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Stardate: 10-588.4.12

Session 32: Darien's Angels

Having put together a team of heroes, Darien sits with them for their first mission briefing. Robb, Setsuna and Cassandra Arakawa are given details on a drug smuggling ring between the Yakuza and the Triads. Giving the presentation is Darien's personal assistant, Samantha Hendricks, who also serves as the team's hacker and operator. Giving them a brief history on VI, the lesson culminates in a picture of the two gangs dealing in a cylinder with a VI label. After some brain storming, Samantha, or Sammael, gives the suggestion that Cassandra revive her Lady White persona and play criminal to get on board.

Later, Lady White enters a club with her sexy Japanese secretary and a Gaijin bodyguard. Taking a seat with Kimiko, a weapon's dealer of some reknown, Lady White strikes a deal for plasma rifles and drops hints of wanting something more elegant. Seeing a potential sale, the dealer invites Lady White to a hotel, to be interviewed by the Yakuza. The group heads out, moving for the hotel and going to their rooms while at a distance, Darien and Sammael monitor them and the area around them.

Stardate: 10-588.4.12

Session 33: Yakuza

Cassandra, as Lady White, meets with a Yakuza representative in the hotel, while Darien and Sammael watch from the Starr Van. The meeting seems to go smoothly, and "Lady White" makes her way back out to her car with Robb and Setsuna. After getting in and checking for bugs or trackers, the group begins to drive off, some Yakuza starting to follow. Sammael hacks their on board computers and remote shuts down the car, allowing the group to drive off.

Back at the base, Darien briefs them on their next mission, to follow up on the meeting by attending the criminal auction in a ruined Chinese temple. The group begins to gear up and rest, Sammael presenting them with secret agent gadgets.

Stardate: 10-588.3.10 (One Month Ago)

Session 34: Ghosts of the Past

Cassandra and Setsuna are hot on the trail of a demon attacking innocent girls when they run across a school girl in the park. She's captured when Setsuna decides attacking her is the best course of action for some reason, only by the demon! The two give chase and track the demon to it's lair. There they climb down to overhear the girl talking to someone on a comms while attempting to get free of her bonds.

The girl is Sammael, and the two are being tracked. However, first they must face an evil priest and the demon that's been stealing girls. The two fight off the demon as the priest escapes, Darien shows up with a book of spells and helps banish the demon. Freeing Sammael, he offers the girls a job, after some consideration, they decide to work for him, on one condition, he helps them with a special job.

Hiring a couple more ghost hunters, Miyuki and Kasha, the Kitsune Udon, the group takes a mystery van and heads out to a haunted village where a cult is supposedly operating. It rains hard as they approach and Darien sees a girl in the road, swervign to avoid, he crashes the van, right inside the village as night falls, locking them in, according to the legend. They begin in investigate, following crimson butterflies and finding a Camera Obscura. The group moves on and Darien falls down a trap, vanishing from sight.

Stardate: 10-588.3.11

Session 35: Village of the Damned

Ghosts begin to assauly those not captured, Cassandra, Setsuna, Sammael and Miyuki hunt for Kasha and Darien, when spectres decend on them. Miyuki finds the camera holds them at bay, and with a gesture and an ensuing headache, Sammael somehow pushes another back. They get the ghosts to fade away, however, soon encounter a pervert ghost. Miyuki tries scaring it off as Sammaelt tries a door and finds it locked. Not agreeing with survival horror games, Cassandra decides to just bash the door open.

Heading up the stairs they find, they discover Darien, seemingly dead. Sammael gives him CPR and he revives, chasing ghosts for some time more, the group eventually finds the house of X and the books of rituals that started everything, taking them and moving, they discover they must unite a pair of twins. Already having a lost pair, they seek to find Kasha and eventually get into an undeground grotto. Here they face a legion of ghosts and Setsuna, Cass and Sammael use their abilities to fight their way through the ghosts while Miyuki reaches Kasha. When they unite, the curse breaks, and the ghosts vanish.

Stardate: 10-588.4.13

Session 36: Triad

Darien gets everyone out to the Triad Ruins after a quick briefing. Sammael and Dariens stay on board the shuttle and out of sight while Lady White and her gang enter the base. Being led to a luxurious waiting room, the group is left to their own devices. Setsuna finds a trick wall and gets it open. The group then sneaks through groups of guards all the way down to the store room, where they find the vial of nanites.

It's shielded, and Sammael and Darien attempt to get it open with hacking when Setsuna provides her favored solution. She tosses a pile of grenades at oncoming Yakuza, hurting the entire structure of the temple and shorting the power. The shield fades and the group grabs the vial and begins to run as an ancient and evil god awakens in the temple, starting to devour the Yakusa. The group barely makes it out alive.

Stardate: 10-588.4.14

Session 37: Getting Started

The group gathers after some rest from the previous events. Darien calls up the Kitsune Udon and offers Kasha and Miyuki a job helping them take down the god they may or may not have unleashed on the world. They all gather to have a meal together, where Sammael exhibits some unintended telekenetics, Setsuna acts horney and Kasha begins to devour all of the food, all of it! Accepting for no less then 3 million credits, they exit with Sammael to do some research.

Darien, Cassandra, and Setsuna head to follow a lead at a light tower where a worker named Evans who's signature was found on the DNA signature of the weapon they managed to get during the Triad situation. He's been missing for a long time, so either he was taken by VI or is part of them. At the light house they discover a picture frame of him and some woman, and an old ID number with callers on it - assuming one might have a lead to who took him.

Stardate: 10-588.4.15

Session 38: Investigations into Gods

While the one group looks into the leads, Sammael, Miyuki, and Kasha head back to Kitsune Udon to gather supplies they'll need and leads, looking into the 4 gods that escaped. Taking Sammael to an old occult library they use, they introduce her to the store owner, saying there's a treasure wealth of information on supernatural beings. Gathering the books, actual books, they'll need to track the gods habits, they return to the Kitsune Udon, where Samamel scans all the books to her datapad and returns for Darien's mansion, while the two kitsune prepare their own research party.

At the mansion, Darien has his agents looking into the list of callers and going over the light house for any scraps of clues. There was a trace of blood found, Evans', indicating he might have been taken by force, which means they might have a good chance of his cooperation when they find him. Going over the list of callers, Darien makes the connection one caller was one of the dead scientists - killed by Warren's military unit before they left for space - and that the others might indeed be leads. Out of the 10 numbers, only 2 are scientists that are still about - all the others are missing or died where their remains couldn't be identify through unknown circumstances. One scientist that isn't missing is also the woman in the photo. They prepare to look into her the following day.

Stardate: 10-588.4.16

Session 39: A Clockwork Orange

The group departed the mansion by shuttle, following the sister of Jonas Williams; Miranda Williams, down to her estate in the Florida area. On an orange farm they questioned her and were able to ID the doctor, and learned, painfully, that VI was keeping Miranda silent about the genetic work, orange trees attacked them.

Escaping narrowly, and watching Thomas Aduxley's family, minus son, being blown to smithereens, the group got the child, Thomas, and Miranda out to safety and back for questioning. While Darien investigates the new leads, the group focuses on handling the escaped gods.

Stardate: 10-588.4.17

Session 40: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

The team met in Kitsune Udon, Setsuna and Cassandra got it on while Miyu and Kasha had terrible incestual love, all to draw out the God of Death and Judgement. Who turned out to be a gangsta. After a massively property damaging battle with Death itself, the crew chased him down to a park where they teamed up with a new recruit, Kay, and took him out Medival style... with enhanced firearms.

The God of Death told the other gods of the Kitsune Udon, so it's not safe, Darien offers the fox twins a place to stay and the group settles down to recuperate before taking on the next goddess, now that the male of the group is gone. Will it be Clouds, Moons, or Sex!?

Stardate: 10-588.4.19

Session 41: Gods and Men

The group committed horrific acts of assault and property destruction on a group of innocent black people. Making them heroes. As they killed the Goddess of Clouds and destroyed the crops she made. Kasha nearly killed the group during the fight by opening the shuttle door in the middle of a lightning storm, but managed still to pierce the goddess' heart and disable her.

Kasha paid for it by losing her tail and becoming human, Mir was able to inhabit Miyuki's body and later a battle would begin as the siblings decided who got the missing tail and Mir back. The group returned home to recuperate and plan out their next trip, to the moon, where they expect to find both VI and and third target, the Moon Goddess. Meanwhile, the girls settle on restoring their tails and agree to take lessons under Darien to learn teamwork and cooperation for future employment.

Stardate: 10-588.4.21

Session 42: Lunar Crisis

The group finishes and excercize with the foxgirls, Darien satisifed enough with their progress to invite them on the next mission. They pile into a shuttle and head to the Luna Colony, flying to the Asian section, to a erd light district. Here they approach a club, and as night approaches, all sorts of creeps check out the girls. Getting inside, they have Miyuki play a waitress to get into a VIP room where the VI agents are meeting. They hear mention of a god and experiments, and plans to move.

As the group takes this in, Kay starts a barfight and Darien gets a bottle in the face. Guards recognize him and the VI Agents run, planning to cut and run. Miyu manages to place a tracker on them and after a bit of a fight, the group gets outside and heads to a van, driving for the unfinished part of the terraformed moon, where the tracker leads them.

Jacking some space suits off some border guards, the group moon bounces to the hidden base and attempting to get inside, Kasha breaks the lock on the decompression chamber. Deciding this might work to their advantage, and hoping the prisoners are all being kept under extra security and locks, the group prepares to space the base.

Stardate: 10-588.4.21

Session 43: Dark SIDE of the Moon

With the base spaced, the group find little resistance working their way down to the labratories. There they find a team of scientists getting ready to scrap their projects, including two innocent little girls in pods. Swiftly taking out the scientists, the group frees the pods, but not before a scientist fills them with a strange black liquid. Sammael pulls them out and checks them over as Kasha and Miyuki chase one man into the opposite lab.

In that lab, a darkness is released, consuming the Moon Goddess and the man alike, the twins have to deal with a corrupted goddess, taking her down and sealing her while the man changes. When he's finished altering, they find themselves face to face with a Scar, the shapeshifting servants of the Dark Ones. He flees the scene, but not first without taking a hit from Kasha's foxfire.

In the main lab, the rest of the group faces a Mech, which nearly kills Kay as he leaps in to punch it. It explodes, leaving him in pieces, the team, hearing a self destruct started by Scar, collect the urn, the children, one captured scientist and Kay's remains and rocket out on a shuttle with only seconds remaining.

Stardate: 10-588.4.25

Session 44: Orgy of Violence

The group gets a new lead on the last of the gods, a businesswoman has taken a mysterious new turn, changed her name and started a sex club for the rich and powerful, inviting them all to gather. As Darien is on the invitation list, he sends most of the others out, with the exception of Sam, to try and get a "preview" the day before the big event.

Getting in due to Cassandra's fortune and reputation, the group is able to meet with the woman and talk to her, but interest seems to grow in two others present, the sensual dancer on stage that steals their hearts and the little girl who really seems to be running things. Then, a brown haired beautify with pointed ears shows up, Q, one of the escaped Weapons. She seems more interested in learning to dance then them, however.

Then, all hell breaks loose, the dancer is attacked and killed and the next target seems to be the little girl. Cassandra rushes to her defense, protecting her from Q as they both go crashing off the roof. In the scuffle, Q gets away, however, the little girl knocks the group out. When they awaken, days have passed and they've all been used as sex slave, Cassandra, Setsuna and Caesura as female servants, Robb as little more then a sex toy.

Darien, Sam and Kay are able to track them down and come in guns blazing, they toss Cassandra a weapon and soon the entire team is in unison over taking down the goddess. She's quickly overwhelmed, not a combat diety, and forced into her bottle.

The broken and battered team doesn't have long to rest, however, as after they return home and recuperate a little while, a message goes out informing Darien that VI, the Military, and an unknown force are converging on an area with Subject 13 is waiting.

Assembling for what may be their last mission, the entire group, minus Sammael, Cae and Robb head out to meet 13. Their shuttle is attacked and the group leaps out, Darien going down with the ship. A fight ensues where a mysterious woman and her spiritual dog class with 13. Q arrives with Jonas and Dragoon Vela, and Q's power interacts oddly with the woman's, tearing a hole in space time.

The hole rips 13 to shreds, but pulls Kay, Kasha and Miyuki in, as it closes, with Setsuna having run off to check on Darien, Cassandra is left alone to flee from the battle.

The group awakes in a strange field, on a world that is clearly not Earth, and run into some soldiers, hiding from them due to Queen Erevis warning them, they observe an Other leading the soldiers as they take the Queen with them.

Stardate: 10-588.4.29

Session 45: Stranded Part I

Arriving in this strange place and running when the red haired queen warned them, Kay, Miyuki and Kasha find themselves following signs of a fire, at a burnt out town, they find a group of mysterious people. However, it quickly turns out they're EarthGov Soldiers, as well as natives of this medieval world. Cheryl's group, which went after Erevis after the Dark War, stands before them, with Angela Bennet, Lemon Bennet, Dawn Alligheri, Lisa Cameron, Michah Cameron, Rin, Zephyr, Megumi Zhenmei and Ao all present along with Knight Cheryl, Chaos and another Zephyr from the Prime Reality.

Agreeing they need to find both Erevis', the teams split up, Angela and Lemon accompanying the Knight and her group, while the rest remain with Cheryl. The groups split, Cheryl's group heads out. Arriving at a strangely quiet town the group was able to interrogate the innkeeper and learn about a group called the Order working with the Others. Seeking to press on, they entered the Valley of the Dead, where spooky things attacked at them.

Stardate: 10-588.4.30

Session 46: Stranded Part II

Riding out towards the desert areas, Knight becomes worried that they may run across bandits. When she metions it to a band led by a woman called Cassandra the Steel Fist however, Angela seems less worried, even presenting a playboy poster of Cassandra. The group finds a church which seems to have been ransacked, and inside a Priest named Kay as well as Cassandra herself, down on her luck. They recruit the two into their party and ride out more.

Negotiating the desert the group is forced to stop to camp in a small cave for a sand storm, then they pick up pursuit in the morning, however, the storm has wiped away all signs of tracks. Angela and Lemon form a dragon, and fly after the kidnappers. This works until they draw close, when a kidnapper uses a strange crystal, forcing Lemon and Angela apart, plummeting everyone to the ground. Due to apprent shock, some party members do nothing to stop their fall and take heavy damage, forcing Angela to use her powers to heal them.

They near the kidnappers, who present a bound woman and threaten to kill her if they approach, a fight ensues where Cheryl and Chaos are badly injured, and Angela's power runs out before she can heal Cheryl. Knight Cheryl dies as the group continues to fight off the enemies, soon overpowering them and taking them down, Cassandra beating their leader, her former second in command, and they find the entire thing a ruse, the girl not their Erevis. She is being taken into the Kingdom of Ixfvar, the land of Xevil.

Stardate: 10-588.4.30

Session 47: Stranded Part III

Cheryl's group battles through illusions and ambushing archers, finding that the group they were chasing lied to the natives of the area claming them to be evil invaders. They make peace and move onward, running into a tribe of Kitsune girls. Befriending them thanks to Kasha and Miyu, the group was able to secure their knowledge about a secret entrance into the fortress the kidnappers took their Erevis.

However, before they can enter, they are amushed by Lemure, the evil sorceress who was once the twin sister of Knight Cheryl. With Lisa's protections, Cheryl's agressive tactics, Kay's inability to recognize the laws of physics and Cameron's ability to keep them all under control, the group corners and pounds down Lemure, Lisa claiming solo exps when she drops a rock on Lemure's head.

Stardate: 10-588.4.30

Session 48: Kingdom of Xevil

Knight Cheryl's group now follows Chaos into Xevil's kingdom. The Knight a walking Zombie. They near the city and run into Billy and the returned Prime Zephyr, Billy casts some magic, gets them into the city, then dresses them up as dancers and actors to get in on the wedding. Xevil plans to marry Erevis and claim her kingdom for his own. The group manages to get inside and try to plan an interruption, when they see the ceremony is going to be magically bound. They begin to attack with little more thought and the battle soon erupts into a chase. Most of the group leave, however, despite all cautions, Chaos and Kay remain behind to fight.

They are killed when the room explodes, leaving the group stunned a moment. Billy leaves them to retrieve Chaos, while the rest of the group fights their wait to a portal room and through it to the castle. Billy walks along after them, when Chaos in the body of an actual cat.

Meanwhile, the other group infiltrates underground and heads into the enemy stronghold. Here they meet a new mystery girl, who identifies herself as Jennifer Carmichael, having some looking for Prime Zephyr. With no compass to find her friend or her wife, the girl joins them in infiltrating the tower.

As the other group heads through the portal they are surrounded by soldiers, one holding Princess Aya captive. However, at the critical moment, another person drops out of nowhere and lands on the soldier holding Aya, freeing her. The group quickly takes down the soldiers as Athena Zhenmei stands up, waving to them. Billy and Chaos, thinking this an okay body for Chaos, begin to approach her.

Stardate: 10-588.4.30

Session 49: World of Xevil

Team Cheryl stormed the tower, or rather, were forced to when Jennifer dropped a chandelier on a group of guards. Fighting through the tower, the group managed to stop a group of mages from doing something to Erevis, in time to stop them from it's second phase that is, the first already complete, putting her in a deep sleep. The group then escaped via dragon, and just before getting to the castle, Lumiere woke, using a Lightning spell to stun the dragon and send them crashing down.

Meanwhile, Team Knight discovered that the Throne Room was guarded by a barrier, thanks to some group of clowns falling into the castle though, one of the seals was broken, running into the basement and fighting Undead King Chad and his merry Demons, the group broke the second seal and headed back up to meet up with the others.

The teams, reunited, now step into the throne room to face the Evil King Xevil and rescue poor Queen Erevis' virginity, also to save her life. Order pending.

Stardate: 10-588.5.03

Session 50: The Times Are Changing

The united group heads into the throne room, to find Xevil heading up the stairs with his Erevis Queen. A glowing figure with white wings awaits the group. Cheryl and Prime Zephyr remains behind to face this foe after it tells them that they are anomolies, things to be removed like a cancer. The rest race up into Xevil's 'bedroom', using a fast Dragon Transformation, Lemon and Angela bust up the mages guarding the doors and the group steps inside to see Xevil getting ready to perform the deed.

A battle ensues as the group faces a magical barrier stopping them from getting at Xevil. They manage to overpower it, Kay getting a hole blasted in his chest and Angela losing an arm. Finally, the team gets through his defenses and overcomes him with combo strikes, Lisa sealing his fate by hurling a sword through his chest, Kay taking out his head.

The group decends when there's an explosion below and they find Prime Zephyr and Cheryl in one piece, but lightly toasted. The group recovers, Jennifer saying her goodbyes along with Athena, leaving after mentioning some lost kids. The team uses the teleporter and manages to get back to the Ire where they make their reports.

Stardate: 10-588.5.15

Darien holds a meeting, informing his team of Warren's return and the new plans for a military complex and joint operations uncovering VI and the mysterious new group. He offers his team members a chance to join the other team, and settles the debts of the Fox Girls, when they choose to go over and join the unit.

Stardate: 10-588.5.18

The new squad sets up at their new base. Everyone settling in, Miyuki, Kasha, Del Giblin, Jonathan Hale and Gordon Paladin make their entrances as new members of the team. Gordon Paladin a co-leader with Warren and Cheryl. All seems peaceful until Angela Bennet decides to come out and confess her true crimes. She informs the team that she used to work for the new group that has shown up, that she in fact was never taken by VI, but planted back into the team by this group, which she claims is a counter tactical force dedicated to stopping the actions of VI, and led by a clone of Alexander Cran.

Angela is allowed to stay with the group, however, Cheryl starts to crumble, feeling betrayed after opening up again to Angela.

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