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The Academy

The Academy:

The Geyze Academy is located in the outskirts of the Hapian Kingdom, near the Dark Lands. Made up of Spirit-Tech ancient ruins, likely designed by the First Ones, this is where it has been decided by the Geyze Council to train the students for the missions that they will be going on. The land has been ceded to the Geyze Council entirely to do with as they desire. Much of it is still uncharted and the temples themselves not everything is known what all the ancient tech does, ecen to do this day.

The primary training building is located in the largest temple, where the students are gathered every day to train them in their various techniques - and the area is rich in spirit fossils to ensure that they have everything they need. The minor temples serve as rooms for the students and the government officals that are there, referred to as the Tamae who help oversee and teach them invidiual skills, also are located in their own temples. The temples have advanced monitoring systems, the only place that can hope to match the Kumens if they desire to attack.

The gathered students, numbering at around 50 students, have been here since 5989 CE, and the current date is now 5990 CE. That is one year of training and the first classes are finishing up. However, while the primary teachers and the Geyze Council will be the ones to issue the orders to the ones who graduate in the first units, the Tamae from each Kingdom might have their own desires and side missions for those who are from their own lands. It is up to you if you decide to follow.

The student ages are between 14 and 25.

The History of the Academy:

Formed by the Geyze Council, the Academy is located in a wooded area near the Dark Lands in the Hapian Dynasty. The land has been given to the Academy completely to train warriors and young people from all around Geyze to prepare for upcoming threats and problems by an unknown Headmaster. The idea of the Academy was proposed by the unknown Headmaster at the Geyze Council sometime in 5987 CE and the ruins in the woods were selected, since they were comprised of First One technology. The Academy offically opened up at the end of 5987 and went into teaching at the beginning of 5988 CE.

50 candidates from various kingdoms and factions were selected and allowed to interact with each other to develop bonds, as they studied. Sorted out into five dormatories of 10, they were allowed free time on holidays and on weekends, the students were taught together in general, overall classes, as well as in their individual studies that the Tamae taught - essentially, Mages were taught in Mage class, and Fighters in Fighter class.

The teachers of the main classes seem to be made up from various locale and the Headmaster is Miyuki Nue. Built by her and her wife Isis, along with their daughter Shion Nue along with Lu, they went around getitng the aid of all the kingdoms.

During 5990 CE, the first Seven Units were picked out of the graduating students. Unit 6 was the class that, despite being in sixth place out seven, did the most good in the end. As 5990 ends, seven more units graduate, bringing the total to 13 due to the fact one unit was destroyed in the wars.



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