.9.4 / 10-605.2.17 / February 17th, 2241

Reality Strikers Session 21: Gold Strike Part Two

Class: As the group on Roboticon gets their upgrades, rests up, and catches up with one another, something looms over them. X ask the group to meet him in command and they file out to follow him.

Prime: In Prime on the PAX, Erevis notices a series of issues coming up in the Senate that bother her. Consulting with Isis and Athena about something that bothers her that has been brought up on the Senate's voting bills for the month, particularly two items.

One seems to be that while many of the Tsivrixsh Empire planets, since the Tsivrixsh have joined, have been placed on the strictest bar for entry, two planets have not - given full autonomy, full technology access of the Suisen Empire, and funding. The previous matter seems to have been voted on already and passed. The other matter is that many worlds wish to join along the bordering worlds of the New EarthGov planets, especially the religious ones, and there are complaints from them - the New Catholic homeworld, the New Buddah Homeworld, the New Muslim Homeworld, etc. While it stims from anti-alien feelings, Erevis finds it suspicious that so many worlds suddenly wish to join from that area and that the Senate is going to likely vote okay.

Sending Isis and Athena to investigate, Erevis shares her thoughts on the matter with Ama and Sammael, and they look into it a little. Erevis points out her main concern, after some note digging, is that the Tsivrixsh planets, being at the border of the galaxy, are where the Light Gate is at in the Alternate Universe. Ama immediately believes that they are going to build a new one, and with the Suisen resources and autonomy, they could do it much faster than the year it took in the other galaxy. Discovering Darien on board, they approach him and their thoughts are backed up.

Class: Back on Roboticon, X shows them the Illium ships closing in. The group is forced to rush out and get onto their repaired ships. As they get their ships powered up, X sends those who went for Mark X upgrades in boxes toward the ship (XX, Teddy, Ash, James' hand, and apparantly Curali in a surprise twist) however as they are landed one by one, Teddy's box is shot and he crashes hard, his upgrades, not fully attached yet are damaged. It seems that while Teddy is functional, he will need an expert to get his Mark X upgrades to work now. Curali, while a dragoon, seems to have taken the upgrades and doesn't seem quite organic as she once was, and James' hand looks normal, except for lines throughout.

Racing against time as Hyperspace attacks pelt down on Roboticon, the group flies off with after attacking the Interceptor to the top of the Avenger. When they're about to leave, due to the damage the planet is taking, and gaping holes appearing throughout the world and the three ships in the sky, X asks them to fly through the core which gives them a speed boost.

However, Curali notices their weight is too much for the Light Engine to handle jumping both ships, so everyone boards the Avenger after Airym comes up with the theory that the Interceptor can follow in Avenger's warp trail, but the risk of the Interceptor's destruction is high. Cheryl stays behind on the Interceptor, as well Katrina and Alt. Kasha. The team punches through on the Light Engine's wake and come out in Prime near Earth's Sun. Detaching the Light Engine as it begins to overload and sending it into the star, the Avenger is able to pull away, following a trail of wreckage where the Interceptor should have been since it didn't appear with them.

Prime: Darien, interrogatted by boobies and gods, lets them know what Warren suspects and Erevis decides to place stealth agents around the Tsivrixsh planets in question. She decides to let them get just enough rope to hang themselves with. Ama interrupts by feeling Miyuki return to Prime and alerts them, they call Warren to relay in.

Exiting Hyperspace, the Avenger finds the wreck of the Interceptor with the three inside and okay. Conferencing in with the PAX and Asteroid C, everyone is brought up to date. Later, on the Oracle Planet, Alt. Ao and Erevis are united with family and the group has a moment of joy as more of those lost are reunited. Ao seems very distant however.

Alt: In the Delta Quadrant, Ao's Son whines to his lackeys that he wants his momma back. In the darkness, a scarred Darien Starr agrees to get her back, checking his gun with cocky and arrogant determination.

Class: On Wind's Earth, John is researching a Motenk Pyramid he once died in and the Motenks were ressurected witihin. He begins to plan an off the books mission for Red Team.

Date: 10-608.9.4 / 10-605.2.17 / February 17th, 2241

Session 417: Rise of the Zodiac I

Prime: Josephine finds Hale and his men, waking up after the attack. Soon after, however, they spot a blonde woman dropping into the crevice. Josephine and Hale follow, some of the men going off on their own to help rescue some of the kids. The Lieutenant determines that there's two ways down into the crevice, either by grapple or by zipline, to follow the woman figure and the children. However, Hale feels something wrong in his bond with Em, and she calls for a team to help. Hale takes half the men with him to go attend to that while Josephine takes the other half deeper down.

The Zodiac, meanwhile, has managed to break away from the rest of the kids, Gor coming to join them at Si's request. After getting ready, Gor runs into Taiga, who luckily doesn't punch him. Planning to use him to get the schematics of the base, they run into an EarthGov team of soldiers. While they tell them to halt, Xander tries to smooth talk the leader into letting them go with his powers, however Ouka knocks one out with her sword and leads half on a chase.The kids (minus Ouka) are led to a cell, but Jade vibrates through the wall and finds a way to shut the cell's force field down. The formerly captured kids crawl through a vent to get to a nearby computer room.

Shortly before the attack began, X arrived at Em's restaurant. Out of a ripple a woman pops out, pinning X to a wall. Em forms her weapon to try to help, however a huge malamute dog trips Em and a younger girl steps out and forces her on the ground, causing Em to call for help to Hale. The woman turns out to be another X and she proceeds to kick Prime X's ass, spearing her through the stomach and grabbing her by the air, telling her that she will kill her children and husband after declaring her to be a failure of an ultimate weapon. Then a neck breaking is heard.

Hale gets out of the catacombs and comms John, getting reinforcements from Peter and his men to Em's restaurant. Due to Del being unreachable before John is called away to deal with the captured children situation, Lorelei promises to keep trying to reach him due to the fact John saw evidence in police witness reports of a purple haired woman and the fact X's salon is nearby.

Taiga's group arrives at a computer hub, Gor taking the schematics off them the old fashioned way. Taiga, however, feels woozy, and she seems to think something happened to Ouka - indicating she has been knocked out and taken to the cells now. Gor gives everyone the schematics, and Taiga takes them through the vents again to their destination.

Josephine, meanwhile, finds the blonde woman from earlier helping kids, one of the kids identifying her as Mrs. Alligheri. Due to the position of Aya in the crevice and the limited supplies, Josephine has to go up and down to get them slowly, with Aya passing them up, making this a slow rescue process. For the last kid, Aya is forced to throw the frightened child at Josephine due to the ground crumbling and the military woman makes the catch with grace.

John goes to meet the kids, only to find only Ouka left. Even then, she disappears with some kitty assistance from Ako and Iko, who have finally arrived from elementary school. John curses children everywhere, causing Key to become sad. After Lorelei gives Del orders to go to Em's restaurant area and the witness reports, a girl with eagle wings appears along with a bunch of other students, saying that she's been looking for her.

Taiga leads the team to the command center only to find the steel doors shut and Ako and Iko arrive with a freshly rescued Ouka. A girl appears on the screen to taunt them about having kidnapped Lore, however Gor leaps into the cameras and uses it to find their location. He sees them attempting to use the system, so he tries to jumps out of the cameras and into that system, hoping to sabotage their efforts - but since the command center is on it's own circuit it's difficult. Outside, Vodka - having been there to help with injured students - throws up a special technique barrier to protect everyone, each shot hitting her barrier taking life and energy from her, gravely injuring and killing her. If not for Gor's actions, and Kumiko getting her out of there and James getting the students out while the barrier was up, it is clear Vodka would be dead.

The Arcana girls use the computer systems to attack the students and people who have been moved outside, as well as those inside, beginning to instegiate a massacre. The only thing keeping it from being worse is Gor's jamming of the systems, keeping all the weapons from going online. Knowing Lorelei is inside and likely injured, they ripple inside with Kitty's powers and prepare to attack, but to Taiga's horror they see Taiga in a bloodied mess. The majority of the Arcana girls retreat except one, who stays at the consoles. However, a grown man is there, and he fights using ripples to keep the team from attacking him and attacking each other.

Back at the restaurant, Hale and Peter find the Malamute and the girl. At first it looks like the dog is eating Em's face, but it turns out they have gotten into Em's supply of meat and that Em is fine. But that doesn't keep them from attacking the girl, which leads into a brawl. The girl uses phasing to fight so that Peter and Delano, who arrives, cannot injure her. Eventually, after Del takes a pulse shot to his chest, crushing internal organs and bone, and slamming him into a car, he and Peter take out the dog, injuring it and turning it into an older woman. The girl, enraged, begins to try to kill them, and this causes Hale to form his mech with Em. Em tries a daring plan to keep the girl from going anywhere, turning her restaurant into a crater. However, no trace of the girl is left, causing Em to get angry that she killed a 10 year old.

Meanwhile, Josephine returns to get Aya after the last of the kids are rescued, but the battle above causes debris to destroy the pully device. Josephine makes her soldiers lower her by hand and Aya leaps onto her after calculating the angles. They manage to survive the jerk down and as a piece of debris falls to them, Aya unclips Josephine's gun so she can aim and shoot it off course. The group manages to escape.

John, trying to get back to the command center, is attacked by a mysterious foe that comes out of nowhere. The beast of a warrior slashes at him again and again, cutting into him, his gauntlets barely stopping the attacks that try to take his head off. Finally, John is gutted through fatally and left for dead and the Weapon Slash leans in, commenting that John was not a worthy opponent and leaves through a ripple produced by Ripple. Tabetha arrives trying to stop the bleeding and summons Key, who posseses him to save John's life.

Meanwhile, during the fight against Weapon Ripple, while many focus on him, their attacks being redirected through ripples to strike and injure others, the Arcana with the tarot of Emperor takes control of of Morrigan, getting her to try to kill Ouka. However, between Ouka pulling the mom card, and Xander using his ability, she becomes her normal self fast. She then does it on Ako and Iko, who paw slap each other.

Taiga tells the group that in the past Ripple could be overloaded if everyone attacked from multiple angles, since he couldn't throw up enough ripples, so Taiga, Kitty, Jade, Ouka, and so on hit him and damage him, making him retreat, while at the same time others strike the Arcana girl's sceptor that she is using to take control of others, bending it to damage it and make it roll about. Even at one point when Ripple tries to Ripple it back to her, they deny him with a blast.

He starts to use the ripples to escape, but the group tries to stop him. They destroy his hand where his ripple unit is located, but it causes a ripple feedback, distorting his body into the ripple into nothingness. It is unknown if Weapon IV, Ripple, is alive or not.The Emperor girl is socked by Kitty, causing her to go unconscious. Taiga kneels down and grabs Lorelei, having discovered the fact she lost her tails, and works to get her down to healers.

Del meets X at the salon, later. However, due to Del thinking X made an error in talking, he determines that she is a copy. When Kitty hears about this, she goes to try to talk them down, having found out that, right before they arrived, after several tense minutes, they determined that neither of them were copies already. At the same time, Cheryl and Miyuki arrive, Cheryl getting a letter in her room from Weapon II, Slasher/Chad, telling her that he's coming for her. And there seems to be a substance on it that she does not notice that vanishes onto her fingers as she brushes it off and then rushes off after learning about Lorelei.

A few days later, while the team is recovering, Cheryl talks to Erevis about the situation. It is unclear if they are the alternate versions of the Weapons, or copies of them. Right now they are tentatively putting Weapon IV up as destroyed as well as IX, with many injured and needing time to recover.

Date: Date: 10-608.9.7 (Feb. 20th for Alt/Class)

Session 418: Full Scale War

Prime: Erevis calls a meeting of the PAX Senate, here she discusses the possibility of going to war. She explains about the possible correlations between all the previous threats that have come on the PAX and the Illium, and uses her right to secure the fleet for 30 days to investigate. She leaves the meeting for the Senators to begin their month long debate as to whether or not the Suisen Empire will go to war. Before the meeting, she brought Shretrav into to ask her if she has any suspicions about the two planets that got the free passes unlike the others; she learns that from her that the voting was broken into quadrants due to the sheer size of the Tsivrixsh Empire's hundreds of worlds. And that those were the only two planets that got the full benefits of the Suisen Empire, and by then she was too tired to put much thought, only wanting some of her worlds to get the full benefit package.

10-608.9.10 (Feb. 23rd for Alt/Class)
While Wind goes through a Montage with Miyuki to train her to be a proper reality goddess, the Base works on the finishing touches to it's recovery. John returns to duty, with Lorelei who looks like she could still use some sick leave after losing her tails. Tess arrives at the base with her daughter Nyaomi and the Bennets to inspect the troops. She thanks everyone for their efforts and asks those involved in the fight what they think they could need in the coming months. The answers are fairly what one might expect, more ships for the fleet, replenishing the soldiers they lost in the attack and Tabetha asking for more help with R&D to create weapons against the Illium.

After which, she steps into an office with John to talk and Angela chats up those still around. This is when Kerry Fisher steps in to check on everyone, expressing worry over the attacks. She also announces that the New EarthGov movement is stepping up their efforts, needing to tie up quite a bit of resources for a few weeks to finish moving onto their new world. Angela lets this go with a smile and a nod, and Kerry hints that in the future, New EarthGov might even come around to help them in the coming days.

At the School, the Zodiac meet again and Taiga unlocks Ros' gift, the ability to change her face or make other people see her as someone they know, allowing them to blend in or gain access to places much easier. Taiga remarks on having trouble finding Michelle's talent, as the two don't know each other very well. She then begins to drill them hard, pushing them all to better efforts.

10-608.9.15 (Feb. 28th for Alt/Class)
Erevis discusses the new effort with the others. Ao sends out ships to begin search and survalliance, the Iron Paw among them. Everyone putting their work into the effort. The family begs Erevis to take it easy to not put the baby at risk. Darien lets them all know about the efforts of the others searching for answers, including Ben Carmichael looking into those who attacked
the base.

10-608.9.19 (March 4th for Alt/Class)
Cheryl calls her Strikers into a meeting. Red Team absent, declining to come due to being busy. Cheryl then lets them know what's up and the need to investigate in Alternate to discover what the Illium might be up to and indeed to get evidence that the Illium are moving for the PAX. Members of Blue and Gold team up and head out. There they attempt to learn from Ao, Erevis and
Baky anything they can and don't find much at all. Aurica, who volunteered to lead the team, decides they're getting nowhere and has the team board the Interceptor to get their own answers. Ao repeats much of what they know - that Avictius wanted to marry her for some reason, despite having clearly superior technology, and seemed to want Erevis and Ao for mating reasons, preferring Ao over Erevis. He seemed to need them specifically for their genes, whatever that may be.

10-608.9.21 (March 6th for Alt/Class)
Class: In Wind's Reality, John pours over reports on a pyramid in Egypt which seems to be vanishing and reappearing in different areas of the desert. A team of the military out looking into it. Elayne sits with him and Seraphna tries to give some ideas on why they can't pin it down. She then tries to comfort John who seems too focused on the pyramid to even notice the worry of his wives.

10-608.9.23 (March 8th for Alt/Class)
Prime: Taiga's team runs drills both with Mechs and a Ground crew, racing to see which team can complete their objectives first. After showing off their abilities to each other, Taiga using a spiritual targetting power, the ground team wins the race. Ben Carmichael sits in the distance, watching them and observing.

10-608.9.26 (March 11th for Alt/ClasS)
Erevis and Shretrav meet to discuss things, mainly how it seems that the worlds that were given extra tech may indeed be influenced by the Illium. We also learn that Yasha was away attending to her estate and will soon return for the voting. Athena leaves at the end to prepare for her concert to encourage people ready to go to war.

Alt: In the Alternate reality, Aurica's team comes out at the Light Gate point to find that the advanced fleet is already there. They muse on what it could all mean, and who the Illium actually are, when they recall some things about the destroyed future reality that Sammael supposedly ended when she thrust the Rune Blade into the time portal. There are three survivors in Prime that might know some things that they can give light to. However, just as they come to this conclusion, the Illium ships move on them to fire. Aurica calls for a reality jump and they phase just as Hyperspace hits their unshielded ship.

Prime: Cheryl wakes up in Prime, feeling what may be the death of her daughter. She sends out a team to search for the Interceptor.

10-608.9.30 (March 15th for Alt/Class)
On Earth, X wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, something she has not done in years. In the mirror she discovers no scars on her stomach and rubs her neck like she expects something to be there. Delano realizes she should have something there from her C-Section. She doesn't know if she's the clone or the real X, and she's pissed at the Weapons for fucking with her.

On the PAX, the Senate is given their evidence, transmissions from the Interceptor's black box on it's final flight, showing the Illium are on the move. The Senate votes yes, and the Suisen Empire is going to war. In Medical, Mem is in a coma having managed to save herself and Katrina, the others whereabouts unknown.

Alt: In the legrange point of the Light Gate, the Illium fleet begins to move, some heading for Alternate planets, while others phase into Prime Reality. The fleet is on the move, and they pass by the wreckage of the Interceptor... which is missing it's escape pods.

Date: 10-608.9.31 / 10-605.3.16 / March 16th, 2241 /

Reality Strikers Session 22: Return of the Motenks

Class: The Classic Reality, in Wind's Mansion, John looks over reports as Elayne and Seraphna look on worriedly. Hearing that the pyramid has appeared again, John gets up to leave. He has Elayne stay back to watch over the Red Team, Seraphna stuck behind being the only leader in Classic currently on duty with Ire busy with his Special Unit. He leaves before they can argue or insist he take help.

Prime: In Prime, Cuddles and Vodka discuss their findings with Del, Prime John and Peter. As they talk, they find that there's some things off about X, but not enough to confirm anything. Listing over the possibilities, and working through the muddle that is Peter's habit of theorycrafting, they determine that a test brought up by Vodka might be the right confirmation. A bone marrow test from Kitty would prove without a shadow of a doubt who X really is.

Class: On Asteroid C, Warren and Classic Katrina sit on a meeting where Elayne explains that John left for the pyramid and then vanished, with the pyramid. Warren sends out Red Team and the group heads to Classic, where Seraphna has already prepped their departure. They board and are joined by Lucas McCormick, one of Seraphna's two sons with Garland, who seems eager to help save his step father. The group flies out and tries to consider what could be happening, as Katrina explains for the rest of the group what the Motenks are. A race of beings made by the Progenitors to "fix" reality by converting all and summoning the beings who are known to most as God and Satan. Wind however, made especially sure that this reality lacks those two beings, making the Motenks that somehow slipped into the reality without a mission.

After arriving and finding the bodies of the soldiers that were with John, slowly converting into Motenks, the group determines that the disappearing act may be because the pyramid is below the sands. XX uses a high powered blast to hope to tunnel down, superheating the sand to make a glass corridor. The group is hit with a sand storm as the blast hits.

Prime: Back in Prime, X is investigating Em's restaurant while Kitty agrees to take the bone marrow extraction. Their plans are cut short as X finds blood and dog hair in a drain and calls Del up. Del calls Peter and John, Peter racing out to join Del while Kitty rides with Del over to the restaurant. They meet up with X and Kitty hops into the drain and follows it out to a homeless shelter and food place.

John, after hearing what Kitty discovered, orders them to back away and sets up units to spy on the area, after verifying that Weapon Spirit and her dog Lilith is there, being taken care of by the shelter people, so that they can hopefully get a lead once she goes back to the other Weapons, or if the other Weapons go back to her.

Class: After XX blasts the Red Team into the Motenk Pyramid, they work their way down into it, discovering datapad messages left behind by John, telling them his plans. It seems that after gaining entry, the pyramid immediately began to attack non-Motenk people, so he tried to get as many people out as he could, ordering the rest of the team to wait outside. As he continued, reading writings on the wall, he began to realize this pyramid was a gateway, to insert the Motenks into a reality - and that it was a Progenitor trigger insertion. Katrina begins to wonder how such a thing could return to this reality, when all traces were eliminated from the Trinity.

Reaching a sealed door, and noises on the other side, the group finds the final datapad message, which is a goodbye message to Sera and Elayne. John informs them that he learned that this Pyramid is going to turn the people of Earth into the Motenk race, and has been slowly altering the genes of anyone nearby - the placement of the desert was to not be noticed. It also houses Theos and Atheos, reasserting them into the reality. And that the ultimate plan it seems is to reset/cleanse the Classic Reality. He doesn't know who did this, but he did a scan with the technology Cheryl gave them and that it seems the Pyramid is from outside the barrier, which leads Katrina and the others to wonder who - most likely the Illiums - got such technology to pierce the barrier to bring another reality's Motenk pyramid here.

John reveals his plan, and why he is saying goodbye, is to destroy the core of the pyramid to stop the turning of the people into Motenks - he doesn't know if it will destroy Theos and Atheos inside the pyramid, but it will at least weaken them. But to do that he has to turn himself into a Motenk and then punch the core directly. Katrina reveals if John turns into a Motenk, he will lose all sense of identity. XX manages to blow open the door and they find John has 3/4ths turned, a black tail, his body almost fully black up to his shoulders, arms black and legs, only his upper shoulders and head still normal. Elayne and the others manage to talk him down right as the core lights up to begin the Motenkforming.

Dead bodies in Egypt begin to turn into Motenks and the ones outside begin to attack the group. As they battle the relentless Motenks, John punches the core again and again as they barely hold them off. Sensing the danger, the pyramid launches Theos and Atheos into space - Jesus and Satan. Piercing the core, it begins to flood the chamber with dangerous radiation and Katrina begins to faint. Alt Kasha, left up in the desert due to the long distance from Prime Katrina and her fox bead, is protected from the radiation and other humanoids, like Elayne begin to get high dosages, but the Atleans handle it better. The reploids there quickly teleport others out and John beams out as the pyramid explodes, a person grabbing Hisame in time as the pyramid goes, taking out the Motenks nearby - but still others flee into space.

Rushing back to Wind's mansion, C. Katrina is put into a medical tube to her lethal dose of radiation. The young looking Cheryl, John, Alouette, and others gather around her tube as she's left in suspended animation as they debate what to do since if she's taken out, she has mere minutes to live - the others being able to be treated in time with minimal side effects. However, around the galaxy of Classic, religious frevor for Allah/God/Jesus/etc. whatever deity you believe in rises. Theos seems to be on the move.

Date: 10-608.10.1 (March 17th in Alt/Class)

Session 419: Rise of the Zodiac II

Class: Aurica, in some sort of rememberance, recalls resetting the moment over and over again as she tries to save everyone in a moment where all was lost. Her growing contempt for her team, how she's growing to hate the faces she sees as she bends reality over and over again. She explains that she ordered Mem and Katrina out with the ship's black box. She keeps remembering each problem, and then...

The team awakens on the Interceptor drifting in space, most monitors offline. The group slowly recovers and finds Aurica unconcious. While Angelos takes her to the back to have Ulieah heal her up and try to help her, the others take stock. They begin to repair systems and get the ship back online, Curali remarks that they'd shifted to the Classic reality, and remembers Aurica ordering them to shift to avoid the hyperspace blast. They begin to work their way home, having no memory of the thousands of times of blowing up and dying and Aurica reversing time at the last possible second to try to find another way to save their lives.


Prime: Taiga holds a Zodiac meeting where she decides they need to expand the roster. She asks her team to ask for friends who can assist in non-combat or rescue roles in order to help the team continue their fight. The group starts putting forth names and idea and Taiga announces her second part, that each week someone in the team will teach the rest of the group some of their skills to help widen the team's functionality and how to work as a unit.


Elwyn interviews for the Zodiac, however, some of the group express disinterest in her talents because they already have people to perform the jobs she says she can do. Before they can finish the vote, held off because Si is a ditz, Ouka dismisses the girl and ends the vote with the possibility open that they could have voted her in.


John calls a meeting for the team and the group gathers to discuss the news that the Alt Weapon Spirit appears to have survived the attack at Em's Diner. They eventually decide to employ Kasha as a mimic fox who can spy on the girl and get intel on her, Josephine selected as her watcher.

The Zodiac club meets again and here the list of names is being narrowed down with CL and Claire's names crossed off. The Idol duo plotting their revengance. Elwyn however, is now circled. Taiga brings up that Elwyn, among many things, is a skilled pilot. The group agrees to hire her on as their shuttle cheufer and that she must wear a fashionable uniform. Suzu, Mitsu, Cheria and Mal are introduced to the group as their support rescue squad.

At this time, Kitty awakens from surgery, Vodka having extracted bone marrow that will prove who X is beyond a doubt. X brings Winston over the see her, finding out that she had surgery. Del and Vodka agree to use Vodka's extra work (fixing Kitty's eye) as a cover for what they're doing. Secrecy ordered by John until they have an answer.

As Joesphine and Kasha set up house and ready to spy on Spirit, Cheryl seems to keel over and start dying in the Nue house. She is rushed to Vodka's where Vod detects a contact poison and estimates that she was given it around the time of the attack, earlier seen when she picked up Chad's letter that said he was going to get her. Vodka works to purge the poison while Peter searches the Nue house for the poison and turns up nothing. She is woken up again after a bit and comes to, and the team tells her what happened. She identifies the source to Chii only, and asks for her help.

10-608.10.2 (10-605.10.2 Alt / March 18th, 2241 Class)

Taiga organizes the troops on a planned raid of a school that the captured Arcana member identified to her the previous night. In desperate need of a win for their side after the scare she received the previous day, she heads out with her team for the abandoned looking school.

Athena finishes her concert on her birthday, to great applause, then steps back stage to join Jennifer, and puts on her fleet uniform. She explains to Jennifer that Ao approached her about the coming battle. Quietly, she made arrangements and said goodbye to Sammael and others, avoiding a long goodbye. She asks her wife if she plans to stay or go with her, and Jennifer, being Jennifer, agrees to go. They consider that CL will want to follow them, having lost them for three years previously, but as they go to leave, Jennifer seems to quietly explain the risk to CL and the child merely demands her mothers return to her this time.

On their way out, they are met by Erevis, Ama and Megumi who have cut them off at the pass to say goodbye. Athena and Jennifer make short goodbyes to their family before Ao cuts it off to let them know that they're receiving reports of the Interceptor on a return course, being chased by Illium Warships. Athena tells them to tell Cheryl she will bring Aurica home and she and Jennifer board their ship to fly off to the rescue.

Meanwhile in India, the Zodiac lands nearby the school and sneaks their way in. They find an Arcana girl destroying the computer consoles of the school-base, but before they can act they're surrounded by chains. As this happens the rescue team is alerted and Suzu and Mitsu foxhole in, taking their additional helpers Cheria and Mal with them into combat. The group struggles to fight their way out, assuming Dragon Mech forms and breaking chains before finding themselves subjected to the Justice Arcana's balances and scales. Having to work their way out of the puzzle, they also have to hold of Justice Arcana from destroying them all in the process.

The battle ends with Justice Arcana and her Tarot Card being destroyed utterly. They celebrate and find that they managed somehow to save most of the computers and their information. They begin to harvest them to take home.

Spirit finds a Kasha-fox and after a few tentative moments, decides to feed the little cutie and maker her her new pet: Emoji!

X and Del greet their daughter as she returns home, X proud of her daughter for kicking butt, but also worried she's going beyond her limits. They put Kitty to bed and X goes to make something for Kitty, she pauses in the kitchen and puts a hand to her face. Meanwhile, Vodka and Peter look at the results of the lab test on Kitty's bone marrow.

And in some dark corner of the world, Slash stands with his weapons, eyeing them each as he puts down two pictures, their new targets. A pair of lolita girls, gothic and evil looking, the Billys. He explains they need to be taken off the table, and sends the Weapons after them.

Date: 10-608.10.2

Session 420: Progenitors vs. Illium

Prime: The crew of the Imperial Paw, featuring Athena, Jennifer, Typhoon and Robb, look over the battle plan, showing the Interceptor fleeing from five Illium battleships. Athena outlines her plan to overwhelm the Illium with superior numbers, noting the risk to the fleet but also the fact that they don't yet know the strength of the enemy. The ready the ship and jump to the intercept point.

The crew of the Interceptor works hard to keep away from the Illium, and are resorting to tactical fire (and suicide) when the Suisen Fleet arrives. The fleet takes care of the lead ship on them as smaller vessels lead them into a medium cruiser that blasts away from the scene and jumps into Hyperspace. Just as they are going, they witness the four remaining Illium vessels explode in a Northern Cross style attack, devastating Athena's strike force. Leaving the ships in the force unable to run away as they make rescue operations. Aurica notes the situation there, the blast unwittingly is serving as a flare to the Illium fleet. The enemy ships have stranded a part of the fleet and now they can move in for the kill.

Long hours after cleaning up the fleet, with even more ships there doing rescue ops, and Athena gets ready to make the call to leave when gates open and dozens more Illium vessels come flying in. They try to jump away but find, to their unexpected horror, that Hyperspace has been cut off for them, a feat only previously known by Erevis herself. With nowhere to run and vessels of injured still there, Athena has no other choice than to launch a defense with the ships they have left.

Mem and Katrina awaken to reveal a disturbing notion, they remember the ship being destroyed and themselves barely making it out. With the Interceptor in one piece, it leaves Erevis to wonder if one of the two parties, the Dragoon Duo or the crew of the Interceptors, are fakes. Shretrav returns to the Empire to look into matters and see what she can do to help, leaving Yasha her voting chip, placing the Tsivrixsh vote on issues in her hands. Love works in her lab, the entire place on lockdown for some reason.

On Earth, the military team meets and John puts down the order that they are not to reveal to X the results of the test. Peter expresses his concerns that they're just sitting on a bomb waiting to go off, but John has other priorities. He outlines the weapons and suggests a pattern that the Weapons are attacking people of likened skill or status to even the playing ground, going on Slash, who has no reason to go after him personally, going after him quite personally, as well as Chad targetting Cheryl.

X leaves Winston with Kitty and heads out on her own, while the group in the base considers the many possible targets the Weapons might have.

In Asteroid C, Cuddles assists Wind and Miyuki in an experiment to scan a living Illium (Tsundere). Using scanners specifically made to overcome interference from hyperspace, they find they're able to see more of Tsundere than they ever have before. They find organs and signs of many of the Suisen races, some they haven't even discovered yet. Wind's reality scan with Miyuki turns up particles that indicate what they might be, the result of centuries of evolution and cross breeding between the entire Suisen Empire. The possibility is that the Illium are in fact the future of their people. They are interrupted when news comes that the Interceptor has been retrieved, but Athena's vessel is trapped in a losing battle, they rush to see what's happening through Airym's scans.

They witness the rescue fleet being destroyed and only a few remain as the Illium fleet decimates them. Measuring the odds, and realizing that this might be the body of the invasion fleet, Athena makes a tough call. She apologizes to the crews of the three remaining ships as she activates Dark Space mines scattered throughout the sector, creating a massive black hole. The Illium fleet is seemingly destroyed, and Athena embraces Jennifer in a final kiss as they're drawn in.

On the PAX, the family looks on in horror and Love reveals she developed the weapon, not the Illium as Ao first considers. The group manages to keep their heads enough to realize that while the crew of Athena's ship has mere seconds, to anyone outside the singularity they have centuries to come up with a rescue plan.

Warren however, does not consider waiting centuries. He recruits a tired Aurica, Wind and Miyuki and boards the Avenger with Airym and some other crew members. The team flies out for the edge of the black hole, the plan to use Aurica's ability with time and space to bend the black hole away from them them and make an opening.

Meanwhile on Earth, Kasha botches the entire fox operation by speaking to Spirit in response to a rhetorical question. Made worse when instead of attempting to fake it, she continues to push the subject and Spirit feeds her to Lilith. Just as it seems that maybe Kasha can get away with riding in her stomach to let the tracer do it's duty as Spirit flees, Kasha attacks the inside of Lilith with Foxfire causing Lilith to expel her and the tracker into a trash can. Kasha seems confident she can still track them, but it appears hopeless for anyone else.

Arriving at the black hole, the Strikers use Miyu and Wind's powers to boost Aurica's powers, reversing time enough to counteract the effects of the black hole and letting them get close. With Airym's help, Miyuki is able to use Aurica's powers to expand the bubble over Athena's ship, freeing the group. However, as they go to leave, an Illium ship heads after them, it seems to be using it's Hyperspace in overdrive to try and counteract the effects of the Black Hole. Cameron charges a spell as the group readies to jump and they leave just before getting hit by a slow moving Hyperspace Beam.

Hours later, the PAX celebrates relief and victory over the return of Athena and her crew. The groups all need rest to deal with the exposure to the time dilation, however, they seem like they will recover. Athena goes off to follow up on the attack instead of being looked at, but is thankfully firmly attached to a doctor who refuses to not scan her.

Alt: On Oracle planet, the Illium fleet arrives and Aya calls for evacuation, as the people of the Alt reality flee for the hallway, Wind's Erevis is sucked up by a drone. As the others flee, they find the Illium charge is being led by a super powered up Alt Darien Starr, who after getting Erevis, comes for Sammael next. The two duke it out for a moment as Sammael realizes she can't save him and Cheryl's intervention breaks up the fight. Sammael runs with an injured Cheryl and the group tries to finish evacuation. Darien hurls a device into Asteroid C, which is disarmed by Miyuki using the old fashioned "Make it never exist" tactic. Darien gives the group a parting smile and announces that the enemy has the other Erevis, just before the self destruct sequence cuts him off and the Alt reality from Asteroid C. The stranded people of Oracle planet are given homes on Asteroid C to recover.

Prime: X doesn't return that night as planned, and Del is given a lead by Hale on where to start looking for her. He heads out, leaving Winston with Kitty. A family tradition.

Miyuki returns and hugs onto Cheryl, expressing her misgivings and worries, the reality power is frightening, and Miyuki will have to struggle with whether or not she can handle the power. Later to be greatly boosted by Isis loving.

Date: 10-608.10.5 / 10-605.3.21 / March 21st, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Reality Strikers Session 23: Shattered Gold

Class: With three days having passed since the last battle and X disappearing, Wind sits in front of Katrina in his reality. After asking if there's anything they can do, and getting a negative, he uses his power to restore her without hesitation. His commentary seems a bit haughty however, the attitude is not helped as Hisame makes comments back. Wind yells at her to go see her kids and moves off to talk to the Special Unit. John reveals he's not trying to push back the Motenk influence in himself because he can sense them and where they are, allowing the group to find them and track them down. Wind demands everyone keep on the search for Theos and Atheos and the team has to put their heads together collectively to figure out where and how they should look.

Prime: On Asteroid C, Cheryl is going over materials needed for drones, food supplies, and other things while Lisa tries to figure out something she sees as a logic error with what they assume about the Illium's capabilities. Cheryl talks to Ao and Erevis about the supplies before turning attention to Lisa, and Cheryl has her drop it. Before anything else can be said, Illium vessels enter the asteroid field and begin scanning for them. Realizing they must have figured out the location by Hyperspace Trails, reality quickly sets in that there are no times for plans to lure them away when the ships begin blowing up parts of the asteroid field.

Cheryl orders a complete evacuation, sending the civilians down to Earth for safety, Airym and Lisa going with them. Cheryl changes the doors so that the doorways at the Earth Safehouse connect to Classic and the blank one for Alt remains. After which, the various Strikers on board take the ships out to flee and get the attentions of the fleet, which goes after them. Cheryl launches a tarot card self destruct sequence on the base and the asteroid field around it, imploding the field and taking all but two Illium ships with them. The crews blow one of these vessels up and damage another before jumping away for Earth.

As they come out on the other side, a pod appears near the doors, sealed by heat. Miyuki realities it open to find those who stayed behind, Cheryl, Chii, Warren and Darien inside, Darien missing his heart and most of the chest area around it from Asteroid C shrapnel. Alt Angela helping Miyuki allows her to be able to keep him alive until Vodka arrives to treat him and get him to a hospital. Meanwhile, something enters the Nue Mansion and the scream of Shion is heard. The group responds to the screams of a child and rushes in to find the child covered in blood but safe, instead, the tattered remains of Chieko's outfit and pictures of her with Raquel's head on them. Following trails, Taiga and Sammael rush into the sewers to face off against Spirit, Ouka helping them until Miyuki and Kasha arrive.

Leyaeh meanwhile follows another trail and finds the barely living body of Chieko. Using a powerful Manifestation, Leyaeh revives the body to full but something is still missing. Pushing herself further than she should, she contacts the other and warns them that she needs help and sets up a beacon. While Miyu and Kasha go berserk and Miyu eats Spirit and Lilith, Taiga responds and heads there. After some confusion, Miyu and Kasha get there to give Cheiko and Magatama and a Kitsune Tear to revive the girl and restore her soul. Also in the tunnels is a decayed body, about a month old, with purple hair.

X arrives somewhere in the China Town district and runs into the Weapons. They ask her why she abandoned her mission and she tells them that she was discovered and couldn't carry out the assassinations, all the time holding back the urge to kill Slash right then and there, she instead plays along, and takes the promise that her family will not be able to fight her very seriously.

Warren and Cheryl agree to mount a heavy guard with so many of the possible targets in one place. Cheryl swears no one will ever touch her family again. Ire meets up with Warren and says something about it being time, the two leave together.

Date: 10-608.10.8 / 10-605.3.24 / March 24th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Session 421: Signs of the Zodiac Part 1

Prime: With their work to track down X leading them to the sex club, Kitty and Taiga are sent an image of X stepping out with several of the weapons. Kitty, choosing to go after her, plans to go alone but for Taiga, who volunteers to come with her. She sets up a flare in the bond for if she's knocked out, perhaps knowing the two of them going in alone can't end well.

John holds a meeting in which they break the news to Del as to what they found out about X. The body is the alternate X, not matching up to Kitty's DNA. To make matters worse, they found the body of X next to a dying Cheiko. Here they also present the conflicting fact: X's brainwave signature is a perfect match, it's something that no fake could possibly fake as well. John suggests that this is actually X's power, they all know she has the powers of the other Weapons, but never what her own Weapon power was. A form of mind transfer, possibly granted through remnant DNA of William Spade since he was connected to Weapon Chad Winters.

The meeting is interrupted when Key's water breaks and Cuddles and Vodka flee from the tentacled horror that could only come from Key. Lisa is left to tackle the horror herself, delivering the baby and earning all the experience points. A mini Key is born, with John's eyes.

On the Interceptor, coverted to the temporary Striker base due to it's external damage and parked next to the safehouse near the Nue Mansion, Cheryl explains the situation in Wind's reality. Angelos suggests that Wind would probably have less chances of going insane erasing the threat of Theos and Atheos with Miyuki's help. Cheryl heads out to ask her if she'll go.

Erevis holds a meeting on the PAX, Athena plans to make an attack run on the Light Gate and remove it before more Illium ships flood the system. They reach out to the Strikers to coordinate a reality jump to Alternate. Ama allows this on one condition, Athena has to tell Isis face to face what she intends to do.

The Zodiac club meets minus Kitty and Taiga, wondering where they are when Ouka, Suzu and Mitsu feel pain in the bond. Realizing Taiga must be in trouble with Kitty, the group sounds the horn and heads out for the sex club to save their friends.

Earlier, Taiga and Kitty made their way into the club, with Ben Carmichael's help, who had been their aid since he was working the Arcana case for Warren since the beginning, and got past the bouncers, getting into a training facility under the club. They're collecting information when Ripple arrives with X and two Zodiac Girls. Ripple orders X to attack them, and she chooses this moment to show her true alignment, turning to help Kitty and Taiga. Caesura enters the battle and starts batting the girls down, Taiga fleeing through a ripple when Kitty pushes her through. Leaving X and her daughter to face the Weapons. However, due to being shoved through the ripple and it collapsing due to the sneak attack, the ripple slices Taiga badly.

The group arrives to find a blood trail and splits up, half racing into the club and half following the blood to find Taiga in the next door shop. They patch her up and head into the back as the team that went in headfirst fights their way through a crowd, past the bouncers, and in through a security door. Taiga's group arrives first to break up the assault and Ripple flees with Caesura, Kitty and X heading after them as the Zodiacs, united again, are forced to face off against Star and Death Arcanas.

The group manages to take down Star and Death, claming their cards and knocking them out, while X and Kitty beat on Ripple and Caesura, eventually X calms Kitty down and they haul the two weapons in.

While this is all happening, the other Weapons make their move. Seraphim attacking the Arakawa mansion and attempting to kill the Billies. However, she meets more resistance than planned when Cassandra and Setsuna begin pulling the arsenal out of the walls and fight her off. The fight ends in Seraphim being blown apart.

The hospital sees an attack when Peter is knocked unconcious by Caduceus, who then takes down Vodka and Cuddles. He knocks out Key drags her and her baby to safety when the others stumble out of the hospital just before it's destoyed in an explosion. While John races to the scene, he's stopped by Dias, who displays powers of stupidly powerful strength beyond the norm. With the help of Josephine, Kumiko and Ash, the group is able to take Alt Zombie Dias down by blowing him apart.

As Cheryl moves to go ask Miyuki about the trip to Wind's reality, Chad makes his move and attempts to take Cheryl while she's alone. However, she's not alone and summons help, and Miyuki, Chii, Warren and Benjamin add their say in what should happen, Leyaeh joining in the battle. The group pins him down and is about to execute him when Chii tries to talk it out, it doesn't go well however and the team kills him, Chii eating his insane soul. They save his brain for Airym.

While the teams lick their wounds, most of the weapons dead or captured, Vanessa accesses files in her office on her fathered interests in Project I.L.L.I.U.M. she sends off a copy to Kitty just before her father's voice speaks up behind her and something swings down at her.

Date: 10-608.10.14 / 10-605.3.30 / March 30th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Session 422: Signs of the Zodiac Part 2

Prime: After Miyuki had an unexpected god melt down, Cheryl decided to switch gears from Reality Strikers to the Classic Reality, in the hopes of freeing Miyu from the powers and setting things right in that reality. Meanwhile John informs his team about the connection between a serious series of medical outbreaks; stemming from their location and spreading across Europe and its likely origin; Virulent. The disturbing trend is doubled with the knowledge of how easily a Alpha, NGD and their offspring are; for many on the team it means their children are certainly not safe.

The Zodiac has temporarily moved their base in an effort to keep innocents safe as the Arcana knows what school they attend, for many of the Z-team they are reeling from their own personal crises; notably Gor in a downswing and Lenneth looking lost. While they are tapped into the phone lines and communication of the base, they learn about the dragoon virus and spreading other viruses, and half of the team is likely infected. The group misses a call from an unknown number and Gor is able to track down the location to near the Ashcroft manor, making them wonder if it is Vanessa.

Alt: Athena meanwhile has taken the Illium fleet, using the Avenger crew, which is made up of crew from both Gold and Blue teams that Warren has asked to lead them. Curali, Teddy, Rosseta, Airym, etc., all go out and lead the Illium feet over and they launch their assault to try to take out the Light Gate once and for all. The battle though begins to quickly turn against them as more and more ships begin to pour out and the enemy overwhelms them, even as the Avenger learns that the enemy uses advance forms of the PAX core engine that are light years beyond their technology. Athena orders ramming speed of her ship and has the Illium fleet pull out, and it seems once again Athena and Jennifer are dead as the flag ship slams into it, blowing the gate up and causing every Illium ship to oddly blow up from the feedback, and a super nova explosion goes off in the area, blowing everything up. For a second time the PAX mourns, however some refuse to let down Athena and press on with the same optimism she has.

10-608.10.17 / 10-605.4.2 / April 2nd, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Prime: Caduceus continues to work with Vodka, Cuddles trying to get them back to speed, especially so with the current situation. Del, Hale and others bringing in those who they want to be tested; Kitty being among them, thankfully the worst she has is Tonsilitis. Suddenly the group feels their life draining from the save for Caduceus. Bad Cad walks in and soon its Prime Cad vs Duck Dynasty Cad, as the two have a literal cane fight it allows the others to stop being drained and assist. However most of their attacks seem useless as Bad Cad heals himself and when the damage is too much starts to drain Prime Cad to the bone.

Kitty bites down on Bad Cad allowing Prime Cad to return the favor and drain that sonofabitch like a kindergardener with a Capri Sun. To keep him from coming back the group crushes down Bad Cad's bones, but during this fight Slash has made off with some data.

Kitty meets back up with the Zodiac while the adults recover and Kitty gets a strange phone call which eventually leads them to Vanessa Ashcroft, who, according to her maid has gone missing or worse after her father discovered her snooping around after Kitty informed her about his dealings with the Illium. Combined with the maid's offer of the precious data they need the group sets off to collect it and perhaps find Vanessa one way or another. They agree to meet the maid that night near Josephine's mansion.

That night, Josephine moves over and finds a maid dying of diseases and then Jose and Chris are attacked by Virulent, Jose's cheek is sliced open and her nanites go haywire. Virulent is easily taken down, surprisingly quite weak when compared to the others they contend with. Chris and Josephine overpower her in her bedroom and Josephine fires a bullet to irradiate her even after she's defeated, beginning to kill her.

Zodiac arrives to find the maid they spoke to dead, there presence coinciding with the attack on Jose. Jade rushes to help her aunt but is pulled back by Ros. The Group is soon swallowed up by darkness and separated. Taiga, Morrigan, Xander's group encounter the Empress, who effects them all in a sexual way, the only one able to actually contend with her is Xander, but that doesn’t mean it isnt affected like his team mates. Before he can slip her the D, Xander is told to be her opposite, which allows him to destroy her card, but not her V card as she's knocked up already.

Kitty, Ouka, Lenneth and the others not in the previous group find Vanessa macking on Ouka, Kitty tries prying them apart when dozens of naked, sexed Ouka doubles appear and grab them, while Vanessa can try and seduce Ouka, the only one who seems immune. Ouka and the others can see that Vanessa is tattooed with the hermit's symbol. Kitty is able to ripple herself free and forms a mech with Jade to fight off the growing Ouka swarm. While Ouka nuts up and cuts the tattoo from Vanessa freeing them all, they find themselves before the maid and her data, and Vanessa who seems brain fried since she wasn't a true Arcana and forced to take a card.

Back at Josephine's, Chii suddenly arrives and saves Virulent, using her powers to heal her, even as Em shows up when Slash tries to kill Josephine, who is dying. Virulent is talked into saving Josephine from her nanites, on the guarentee that they will protect Caesura from the Illium. As Em and Slash clash, Em doing damage to Slash, and calling Hale through the bond since comms are jammed, Slash cuts her throat and makes her fall over. Josephine and Chris fire as well and drive Slash off, and since back up is coming, he runs off. Em holds her throat, keeping herself from bleeding out, and Virulent seems like she will live thanks to Chii.

10-608.10.21 / 10-605.4.7 / April 7nd, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Yasha receives a message frrom Shretrav that shows her saying that the two Tsivrixsh planets are: "Everyone is wrong! So wrong! There is nothing going on here! They are trying to get everyone to look her and make it so there's a t---" before vanishing in an explosion and dying. Yasha calls for an emergency meeting with Erevis.

Date: 10-608.10.22 / 10-605.4.7 / April 7th, 2241

Reality Strikers Session 24: Kitsune on the Wind

Prime: Yasha presents the message she received from Shretrav, a warning that says the construction on the two worlds everyone has focused on is merely a red herring. A ploy to get everyone to look away from something else. Unfortunately, a blast of some sort cuts the message short. The leadership of the PAX is forced to consider what they must do. Do they send a fleet to take out the facilities, following reports that say something is being built and possibly of Light Engine gate qualities? Or do they turn their attentions elsewhere, sending a small team to investigate the planets. They resolve to seek help from the EarthGov team to check things out.

As they debate, Isis brings up the demands being made by the New EarthGov religious planets, which are making outrageous demands of the PAX, which include demands of other worlds. They note that these demands are only coming from those religious colonies, not the main body that left to be independant or the Old EarthGov. Erevis seeks to discuss that matter with the presidents of the new government and the old. Finally, Erevis suggests they begin to reform strike teams to deal with things like the suspicious construction issue, the groups get ready.

On Earth, Virulent's counter bodies have taken out most of the diseases that were plauging the land. However, the Dragoon Virus remains, buried deep in the brain of Virulent. Caduceus tells the group he needs to dissect her to get at it, and unfortunately the talent needed to do otherwise is either away or currently blocked from working. Peter suggests Airym, but that will take the Strikers pulling her from mission. Unable to order an execution, the group is at a loss until they get a report that the Guardian Homeworld has been infected, and Slash is on the run. They're ordered to go up and Peter gives Caduceus the go ahead to do whatever he feels necessary to get the cure, with the fate of an entire species now riding on it.

Taiga holds a meeting and the kids are worried, possibly infected, and many of them looking at a death in the near future if a cure isn't found. However, they learn that the team is about to move on a mission listening in on John's group and they suit up to follow. They'll be able to protect their parents in battle and be close by so that if the cure is found, they can get it. The group breaks up to get medical supplies to stave off the sickness and some inform their parents of what they're going to do. Others follow Taiga's old advice of keeping their parents in the dark for now.

The Military team boards their flagship and takes their places. Tess meets them there to greet them and see her daughter, Nyaomi, the newest member of the team, off. Peter promises they'll look out for her and Tess wishes them well, before letting them leave. They take off into Hyperspace, a shuttle following in their wake.

Class: In Wind's reality, the group is pouring over reports on continuously rising religious fervor, Wind on edge. He steps out of the room after breaking a plate of food in frustration. John shows up to report that he's found a mass of Motenks. The location, Tsiv'ra, and Sardis at the center of it. They call up Red Team and prepare to leave on Zera's ship. They are joined by Lucas, who has taken to joining Red Team lately in it's missions in Wind's reality. They team readies to go, and Wind reality ports the entire ship to Tsiv'ra, skipping a four day hyperspace journey.

Here they land and meet up with C. Shretrav and others as they make their way into the palace, Wind having let himself in ahead of them. They meet Theos here, who is actively trying to convert everyone with his warm and gooey aura. Eve's pheramones however protect the group from his effects. John slugs him in the face when Theos suggests Lunarian mating is unclean. Wind tries to erase Theos but it bounces off him, nearly hitting Eve. Theos and Elayne both end up saving her from that. Then the group unloads their attacks on Theos and they whittle him down, allowing Wind and Miyuki to remove him from reality.

The group has little time to rest however, as the fall of Theos means Chaos begins to rein and the people of Tsiv'ra begin to fight. John locates the remaining Motenks on Lunaris.

Alt: In the Alternate Reality, the Avenger finds wreckage, Teddy lowered to collect it and what they find is a comm message from the Alternate Darien, speaking to a voice, he inquires about them finding Athena and Jennifer on the Illium side of the gate in an escape pod. He asks for them to send the two to his ship at a set of coordinates. The Avenger sends these off to the PAX as the Enforcer appears with Aurica, who requests Airym to head back with her to help with the Dragoon Virus.

Prime: On the PAX, Erevis takes the news grimly. She calls upon the Iron Paw and has key personell transfer to it, including Gods, to head out to those coordinates to hopefully save the two. They consider it might be a trap, but the chance has to be taken. Personell start to transfer in the hopes of saving Athena, and the PAX readies to follow as backup.

On Earth, a fire breaks out in the school, keeping the faculty busy. While Kitsune surround the Nue Mansion and attack, led by a Midori like person. Kasha comes crashing in to face the leader as the house begins to put up resistance, neighbors and friends coming when they hear the noise to help as the mansion catches fire. Lemon is stabbed through the heart and seems to die before coming back in a vengance, Jonas, Angelos, Chieka and Marshall joining in on the fight. Soon the Kitsune are dead, Kasha, Yuriye and Cheika taking down the leader. With the kids mostly in one piece, Angelos teleports Lemon to a stasis chamber where hopefully, someone can bring her back from the brink of death.

Class: On Lunaris, the group comes face to face with Atheos and another fight breaks out. Here they battle the rising dead, Motenks and the Devil himself, Marshall and James fighting old black hating zombies while the team struggles. Marshall ultimately begins to sell his sould to get close and gives him a shotgun up the chin, the Devil stunned, others hit him to keep him down as Wind gives his powers to Miyuki, allowing her to remove him. As this happens, part of Zeraphna's ship explodes and nearly takes Zeraphna out, but Leviathan protects her and takes the deadly blow for her. Once done, Miyuki holds onto the power to be sure he's really gone and all is well as the Motenks vanish, John is cured of his infection, and the planet sets itself back to rights. Wind becomes outraged when Miyuki doesn't give the power back right away and attacks her, the others working to keep him at bay as she uses the power to check on the other realities, she sees the chaos, but also sees her home burn. As she falls to her knees, Wind takes back the power and the group moves to head back to Earth thanks to Wind's teleport. Wind at 100% God Mode.

Date: 10-608.10.22 / 10-605.4.7 / April 7th, 2241

Session 423: Taiga Taiga, Burning Bright

Class: Wind appears back on Earth with the heroes who helped take down Atheos and Theos. He celebrates by grabbing Megumi and molesting her with love, while the others are filled in and greet their families. Wind challenges the manliness of the other men when he uses his powers to give Megumi many orgasms - 10 in fact. Yuno hits on her daddy. All in all, it is a moment of celebration and perversion before they step through to the Prime reality to see what's going on.

Prime: They arrive in Prime to find the new temporary Nue household and learn that some of the kids are away on a mission and Isis is away on the PAX which is in hyperspace. Wind teleports some of the group to Vatican City, while others like Miyuki stay with her family, burnt out. There, the operation on Virulent has begun with Airym, Cuddles and Caduceus working on getting the DNA coding they need to cure the virus.

Alt: In the Alternate Universe, with crews transferred, the Iron Paw and the PAX make their way through to the location where Athena is supposedly being taken. They come out in the middle of The Corridor, the place the Illium have made their own during their conquest. What they find is a massive, three times as big Light Engine Gate here in the corridor, and twenty Illium vessels moving in on them. Erevis ponders why the Illium are here when in the Prime universe there have been so many planets joining the Suisen Empire recently in this 'corridor', right next to New EarthGov's religious sector, and causing trouble for them. In any event, the fleet is called, and the battle begins.

Rosetta and Curali, on a skeleton crewed Avenger, are forced to go on the defensive to make the ship last for the fight. The Iron Paw and the PAX spread out and begin trading blows with the Illium fleet. Slowly the ship carrying Athena and her crew gets further and further from them as fighters scatter, Zephyr and Megumi taking flight with Justice and Rin, the two fighting their way through the fleet for the ship. Meanwhile, the Tower is hit on the PAX and 1A-1C collapses in on itself. The Iron Paw takes heavier and heavier blows.

Justice rams into the bridge of the ship carrying Athena, taking it out, and forcing her out of Mech form. She and Rin float in the cold of space as Megumi and Zephyr fly in to retrieve them and the pod, narrowly avoiding death themselves before racing back. As this all happens, the broken down Interceptor arrives with Darien, Eluere, and Wind aboard and he begins to decimate the remaining fleet, however, even his power is rebounded when a truly massive ship begins to come out of the gate. Darien flying, despite being wounded and recently coming out of his coma, like he has never done before to try to get to the Avenger to save his daughter.

The Iron Paw is split in two and Wind is awoken just in time to warp those Famfrits sucked out into space onto the PAX for safekeeping. Zephyr and Megumi deposit Athena, Jennifer, Robb and Typhoon along with Justice and Rin, helped aboard by Mem and Katrina. While Jennifer rushes to Rin's aid, the battle moves on and the Avenger crashes into the gate to destroy it, Curali and Rosetta warping a second too late, but where they do warp to is safe thanks to input from Eluere at the last moment. The gate's destruction cuts the huge system class ship in half, but it keeps going. The Suisen Fleet arrives and together, the survivors work to devastate the ship, greatly helped when Tsuki unleashes godly wrath on it, destroying it before it can destroy them.

Rosetta and Curali are recovered during the blast and the fleet by Darien and Eluere in the Interceptor before they are decimated, the PAX, and the Iron Paw's remains in tow move out to escape the blast zone. Another gate down, and the battle won for now. With Rin in intensive care due to long space exposure and the Avenger lost in the battle, the team walks away bruised. Ama's rescue operation into the tower finds Erevis and Isis, along with Leyaeh alive, but damaged. The peoples of the Tower will have to build a new home. The group prepare, with Wind's power, to get back to their reality.

10-608.10.24 / 10-605.4.9 / April 9th, 2241

Prime: John's team, unsure of where Ripple is, decides to fulfill their mission of at least tagging the source of the disturbance the Suisen Empire wants them to look into and heads out. John's team is being sent into the Prime version of the Corridor, on New EarthGov's side, to check out why the religious sect is going so batty, since Ripple was seen heading that way. But having failed that, they decide to see if the Prime side has their own Giant Light Gate that is causing a reality hole disturbance, tag it for destruction, and fly out before being spotted so the fleet can destroy it.

The kids, once their parents fly off the religious planet to look for the Light Gate, break into their parents hotel and hack their datapads to learn what they gathered on the religious people and decide the Arcana are behind it and locate where the meeting summit for all the religious factions are going to be held, learnig that there is a religious figure that oversees all other religious figures. Despite the religious figure being only a young girl, they figure she must be the Arcana controlling the other religious nuts.

Breaking into the place turns out to be a relatively easy task, up until they run into guard monks with totally powerful centers of peace. The group however manages to overcome them, and forces them into a cell that they take Jade to. After dealing with them, they move into the meeting hall to find the Heirophant, a small 12 year old girl with Ulieah like qualities hypnotizing the masses. She seems to be able to mimic anyone she encounters, taking on their personality to counter them.

The group comes to face her and Si is the first to find that her powers can be quite overloading. Si disabled, the rest try to overcome this worshipful fangirl, but it's Ros, who faces her in a battle of the flatchested and the boobed. Ros is able to overcome the girl and takes her card from her, disabling her. Taiga warns them that they have no time to rest and that the last one is still somewhere in the area and that they should follow their parents into space, so they call Elwyn down in the shuttle.

On Earth, families reuinte while in the Lab, Caduceus finishes a working prototype of the virus. Jennifer back and able to assist, they have one more helper to synthesize the cure while they decide to test it on Zephyr first, she being the worst case at the moment and the closest at hand for a test.

10-608.10.26 / 10-605.4.11 / April 11, 2241

Aboard the EarthGov Flag Ship, Em is given the injection as it seems to be working, however, Em has already slipped into a sort of coma. She begins to awaken as they locate the Light Gate in this area, and before they can tag it, shit hits the fan. Warned only with a few seconds when Tabetha's scan into the future causes her brain to shut down by what she feels, the girl collapses just before the ship freezes up and the Illium take notice, as it feels like the World is about to end.

On the Zodiac shuttle, the group sees John's ship going out like a light. Knowing it's time, they suit up and those with Gear forms blast into space after a girl who floats outside the Gate. The World Arcana begins to summon planets into being, and the group knows if any of them touch her, it's game over for the reality. They rush into battle and are split up, having to each fight one of six growing planets. One by one the split groups succeed and find themselves trapped in black hole fields.

Trapped, they start to feel their power drained as those fields replace the planet functions. Kitty leads by example, and the group start to destroy their own Arcana cards in order to stop the drain the World is having on them. However, Taiga slams the remains of her card back on, causing massive feedback throughout her mech body, and surges out at The World Arcana, she releases Suzu, Mitsu and Ouka from their bond, turning so that they are ejected toward the shuttle, while the team can only watch as Taiga rams into the world Arcana and rams into it, slashing with all her power as the bright light begins to burn her flesh and hair, fading into it as the World Arcana explodes. The three are ejected and Michelle flies around scooping everyone up.

All that is left of afterwards is ashes in space. Si'Chii collects them and brings them back to the shuttle. They take everyone back on board the shuttle, even the now powerless World Arcana, and begin to head home, the Zodiac without their leader.

The shuttles land on Earth, and the kids move to meet back up with their parents. Here, they have to inform everyone that Taiga is dead. Wind announces that something is blocking him from restoring Taiga back to life. Si hands Cheryl the box containing her daughter's ashes, and the entire group reels from their losses. Victory for the day is attained, but at a heavy cost, and the loss of ones that were truly loved. Even if they tried to stay away.

Date: 10-608.10.31 / 10-605.4.17 / April 17th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Session 424: Fall of the Suisen Empire

Prime: Following the week after Taiga's death, many of her friends and family have been in a distrought confused mess. Ouka has fallen back into her old ways - running the bakery and beating up customers; Si has been wanting Zodiac to continue and been in a downswing; Cheryl drinks all the time naked in her bed; Morrigan has had a switch in her head thrown and gained all of Taiga's hidden memories to become a more complete person and begun tinkering in Taiga's workshop all the time, not sure of her place in the family, despite Chii's kindness; and Kitty has taken over the school, making James a puppet head and made a new student council with herself as president - appointing Zodiac members onto the student council and into other key positions. Making two tiget cubs the new mascots, and making Taiga's desk a memorial, she runs the school Taiga's memberance, going as far as to befriend a pregnant mother cat at the shrine the Nue family has made to Taiga and making it a house, and taking care of a nearly hairless tiny fox kit that looks weak and helpless, giving it to the mother cat to take care of.

However, not everyone is content with how things are and while others work on trying to fix Rin, since her brain damaged coma state is affecting Justice into a child like state with no intelligence of a plankwood, people like Angela and Jennifer and Morrigan and Ouka want desperately to have Taiga back and work on finding a way to get her back, going as far as to use hair follicales ot make a clone but wondering how to get Taiga's personality back - and seeing as how, after the X clone body being finished and using Katrina to transfer the memories from the Alt X body to the clone body, separating them cleanly without problem, they approach Morrigan who admits that was her plan and so they begin to grow a clone body of Taiga, with the idea of taking the memories and personality from Morrigan that Taiga used to create Morrigan - granted the downside is that the memories will be six months short and there will be some holes in it, memories she did not want to give Morrigan, and there will be clone diseases, but it's a shot many are willing to take.

And so, with Taiga being regrown in medical, the command tower in ruins, and the PAX and Iron Paw working slowly but surely on repairs, the collective teams take a little bit of time off for a Halloween Party. Dressed as various TV characters, the party gets underway when a ghostly rabbit shows up declaring the desire to destroy them all. In the happy tradition of never having a party without some sort of fight going on, the group takes down the bunny in the warm embrace of Ama's tits.

10-608.11.6 / 10-605.4.23 / April 23rd, 2241 (Alt/Class)
With Earth's leadership and New-EarthGov's president Bob Milton in the same room, Milton agrees after reviewing the evidence to allow the Suisen Empire free range in searching out the Illium threats in their space, as long as they share telemetry data. After he leaves, the group agrees to ask Ire's Special Unit to make a run on the two Tsivrixsh planets that Shretrav warned them about, seeing no other alternatives for clues - seeing as there are signs that they might be making Light Engine parts there. Wind leaves on his own abruptly, showing increasing signs of madness holding the power in himself. Warren orders that Tess and Angela organize the military unit to move in on Ashcroft and find out what they can.

John and company load into a van and head for Ashcroft's manor. On the way Em drops in, literally, and joins them. They make their way into the mansion, forcing the butler aside and begin to search with Ashcroft not home. Their searching turns up a datachip, an accessway into the sewers, a heavily encrypted datapad, and an attic labratory with a dampening field. When the full
group finds the last, they find a ton of Illium technology and a Black Hole Bomb about to go off. Beyond any of their skills to disarm, they have the PAX teleport it away, with three seconds to spare on the clock when they finally do. They arrest Brian Ashcroft as he comes in and hauls him off, Lorelei keeping what she found in the search to herself. They realize at the last moment the Butler was more heavily involved than they expected, however, he is already out of their reach, he pulls his mask to reveal himself as Slash.

Ire gathers his people, joined by Marshall from Red Team and Zeraphna, who's dragon ship is brought to the reality for the mission now that it has been repaired. The group gathers up and readies for a mission that most assuredly seems suicidal, launching out with PAX techology engines in order to go faster. Appearing in the system, they fly in low and find that the engine is being built around a city, the gate itself that huge; it turns out not to be a gate, but a massive output device, a weapon that can fire a massive beam and with the gate technology, can fire it anywhere. Knowing they have little choice, especially when they are jammed, they land and disembark to fight their way down to a core.

As Cuddles discusses methods on how to get more Illium data out of Tsunedere with Erevis and Ama. She can extract possible Genome Memories out of Tsunedere, but getting to them could kill her. Erevis has to choose whether to allow her to push it or use one of the other Illium that have been taken. Yasha meanwhile is tracking down the credits and finds that they came from her
own bank acount, one accessible by only her and her adopted daughter. At this time, both the Alt Sammael on Earth and Prime Sammael on the PAX recieve a coded message. Answering it, Alt. Darien contacts Sammael and tells her he has the Classic Erevis captive and will kill her unless she, and by that he means both of them, head out in shuttles and await coordinates to head to,
trackers off, and no assistance allowed. Alt. Sammael heads out, determined to try and get her husband back.

Meanwhile the Prime Sammael informs Jennifer and Athena of what she's doing but also that they can't follow her, she disables her beacon and flies out, saying she'll send up a bond flare if anything happens. Ama and Erevis resolve to have Miyu talk to Tsunedere. Erevis also decides to check the other Senator's accounts to find if they too have been hacked to have their funds
spent on things they wouldn't have suspected. Sammael takes off and Athena hisses, unable to follow Sam's transponder.

Arriving near the core area, Ire's team comes under fire from Illium troops. Uplink gets them through the security door but his head is blown open by enemy fire. The team slips through and loses Ty to laser traps as he tries to rush ahead. Navigating this, they come out to the core and before they can plan on anything, Null leaps to the barrier and starts draining it. The group manages to refocus Null on making a field with that energy to allow them to teleport out before the core blows. To give them the time they need, Ire, Marshall and Atayna rush out to battle, the former two getting ripped into chunks as they face down Illium. Ash teleports them out at the last moment and Anyata finds her recall ability with Atayna is jammed, Atayna lost to them as well.

They reappear on the ship, and Zera races to try and keep away from Illium ships closing in on them. Wind appears in the system but doesn't help immediately, Warren has to yell through the comms at him to start acting before Wind moves in. Unfocused, he begins purging Illium instead of aiding Zeraphna's ship, allowing it to take a hit in the rear. This causes Zera's seat to come free and she goes flying into the console, taking a shock. Finally, Wind teleports them back to his Earth.

In John's base, they look over the evidence, a mile high, against Ashcroft, especially evidence of him torturing Vanessa. John authorizes any means necessary to get information out of him. On the PAX, Tsunedere agrees to the proceedure with Miyuki. At the same time, the news reports that systems wide, planets are beginning to lose their PAX technology, a second PAX beaming
around and disabling their technology, the Empire is falling into chaos and rioting. The question falls, is this the end of the Suisen Empire?

Date: 10-608.11.9 / 10-605.4.26 / April 26th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Reality Strikers Session 25: Future Strikers Part I

Prime: With the Suisen Empire occupied trying to patch up fires from the other PAX shutting down the Empire's technology, Athena's fleet is busy trying to restore services all over the territory. In medical, Cuddles leads the operation on Tsundere with Enue, Tamara, Caduceus, Vodka, Megumi, and Jennifer, who is operating remotely by hologram. While Leanne is interviewed by Yasha about Project Claw, which to her seemed an innocent project and something entirely different from the cannon, the others operate. Vodka and Cuddles crack her open and prepare the Airym probes, Jennifer then begins the surgery without issue. However, Enue seems to freeze up and dices his section of the brain. Caduceus uses his energy to restore it. Tamara takes recordings, then Caduceus and Megumi are to close the skill, however, only Caduceus appears to get the job done, leaving Tsunedere with skull damage. The team has to rush to prevent her from becoming a vegetable.

John's group meets in the base to discuss their findings, they learned that Ashcroft had leased other areas and knowingly helped the Illium in their plans. Slash was his liason, and through his cooperation they were not only able to work under the military's nose, but completely hack the Holonet and PAX's technology, the Illium able to see and hear everything the teams were doing. Lorelei suggests adapting the technology from Wind's time, it too primitive for the technologically superior enemies to properly adapt. The team moves out to talk face to face with Cheryl and relay what they learned, especially about Project I.L.L.I.U.M.

The Sammaels land on a barely hospitable world, almost unbreathable air and storming all over. They make their way as instructed to a small place where Alt. Darien sits with Wind's Erevis in an anti-Energy field. He has the Prime Sammael deliver a message, bring him the Alt. Ao, or Wind's Erevis dies. The two seem to reach some agreement, perhaps in Psionics, and Prime Sammael leaves to deliver the message. Alt. Sammael told to stay by Darien, she sits down to discuss matters with her strangely altered husband.

Cheryl and Warren are talking amongst themselves as usual about the state of things when the Military group arrives. John announces their find about the ressurection technology and the communications issues. The conversation turns to the enemies patterns, and something else comes to light, the method in which Josephine was attacked matches her death in another timeline. The Illium, it seems, are specifically making moves that pushes the timeline they all currently live in to be more in line with the Illium's original timeline, the list of casualties even matches up with those who were attacked. The groups agree it is time to go on the offensive, no more playing around, and begin to head up to the PAX, or to Wind's reality to get tech to bring up to the PAX. Warren steps into Wind's reality to have a chat with him.

10-608.11.10 / 10-605.4.27 / April 27th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

In a very large meeting room, the groups all meet to discuss what's going on, and for Cuddles to present their findings about the Illium. They are from the future as many suspected, Tareh's future, when Gartareh successfully held the Suisen Empire at bay, keeping them at war for generations till nothing but the ashes of the family remained. Iko eventually took rule over time, and that rule passed to Lenneth, and when Lenneth supposedly died in shame after a failed run that created the Others and sent them back in time, Love took over. Love built weapons and genetically alterd the races, before her rule passed to her daughter Isis, named after her aunt. Isis was a pacifist, and soon was killed by her own daughter, Uenana, who sent the growing empire back to war. They explored for many years, the empire eventually passing to her daughter, Megumi. Iko, Lenneth, Love, Isis, Uenana, Megumi: I.L.L.I.U.M. an empire named after it's succession of rule.

They spent years manipulating events, attempting to find a means to take Centerpoint and try to set right their reality and rule. The message clearly lost as to why over time when they've resolved to destroy their past selves in order to reach their goals. They are now trapped in the timeline of the heroes because Tareh's future was sealed off, they want to break the barrier down. They have a time machine and likely use a distant future as their base of operations, a place they can go without causing a timeline divergance. They need an exact time to cause this divergance, as it will make centerpoint appear.

The groups agree on one thing, all of this has happened due to the reality powers. When they are done they need a means to destroy them entirely. Until then however, Warren announces that he has 100% of the power, and he is going to act. Warren will lure the other PAX out in the open by using Centerpoint as bait to trap it. Once it's been disabled, a team will need to take it and find out the year in which the Illium are using as a base of operations, then travel to the future and stop the problem at it's source. Warren says goodbye to his son and his granddaughter starts to clue in that he's not coming back as he leaves them.

Sammael arrives as the meeting ends and announces the demands of Alt. Darien, Alt. Ao agreeing to go with the exchange, much to Alt. Erevis' protests. Sammael lands and picks her up, and takes a moment to focus her bond with her own Ao for some reason, before lifting off and leaving once again with her. During this time, Ako and Iko vanish as a maid follows them out, and a pastry begins to glow. Classic John seeing it, he stuffs the pastry into Teddy, and it erupts into a black hole. John rushes Teddy to Engineering, Elayne and Alt. Lisa helping in their own ways. When the field sucks Teddy's body in, John pulls his memory chip, however, it falls when John starts to get sucked in. Elayne tugs them both back with TK, but John needs additional pulling from XX and Yuno to get free, losing the skin on his hand. Isis makes a casing around the field and rolls it away a bit, Airym helping Isis coordinate a jump to leave the thing behind.

In the hallways of the PAX, Miyuki tackles the maid only to find it's Slash, he begins to attack but Death Star intervenes and begins to fight him. He's joined by Angelos and after DS loses a hand, Angelos steps in and finds himself being overwhelmed by Slash's speed before his wife, Elder, steps in and gives Slash a Hyperspace Sandwich. Angelos blocks a killing blow on his beloved, and DS launches an attack that throws Slash off balance, allowing Angelos to decapitate him. He decides his hero-ing is done for the day and Elder carries him off. The PAX is evacuated of civilians, only minimal crews and heroes staying behind for the final battle.

10-608.11.11 / 10-605.4.28 / April 28th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

With everything in place, Centerpoint appears, on and fully operational. Everyone in place, they watch as it shows and Warren begins to reverse all the damage done by the Illium while disabling their forces. This brings in the Alternate PAX, which begins firing a reality bending blast at Centerpoint. Warren answers in kind with one of his own, then overwhlems the Alt PAX with a reality twist. Centerpoint depowering and fading again, the Alt PAX turns its attentions on the PAX. Love announces the weapons are ready and they unleash dark energy on the Alt PAX, proving it's held together by spit and scotch tape, the Alt PAX is brought to a standstill.

Cheryl beams over to the bridge of the Alt PAX with John, Aurica, Lorelei, Miyuki, Tabetha, Peter, Cameron, Megumi, Chii, Josephine and Wind. They find Alt. Ao's brat there who uses a ressurected Alt. Warren to attack them. The group works on disabling Warren and Miyuki grabs the kid for a spanking. Aurica takes the data they need, however, they find the ship is set to self destruct. Warren appears and provides a portal back to the PAX, he melts his alternate self in pity and instructs them all to leave. Before they do, he brands Miyuki, Wind and Cheryl so they will recieve the reality powers when he dies. He tells them to start working together more, then they won't need to split the powers in half. With that, they leave and he removes the Alt PAX from the picture, then returns to Centerpoint to clean up. The team arrives on the PAX in time to tell them Warren's plan and Warren uses his power to decode the year for them, Erevis preps to jump to the future.

Warren makes one last stop before death. He appears on the Interceptor to see Arhn, he asks her if she wants to go to their special place before he dies. She agrees, and he uses the last of his powers to send them both to a marble reality where he is in perfect health, a small paradise in which they can be together forever, beyond the touch of death.


Future: The PAX and Avenging Striker emerge in the future, here the new Trinity feel the reality powers come to them. Cheryl calls for volunteers and the team readies to go, boarding the Avenging Striker for the final run to stop the Illium forever. Cheryl, Prime and Classic John, Yuno, XX, Elayne, Erevis, Miyuki, Kasha, Peter, Tabetha, Cameron, Benjamin, Chii, Josephine, Aurica and Lorelei set out with Curali as their pilot. CHIP loses all readings of them as they enter the atmosphere of the planet. Leyaeh remarks her faith that they will come back, while others express doubts. Whatever may happen, the group will see if heroes truly do come home.

Date: 12-997.11.11

Session 425: Future Strikers Part II

Future: The crew of the Avenging Striker sit in the darkness of atmospheric entry and discuss their feelings, knowing they are on the final run. They outline their priorites: Find the enemy PAX, destroy their time machine, remove their abilities to leap through time, and make it home. They fly down into a city with crystal buildings, looking a lot like Centerpoint. They're greeted by Illium strike ships. The group mans guns and fires at the ships, soon taking out initial pursuit, but soon they are joined by two beings, one of fire and one of water, which come after them with the inherited power of their god ancestors.

On the PAX, Ama senses the god like energy and makes the choice to go down to the planet to help the team. As she exits stage right, others debate how the god powers got to be there, wondering if maybe the resurrection tech was used. Taiga grows from 11 to 12.

As the team continues to try and keep the gods at bay, the two gods intensify their assault and matters are made worse when Usagi shows up as well. As Erevis bats the bunny away, the twin gods rip into the back of the ship. Some of the crew heads to the back to fight them off and push them back out. They're helped greatly when Ama shows up to distract the gods, the ship tries to make a getaway, but fire on them turns their attention back, and Ama is left to face Usagi and a new sun goddess, Sol. Inari moves in to molest the new godling while Ama joins in the fight, Usagi stays the fuck out. Lenneth, with Jem, joins the battlefield having followed Ama down. They hurry along after the others when they see the battleships moving in.

10-608.11.11 / 10-605.4.28 / April 28th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Prime: Out on Alt Darien's planet, the time ticks down and Darien begins to play Russian Roulette with his two captives. Sammael keeps calm the entire time, focusing on figuring him out rather than taking the bait. She sees a glimmer of the man Darien once was, and he lets her know that he's stopped recieving orders, and that there's a chip in his head through his taunts. As Prime Sammael's shuttle arrives, he puts the gun to his own head and fires, blasting the chip free. Prime Sammael and Ao meet up with them and the Sams put Alternate Darien in Statis to try and save him, freeing Classic Erevis and heading home.

Those on Earth Prime are coordinating the refugees and issues on Earth when the Weapons remaining in their care begin to break down into a sickness. Vodka and Kumiko work to figure out what's happening while they have the dead weapons brought up for study as well. Caduceus joins in and the united group of doctors come to the conclusion that some sort of deadman switch has activated on the Weapons and they're breaking down, worse, they have fragments of reality energy in them, and when they go critical, it spells bad things for Earth. Suspecting it has to do with each of the Weapons and Arcana possibly being clones, they have only one non-clone to test on, Vanessa. They begin their man hunt in Tokyo.


Future: The Avenging Striker blasts off through the city when alarms go off, the city walls they decend into firing crystals out at the ship. An Illium Battle Cruiser makes things worse when it comes crashing into them from out of nowhere. The ship goes on a crash course and everyone straps in, or is strapped in. As they drop, more crystals come crashing in and pierce the hull in several places, they pin Cameron through the shoulder, another piercing Prime John's arm. They crystals start to spread in the two, but Tabetha yanks out John's and her healing with Yuno's help forces the crystals out.

Cameron is not so lucky, and it takes great effort to get him unpinned, and he's forced off the roster in need of getting the crystal out of himself as the group abandons ship. He calls Lenneth for a pickup and the others race for the nearby doorways while the Illium battle crusider closes in on the ship and starts opening fire. It goes crashing farther down, and the others make it inside, Tabetha needing to TK Benjamin in to get him inside.

The group heads for an elevator, but they are assaulted by Illium kids who want Miyuki's boobs. They manage to pull Miyu free, but Curali has to valiantly sacrifice herself to the kid pile, Eluere working her free as the elevator closes and the group decends.

10-608.11.11 / 10-605.4.28 / April 28th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Prime: The search team winds up in Tokyo, tracking down leads, they eventually find a drama studio with Vanessa's maid coming out to get food. Reno kidnaps her in an ally in a totally non-creepy manner before assuring her that he's there to save his daughter. He has a particular set of skills and he will find her... and he will NOT kill her. While this happens, the others enter the studio and Kitty calms Vanessa, who has shorter hair and is doing things for herself. Vanessa agrees to come with them and they move to the shuttle to join Reno and head out. As the last of them are getting on, Zombie Alt Dias attacks, the group takes him down and send a warning ahead of Vanessa's arrival that the dead weapons are zombifying.


Future: The group heads towards a service entrance to the evil PAX when they find Blaze and Tsuni, the twin gods, waiting for them. The two are doing blow and waiting cleverly for the group to arrive. Yuno breaks cover and leaps out to try and get some of the blow, and after the bad kids get poor Yuno hooked on drugs, the team begins their attack, some attacking the guards while Elayne yanks Yuno free and to safety, going on the assault to protect her baby. The group takes out the guards and in short order starts ripping into the godlings too. Things look bleak for the two, especially after they injure John and awaken Tabetha's angry TK goddess powers. Ama shows up and has them stand down, and handles her decendants as the group moves on, Lenneth and Jem showing up to join them with Cameron in tow. Prime John sits out with Cameron while the others go to hero things.

10-608.11.11 / 10-605.4.28 / April 28th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Prime: The group handles the Night of the Living Weapons while Vodka, Kumiko and Caduceus work out what to do with Vanessa's blood. The team is joined by the away team shortly and as a group they start fighting back zombie weapons and arcana while trying to cure the rest, time being very critical.


Future: Entering the Down Below of the Civilian PAUX, the group is confronted by an old, familiar voice. The Evil Erevis taunts them and explains that she was the one pushing the leaders down this path, her ultimate goal to use Centerpoint to bring back the true Progenitors. Unable to touch her, the group has to move on, understanding now why the Illium have been so driven to make a pure Progenitor once more, for her. They are detected, and the PAUX starts to rise as Avictius announces the Illiums will take out the original PAX and seize it's time machine. He sends troops after them and Erevis leads them down the back ways to avoid fighting.

On the PAX, those who were left on the surface return and the crew sees the Enemy PAX rise into space to come at them. They arm weapons and begin to go all out, refusing to allow the enemy to take the PAX and needing to hold out for the others. Wind superpowers the weapons and the fight begins.

Meanwhile, the group on the Enemy PAX makes it to 1C. Here, Classic John, Elayne, XX, Yuno and Aurica stay to battle legions of Illium guards as the others move their way to the upper levels and the bridge. Elayne creates a defendable position and orders her family and Aurica to coordinate, needing to buy the others time.

The PAX continues to hold out, Dragoons taking to space to fight and help hold off the enemy. The PAX takes a heavy blow, the plaza damaged and Pio's restaurant destroyed. Katrina opesn fire in the name of commerce, and Leyaeh redoubles her efforts to avenge those fallen burgers. The group works to stall, keeping thier ship from blowing before the others arrive.

In Avictius' home, the group comes to face the powerful figure they know to be Avictius. He uses a device to drain their power and Tabetha knocks it out of his hands. He screams like a little girl, or at least, a girl, and in a very female tone explains s/he was just a dupe, the real Avictius is upstairs. They rush on ahead to face the real enemy. What they find is a squat little cat, possessed by Evil Erevis and determined to destroy them all and everything. He begins to attack them as they try to talk him down, but to no avail. Evil Erevis is taunted out with excorsizm attempts and Benjamin lands the killing blow on Avictius. Evil Erevis moves to take Erevis but Miyuki stops her with Reality Power.

While they grapple with the Evil Erevis, others take control of the ship and move it away from their own PAX, then erase their data, and prepare a self detonate. Miyu and Cheryl send Evil Erevis out of the Trinity and away, and then Wind joins them to begin to rewrite reality, using the ship's connection to the planet and time to completely erase the Progenitor Genome from the Illium, and remove their ability to time travel. The machine is destroyed, and as the ship starts going up, Lorelei uses her powers to send them all back to the PAX, regrowing her tails as her powers finally give out for good it seems.

Engineering begins to go down on the PAX, Isis, Typhoon and Robb trapped inside. Aurica uses a foxhole to get them out before it blows. Ao using the engines and chair one last time to bring the PAX back to their own time.

10-608.11.11 / 10-605.4.28 / April 28th, 2241 (Alt/Class)

Prime: Vodka works on administering the cure, when Nyaomi reports that they have to evacuate. They find out that the PAX is on a crash course for Vatican City, unfortinately, they can't move. Kumiko points out the city just had powerful shields installed and orders they raise them. Then Kumiko and the gods head outside to help in trying to save the PAX from the ground.


The PAX appears in the present, without engines. It begins to start it's crash course to Earth. Taiga is awoken as Athena's fleet shows up to tractor and slow the PAX while the gods below try to slow it. It comes crashing down and hits the Vatican City shields, before falling once more and landing directly next to the city, becoming a sister city. Peter demands a lawn party. Angela considers charging the PAX rent.


PAX City now established, the threat seems to be over. Taiga gotten to Morrigan in time, begins to wake up. Kitty has fully taken over the school and prepares it for a new year. Everyone settling in and spending time with their families, celebrating their success. The war on their end mostly over, with sweeps needed to clean up. People from other realities begin to head home as the plans will have to include closing the doors for good. Families settle down, life goes on. Or has it? The holiday wars has begun, click below.

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