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Previous TAWs

  • Lorelei's Body:
  • DOB: 10-591.8.16
  • True Age: 2390 (Presumed)
  • Appeared Age: 15
  • DOReB: 5.27.2390 (given to Jean)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Cup Size: C
  • Hair Length: Mid-Back
  • Eyes: Blue (normal), Green (angry), Gold (powered up), Silver (???)
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 100
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: Kitsune Dragoon Goddess
  • Elemental Affinity: All

  • Jean's Body:
  • DOB: 8.16.2360
  • True Age: 46 (Presumed)
  • Appeared Age: 15
  • DOReB: 3.23.2389
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Cup Size: B+
  • Hair Length: Upper Back
  • Eyes: Blue and Green
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 110
  • Build: Slender
  • Race: Angelic
  • Elemental Affinity: All
Empress Jean (Present Jean) [Below]
  • Future Jean:
  • Primary Weapon: Tier 12 Demonic Angelic Blade
  • Secondary Weapon: Future Umi
  • Special Item: Cracked Purple Orb
  • Special Item 2: Bracelet with Runic Writing
  • Body Armor: [Omega Tier] Goddess Armor w/ extending wings [Bikinig class]
  • Hand Armor: Goddess Armor
  • Foot Armor: Goddess Armor
  • Key Items: ?????

  • Empress/Young Jean:
  • Primary Weapon: Omega Tier Angelic Blade
  • Secondary Weapon: Hidden
  • Special Item: Empress Necklace
  • Special Item 2: Mirror
  • Body Armor: [Omega Tier] Goddess Armor w/ extending wings [Bikinig class]
  • Hand Armor: Goddess Armor
  • Foot Armor: Goddess Armor
  • Key Items: Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Holy
  • Gale Burst
  • Gale Burst Lv.2
  • Gale Burst Lv. 3
  • Gale Storm*
  • Wind Jump
  • Wind Retrieval
  • Wind Shield
  • Wind Shield Lv.2
  • Wind Barrier*
  • Tornado
  • Tornado Storm*
  • Earth Spike Lv. 1
  • Earth Spike Lv. 2
  • Earth Crunch
  • Earth Shield Lv. 1
  • Earth Shield Lv. 2
  • Earth Armor
  • Earth Step
  • Fireball Lv. 1
  • Fireball Lv. 2
  • Fireball Lv. 3
  • Super Fireball
  • Inferno*
  • Flame Invulnerability
  • Flame Weapon
  • Evaporate
  • Water Creation
  • Geyser
  • Freeze
  • Ice Blade
  • Ice Shard Lv. 1
  • Ice Shard Lv. 2
  • Ice Rain
  • Ice Hands Practical
  • Ice Shield Lv.1
  • Ice Shield Lv.2
  • (to be updated - has magik anyone has learned with mark)
Angel's Mark
  • Advantages:
  • Lvl 1: Lifeforce Drain x15, Energy Impairment-x6, Strength Impairment-x8, No Magic Useage-x9, Speed Impairment-x5, Stamina Impairment-x7
  • Lvl 2: Stat Impairment 1-x9, Stat Impairment 2-x6, Skill Loss-x3

    Lvl 3: Advantages Gone-x2, Complete Immobility

    Lvl 4: Permenant Stamina Decrease-x3, Permenant Energy Decrease-x2, Angel Control

    Lvl 5: Angel Control-x3, Permenant Reflexes and Perception Decrease, Permenant Magik Offense and Defense Loss

    Lv. 6: Complete Loss, Permenant Magik O & D Decrease

  • Disadvantages:
  • Lvl 1: Faster Healing Time-x15, Increased Magic Useage-x10 and Effectiveness-x10, Increased Strength-x4, Increased Speed-x5, Increased Energy-x4
  • Lvl 2: Improved Healing Time-x5, Increased Energy-x4 and Increased Speed-x3, Increased Stamina-x2, Superhuman Strength-x2, Superhuman Speed-x3, Superhuman Energy-x3, Increase Magik Offense and Defense

    Lvl 3: Angel Energy-x2, 1/2 Magic Useage-x2

    Lvl 4: Elemental Affinity Add-On-x2, Angel Energy-x2, Permenant Energy Increase, Permenant Stamina Increase, Permenant Strength Increase-x2

    Lvl 5: Angelic Perm E. Increase, Quicker Magik Lvls-x2., Ressurection, Angelic Strength Increase, Permenant E. Increase-x2,

    Lv.6. Elem. Affinity Spells Learned, Mana Pool Increase

Future Jean:

Your Beliefs: I believe that something horrible happened in the past and me and Umi have to change the present or we'll all relieve it again. I just pray our memories return soon.

Your Goals: To change the present so the future me and Umi lived through does not come to pass.

Your Instinct: To believe in our friends and family we made in the previous journey and trust in them.

Empress Jean:

Your Beliefs: I see a darkness coming in my visions in the guise of myself, and my friends being swayed by this person and then being destroyed. I believe they will not listen to me, so I must do whatever I can to help them, even if they come to hate me for it.

Your Goals: To save my friends and family, and try to mend my broken heart and find my true love again and reconnect with her.

Your Instinct: To believe in my heart and the world we all saved, and those by my side - my friends. My family. We can do anything and save the others.


Relatives: Empress Jean: Just those who have traveled with her on the journey. Considers Truth/Umi the closest to family, as well as Rachael, Zeal, and many others. Future Jean: Umi is actually her wife and has 5 children.


Your Background: Lorelei was captured in a pitch battle and her body taken by Gartareh for nearly 2400 years. During this time, CHIP went on to try to replicate a new Lorelei due to the fact that all depended on her and her powers and during the time his programming began to detoriate. Creating Demon Blades during this time and having his agents put them around the world, and setting up his plans using the runes to punch a hole back in time to change Tareh from every happening, thus killing billions of lives, he took Lily Erica and made her body using Lorelei's genetics and made Jean.

Jean was then launched, with no memory, into Navarro where she was found by the original Angel group and spared by Zeall, who proclaimed herself her Knight. From there, Jean transversed and soon triggered CHIP's plan after gathering the runes and they were all sent back in time. However, they overcame all odds and found a way to stop the gods, warn the past, and save their timeline - thanks in part to unlocking Lorelei's implanted memories inside Jean. Aschae and Lorelei sacrifices their lives and Jean's memories were implanted into Lorelei's real body before they used Jean's body to save Tareh.

However, being thrown 400 years into Tareh's future, a future Jean, who has arrived with a Umi she is married to and back in her old, original body, says some disaster will arrive. Now there is a current, present day Jean in Lorelei's body running the Empire and a future Jean from at least a year (or less now) into the future trying to remember why she came back to warn her friends.


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