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Following the events of Shards of Time, which itself was 7 years after The Alien Wars 5, there was a 20 year period after the final destruction of the remains of Centerpoint that was sucked into the blackhole. Taiga and Ouka were offically married and had two children in the first 3 years of their marriage, Yuki and Ren. Kitty ran a high school like a battle school.

Delano became President during the Shards of Time era and retired, due to the 10 year limit on EarthGov presidents, 3 years afterward. This led to X taking over, being X, who became president for 10 years after him, ruling with an X-ward hand for 10 years. People were too afraid not to vote for her again at the 5 year renewal term. After that, an unknown took over for 5 years.

EarthGov became more advanced technology wised and closer tied to the Suisen Empire that it had joined. The various factions quieted down fighting and quiet giving the Suisen Empire. Isis and Athena ruled justly for the 20 years and managed to make various laws and decrees that made the universe a better place. The joint rulings of the sister made them very famous rulers, nearly as famous as Erevis and Ama/Megumi, the first Empress and Ruling Wives.

The Suisen Empire, with the two different prespectives, managed to accomplish much in the way of diplomacy and ideas, and repaired the PAX's crashlanding, getting it mobile again and able to move, positioning it in the air around the Earth, leaving part of it behind on Earth and leaving it as a teleportation pad to the orbital part, as well as a museum of what came before.

During this period, people began to go missing, much like Shretrav did during the Shards era, which led to people believing in openings in space, though it was too rare and was blamed on pirate attacks or rogue alien races that hated the Suisen Empire.

When finally the events of The Duality Wars Session 51, 58, and 59 occured, Isis and Athena stepped down finally, leading to Lenneth finally getting the Empresshood she so coveted for 27+ years. She also gave her daughter, Godiva, to Jem, who always had a crush on her. While Lenneth's reign began, the third Empress of the Suisen Empire, so too did the final era of Earth Prime, according to some historians, unless people can change it.

Also during this, Cheryl has been the new president after the unknown. She has been President for 5 years now, just beginning her second term.

Yuki and company began to research a way to travel to the mirror universe that was discovered to be the likely cause when a group of people appeared from a ship called the Aquarius. Among them a man called Samson who looked like Ben. Our story picks up with Yuki trying to travel over.



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