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  • Age: 14
  • DOB: 10.17.2847
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Cup Size: C-
  • Hair Length: Mid-Back
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 110
  • Build: Healthy
  • Race: Human
  • Elemental Affinity: Water
  • Primary Weapon: Tier 12 Dominatrix Whip [+5 Attack, 3 Slots]
  • Secondary Weapon: Hidden Tier 5 Dagger
  • Special Item: Backpack
  • Special Item 2: Tiara
  • Body Armor: Omega Princess Bikini Ore Gown [+7 Defense, Fire Resistant, 5 Slots]
  • Hand Armor: Omega Princess Dominatrix Gauntlet [+2 Grip, +4 Attack, +2 Climb]
  • Foot Armor: Omega Princess Battle Boots [+5 Speed, Fire Walk Short Duration, +4 Kick Damage]
Angel Mark
  • Advantages:
  • Lvl 1: Faster Healing Time, Increased M. Effect, Increased M. Useage
  • Lvl 2:
  • Lvl 3:
  • Lvl 4:
  • Disadvantages:
  • Lvl 1: Lifeforce Drain, No Magic Useage, Energy Impairment
  • Lvl 2:
  • Lvl 3:
  • Lvl 4:

Your Beliefs: I believe in equality for all subjects. I believe in striving for fairness and proper treatment for all my subjects and seeing that the lowlest subject has the same rights as the richest, if they each work as hard. I know I will not live long on the throne with thoughts like these, but I must bring Gelus into the 2800th century.

Your Goals: To fight with those who stand with me, to sweat and bleed with them, to do all I can for my people if they will believe in me, and to win the throne back. If people will die for me, then I will suffer with them, and in the end I will make this Kingdom something we all can be worthy of, like the tales of the Undercity and the queens of old.

Your Instinct: To trust my most loyal advisors, and my heart. Oh, James...


Relatives: Father: King Julius Gelus, Sister: Julianna Gelus


Your Background: The youngest daughter of King Gelus, Juliet saw her mother, Tywana Stonewall-Gelus, die when she was 3 years old during a Badelf attack before her very eyes. While there's something about the memory that bothers her to this day in nightmares, the attack launched her father's severe hatred against elves and began the most recent of wars against Badelf that recently wrapped up and defined most of Julianna and Juliet's lives. Confined to either their country home in Tri'hill or in the capital of Anora, she spent little time with her father and did most of her time reading or visiting the country side.

Juliet grew up with detailed ideas of right and wrong and when Mimi McTreggor showed up and she grew close to the body guard and it got out who she was and they tried to have her killed due to Mimi's lineage, Juliet stuck with her, eventually being led to the group and soon being on the other side of a coup against her father due to the fact she has yet been unable to even speak to her due to the manipulations of his right hand man, Robert Hill.

Juliet has shown she has a kind heart for the poor and downtodden, despite her mother's death by the Badelf Kingdom, and is quickly trying to control all these manipulative families using her as a pawn in their own game for the throne. And during this all she has fallen in love with a knight named James the Faile, who she knows if she gets engaged, she might lose precious leverage with the families she will need to gain a foothold toward the crown. Love, or victory?

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