Reality Strikers


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  • Age: 25
  • DOB: 9.11.2364
  • Hair: Reddish Blonde
  • Hair Length: Lower Black
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 120
  • Cup Size: C
  • Build: Muscular
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Templar
  • Elemental Affinity: Water
  • Elemental Affinity 2: Lightning
Health: 100 / 100 Stamina: 100 / 100 Hand to Hand Combat: 20 / 20
Strength: 100 / 100 Energy*: 150 / 150 Melee Weapons*: 150 / 150
Speed: 60 / 60 Reflexes: 100 /100 Ranged Weapons: 10 / 20
Perception: 60 / 60 Charisma: 80 / 80 Magik Defense: 50 / 50
Mind: 60 / 60 Luck: 60 / 60 Magik Offense: 80 / 80

Slots: Special Attacks: 0/3, Race 1/4, Talents: 5/5, Abilities: 3/10, Skills: 3/10 , Circuits: 3

+2 attack

Mana Pool: 5000

Generic Traits:

Resistance to the elements (minor).
Your eyes adjust to new lighting levels more quickly (you don't see any better in low visual environments though).
You can go slightly longer than usual without food or water.


  • Advantage 1 Gain EXP slightly faster.  
    Advantage 2 She has knowledge of battle tactics of Gods, Generals, and Soldiers  
    Advantage 3 You instill faith in others with your serenity.  


  • Disadvantage 1 Her loyalities are sometimes divided, making it hard for her to be divisive  
  • Disadvantage 2 Her powers come from the gods and leave her in pain a lot  
  • Disadvantage 3 You are a prude most often with certain virginal things.  
Special Attacks
Race Specific Tree

Racial Talents


Racial Abilities

  • Willpower
    Lv. 1 Expending Spirit, Cersei boosts all of her stats a little bit for a short time of a few minutes, allowing her to perform feats abnormal for humans. +10 to all stats
    Mana: 150
    Lv. 2 Expending Spirit, Cersei boosts all of her stats for a short time of a few minutes, allowing her to perform feats abnormal for humans. +20 to all stats
    Disadvantage: Cersei is left tired after the boost wears off, slowing her down and making her less able to fight until she gets rest. All stats go down by 10.
    Mana: 300
    Lv. 3 Expending Spirit, Cersei boosts all of her stats significantly for a short time of a few minutes, allowing her to perform feats abnormal for humans. +30 to all stats
    Disadvantage 1: Cersei is left tired after the boost wears off, slowing her down and making her less able to fight until she gets rest. All stats go down by 15.
    Disadvantage 2: This can only be used one time in a session.
    Mana: 600
    Lv. 4 Expending Spirit, Cersei heightens her senses, speed and thoughts so that things seem to go slower to her temporarily, this allows her to slow an OG.
    Disadvantage 1: Cersei is left tired after the boost wears off, slowing her down and making her less able to fight until she gets rest. The next OG only goes by much faster.
    Disadvantage 2: This can only be used one time in a session.
    Disadvantage 3: After passing the OG, if in combat, Cersei is stunned for a moment, temporarily leaving her open to attack.
    Mana: 200

Racial Skills

Created Skillset Tree


  • Tactics
    Tier 1 - Basic Battle Tactics Basic tactical knowledge when encountering simple monster encounters- the GM will provide clues when asked occassionally.
    Tier 2 - Situational Tactics Situational events or the surrounding environments might have you baffled. Sometimes battles aren't always the problem and you might need insight. The GM will provide up to 3 clues.
    Tier 3 - Tactical Genius 1 on 1 This is for one on one battle situations. This lets you read your enemy better and find openings and situations. If it's a boss enemy that attacks often (not a God) and runs away, each time you will gain more data and you can call upon this tier and talent for clues from the GM. If it's an enemy type, like a Templar Commander, that you are fighting one on one, or an Elite, that you fight often, you can do the same.
    Tier 4 - Enemy Tactics You can sometimes watch enemy formations and gleam information from their patterns on what their going to attack. By using this the GM may give you clues on what they're planning.
    Tier 5 - Big Bad Tactics  This tier is devoted to the tactics of the big bads of the RPG. Either it be Gods, the Darkness, or something else throughout the long running time, this tier begins weak and slowly grows stronger each time you fight them as you gain more data. At first when you ask the GM for clues you will get nothing. Then a little something, then more.
    Bonus Tier 1 You can create your own tactics in a situation. When you use this tier, you ask the GM to allow your 'tactics to have a chance a working'. When this is in play, you will put forth your insane plan to see if it will go through. 
    Disadvantage 1: Sometimes this fails and fails hard.
    Bonus Tier 2 You can improvise in tough situations and create a new way out of a tough problem. Call it "Pulling a Captain Kirk", but you can use the resources and people you have unhand to make the impossible quite possibly possible.
    Disadvantage 1: This sometimes fails and fails hard.
    Disadvantage 2: You may find yourself paying a bigger price then you anticipated for your actions.

  • Leadership
    Tier 1 You are capable of earning trust easier with those under your command and gaining insight into leadership tests/situations. You are taking a leadership test, you will be given clues by the person running it (3). If you in a leadership role, players and NPCs under you will trust you a bit easier with this tier up to a point. If you begin to make bad calls this will erode. The more charisma you have, the more bad calls you can make.
    Tier 2 You are capable of getting strangers to trust your judgements on situations, bringing them to your way of thinking if they are of like minds. Meaning if they are in the same line of work as you and you point out a strategy they are more likely to believe you and go with your plan than before. The higher your charisma stats, the easier the time of convincing them.
    Tier 3 You find more gold off monsters.
    Tier 4 You are capable of getting NPCs who do not have anything to do with your line of work to believe and work for your cause; they will rally to cause if you use this tier along with a motivational speech and your Charisma/Luck Stat.
    Tier 5 You can bluff the enemy leaders with your talent with this tier depending on Mind, Perception, Charisma, or Luck, along with having this tier. With how many you might have following you also a factor. You can sometimes use your leadership prowness to get enemy commanders to surrender to you completely without a fight.
    Bonus Tier 1 You can use your leadership abilities to rally your allies in battle, causing them to fight harder and push to their goals with more ferocity.
    Disadvantage 1: This can only be used once per session.
    Disadvantage 2: If you are injured while the push is made, it will automatically demoralize the crowd.
    Bonus Tier 2 You have a higher chance of finding rare items off enemies.
    Disadvantage 1: Sometimes, rarely, a monster will drop no gold or items at all.
    Disadvantage 2: If your Luck stat is low, items you find will sometimes be broken.

    Horseback Mastery
    Tier 1 With this skill you can speed up horses over uneven terrain with more grace than your average no-talent hack of a rider.
    Tier 2 You are able to ride over hills and make jumps over small gaps in the terrain now, and can now match speed with targets.
    Tier 3 You can now leap from one horse to another or to another moving target. You can also defend yourself with a weapon if attacked on a horse. You are capable of also driving a wagon behind you over rough terrain and avoid attacks while doing so. And larger gaps are easier to jump.
    Tier 4 You are capable of combat on the back of horses now and carriage driving is much easier. Taking aim with bows and arrows also is much more easily done. Terrain travel is a synch and you are able to cut travel down by a 1/4th of the time with your knowledge of horses, who trust you much easier.
    Tier 5 If you must get somewhere, you are able to get there in record time, able to cut ride time - if you are alone with one other person - down to minimal. The distance you can cover makes you the perfect messanger and you are able to stealth your way through the night past droves of enemies.
    Bonus Tier 1 You know how to pace your horses now so that they take twice as long and twice as much work to tire out before needing rest.
    Disadvantage: Your horse may sometimes disagee with this and your attempt to go twice as long will fail entirely.
    Bonus Tier 2 Your ability to cut down on travel time extends to those travelling with you, even on another horse, as you help them out.
    Disadvantage: Your horse will occasionally become unruly itself and you will be forced to calm it somehow.

    War Orphan
    Tier 1 Because Cersei grew up into the horrors of war, she is all too aware of the consequences of actions. This has made her much more careful of her decisions and a harder opponent to rattle and trip up. She will analyze and wait for her opponents to make the first move, then minimize the damage to the surrounding area. +20 mind.
    Tier 2 Because of the horrors of the war taking her parents at a young age, she sometimes still has nightmares about what happens. This is a disadvantage because it causes her to be tired and unrested some mornings if she has nightmares, leaving her stats down by 20 across the board.
    Tier 3 Because she grew up with a Master Templar, Cersei was trained from a young age in arts of being a Templar most will never know of and learn. Her talents with the sword are as natural to her as they are to breathing and her reflexes are honed and refined. +30 melee and +20 reflexes.
    Tier 4 Because of her situation, Cersei has a moral fiber in her to protect the weak, even at the cost of her own head. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, as she is compelled to do what she can, even if it means going off on her own to do it. She will not take unnecessary risks, but she cannot turn her back when she thinks it's tactically possible.
    Tier 5 Cersei has intimate knowledge of how organizations like the Church works - even if one were to fall, and a new organization were to rise, she would be able to figure out how it would operate based on her time as part of the organization.
    Bonus Tier 1 Being a war orphan, she has spent a lot of time helping other orphans, and by doing this has won the hearts of the people as being honorable. This popularity has made her -- well, popular. +20 charisma. Disadvantage: She is easily recognized and the Church wants her desperately out of the way.
    Bonus Tier 2 Because of her growing up ties, she sometimes has trouble killing certain members of her organization and will freeze up when facing them. This will give them the chance to take her out if they are loyal to the church. This is the disadvantage.

    God General
    Tier 1 Her time as a God General is both good and bad for Cersei. She has learned information that has been kept from the general public, tomes of knowledge and information to fall back on and other things. This allows Cersei to give information to the team about various things regarding the inner workings of the upper echeleons of the church; the prophecies; the organizational and tactics of the church; the magik usage and relics if asked.
    Tier 2 Practicing as a God General has given Cersei access to God General Abilities and Skills.
    Tier 3 Due to her time as a God General, Cersei has +500 Mana.
    Tier 4 Cersei's time as a God General has allowed her to set up command posts about Tareh, buried under ground, in times of emergency. These caches are meant to survive long periods and were meant to be used in emergencies to help people or her men during times of war.
    Tier 5 Her time as a God General has enhanced her speed to inhuman proportions. +20 speed.
    Bonus Tier 1 Being a God General, her mana can recharge faster than others outside Mages. Disadvantage: If she uses too much mana, however, her other stats will begin to be depleted.
    Bonus Tier 2 Because of the source of her powers, she is tied to the Gods in ways she doesn't even know yet.


  • Water Dancing - Defensive
    Lv. 1 - Water Dancing Flow Lv. 1 Cersei is a master swordswoman who can flow like the water in combat. She is able to begin a flowing motion to parry gracefully attacks made on her. When she enters this parrying flow, she is harder to hit and her reflexes increase by 10. Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Water Dancing Flow Lv. 2

    Flowing faster, Cersei is able to move her sword faster to parry blows raining down on her, turning her sword to catch more before they strike her. Twisting her blade like the waters itself, she can shift her attacker's blows off balance sometimes as well. Reflexes and speed increase by 20 temporarily. This builds off Level 1.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Water Dancing Flow Lv. 3

    If Cersei's flow level 2 has managed to shift her attacker's blow off balance as intended, she can then tap their weapon further off balance, leaving them open for attack in something like Water Dancing - Offensive Level 1 or if it fails fall back onto Water Dancing Defensive Level 4. Disadvantage: At this point Cersei might be growing tired and can sometimes make mistakes. She is focused on the person she is battling and if a long range attack or another attacker moves up on her blind spots, she will not see them without warning.

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 - Waterfall Cersei can bring her blade back up quickly in a quick drop in the ultimate defensive move if she has failed to knock her attacker's attacks off balance for an opening at this point to stop an attack, driving their attack or weapons into the ground, leaving them completely open. Disadvantage: This can only be done twice per session. This leaves her stamina haved for 10 minutes afterwards. If the attacker can manage to find a way to counter this defensive move, she will be completely open to any attack they make. Energy: 40

    Gods Be Good
    Lv. 1 - Jump Higher Being a God General, Cersei has some abilities from them. This allows her to jump higher to reach hard to reach areas.
    Lv. 2 - Retrieval

    Cersei can expend some mana to retrieve objects that are far away.

    Mana: 50
    Lv. 3 - Wall Run/Jump Cersei is capable of running along a wall for a few moments to kick off of it, or running up a wall and kicking off of it. She can combine this with her Jump Higher . Energy: 30
    Lv. 4 - God Senses Cersei is capable of using her senses to detect demons and other big bads, like the gods. Energy: 30

    Gods Be Great
    Lv. 1 - Stat Increase Cersei can expend energy up to 50 into any stat of her choosing to increase it by that much temporarily for 5 minutes. Disadvantage 1: She has to have the energy available. Disadvantage 2: Afterwards her stamina is cut by half
    Lv. 2 - Elemental Flip Flop

    Cersei can change her elemental affinity temporarily for 5 minutes. This changes the nature of her Lightning-Water Strike and what type of attacks hurt her. Disadvantage 1: Afterwards her mana is depleted for 10 minutes. Disadvantage 2: Her stamina is cut in half for 5 minutes.

    Energy: 40
    Lv. 3 - Freefall Recovery Cersei is able to survive great falls by expending energy right before impact and doing a tuck and roll. Disadvantage: This causes her stamina to be depleted to 0 and it has to refill. Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 - Recovery Cersei can mend, to a small degree, bleeding flesh so it stops bleeding. This does not fix any damage outside that, and only stops her from bleeding out. Internal damage continues. Disadvantage: This can only be done a few times per session. Energy: 40 and Mana: 200


  • Water Dancing Offensive
    Lv. 1 - Water Flow Movement Lv. 1 While this can be chained off Water Dancing Flow Lv. 3, this can also be started on it's own as well. Flowing like the water itself, Cersei's movements are gentle but steady, moving in at the target for well timed strikes that are strong and unmoving, gracefully coming in with steady curves and angles that are hard to defend against. +10 speed temporarily Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 - Water Flow Movement Lv. 2 Bringing her blade back around after the first strikes, Cersei begins another chain of attacks like the bends in the river, coming in at the target in unpredictable ways, her blade flowing in and out of their defensives like water, slippery and hard to predict. If at any time she's parried, Cersei can switch back to Water Dancing Defensive if she has the energy. +20 speed temporarily and 10 strength Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Water Flow Movement Lv. 3 Her speed increasing, Cersei's blows begin to flow faster inside and out of the target's defensives, going in for their weak spots to strike and shatter them if possible. Like the water chipping away at the rock, Cersei's blows at this level are meant to weaken and break even the toughest tier of armors if she rains down on it hard enough; at anytime she can switch back to defensive. +30 speed temporarily while in this mode. Disadvantage: If she is parried and knocked out of this mode at this point, she cannot reach Lv. 3 again in the battle for a long time and her stamina stat is cut in half. Energy: 40
    Lv. 4 - Hit the Water Cersei's final strike is meant to break even tier 12 armor at the point of impact and cut into her opponent's flesh, rendering into them as deeply as she can. This is meant to cause massive damage whenever possible. This means she has to try to hit fatal areas. Disadvantage: 1 time per session use. Afterwards, stamina and speed stats are dropped by half and her energy will not refill as fast for 10 minutes. Energy: 50

  • Lightning-Water Strike
    Lv. 1 - Water Slash Channeling Water through her blade, Cersei strikes her opponent, making them wet and cutting them. Mana: 150
    Lv. 2 - Lightning Slash Channeling Lightning through her blade, Cersei strikes her opponent, shocking them and cutting them. Mana: 200
    Lv. 3 - Lightning-Water Strike Channeling Lightning and Water through her blade at the same time, Cersei uses these elements together to hit the person at the same time for massive damage, since the water conducts the lightning through the person even more so than doing Level 1 and Level 2 separately. Disadvantage: There are times when the strike can harm Cersei herself if water lands on her. Mana: 400
    Lv. 4 - Kaboom Hitting her opponent with a massive water magik blast, Cersei then stabs them with her a lightning blade that's been charged to the max, causing a massive electrical explosion that sends both her and the enemy backwards. Disadvantage: This damages Cersei as well as her opponent. Her health and stamina stat drops by 30 afterwards until she is healed. Mana: 500

    God General Skills
    Lv. 1 - God SwingTapping into her God General skills, Cersei can increase her strength temporarily by 50 points for a single slash. Disadvantage: Afterwards, her muscles tear slightly, causing her pain when swinging the sword and she needs to be healed. Also her stamina is cut by 20 until she's healed as well. Energy: 40
    Lv. 2 - Knock Back

    Cersei is able to repulse a person off their feet with some sort of knock back barrier like hit that's invisible. It can cause minor damage. Disadvantage: She can only do this a few times per session before her stamina is depleted and slows in restoring

    Energy: 30
    Lv. 3 - Mana Blast Channeling her mana into her sword, she can aim and fire a beam at her opponent, unleashing pure mana into the air; this tears through the air and hits the opponent for devastating damage and can break apart tier 6 and lower armor at the point of impact, creating a small hole. For flesh, it can damage it and blister it like fire magik. If the person does not move, it will leave a gaping wound like something slammed into it and did a tiny explosion. Disadvantage: This hurts Cersei to do and damages her health stat by 10 and her stamina stat by 20 and her energy refills slower. She can only do this twice per session Energy: 50
    Lv. 4 - Sword of Mana Much like the above move, Cersei keeps the mana in her sword and attacks with the sword glowing; this will destroy any normal sword except God Tier weapons like the Mystic Rustic Blade. She can only do this for 3 minutes. The mana cuts through tier 9 like butter, leaving gorges in it and if she hits a spot enough it will shatter that spot. Flesh will be scorched and seared like a hot iron was taken to it, and split and bleed. Anyone who grabs this will likely lose a hand. Disadvantage 1: This can only be done once per session. Disadvantage 2: This drops all of Cersei's stats by half. Disadvantage 3: Her mana drops to 0 for half the session. Disadvantage 4: Once in a rare while she will pass out. Emergy: 50
Templar Class Specific Tree

Templar Class Talents

  • Defensive Stance
    Tier 1 - Defensive Footing This allows you to find your footing against basic attacks that would knock you over; it will not stop any damage, merely help you against the weakest of attacks meant to knock you over, like someone trying to barrell past. It takes a few seconds to shift so you need time to form up as the person runs at you.
    Tier 2 - Solid Ground A more superior version of the tier above, this allows you to shift into this stance faster to stop basic barrelling into you and basic attacks instantly to pervent people trying to escape your clutches.
    Tier 3 - Quick Stance Dodge This factors heavily in with your speed and reflex stats as well. If you feel you cannot dodge an attack, or the GM warns you, if you use this tier you can attempt to dodge the attack altogether with a rapid shuffle move, or at least move your fatal areas.
    Tier 4 - Defensive Stance Form 1 Forming up with your weapons or your own arms/armor, you are able to block certain attacks that come in at you, turtling up to take damage. If it's clear you cannot take the attack, you can fall back on Tier 3 above and use it instead. This allows you to take full strikes from enemies up to a certain number before it breaks. It depends on the strength of the enemy and your own stats before this form breaks
    Tier 5 - Defensive Stance Form 2 The same as above, only it can take more damage before shattering.
    Bonus Tier 1 Cersei is trained to combine her quick stance dodge and defensive forms so she can do a quick stance dodge and then form up her stance form instantly, allowing for a timely blocking power with a dodge.
    Bonus Tier 2 +20 stamina

    Weapon Training Talent
    Tier 1 - Quick Draw Training Cersei has trained with her weapons her whole life, allowing her to quickly draw her weapon in almost any situation, no matter what type of situation it may be; even if she's pinned against the wall, she's strategically trained herself to grab and draw her weapon as quickly as possible, training herself under a variety of situations.
    Tier 2 - Quick Draw Block Cersei has perfected the quick draw block, so that when a sword blow is coming in, she can quick draw block it as well; this can only be done so many times per session, but it allows her to parry block rapidly someone attacking her.
    Tier 3 - Quick Draw Strike Cersei has advanced the quick draw block so that she can make moves that allow her to counter attack instantly; this can only be done so many times per session as well.
    Tier 4 - Blade Master As long as she is using a blade, Cersei is fairly dangerous, and is considered a blade master. She has spent her time perfecting her time on using swords to the point she is not very good with any other type of weapon, but has gained mastery with swords and any type of blade weapon.
    Tier 5 - Blade Trainer Cersei can pass on her knowledge as a Blade Master to others, and give them training tips and mastery. If they spend time learning under her, they can gain +30 melee and learn 2unique skills and abilities from Cersei.
    Bonus Tier 1 +20 melee
    Bonus Tier 2 +20 perception

    Tier 1 - Meditative State Whenever a templar meditates and focuses their energy, when they have time to do so, depending on the length of time they are able to sit and do so, they are able to be more focused and able bodied during combat, capable of seeing and focusing their attacks more directly and precisely, and seeing things they might not normally see. This is aided more with perception and mind stats being higher.
    Tier 2 - Inner Focus If a templar can find time within a combative situation to stand there and take a minute to breathe in and out, focusing their spiritual flow and mana and energy, they can sharpen their senses and be alert to incoming blows easier and prepare to strike faster and more alertly than before, allowing them to fight better than before.
    Tier 3 - Inner Focus II The same as above, only the time of focus is cut down to 30 seconds instead of a minute.
    Tier 4 - Split Second Focus This is similiar to Tier 2 and 3 but this can only be used once. This also unlocks an ability tree named after this Tier, which will let you open it up more than once. This allows the person to take their inner focus and instead of 30 seconds to focus their talents to into combative prowness, they can do it a in a split second.
    Tier 5 - Outer Focus Allowing the templar to focus outward, they attuned to details in their environment when it comes to combat/battle. When a battle is going on, they are able to notice details of their environment others might notice, as well as unusual enemies and combative focuses of others.
    Bonus Tier 1 Cersei can focus on details of an area if she tries really hard, finding clues to situations other might miss, or details that might stand out that is wrong - basically, the GM stepping in when the players completely cannot solve a problem.
    Bonus Tier 2 +20 perception

    Templar Leadership
    Tier 1 - Basic Leadership Tactics This helps the Templar know basic tactics when it comes to dealing with people, even in situations completely foreign to them. Basic human behavior will always be the same, and the templar is taught how to use this tactically to get what needs to be done.
    Tier 2 - Basic Templar Manipulation This helps the templar manipulate the common person in the world by appealing to their basic human nature. It's up to the templar to decide how to approach it. Even acolytes in churches are taught this much to help them when dealing with godless men out there. Kindness, or a heavy hand, is up to the individual though.
    Tier 3 - Leadership This helps the templar do basic leadership with the basic NPC on the street, getting them to trust in them. If you have taken the advantage that gives faith in the templar/character, then this tier is greatly enhanced. Charisma is also helpful in this. This helps mostly with every day NPCs and allows the player to instruct them into basic commands and the GM provides insight into how far they can be pushed in their comfort zone.
    Tier 4 - Honor Cersei, despite having Tier 2, has chosen to disregard it completely. Focusing her leadership on honor and intregretity, she leads her men by getting them to show people, NPCs and PCs, with honor and honesty, opting not to lie to them and get them to deal with battle, and each other, in complete fairness. Some respond in kind, others take advantage of her.
    Tier 5 - General (Management) Cersei, being a God General, has the unique perspective of leading men through being a General. Her Generalship allows her to know how to command largescale armies and know how to coordinate multiple men at once and get jobs done on a large scale, knowing how and when to break up platoons and smaller groups.
    Bonus Tier 1 Cersei knows how to manage money and food due to being a general, and if asked, can manage affairs and rations in such a way that she can actually make money like a merchant and stave off starvation if the group is having trouble securing food.
    Bonus Tier 2 +20 mind

Templar Class Abilities

  • God/Unnatural Sense
    Lv. 1 When any of the 13 Gods of Tareh are near, if they are not in disguise, you can sense them if you have encountered them at least one time.
    Lv. 2 When any of the 13 Gods of Tareh are near, no matter the disguise, you can sense them if you have encountered them at least one time.
    Lv. 3 You are attuned to the unnatural and can sense demonic and dark energy of beings of God power like strength after you have encountered them once before and they have gotten away.
    Lv. 4 You can sense the unnatural no matter what from now on if it is on a certain level. You cannot tell if it's good or bad, though, simply that there is something nearby and of a certain power level.

    Heart of the Knight
    Lv. 1 Your armor gets a boost of protection when you wear it.
    Lv. 2 Whatever weapon you are carrying does more damage. +2 attack.
    Lv. 3 Your goal is to protect innocents and whoever you have pledged to protect; as long as you are doing this goal in battle, you will take less damage.
    Lv. 4 Any heroic action you do selflessly will boost your energy temporarily for a short time.

    Templar Boost Magik
    Lv. 1 The templar infuses their weapons with their elemental affinity or Lightning. Mana Cost: 40
    Lv. 2 The templar forms a magik shield about them to deflect damage up to the cost of the mana they input into the shield. This can only be done so many times per session.
    Lv. 3 The Templar is able to temporarily change their element to a picked element by the GM for 1 minute and use that element on their weapon for 1 minute. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 The Templar can join their Mana Flow to another, either toward themselves and accept the flow to increase their flow, or to another and increase theirs. Physical touch aids this.

    Lv. 1 You are able to rally two people who trust you and raise all their stats by 20 points. Energy Cost: 30
    Lv. 2 You are able to rally three people who trust you and raise all their stats by 40 points. Energy Cost: 50
    Lv. 3 You are able to rally four people who trust you and raise all their stats by 60 points. Energy Cost: 80
    Lv. 4 You are able to rally five people who trust you and raise all their stats by 100 points. Energy Cost: 140

Templar Class Skills

  • Templar Slash
    Lv. 1 - Water Splash Cut Cersei's blade is infused with water as she slashes her enemy, wetting them and cutting them, the water hardened with minerals and splating in such a way to hit them all over, including the eyes. Energy: 20 and Mana 100
    Lv. 2 - Lightning Throw Follow Up Cersei's blade is infused with lightning and she then spin slashes, flinging the bolt of lightning outward at the enemy, aiming to hit the water puddles on the enemy to do double damage on them. Mana: 200
    Lv. 3 - Samurai Quick Slash Cersei does a quick draw slash from her talent pool so that she flash-slashes past the enemy like a samurai, trying to instant kill them; if they are too strong it will damage them greatly, at least injuring them. Energy: 60
    Lv. 4 - Lightning Slash Lightning Slash. This powerful strike is powered by a combination of your energy and mana. The devastating blow is able to cut through tier 6 armor like butter, then send a devastating shoke through the person's body, no matter the tier. It also allows you to open the Lightning Slash Special Attack, which you can speak with the GM about building to your special needs. Energy: 60 and Mana Cost: 100

    Non-Fatal Strike
    Lv. 1 When facing low level enemies, using weapons or your fists, you are capable of delivering blows along the main body to cripple the insides without killing them, aiming to cause blood loss or internal damage that does not kill. Your goal is quick blows. Energy: 40
    Lv. 2 When facing mid level enemies, using weapons or your fists, you are capable of delivering blows along the main body to cripple the insides without killing them, aiming to cause blood loss or internal damage that does not kill. Your goal is quick blows. Energy: 80
    Lv. 3 When facing high level enemies, using weapons or your fists, you are capable of delivering blows along the main body to cripple the insides without killing them, aiming to cause blood loss or internal damage that does not kill. Your goal is quick blows. Energy: 120
    Lv. 4 This move is for a devastating strike against a target so close to their heart or what passes for it that if they dare move or attempt to move, they will risk tearing themselves asunder into death, giving you control over their life, and putting you close enough to do a palm strike if you have enough energy after this attack. Some enemies may be able to dodge this and the high energy cost will leave you worn down until stamina can restore it. Energy: 160

    Templar Lightning Magik
    Lv. 1 Basic Lightning magik, thrown from the hand at the enemy, it causes nothing but Lightning based damaged. Mana Cost: 50
    Lv. 2 Generated from the hand as well, this causes shock damage as well as Lightning based damaged. Mana Cost: 100
    Lv. 3 A Lightning ball is generated and bounced at any angle the templar can manage to smash into an opponent, shocking and knocking them over; small chance of paralysis. Mana Cost: 200
    Lv. 4 - Templar Storm Templar Storm. A small storm appears over two to three people and begins to generate lightning bolts from the clouds generated, shocking and zapping the targets repeatedly. This forces the templar to remain in place to generate the cloud and if they move it's broken. It can only be generated a few times per session. Mana Cost: 500

    Lv. 1 This is very dependant on your speed and reflexes stats for success, but if a player is quick enough, this level allows them quickly use their weapon or hands to knock items, not weapons, from another's hand if they are within a certain stat level of the target. Energy Cost: 20
    Lv. 2 This is very dependant on your speed and reflexes stats for success, but if a player is quick enough, this level allows them quickly use their weapon or hands to knock weapons from another's hand if they are within a certain stat level of the target. Energy Cost: 60
  • Primary Weapon: Mystic Rustic Blade (Omega Tier)
  • Secondary Weapon: Wyrd
  • Body Armor: Tier 12 Dominatrix Bikini Armor [+5 Defense, Fire Resistant, 3 Slots]
  • Arm Armor: Tier 12 Dominatrix Gauntlet [+2 Grip, +2 Attack, +1 Climb]
  • Leg Armor: Tier 12 Dominatrix Battle Boots [+3 Speed, Fire Walk Short Duration, +3 Kick Damage]
  • Special Item: Backpack
  • Special Item: Large Coin Purse
Angel Mark
  • Advantages:
  • Lvl 1: Faster Healing Time, Increased M. Effect, Increased M. Useage
  • Lvl 2:
  • Lvl 3:
  • Lvl 4:
  • Disadvantages:
  • Lvl 1: Lifeforce Drain, No Magic Useage, Stamina Impairment
  • Lvl 2:
  • Lvl 3:
  • Lvl 4:

Your Beliefs:

I serve the people; whatever my ultimate goal may be, it is my duty as a Knight to lay my life down for them. There is no greater calling than that for me.

Your Goals:

I have no goals now except to follow my beliefs - serving the people around me and laying my life down for them. I seek out injustices and seek to right them. No matter how little.

My second goal is to find Zeal Silas' descendant and become her shield, protecting her and future offspring until my time runs out as I once did for Zeal, passing my life debt on.

Your Instinct:

Death before dishonor. I will protect the people of Tareh with my honor intact, for if I sink to tactics of the enemy, then I am no better than the people I am fighting. I will be walking the path of the demons as they do, even though they think they are doing the best for Tareh as well.


Relatives: Undisclosed.


Your Background:

Not much information is available on Cersei Ara'kawa. It is known her family was killed in a skirmish when she was young between Navarro and Nuege, so the Church took her in when she was six years of age. Originally intending to be a priestess, Cersei instead told the Knight she was travelling with that she wanted to be a Knight like them and he defyed the Church's plans for her and made her his apprentice. The Knight was a rising star in the ranks and so his clout was enough. Cersei trained under him and rose with him, so that when he became a God General, she was serving under him still.

Cersei kept his honorable ways and traveled Tareh with him, learning all there was and knowing more than most of the Templars. She gained acccess to tomes and libraries, studying war and combat and training herself in areas that her Master did not and always sought to protect the weak. When she was 20, her master was killed in a mission gone bad and on his recommendation and on her own skill she was made a God General. She quickly impressed and became one of the top ones.

Cersei was known as the Honorable God General, and refused to do any mission that would hurt the people. The Church wisely used her on missions that gave them good PR and she would sometimes vanish for months at a time doing things that would bring about the end to pirates and brigadeers that harrassed and harmed people. She ended more tyranny and suffering for people than any other God General in the last 500 years.

One other thing she did on her own time, and with her own money, especially in the final six years, but before that, was spend time focusing on orphanges, maintaining their well being. Unknown to Zeal Silas, when she was orphanged, it was Cersei that made sure she was taken in by the Church and given a good home, though she could not look after the girl much after that, when Zeal expressed a desire to be a Templar, it was by Cersei's hand that she got her chance. Likely, if Cersei learned of the one Bishop's desire to marry Zeal, the Bishop would have faced the God General, and the Church would have had to face two equally powerful people. In the end, full circle came back around when Zeal saved Cersei's life when she lost her head and she made a pact with Yeger to give Cersei some of her years to live. Now Cersei is on a timer, and she uses her remaining time as best she can before the clock runs out.

Caught up in the final battle with the others against Gartareh, Cersei was thrust into the future along with them, and she is seeking to find out what happened to Zeal's descendants while sticking to her beliefs. The only person that knows that she is ultimate seeking to learn about Zeal's descendants is Wyrd.

However, recently Cersei was killed during the Elven Incident and upon being ressurected by Urr and Cleo, she returned with no emotions. Though it seems she has hard logic and basic pleasure instincts, she seems to lack emotions. Remaining with Wyrd, despite everyone finding it hard to believe, only time will tell if the two will break apart once her emotions return; though now and again flickers of emotion return.

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