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  • Age: 25
  • DOB: 12.13.2365
  • Hair: White
  • Cup Size: DD
  • Hair Length: Shoulder
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 135
  • Build: Athletic
  • Race: Human
  • Class:
  • Elemental Affinity: Lightning
Health: 10 / 20 Stamina: 70 / 70 Hand to Hand Combat: 10 / 20
Strength: 100 / 100 Energy: 70 / 70 Melee Weapons: 80 / 80
Speed: 40 / 40 Reflexes: 10 / 20 Ranged Weapons: 10 / 20
Perception: 10 / 20 Charisma: 10 / 20 Magik Defense: 10 / 20
Mind: 10 / 20 Luck: 10 / 20 Magik Offense: 0 / 0
Slots: Special Attacks: 0/0, Race 0/4, Talents: 0/5, Abilities: 0/10, Skills: 0/10, Sub-Class: 0/1 Mana Pool: 100

Generic Traits:

Resistance to the elements (minor)

Your eyes adjust to new lighting levels more quickly (you don't see any better in low visual environments though)

You can go slightly longer than usual without food or water


  • Advantage 1 You sometimes can score critical hits in combat against stronger foes.  
    Advantage 2 Your tough exterior threatens people away from you sexually  


  • Disadvantage 1 Enemies target you first a lot of times.  
    Disadvantage 2 You never enjoy intimacy.  
Special Attacks
Race Specific Tree

Racial Talents


Racial Abilities


Racial Skills

Created Skillset Tree


  • Leadership
    Tier 1 You are capable of earning trust easier with those under your command and gaining insight into leadership tests/situations. You are taking a leadership test, you will be given clues by the person running it (3). If you in a leadership role, players and NPCs under you will trust you a bit easier with this tier up to a point. If you begin to make bad calls this will erode. The more charisma you have, the more bad calls you can make.
    Tier 2 You are capable of getting strangers to trust your judgements on situations, bringing them to your way of thinking if they are of like minds. Meaning if they are in the same line of work as you and you point out a strategy they are more likely to believe you and go with your plan than before. The higher your charisma stats, the easier the time of convincing them.
    Tier 3 You earn more gold killing monsters.
    Tier 4 You are capable of getting NPCs who do not have anything to do with your line of work to believe and work for your cause; they will rally to cause if you use this tier along with a motivational speech and your Charisma/Luck Stat.
    Tier 5 You can bluff the enemy leaders with your talent with this tier depending on Mind, Perception, Charisma, or Luck, along with having this tier. With how many you might have following you also a factor. You can sometimes use your leadership prowness to get enemy commanders to surrender to you completely without a fight.
    Bonus Tier 1 With your charisma you are able to give a speech that can rile people to war en mass, or even out of it, although it may not always work. The higher your Charisma Stat is the better the chances. (Disadvantage: If you fail, they might become an angry mob towards you)
    Bonus Tier 2 A slightly higher chance of a rousing speech working. Same Charisma Stat chance help. (Disadvantage: The mod will be out for blood.)




  • Slash
    Lv. 1 You are able to unleash a quick slash for high damage. Energy: 30
    Lv. 2 You are able to unleash a quick slash, followed by a jump and a wave of fire from your sword Energy: 50 / Mana: 40
    Lv. 3 You are able to deal a massive wave of fire from you sword at a group of enemies (Disadvantage: This can backfire and light you on fire.) Mana: 100
    Lv. 4 You are able to slash into an enemy and your sword will let loose a torrent of fire inside of him (Disadvantage: If you do not break skin or armour your weapon can shatter and send out a huge wave of fire in all direction, hurting every on in proximity) Energy: 80 / Mana: 150
Sub-Class Specific Tree

Sub-Class Talents


Sub-Class Abilities


Sub-Class Skills

Class Specific Tree

Class Talents


Class Abilities


Class Skills

Angel Magik
  • Fireball: 3 of 3
  • Fireball Lv. 2: 3 of 5
  • Evaporate: 5 of 5
Angel Mark
  • Advantages:
  • Lvl 1: Faster Healing Time, Increased Strength, Increased Speed
  • Lvl 2: Improved Healing Time, Free Magik Level, Superhuman Strength
  • Lvl 3: Angel Strength, Increased Energy
  • Lvl 4: Permanent Strength Increase, Superhuman Energy
  • Lvl 5: Angelic Permanent Strength Increase, Angel Energy
  • Disadvantages:
  • Lvl 1: Lifeforce Drain, Energy Impairment, No Magic Useage
  • Lvl 2: Decreased Magic Level, Skill Loss
  • Lvl 3: Advantages Gone
  • Lvl 4: Angel Control
  • Lvl 5: Permenant Energy Decrease
Mara Items
  • Primary Weapon: Narok - Tier 12 Demon Blade
    • (+4 Attack - +9 Strength, +6 Stamina & Energy, +5 Health, +3 Speed, Perception & Magik O, +2 Mind, +1 Charisma & Luck)
  • Secondary Weapon: Whispering Blade (Severe penalty)
  • Special Item:
  • Special Item 2: Backpack
  • -Ruby
  • -large coin purse
  • -medium coin purse
  • Body Armor: Bikini Armor (+6 Defense)
  • Hand Armor:
  • Foot Armor:

Your Beliefs:

All people can do good, regardless of of how they were born or raised, unless they do not want to be.

Your Goals:

To become a duke or some otherform of rotalty with her loved ones.

Your Instinct:

Do whatever required to meet her goals


Your Background:

A mere two decades prior, templars stationed within the capital of Navarro were led by a man named Gregor, famed as a general and tactician. However, the proud knight-commander was still only a man, subject doubts and temptation. He took a mistress, a half-elven woman of a certain reputation, with whom he fathered a child. The girl was named Moira, a name that eluded to a rebellious nature. When his doubts in the Church's methods came to light alongside his personal indiscretions, Gregor was removed from his position. Knowing full well the wrath of the Church, he fled with his infant daughter, though the mother ultimately abandoned them for greener pastures.

For the first few years, Gregor attempted to plow a living as a farmer, but he was no farmer. Picking up the sword again, he joined a mercenary legion, his young daughter at his side. As she grew, Moira found her place in the mercenary encampment, fetching and carrying for the soldiers. Gregor himself regained some semblance of his old life as he rose to be general of the legion. Over time, Moira grew from a girl into a woman, though the presence of the general himself kept most hands off of th young woman. The rest could be dealt with by moira herself for she did not continue to fetch and carry. She took up the ways of fist, spear, and blade. The general's daughter was now a warrior to match any under her father's command.

Moira lived up to her name, a rebellious spirit within her. She left her father's company, seeking her own fortune. No longer the general's daughter, she was now moira the sellsword, carving out a humble living with the strength of her swordarm. Eventually, fortune carried her to the Island Nations, so close to the Church that she distrusted, and yet all paths eventually passed through those ports.

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