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Phase 4: 15 Years Later

Stardate: 10-589.3.1

Session 51: Protocols Part 1

9 months passed since the group was formed and Angela made her confession on being an agent for Alexander Cran. All hell breaks loose when Cheryl and Lisa are kidnapped, leaving the team to try and figure out who snatched them. At the same time, Miyuki is kidnapped by Scar. Kasha is given Del, Lemon and Angela to track him down while the rest of the team gets an alert from Alexander Cran that something horrible is going down.

They meet with him to learn that the original General Cran, father of Cheryl, Angela and Chad has risen again and taken over VI. Now he's making his move, the group comes under attack and Alexander is heavily injured, but escapes with Jonas and Vela. Alexander's forces and VI fight as the group makes a death defying escape.

Now Darien prepares an assault on the warehouse where Scar holds Miyuki, and the rest of the group begins to try and track the General, hoping to save Cheryl and Lisa.

Stardate: 10-589.3.1

Session 52: Protocols Part 2

As Warren's team recovers, reattachign limbs and closing wounds up, they begin to plan for finding the General Cran as soon as they possibly can. Meanwhile, Darien's team meets up with Kasha's group at a warehouse where Miyuki is being kept. Kasha rushes in alone and hesitates, impaled on Angela's dragon form with her own blade, as Angela lifts Del into the fight. Angela and Lemon drop down, leaving Del to stall while they set Kasha down. Billy and Sammael work on Kasha as Cassandra's group arrives as backup, and Angela lifts them all in.

Inside they find Miyuki tied to a chair, which seems like she's struggling oir getting ready to attack. The team, seeing the ruse just a moment too late, narrowly avoid attacks from Scar in a Dark One form, using the shadows for power. Angela activates her flood lights in her mechanical eyes and catches Scar in the spotlight, weakening him. The group lowers weapons and Sammael arrives to bind him up as he surrenders. The group heads back to base with their prisoner.

Settling on using the information Prime Zephyr supplied the team inadvertently by giving Angela her memories, the group heads to the place where Angelos and Angelus are supposedly being kept, anticipating the General's need to use them and Cheryl to create the ultimate body. They arrive in two team's, Warren's heavy hitters attack the base defenses, keeping the place busy as Darien's team infiltrates.

Cameron has brought Rin along to try and feel out Lisa, however, this turns against him, as they open the doors into the base, a volley of shots come out to greet them, by sheer bad luck, Rin is blasted into two pieces, killed instantly. Cameron's only link to Lisa gone, he begins to help the group in a rage, destroying ninjas left and right. The team runs into the base, after an hour of battles in which they learn how to kill the new Dragoon-Weapon Ninjas, the team finally comes to the Twins Tubes, and a clone of William Spade. Keeping him busy, they destroy the tubes, and both the sides of good and evil race out before the base is destroyed by the fightng outside.

With no sign of Lisa or Cheryl in the base, they are left to conclude that Cran still has them, and they now have no leads whatsoever, or so they believe. Sammael and Dawn join minds and begin to trace the location of Cheryl. What will they find when they finally arrive?

Stardate: 10-589.3.7

Session 53: Maximum Cranage

Katrina steps in to aid the efforts of Dawn and Sammael in finding Cheryl in the link. The group follows Dawn's senses to a corn field in the midwest, when they arrive and see the shack housing the base entrance, Angela Bennet gets a forboding sense of Deja Vu, this was the very same base that in a past, now long erased timeline, she and Warren encountered. As they land, they are attacked by an army of discarded Cran clones, fighting through them, the group rushes into the shack, Angela takes the arm off one of the clones and gives it to Warren, then uses her own hand. The two Cran DNA infused hands are accepted and the door opens.

Standing in their way is a Hulk Cran, the group ends up struggling, then flinging the thing into the air as they rush onto the elevator and head down. Delving deep into the base, they fight their way through legions of VI troopers, hearing about a test subject breaking free. Coming to a labratory, they find Lisa Cameron, now human, her Omega powers completely stripped from her. Sending some of the group back with her to get her to safety, the remaining members of the group head deeper into the base as they hear a self destruct alarm going off.

What they find is shocking, Cran has inserted himself into an Omega Infused clone of Cheryl, and Cheryl herself, the two fighting naked. The group is quickly able to determine, oddly, which is the real Cheryl based on who shaves and who doesn't. Ganging up on Cran, the group overcomes her targetting abilities and takes her down, Hale attempts to execute her, but thanks to healing powers from Angela, Cranyl is preserved. Hoping to get the answer to the Alpha Protocol from her, they extract her just before the base explodes.

However, Cranyl is in a coma, and unable to give them much of anything. As they return to the base and find this out, the group licks their wounds, having to come to terms with the damages incurred after all this. Lisa deals with the double shock of both losing her abilities and the loss of her lover and pilot, Rin.

Stardate: 10-588.3.21

Session 54: Time Is Running Out

The group is down to the wire on finding a cure for Cheryl's Alpha Protocol, and on the day of her birthday, the gift arrives. Prime Zephyr appears and informs the group of the goings on in her reality, as well as providing a Delay Code, which turns out to successfully reset Cheryl's clock by one year, making her system and partially, personality wise, 15 years old again. Cheryl is able to send out the code to the other Alphas, with the exception of Alpha Zephyr and Alpha Vela. Cameron finds this odd, until Angela suggests that Alexander did something to mask Vela in the protocol, to prevent the group, and Angela, from finding her.

Zephyr promises to return with a completed cure code, and steps out with Chaos, after Cameron takes samples of her DNA. He also suggests they use the girls that are currently under Sammael's care at Darien's Mansion for their reality markers. With a year added to her life, Cheryl decides to bond with Dawn. Angela steps out to speak to Cheryl after she announces her planned break in being a General for a few months, and the two agree to start fresh, no mind control, no tricks, just sisters, with the reminder that Angela still has to make up for betraying her.

Lisa starts focusing on training, and Darien Starr invites her to join his unit and recieve the proper training she can't get as a 30 year old in a 14 year old, growing human body in EarthGov. As she heads out with Kay and Cassandra, the group is ambushed, VI attempting to kidnap Lisa again. The group gets away, but only narrowly, the incident bringing up two concerns: VI believes Lisa is still valuable even as an ex-Omega, suggesting her condition is like Angela's, and that there must be a leak to VI within the military group or Darien's team, as no one save Darien, Sammael, Kay, Cassandra, and Lisa knew about her transport, unless someone in the base was watching.

Stardate: 10-588.11.11

Over the following months, many things change among the group. Cheryl has her break and comes back to work with a renewed vigor, Angela and Lemon get married, Alexander becomes a public figure and launches a campaign for the Presidency, and Lisa is attacked multiple times by VI. Answering a communication from Zephyr, Lisa asks to visit the new Progenitor Empire to explore the possibility of becoming Erevis' High Priestess. The group finds the message never got to Zephyr however, in an amazing adventure not covered due to time constraints. They manage to take down a massive jamming structure and weaken VI further. Once the message goes out, Zephyr promises to come back to Earth to pick her up, and she's due back any day now, almost 9 months after the terrible events started by Cranyl.

It's then that the teleporter screams back to life and a group steps out from it. Prime Zephyr, with Jennifer Carmichael-Zhenmei and Elwyn Carter step out, along with Chaos, Knight Cheryl and Princess Aya. Prime Zephyr delivers the cure, and oddly seems to have changed dramatically, now nice and friendly with Angela. Angela peeks into her memories and discovers the memories of the new Prime Angela, and decides not to remind Prime Zephyr of what she knows, not wanting to ruin the life of an innocent, new version of herself.

Jennifer sets out to locate her daughters, identifying the children under Sammael's care as Lemiffer and Jenon, but decides to at least temporarily leave them in Sammael's care, especially since the girls have fallen in love with their surrogate mommy. She also meets with Alexander to get information on Q, confirming that the mystery girl is in fact, another one of her daughters, who she calls "Cuddles".

Elwyn meets with her ancient Billy, from before the reality reset, the two have a romantic and erotic meeting, holding one another and catching up over their history. They compare notes and try to decide where to go from there.

With the cure delivered, the group now awaits Zephyr's arrival back home, and the trouble that always seems to follow in the Progenitor's Wake.

Stardate: 10-589.3.22

Session 55: Arrival

Warren has his hands full with Miyuki, Jennifer, Isis, Hi'saa, Lorelei, Pupumi, Zephyr and Elwyn all visiting from the Prime Reality. They gather, then split up again. Zephyr leaves the base with Jennifer to go meet up with Alexander, who claims to have Q on hand. Isis and the Alternate Miyuki wind up together when Warren's team leaves the base on shuttle to go head out to their next mission. That mission is a worrying one, a mysterious ship has appeared in space, and one look at it has Angela claiming it's a Progenitor ship.

On their approach towards the ship, a fleet ship that gets too trigger happy blasts at the oncoming, silent ship and the shields deflect the attacks, destroying the ship. Everyone begins to take caution when Steel speaks up and identifies which ship he's on. Shortly after, it explodes mysteriously, no one sure what caused it, but it looked somehow like the Progenitor ship may be to blame. The group flies in close and finds themselves let onto the ship without a fight. They get off the shuttle to be greeted by their Zephyr, who is now a general for the Progenitor Empire.

Given a tour, they learn that Erevis has started a large empire, recruiting various races with the commitment of worshipping her. The Prime Miyuki takes this chance to seek out Amataresu, who is a co-goddess on the ship. Angela is offered a place in the Empire to build long-range teleporters she divined from Prime Zephyr's memories, however, she states she is unable to simply hop alliegances or play spy for Erevis. She is invited to talk about it and heads off to speak to Ao, Erevis and Amateresu about it.

Lisa, who vanished from Darien's mansion in a bright light, is given her job as the High Priestess of Erevis, and shown her new office and surroundings, then tackles Zephyr and begins to finally cry. The group relaxes a little and agrees to stay on board till the ship exits the Sol System, Erevis feeling Earth is not quite ready for an alliance with them.

Date: 10-589.3.22

Session 56: Signs of Things to Come

The team parted ways again, the Earth group heading back to Earth to resume duties, now having to deal with a paranoid government while the Empire floated off into depths unknown to recruit armies of bunnies. The Military team reported to one of Cran's bases for a formal inspection to make sure he wasn't evil (at least, not as evil as your average politician). Inside they discovered, due to the meddling of two little kids and their scrappy dog, a secret lab holding Cran clone parts, and what might have been a Scar using the lab to research cloning Kasha and Miyu. Darien's brave soldiers inspected the site of Steel's demise, finding evidence of a bomb, but they had to flee due to a second bomb going off, destroying all evidence of the attack, besides Steel's supposed corpse.

Date: 10-589.4.17

Session 57: Trouble Brewing

Jennifer, and the other visitors to the reality: Miyuki, Isis, Hi'Saa, Elwyn and Zephyr are invited to a luncheon with Cran. Here, he asks for Jennifer's cooperation to assure galactic peace by revealing the names of other threats like Steel that will turn up in the future. Worried that her slip was the direct cause of Steel's death, and thus the death of thousands around him, Jennifer ends up questioning his methods. This causes Cran to walk away, and Jennifer, realizing she's lost a connection to Q, watches him go.

They then leave for the PAX3 to attend a conference, to determine the very thing Cran did not want to happen, the fall of the PAX. Paladin is incensed that Jennifer lost her contact, as after she left, Alexander was attacked and nearly killed, laying in critical condition, the suspect of the attempted murder: Project Q. The group continues on in space, aboard Iceheart's ship, heading to the PAX.

Meanwhile, Darien organizes the headhunt for Q, determined to bring her in for questioning, but can the group really bring down a living weapon?

Date: 10-589.4.22

Session 58: Crisis on PAX3

The group headed to the PAX3 arrives and begins speaking on behalf of Erevis to the council on the PAX. After they've given all their information, councilling an attempt at peace with the Empire, Loki and Shretrav admit it to be impossible, as they do not believe they can come to even terms with Erevis, they will eventually fall to war with her, and one by one the various nations will be beaten and taken over.

On this sad note, the group returns home, Jennifer, still agitated over the situation with Q, the government now on a manhunt to bring her in for the attempted assassination of Alexander Cran, gets a break learning that Cran is alive, but soon to die. Knowing she may be able to save him with her magic, she attempts to get permission to see him, denied by Warren, she goes to Paladin, her agitation causing her to make further mistakes, however, she gets him to put in the request.

Meanwhile, the others all begin to relax and rest up, the visitors from Prime anjoying some downtime while Darien's group tries to locate Q and hopefully arrest her. Cheryl attempts to teach the others that she is a true UB, whether or not she succeeded is up in the air. With the Scar still on the loose and cloning technology and an obsession over Kasha, it seems that the team has their hands full between the remnants of the Dark Ones and Q.

Date: 10-589.4.23

Session 59: Operation Fall in Love or How I Came to Clone My Alternate Self

Jennifer is asked to go to the hospital alone, after she leaves, the group goes about their day until word arises that Q is in the vicinity of the hospital, just after a terrible explosion. The team suits up and heads out there, to encounter Scar, cloned Kasha and a bound God fighting with Q, and as the group soon realizes, Q is on their side, attempting to stop Scar. Scar throws a bomb down the ruined elevator and Q leaps in after it as the team faces off. Del chases down Scar with Hale and they're nearly killed, but manage to kill him first.

The team starts evacuating, Cheryl injured deeply in the shuttle crash that occured coming into the hospital. However, they decide to transfer Cranyl's core into her to heal her. Jennifer recovers Q and Kasha is locked into a shell that's made in the hospital to contain the god, Miyuki forced to wait it out and hope she comes out okay. As the team recovers, Jennifer exits the reality to get a fix for Q in order, and the rest of the group waits to see what could possibly go wrong next.

Date: 10-589.5.14

Session 60: I Need You Like I Need A Bullet Through the Head

Warren returns from his trouble free vacation to have Jennifer leap back into the reality in front of him. A note strapped to her back saying "Find Me", Warren attains the coordinates to find the currently in hibernation Josephine Carlisle. While Warren plans out that mission, Jennifer heads to Iceheart's ship to convert Q back into Cuddles.

The team heads out to retrieve Josephine, Angela and Myria forcing their way through doors and security to get the pod and bring it home with them, they find it's encoded and will take some time to get open. As they're gone, something happens and Elwyn and Jennifer both faint. Brought to medical, Stacey identifies their issue as a brain hemmorage that somehow goes away on it's own as Cameron has the pod brought in. Billy repairs Elwyn with dark powers and Cameron orders Ethia to wake Jennifer. Jennifer awakens and seeing Cameron's scans, thinks a brain problem could be related to Zephyr.

The others search the base for missing people and Miyuki confirms, Zephyr's head was blown off in a confrontation at the hospital. As Jennifer and Elwyn fade from reality, Jennifer asks them to watch over Cuddles and Katrina agrees.

Darien's group moves the cocoon to a remote location and Kay is set to guard it with Robb, while they do that, Jennifer and Elwyn awaken in the Prime Reality with a brain damaged Zephyr, and they return back to see Miyuki and collect Cuddles. Miyu still out of it due to Del putting her down when EarthGov gave the ultimatum to destroy the coccoon, she is unable to talk to Zephyr. Jennifer collects Cuddles, has a soft touching goodbye with her alternate father, and heads home.

Date: 10-589.5.25

Session 61: Spy Team

Darien begins a meeting with his team, going over the incident at the cocoon, he gives them a new mission, to track down information about the Others and identify any more spies amongst the people. Taking his now second in command, Sammael, and the others with him, Darien heads to a factory where the workers were hired out. Here they line up the people who were associate with the spies and try to learn if they knew anything else about the group. This leads to a scuffle with the Bearded One, and crashing into a canister, the room is flooded with nanites.

Setsuna uses EMP to kill off the nanites and the Cyborgs awaken later back at home, the mere mortals analysing the data they've found and identified a world they think may have fallen under the Others power, or even been their homeworld. The group boards a shuttle to head into Erevis' Imperial space, choosing the route of open honesty with the goddess, they fly out. Along the way they discover Sammael's adopted children, showing traits of their mother Athena, have stowed aboard for the trip and brought Caesura along with them.

As they disembark on the Progenitor ship, Lisa Cameron is there to greet them and shows them to their rooms, Zephyr there to guard her.

Date: 10-589.5.25

Session 62: On The Trail of the Others

Darien and his group meet with the Empress. While some choose to dance around the issues as they are, Sammael opts to be direct in their reasons for being there. Erevis react wanting to destroy the planet in question, where Darien's team thinks the Others came from, but after verifying that the planet is too primitive to have cooperated with the Others, Leyaeh is able convince Erevis to take a scouting approach first. Heading to the planet, they approach and get close as they have problems scanning the planet. Just as people realize something is amiss, the planet explodes, damaging the ship.

Others teleport onto the ship and begin to set up bombs, a couple snatching up Erevis and Ao, teleporting away. Darien takes charge and he and his team are able to curb the Other incursion and reactivate the ship's shields. Zephyr and Megumi launch with fighters and take Erevis and Ao back from a fleeing Other ship, the situation leaving Erevis' vessel damaged and many injured, but still, the Others attempt is foiled. Making tracks away from the planet, Erevis grants Darien and his team special priveldges due to helping her and the team refocuses it's investigation into the Others.

Stardate: 10-593.7.27

Prime Session 259: The Search For the Angel Part I

Cheryl takes a brave group of travellers: Chii, Aurica, Lorelei, Jennifer, Amataseru, Iro, Seth and Aschae to the Alternate Reality.

Stardate: 10-589.10.8

Here they appear to only partially startle Warren's base, and soon share their knowledge on what's happening with Warren's team. As Cheryl relates this, a god of some sort ports in, takes Lorelei and Pupumi and ports out. Pressed for time however, and not sure where her daughter was taken, Cheryl leaves with the away team to go investigate London, where the Cult of the Angel is gathering.

Here they meet a flower girl who tells them all about the 20-something woman who heals the sick and protects the helpless, preaching love and equality to all. While the age doesn't fit, Seth seems certain they are otherwise talking about Jean. As they approach the building where the Angel is going to preach, 4 Others appear and begin to attack the building. The people within are protected by Magik, and Seth follows the marks as they begin to fade inside.

Angela brings down a couple of Betas on the Others, smashing them asunder as the group rushes into the collpasing building, finds a hatch and heads below.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group that came with Cheryl uses the secret teleporter on Warren's Base to go to the PAX. Here they meet up with Erevis and begin to get aquainted with her. Jennifer goes to see her girls and some of the others go exploring on the ship while the rest join Erevis for tea.

Down below London, the group runs into Wyrd, getting her to not try and kill them, the group is soon met up with other Marked, Truth, Pupumi and the one eyed cronie. Jean then reveals herself, years older and fully matured. She walks them away from the combat zone and begins to explain to them how it all started for them, five years previously, when they appeared in a mansion and woke up a couple of Azuha girls.

Date: 10-589.5.25

Session 63: Search for the Angel Part II

Jean explained the circumstances of how she, Truth, Wyrd, and the Nameless Undeveloped NPC found themselves in a lab under Cran Manor and how they escaped with Kasha and Miyuki. After parting ways, or running in terror from Miyuki in ALL OF MY NOPE! mode, the group had several adventures telling how they came across clues that told them time was wrong in the Alternate reality, at least for them. Encountering a much different Cheryl and a much different Chii, the woman known as the Angel came to grips with her role, and the truth that she wasn't Lorelei.

Meanwhile, Darien's group visits the PAX and a team is formed to go recuse Lorelei, The Empress Erevis accepting the need to stay behind, instead her voice, Lisa Cameron, going in her stead along with others, led by Amataseru to rescue the tyke. They step out of the shuttle once landing on Earth and head for the shrine to spank bad foxes.

Jean leads the group with her out onto the surface, hoping to find a live Other to capture and question, her plan all along having been to lure them out to get information on what their plans are, and how they relate to the Gods.

Stardate: 10-589.10.8

Prime Session 260: The Search For the Angel Part III

Jean and those who found her head onto the surface, Warren leading them towards the shuttle while trying to keep incognito. Ethia and Sethia manage to grab some wigs for the blondes and the group makes it to their shuttle, taking off. At the same time, the group that entered the temple manages to revive Inari and ends up restoring Inari's body and soul, then taking her down, leaving only the cloned Inari, a new person to live. In the back yard they find Lore and Pupumi, bringing them back for a heartfelt reunion with their mothers.

Jean briefs the Alt team on what's been happening, and how they cannot reveal the exact way in which to prevent the deaths in 15 years time until they can assure their own timeline is kept safe. Paladin waits until Cheryl gets the future visitors and her own team on the shuttle to leave before discussing his own plans to use Jean's blood to find a way to create their own reality control, trusting no one. Cameron appears completely pissed off at the notion and Ethia as well, but they keep it to themselves and no one warns Cheryl of Paladin's plans before she leaves.

Cheryl takes her group, and those of Erevis' people who came to save Lore back to Erevis' ship, where they share the same info with Erevis, who is much more willing to render aid and coordinate for future plans. After getting people sorted, Cheryl takes her people back to Earth and opens a new ripple in reality to Wind's reality, shifting them through.

They come out on the edge fo a cliff and the shuttle starts to fall, Cheryl falling with it. Seth attempts to latch her to the side of the tunnel with ice as Jennifer desperately powers the shuttle and attempts to lift it up to prevent smashy death. They manage to correct it enough so when a reploid speeds in and stops the shuttle, minimal injury is caused. However, Harupia and Leviathan tell them they came at a hell of a time. Jennifer rushes out to check on Cheryl and finds Vile, and 100 Mavericks charging down the slope towards them.

Stardate: 7.27.2225 (Classic)

Prime Session 262: The Alliance Part One

Cleaning up in Wind's reality, they form together to hold a meeting, where Cheryl proposes the one thing they all need in this crisis: An Alliance of Realities. With Wind in charge, it's an easy agreement, and discussion turns instead towards who and what the enemy is. As the Gods are described, one very interesting fact comes up, the Gods had Silver Blood.

The recently widowed Kumiko cuts her hand to show them the biggest unique trait of the Cheire, their silver blood. Mention of Garterah adds another piece to the puzzle. Garland, the Chiere ex-Husband of Seraphna was thought to be long gone, not restored into the reality when Wind recreated it. However, as he had no real control over who did and did not come back, the possibility remains that somewhere, Garland has returned. If the Cheire with the name of Gar could exist, it could very well be Gartareh.

Musing on these things, Cheryl creates a new asset to the teams, forging 12 Tarot cards, one time use devices that can allow people to cross the realities to share information and message. After leaving 4 in the care of Seraphna, Cheryl takes her team to the Alternate Reality.

Stardate: 10-589.10.14 (Alternate)

Here they hold a similar meeting with Erevis and her Empire, an easy sale, however, the real challenge to the Alliance remains, Erevis is not enough, Earth, and PAX, must also join the fold.

Cheryl takes a small number of her people and Darien accompanies her to Earth, where the group holds a meeting with Paladin and Warren. The challenge seems bleak, a once thought impossible compromise will need to be reached, the PAX must see Erevis as an ally, not a threat, and Erevis must conceed to stop spreading her Empire, or at least make it a cooperating member of the PAX, in order for all to be set straight.

Stardate: 10-589.10.17 (Alternate)

Prime Session 263: The Alliance Part Two

Arriving at the PAX to answer an invitation for a complete alliance, Jean, along with Aschae, Seth and Truth, Cheryl, with Ethan and Chii, and Erevis, with Lisa, Typhoon and Ama are welcomed and given rooms, to await a meeting to possibly conceed to what turns out to be insulting demands. Darien and his team escort them and find themselves seated in rooms far away from the various "Ambassadors". Warren takes a team of volunteers up as well, after talking to President Alexander Cran and finding himself worried about the arrangements.

Discovering that Shretrav resigned from her post two days before their arrival, Warren has his team intercept her before leaving, finding her in chains. Taking out the guards around her, and a bomb out of her chest, the team learns from Shretrav that the PAX has betrayed the purpose of peace, they plan to seize Erevis, Cheryl and Jean and take control of the situation, convinced they're saving the reality.

Leaving Myria with Angela and Lemon to take over the station, the rest of the team joins Darien and then storms the Ambassadorial Wing. There they find that Jean and her people have successfully dealt with their own kidnappers. They arrive in the nick of time to save Cheryl from others, however, Erevis is taken. With their hostage, the PAX might be able to bargain for victory, however, Warren and Darien agree to become the villains for once, ironically in the name of peace.

Ao arrives with the Empress' Paw, seizing space around the PAX. But not before some ships escape. Myria takes control of the station and the team begins their plan, taking the Ambassadors of all the PAX members, they hold hostages of their own. Security storms the Ambassadorial Wing, doing more damage to the Ambassadors then the team, the team having to save many of them from their supposed saviors. In the end, the team takes the PAX, and it in effect, has ended itself.

Once aboard the Empress' Paw, they put together their information and identify the ship holding Erevis, an EarthGov vessel en route to Earth itself. Knowing that if it crosses the Sol System, war will erupt for all the teams, Darien cautions them that they must catch them before that point. Narrowing down a method to capture them, the harmonics of the ship's drive core, the Paw will take only hours to catch the ship, and they have days. The team readies to take Erevis back.

Stardate: 10-589.10.20 (Alternate)

Session 64: The Alliance Part Three

During the visit from the other realities, much happened to alter the fates of the Alternate Reality, the focal point of the effort against the Others became Erevis' Empire after she was kidnapped and mind wiped by Cartel agents who used a coup de tat on the PAX3 as the oppurtunity to take her. Having recovered Erevis, the crew discovered her loss of memory and knowledge and now seek to hunt down the agents who hold it, while attempting to use imprint memories of the Prime Erevis to restore the Goddess to more then a lifeless shell.

Warren and Darien's teams have joined those in the Empire, having to choose the role of 'villain' during the effort to save Erevis and the visitors of the Prime Reality during the Coup. Even with Paladin's witness of the truth to what happened, the teams remain in exile, having to choose the one force truely willing to stand up against the Others.

Date: 10-589.10.31

Session 65: What Makes The Person

After Erevis holds a Halloween Party of awesomeness, Warren and Darien's teams meet to discuss the state of things, determining the worst threat at the moment is the Cartel. Forming up a team of their combined forces, the group heads out on an undercover mission into the Cartel to determine their involvement with the Others and what to do about them. They depart on Iceheart's secondary ship, Darien, Warren, Iceheart, Del (and definately not Kay), Sammael, Wolf, Setsuna, Hale, Cassandra, and Chii fly out, Hale tempts fate viewing a sexy picture of Erevis.

Ao declares Hale an enemy of the Empire, and Erevis announces she will be staying in the position of Advisor while Ao rules. This comes after the memory chamber's restoration brings her back, mostly in one piece. As Ao broods over Erevis not acceptin her destiny, people settle into new roles as the shift in power becomes more permenant.

Date: 10-589.11.7

Session 66: Signs and Portents

Darien's team, with the help of Iceheart, infiltrates Cartella, here they follow leads and soon figure out that gods are being used to fast produce Progenitor technology. Taking the long way in, the group dons suits and fights their way through guards to arrive at the place where those gods are being kept.

Odin and Loki are waiting for them, and Loki threatens to let everyone know just how the Empire operates. Darien, in the coldest blood he's ever shown, kills Odin and then Loki, shooting them down, the group is able to free the gods and set the factory to explode, they race out on a shuttle and barely make it out before the factories are destroyed and a chuck of Cartella with it.

The group is awarded for their efforts and given a place of honor within the empire.

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