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Geyze World History


Old World Geyze:

Geyze's creation is unknown. Due to being on the outstretch of the Delta Quadrant, on the void of the galaxy and the Alpha Quadrant Galaxy, not many visit here. Perhaps it was by design, so that no one from the many Empire Successions would study it and take readings. The fact there are Great Spirits here indicate that it has been around a long time, however. Great Spirits have been around the Delta Quadrant for at least more than 100,000 thousand years of known history, though it has been warped and lost and distorted a lot and only a generalized version remains to this day, have been killed and waned throughout the course of it due to planets being destroyed or technologized, so Geyze is likely much older than that. Much like Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

The people of Geyze's history does not date far back, do the fact they do not have much in lasting civilizations. There are remnants of what they called the First Ones, who worshipped the Great Spirits and had a large, glowing civilizations on the one continent on Geyze's surface. Each faction/kingdom has renmants of their kingdom and buildings, as well as their spiritual devices, and it seems like they lived long ago, possiblely as far back as 100,000 years ago. If any of the current races or people on the planet today are descendants, it is unknown since many of them are people who have come from other planets. The Hapian Dynasty claims to be the one true descendants.

Geyze's historical records kick in about 12,000 years ago at best. The Hapian Dynasty began to crop up around then, using the remnants and the Great Spirits' guidance to begin what would become their large, sprawling kingdom today that is powered by the Lesser Spirits. At about 7,000 years ago, records cropped up from the Hapian Dynasty about the Daemons to the South-East being discovered, having had a massive civiliziation with their Great Spirit's help and was believed their Great Spirit had been helping them as long as the Great Spirits began helping the Hapians, if not longer.

Due to a bad conflict introduction, the two sides got off on the wrong foot with the Hapians thinking they were monsters and attacked the Daemons, which lead to a brutual 100 year war before an uneasy truce was made on the Hapian side.

Also around this time, about 5,000 years ago, in 990 CE, nomad tribes were discovered around the continent of other humanoids. A tribe of women made up of various races' women - humans, Daemons, Sku'ral, etc. (no Alpha Quadrant people yet). And a warrior race of men. The two seemed to be in constant battle with each other according the Hapian Dynasty historical records at the time, and this ran true to this day, due to how the women tribe, not yet calling themselves Amazons, kept stealing males as sex slaves.

Modernish Geyze:

About 3245 CE, however, what could be considered modern Geyze began to take shape. The Hapian Dynasty, using the Lesser Spirits, became much more advanced than many of the other Factions, or Kingdoms in some cases, and began to unlock more and more spiritual tech without using actual technology, with the aid of spirit fossils. Guided by the Light Spirit, they felt it was their destiny to guide Geyze and all the Spirits into a new age and bring the universe into balance, and that they had to bring the other factions into line. They never killed spirits and merely tapped into the rich spirit fossils the planet produced.

Although, at this point, whether by design or whatnot, each of the other Great Spirit had joined each of the 7 groups. The Daemons, the Hapians, the Amazons as the female warriors now called themselves, and the warrior male group Legions. Also during this time, werebeasts began to crop up, according to records most likely in the Dark Realm, and spreading out across the land..

A new group just south of the Hapians, a group that felt it was in the best interest of the world to live completely subservert to the Spirits and called themselves Naturalists. And in the mountains to the northwest was a group of Monks who lived with the Magi in the area, a group of Magik users who were trained in magical arts. Then finally, in the forest there were tales of powerful plant people.

Slowly, over the next 1,500 years until 4,745 CE, each group developed slowly, the forest becoming full of what people spoke of living plants and creatures, as well as monsters that bred with humans and other races. To the north the Magi were wiped out in a battle with the Legion over a misunderstanding, while the Monks and the Summoners that had rosen up in the mountains began to separate themselves from affairs in Geyze. The Legion slowly began to, after the slaughter of the Magi, refocus their affairs inward. Around this time they quit being a band of roving warriors and began to become a warrior society, made up of males and women as second class citizens. The Amazons at this time had expanded their territory greatly and continued their ways, only making peace with the Hapian Dynasty due to the fact a queen was ruling it at the time. However, the agreement was for males in Hapian to stay out of their lands lest they be taken. The remnants of the Magi Order spread out amongst the groups.

And the Daemons clearly began to advance their black spiritual arts and magiks and build up various Daemon societies. With the Hapian Dynasty the most advance of them all, they sometimes took leading steps, trying to urge people along and bring everyone together for meetings, but more often than not it failed, especially with the anger between the Legion and the Amazons, and the Hapian and the Daemons, as well as the Naturalists and the others.

Likely this would have continued until those from the Alpha Quadrant arrived in 5795 CE.

Modern Geyze:

When people from the Kumen Tech City arrived, many things changed. Learning that they now had neighbors on the orbitting brother planet Kumen, the Hapian Dynasty immediately made friends with them, taking initiative while the other factions were still bickering. Making agreements with them and setting up things, over the next five years the Hapian Dynasty allowed them to build a space port in their southern region so that people from the stars can come down to visit the spirits and get to know them. The only true technological place on the entire planet, it is run by the Kumen City people. It was finished on 5800 CE.

With the introduction of the Space Port, many of the races from the Alpha Quadrant, besides humans who already were present on the planet, began to move and explore Geyze. They began to assimilate into the culture quickly. However, while things were good at first, it would not take long for trouble to begin.

It was also around this time that the Gladius were discovered, amongst the ruins of the old Magi society. At least what would be the genesis of the Gladius. Though many say they are likely Biotects, or related, either is possible since they were found in sword form, unawakened, and it would take another few decades, around 5890 CE when they would be awakened, just a few decades before the Biotects would be mass marketed. Appearing humanoid - much like humans - they appear to look like whatever race who's blood is poured onto it, but they do not take their traits, giving away that they are Gladius. As well as their silverish features in their hair.

With the incoming people and visitors from other Delta Quadrant planets, by 5900 CE all the factions had pretty much reached what they would be over the next 90 years. The Daemon Lands would welcome those wished to become part of their growing culture, and had expanded their borders right up to the Naturalists and the Hapian Dynasty. With the treaty in place, however tentative, they did not attack anyone, and the Naturalists had no desire to attack the Daemons as long as they were in tune with nature - which since they used the magiks and powers granted by the Dark Spirit and made a society for the Daemons and those who wished to become part of it, they were not in conflict.

However, the Naturalists and the Hapians have never gotten along, due to the fact the Naturalists think the using of the Lesser Spirits to make their Kingdom run like they have is against everything, despite the Great Light Spirit encouraging it. They were4 the only ones who did not use the Space Ports and had little interest in travelers from outside the stars unless they wished to become part of their society and faction.

The Legion and Amazons have remained in a state of war for thousands of years, with no sign of it ending. You can read more of their respective societies in the Kingdoms/Factions link. The Amazons travel into the Hapians occasionally for trade, agreeing not to take men, but sometimes they lure young women since a large part of their population are lesbians. Since only women can own land, vote, and be leaders, women typically run their households together. The Legion are the opposite - they are made up of entirely men and a male society. Their females are second class citizens and they have established an entire republic based on males running the government. While they take wives in many situations and the women navigate the men behind the scenes, much like the old Roman politics, they are the anti-side to the Amazons. They only take Amazonion slaves and no other woman. In the rare event a woman can prove herself as a warrior, and agrees to kill Amazons, they will raise her into the male ranks. But they usually do not go far.

The Spiritualists Mountains are where the Monks and Summoners live on the planet, due to the high altitude they feel thery can get in touch with the spirits and stay out of the affairs of the rest of Geyze. There can also be found the remnants of the Magi culture from time to time. The Monks and Summoners do not live in the same locations, but they live in harmony and have a central area where they run their government, since they both focus on the spiritual side and share a similiar Great Spirit.

And finally the Great Forest has been determined, with all the monsterous plants and strange plant life, to have what is believed to have the Ent, a race of beautiful plant people who grow and take care of rare plants and herbs and medical stuff. They live and battle the monsterous and dangerous plants, and have kept the in check for thousands of years. The Ent are part of the Plant Kingdom.

Geyze Today:

At first, relations between Kumen and Geyze were fine, and the people of Kumen who wanted to adopt the ways of Geyze and the Spirits flocked there. In fact, many of them would sometimes return to Kumen to try to convert others to the ways of the Spirits. However, by 5920 CE that would begin to change. When the people from Kumen began to discover what Spirit Fossils could accomplish, powering magik attacks to be more powerful, and could be worked with spirit tech as fuel, they quickly began to find ways to adapt it to technology to find ways to be compatible with their colony. And see if they could get a Tech-Runner that could use the spirit fossils, due to the incompatibility.

By 5935 CE, they had begun to discover ways to employ it and make Tech-Runners who ran on Spirit-Tech instead of normal tech, as well as converting their own technology, and make ships that could go further and faster. Learning that the Hapian Capital, and much of their kingdom, ran on such fossil fuel and was their one main ally, they began to request more and more fossil fuel and gave the Hapians whatever they wanted, eager to rebuild fleets and keep Kumen running after losing the Homeworld and much of what they had. The seven Corporations each had their own reasons and soon they began to attempt to set up more mining groups in new locations outside Hapian, and even began to capture spirits if necessary beginning in 5986 CE when the Hapians slowed down in what they were willing to give them.

Their overzealousness has caused anger in the other groups and the cries of the spirits at some of their actions has slowly begun to turn the other kingdoms/factions against the Kumen people, while the Corporations continue to seek more spirit fossils and/or fossils. Recently, they have even begun to ask questions about Great Spirits themselves starting in 5989 CE. While they have not invaded or pushed the agenda, only having a few mining operations in the Hapian Kingdom, they have constantly tried to open up more wherever they can.

Now that the current year is 5990 CE...

Right now on Geyze, the political situations are tense. The Amazonian/Legion battles are threatening to into a full scale war that could engulf the entire continent and the Hapian Dynasty no longer tries to bring them to the world wide government table, spending more time speaking with the Kumens. The Hapian Dynasty has been mobilizing their own forces lately and building their armies, for unknown reasons. The Naturalists have been quiet and not speaking to outsiders much anymore, even sometimes outright hostile. They have been building what people believe is a force to attack the Kumen mining operations. The Ent have grown wary of outsiders and people entering their forest and the monster plants have begun to escape the forest. Many of the Spiritualists and Summoners who are part of their Fraction are withdrawing and the Monks are doing the same. And finally the Daemon are up to something.

What is going on, no one knows. But there is an undercurrent on Geyze. A small unknown organization was formed in 5989 CE, supposedly made up of all the factions' governments and/or nobles, and formed a small training school hidden on the Hapian Dynasty's land. The Academy, as it is called, is to train an elite group of concerned fighters, made up of various types of people, to deal with an upcoming darkness that is hanging over the world. The headmaster of the small school is unknown, and each government has their own agents at the school with their own agendas, attempting to control the fighters from their own lands. With such odds, and duality going on at the Academy, can the warriors who have been chosen, and finally are finishing their training in 5990 CE get to the bottom of what they have been training for when it is revealed to them?




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