September 7th-8th, 2199

Session 1: Tempered Steel Part 1
The Cadets that will soon make up the Special Unit, as soon as they finish training, begin to mingle with the others after being there for almost a week now. Snipe and his roommate Gravedigger chat with Matsuoka while Avatar and Spirit meet up with the old Hunter, Garland, who is looking for Dominator, a training instructor now. The group then heads into the conference room for a meeting by President Spade. After the meeting, and being introduced to a female nicknamed "Counselor", the teams human counselor, Garland leaves his son, Junior, to join the training program.

Snipe and Matsuoka head off to the training room, along with the others behind them, to meet their instructor, General Steel...who has the nickname Steel "Balls" for good reasons. After the grueling training, Snipe suggests that they go out so they all go to Bar Bikini. Maestro and Junior stick behind and eat, chatting together before Maestro goes out looking for Counselor. At Bar Bikini, Rio has a slight crush on Spirit, who quickly gets a little drunk thanks to Snipe's buying her a few drinks while he and Matsuoka chat. Trying to get the young boy to ask Spirit for a dance, Snipe gives up on Rio and calls the group out to head for home, letting Gravedigger drive the hover van back, which turns out to be a mistake later on. At the base, Maestro talks to Counselor, pouring out his feelings, but Junior. interrupts the two, thinking he's bothering Counselor. The group finally arrives at the base and meet Dias, who just arrived for the training. Entering the base, Dias chases after Counselor, trying to find out where he's going to stay for the night, hoping it's with her. Rio writes a note to Spirit, signing it anon. and sticks it on her door before heading off to bed. The two roommates, Spirit and Matsuoka, find the note and wonder who Spirit's secret admirer is.

The next morning, the group is awakened early by Steel for more grueling training. Snipe and his group that went out partying are sluggish due to their going out all night. This causes Steel to come down on them even harder when they fail another training assignment -- to run through a jungle in a certain amount of time. Deciding to let the Cadets go at it, he assigns the team to fight each other for more training before calling it off in disgust at how they battle and tells them to go shower up. But with the Cadets busily training, a heavy question remains at the back of their minds: will they pass and get on the unit?

September 8th, 2199

Session 2: Tempered Steel Part 2
The training continues, but this time Steel's pushing his authority to the limit when he begins to force the team past what they can handle by challenging them to fight him. Matsuoka stands up to the challenge, only to be beaten down, along with Snipe who attempts to help her. Paladin then takes the challenge and stands up to Steel much longer than expected before calling the fight to a draw. Next, a history lesson is conducted by Dominator and Index to ensure the team learns from the Hunters before them. The Cadets also take exams on EarthGov weaponary and the military, many not knowing anything about it. After the schooling and the instense training by Steel, in which the group learns to cheat to win, they go out to have fun and to party, only to have Steel show up to force them to train some more. However X2, the new medical director, is with the team and stands up to Steel, causing a fight to break out, in which everyone stands up to Steel in a battle which might have cost them their positions. However, in the end, Steel is temporarily arrested and the team seems to have won a small victory.

September 9th, 2199

Session 3: Tempered Steel Part 3
The training hits it's climax when Steel begins to run the team through procedures in an act of plain vengeance. However, the majority of the team has had enough of Steel and people give him a hard time, activating the sims against Steel. About to rip them all to shreds, Steel gets confirmation that a Maverick group is attacking a nearby city. Sending the Cadets out, he puts Paladin as temporary Commander. Leading the team, Paladin arrives on the scene to have his shuttle shot down and then ambushed on the ground. Having to fight their way through defenses, the team arrives in the city where they are confronted by Cain, Conviction's first in command. The powerful reploid studies them and leaves, blowing up the city in hopes of killing the team before it can gain enough experience to become a threat. The team amazingly escapes and defeats a Maverick leader called Blitz before heading back, their mission a failure. Steel, waiting on them, is absolutely furious at their failure and then announces that they have achieved the ranks of Ensign and are now part of the Special Unit, at last. However, a last minute decision by President Spade makes Snipe the Commander and puts Paladin back as an Ensign. Though they are not offically a squad, the unit already has one mark against them for failing their first mission.

September 10th, 2199

Session 4: Rush Hour
The Special Unit's first offical day starts off shakey as the team finds themselves bored. Snipe is unsure of where to begin as the leader of the team, totally thrown by his promotion and totally against it. The team bugs him to go out, so he packs them up in the van and drives into Mega City, only to be attacked by a group of Mavericks. A highspeed chase breaks out on the streets of Mega City as Snipe, Slash, Iceman, Diamondback, Matsuoka, Paladin, GarlandJr, Rio, Spirit, and Gravedigger attempt to stop their attackers, but as they crash along the streets, the Mavericks bring out bigger guns like tanks and rocket launchers. Finally the team comes face to face with Cain, who attempts to personally eliminate them, viewing the Mavericks past failures as not sending out their big guns to begin with. He sends a full charged electric blow to Junior's head, knocking him effictively out of the fight and close to death. At the end of the battle, a large section of downtown Mega City explodes, almost taking the unit out with it. However, using Slash's warpblades, the team manages to escape. While not an offical mission, the team has suffered another humilating defeat at the hands of the Mavericks and now talk is beginning to form about the team's abilities. However, Snipe has a clever plan, hoping to lure the Mavericks into a false sense of security by making them think the Special Unit was killed in the explosion.

Session 5: Back to the Sims
Diamondback decides to run the team through some training excerises as Snipe works on the death angle. Garland returns finally, only to find his son is hurt and in the MedBay. Deciding it best to send the boy back to Parnel, Garland himself decides to train with the team and, ultimately, joining them.

September 11th, 2199

Session 6: Damed!
Steel gives the team a thorough chewing out over the past few days of failures and begins to become more aggressive with the team, actually coming close to injurying Matsuoka and throwing Garland out. Snipe then takes up the briefing and informs them that his plan to make them all "dead" has gone into action. Also, news that the old Hunters are being killed in large numbers is alarming and he worries about potiential targets, in and outside the group. Before he can go get any rest, a report comes in that the Mavericks are attacking a dam. A long struggle for control of the dam breaks out in which the team has to go up against a powerful Maverick called Pulse while Snipe deals with the cameras that is recording them. Paladin leads the team up the dam and they fight it out with Pulse on a catwalk where he attempts to blow them up all with mines, but finds them disabled by Snipe. Rio is blasted at the top of the complex and killed instantly while Matsuoka tackles Pulse, allowing Paladin to throw him over the edge and Garland to ram him down to his death. Now the team heads home, wondering just how successful the mission really was.

September 14th, 2199

Session 7: The Old Hunters Are Being Hunted!
The Special Unit is still riding pretty high after their victory at the dam, but things begin to take a turn for the worst. The original Maverick Hunters are still being killed by some unknown organization and the group is being called in to save X1 from an attack. Flying there, the team's pilot, Maestro, flies them in low and drops them off at the lab where they head in, under Snipe's command, to save X1. However, as the battle breaks out, Dias ends up damaging the shuttle beyond repair. After saving X1, they then continue on to save Blackjack from an attack, where they stop more of the same alien attackers, but still can't identify them. Heading back home after rescuing Blackjack, they learn that the base is under attack and the targets are the original Hunters on the Special Unit. They arrive too late, though, and Slash is missing....the question is, who has him?

Session 8: A Romp Through the Jungle
Ripple decides to have a small training session to see what everyone's strengths and weaknesses are in an inflitration mission. Spirit, Matsuoka, Dias, Iceman, Avatar and Gravedigger are included in this mission which takes them through the Jungle to a 8 level fortress that is heavily armored. While it seems to be a pretty straight forward sim, suddenly Turbo, randomly selected by Ripple since he was an old enemy of Slash, shows up and proceeds to take down the team. They barely manage to prevail and escape from the base before it explodes.

September 19th, 2199

Session 9: Back to School
While the group is enjoying a couple of hotdogs, a mission comes in to deal with a group of Mavericks taking over a school in Mega City. Holding the kids hostage, Cain is hoping to trade their lives for that of the Special Unit. However, Snipe has other plans and sends in the youngest members of the unit to pose as high schoolers while he and the others lead an indirect assualt into the school. However, the high schooler team screws up and doesn't learn the location in time, while Snipe's group tips off Cain to their presence and he begins to execute the kids. Both groups rush to aid the remaining kids, but when they battle with Executor, a maverick who can freeze an instant in time, they're helpless. ...And when Snipe freezes up in fear, it could prove to be disasterous.

October 1st, 2199

Session 10: If He Screws Up Again...
Steel is planning on seeing the team's short existance be permantly ended after the last few screw ups Snipe has been doing. Discouraged, Snipe half-heartedly leads the team to the Amazon jungle to find Qatz, to find a contact there. Maki tries her best to cheer up, but deep down he's still upset. Traving through the amazon, storms and lightning begin to strike around, zapping Gravedigger and Garland to the point of death. Plus adacondas don't help much either, adding a squeeze to the situation. However, the group manages to reach Qazts and split up, some resting while Ripple and Spirit go out to eat, and Maki heads out shopping. After a few normal 'bouts and muggers, Kyp, the leader of the unit at Qatz, finds them and leads them to his jeep to begin the next mission.

Session 11: On the Path to Heroes
The Special Unit are about to learn the meaning of teamwork as Snipe, Maki, Grave, Ripple, Spirit, and Garland travel with Kyp to his base. Their mission: to destroy the satellite and escape without a confrontation with Cain. But things never work out like they are suppose and as Garland takes on the main Mavericks forces in a strange battle to the death, the others sneak into the base, slowly working their up up to the top. Upon arriving, they find Kyp near death, warning them away from Cain before dying. Enraged, the team leaps to the roof and begins to battle Cain as Ripple and Spirit take out the satellite, blowing up the base. The group barely escapes with their lives, but they have saved the entire world for the first time.

October 3rd, 2199

Session 12: Fall Days
After the extremely tough mission previously, the Special Unit spends the day enjoying the fall weather. With no troubles to bother them, the team gets some much needed R&R, plus some of them begin to get a little closer. Can there be romance in the air?

October 8th, 2199

Session 13: Theater Night
The Special Unit gets done watching a special play of Hamlet, compliments of Paladin, who is trying to get some of the members more refined in their crude manners. However, when one of them is pickpocketed by a thief, the team makes the error of killing the man for his crime. Just what morale is there in this?

October 18th, 2199

Session 14: Sub Zero
The group travels to a base in the Arctic to destroy it before it launches it's subs. However, the unorganized group might kill each other before the Mavericks get the chance...and if that doesn't kill them, then the sub they're trying to inflitrate will. A dangerous mission, made even more deadly by the mistakes of the members toward each other, will see to it that the Special Unit forces have their work cut out for them. Oh, and did I mention icebergs?

October 21st, 2199

Session 15: Deep Space 9
Snipe has the team practice some hover boarding manuevers, making a race out of it, when they get a mission order to go to several checkpoints in space and make sure everything is alright. With Maestro and Dias fighting over the contorls, the team somehow makes it up into space, where they encounter busy traffic lines. While flying around, they witness the spacestation Freedom under an attack. Now the team has to work on their teamwork as they attempt to save themselves and, afterwards, get some revenge on the ground below.

October 30th, 2199

Session 16: Burial Ground
Some mysteries remain buried for ages, until unearthed by some unlucky group. An enemy from The Final Battle returns when the Special Unit is sent to investage mysterous surges of energy. However, upon arriving, the group might not find what they are hoping to, which is X and Zero, but might instead fight an enemy of the two dead Hunters. One that can morph into anything it's fought before. Using teamwork, Shell X, Paladin, Gravedigger, Ripple, and Spirit, however, might be able to finally put this terror to rest. And after they do defeat it, the entire structure finally, once and for all, collapses into the ground. However, unknown to them...there are serveral other creatures like this one.

October 31st, 2199

Session 17: The Stroke of Midnight
The halloween party Snipe has been planning all this time finally goes into action, but the question is who is who? And as Midnight comes rolling around, a fight breaks outside, as two strangers begin to battle it out ... and one isn't even alive. Gravedigger gets possessed and is forced to fight the group, causing even more trouble as everyone tries to stop the phantom spirit. And, after they manage to destroy it, the stranger turns out to be ... Slasher, who has finally come home. However, that might not be so joyous of an event for Dias.

November 3rd, 2199

Session 18: The Summit
A Maverick base is constructed on top of a mountain summit, forcing the group to have to work together to climb up to the top. However, even after facing the deadly trials and tribulations of the mountain, they have to somehow find a way to shut down the Maverick base ... for good.

February 8th, 2199

Session 19: Members
The Special Unit spends some downtime in the training room, trying to get the better of one another. However, is there such a thing as too much competition?

November 11th, 2199

Session 20: Caveat Emptor
Strange transmissions are coming from Egypt, so the SU heads out to investigate. However, Cain and his mean are also racing to find what is hidden out there, creating an explosive meeting when the two groups run into each other inside an ancient pyramid. Upon getting to the machine, however, Cain kills Snipe so Dias will be forced to wish him back to life. However, the machine has it's own drawbacks - Dias has lost something in order to give something. Just what is this device - this Motenk device? And is the ressurected Snipe something entirely new?

November 12th, 2199

Session 21: Raising Cain
Cain strikes back with deadly retaliation. Ordered by Conviction to deal with the Special Unit once and for all, he threatens to destroy Mega City if the team doesn't meet him. They do so and a battle against all odds breaks out against Cain, the brother of Crucifixtion! Much stronger than Crucifixtion, Cain begins to lead the team around in circles, even taking over Paladin to do his bidding. With Dias' rash moves, Snipe's freezing up, and everyone else going head to head with Cain, a mighty battle breaks out, leveling the building they are on. In the end, they prevail... barely managing to defeat Cain. However Conviction challenges them to battle in 24 hours ... a battle to decide the entire Maverick situation on Earth once and for all. The end of the Special Unit IS ahead...

November 13th, 2199

Session 22: Convicted by Evil
The final battle against the Maverick resistance begins with the team in MedBay, being nurtured by X2. Snipe, still weak from the battle with Cain, is forced to stay behind and heal more as Paladin leads the others to take on Conviction. However, Steel shows up and takes over the team, preparing to lead them into battle when Garland suddenly appears, hoping to show up in time for the battle against Cain, only too late. But, he decides to join them in their battle against Conviction, so Steel leads the team in a full out assualt against the Maverick forces, all the Armed Forces in on the battle. As the other units take care of the majority of the Mavericks, the Special Unit breaks into the base and comes face to face with Conviction.

After battling with him for what seems to be forever, even Steel, the strongest of them all, is no match against him. After serveral blows, Steel is taken down, but his defeat gives Diamondback and Avatar a chance to take Conviction out, who is revealed to be Sigma!

Sigma, preparing to kill them all, is then attacked by Snipe, who is finally healed. Together, the Special Unit drives Sigma back, destroying his fortress as it rises into the air. Sigma switches to his viral form, only to be taken out by the group - sending him crashing into the planet below. Now the Maverick resistance is over....what is to become of the Special Unit?