December 7th, 2199

Session 44: Startgame
The Hunters haven't been found. All search efforts have been useless. They are not alive. The explosion, Drake deduces, incenerated their bodies. But the truth is something no one will know...until the final pieces of the puzzle are put together. Calling together the remaining Hunters, it is quickly seen that the mourning group's hope is being crushed fast and the shakey Alliance they started up is collapsing. Only Sigma remains on their team. But with a traitor on board, who Death Star claimed was Index, things are going to be very risky for the remaining Hunters. And what is the connections that have been layed out so far, which are about to come together? Spade's predicted Endgame is arriving...

December 15th: A group of mercenary pirates are hitting an Imperial Center, gathering information, when their leader Red finally attains the information he needs on who has been tracking them for the past few months, since the rising conflict began against Earth. This group, which is more functional than the Hunters could ever begin to hope to be like, a family even, with a new rookie named Riptide, head for a planet owned by Lord Talon. However, what is his connections to Index? And what are his motives? All will be revealed when Red's group is captured and forced to aid Talon. . . or die

December 16th, 2199

Session 45: Pieces of the Puzzle
Red has gathered his mercenaries in the Red Beard, searching for the bombs that Talon has placed somewhere on board. However, they find themselves unsuccessful, so he heads for a nearby station to resupply for Talon's objectives. Arriving there, he begins to reload the ship when he and Riptide notice a Tsivrixsh shuttle ahead, banged up from what looks like a battle. But when a rival pirate gang attacks, the shuttle takes off, barely blasting a way free for Red too. Taking the opportunity, the Red Beard flies out to safety. However, more puzzles to the Endgame are rising. . .

Also, back on the Fury, an unknown Tsivrixsh Queen Battle ship is stalking them. The group begins to attack and run into hyperspace. Once safe in hyperspace, Slasher fires the weapons again, blowing every weapon system on the ship up and making the Fury defenseless. Admiral Drake arrests Slasher on the grounds of being a traitor. . . which Index likes all too well.

December 17th, 2199

Session 46: Trials
The trial begins. . . with Slasher being held on the grounds of being a traitor. And evidence has arrisen to prove that he caused EVERY event against the Fury, including getting the aliens to track them where ever they go. The jury - Paladin, Index, and a few Military Police personal, one being Spectre, Diamondback's girlfriend - find Slasher guilty on the charges of the crimes. The sentence. . . death! Drake has him taken off while Paladin and Spectre form a plan to prove Slasher innocent. . . however, this may be harder than it looks. . .with a cunning villian such as Index.

Meanwhile, Red has the team survey the station they will have to destroy. However, will the new members to their team blow it for them when they are confronted to pay to survive? And what is Red's plan to get the civilians off the station before they blow it?

Session 47: Murphey's Law
On the Fury, things begin to look up when a new member joins, named Avalon. But, before the night is up, another member, from the Tsivrixsh's side, shows up, asking to join. Will the Hunters' distrust prevent him from joining. . . and is he all that he seems to be? Drake decides things are beginning to heat up and it is time to gather the Alliance's remaining forces - mainly Sigma - to come join them for a plan of action.

Far away, however, the Red Beards launch their attack against the station, Red's plan revealed. Gazer set up some equipment to warn everyone off the station before they attacked so as the Red Beard launches it's attack against the station, the civilians flee. Sending down a team headed by BioHazerd, only Red, Azazel and Riptide remain on the ship, hoping to take out the core of the station. But the ground assualt team will have their work cut out against them...from Ace Hunter. And after their mission concludes, Red finds himself stuck with a new "friend", Ace Hunter, as they attempt to find out if the Hunters are really dead or not

December 18th, 2199

Session 48: Next Time, Try Reading the Index
Paladin and Spectre decide to spring their plan into action. . . along with a drunken Gravedigger, in hopes of taking down Index and proving Slasher innocent. However, while they do this, Avalon and Xrileshr battle training droids, proving their mettle to become Ensigns. And Slasher, locked up in jail, tries to talk to the female guard. Paladin, Spectre, and Grave head to Index's room but find guards out. Grave morphs, but it seems Index is already inside, so all the guards drag him off to jail as an impersonator, which is a bad thing for him with Slasher in there, and Paladin and Spectre break in and attack Index, who is aided by. . . Avalon and Xrileshr, who help stop Paladin and Spectre while Drake comes in. Coming to no avail, Drake strips Paladin and Spectre of their positions and locks them up. Now the only remaining Hunters is . . . Shell X, Avalon, Xrileshr, and Index?!

Session 49: Your Ass is Grass
The Red Beards launch their search on the planet where the Hunters died. However, it seems Xevil was prepared for some sort of a search and they are attacked by grass after discovering Avatar's skeleton. Ace Hunter himself cannot escape the might of the grass and Sirus makes a bold sacrafice to kill the grass and allow the others to escape. But now Red vows revenge . . . against the Hunters.

December 19th, 2199

Session 50: Endgame
The Endgame has begun and it is time to move all the pieces on the chessboard into play. It began twenty years ago and now the Endgame, manipulated through Wily, created by Spade, and now Lord Talon's weapon, is about to be launched.

On the Fury, Admiral Drake begins the execution of Slasher, while Shell X, Spectre, Xrileshr, Sharlena, Gravedigger, Avalon, Index, and Cheryl have to witness it. However, after Cheryl and Slasher come to the brink of expressing their love for each other, the execution happens and Index is all too happy. But when he comes to brag about it to Spectre and Gravedigger, Admiral Drake plays his hand and Slasher, who lived with the aid of X2, stops Index. Paladin is brought in as Index escapes and all hell breaks lose on the Fury as they track him down. But when Index is cornered, he self-destructs and kills Sharlena, Garland's daughter. Elayne comes in time to see her friend die and mourns for her along with everyone else and Drake is blamed for it! But before things can calm down, a visit from the 2nd Council Member of the Tsivrixsh Empire occurs.

Back on another planet, the Hunters under Snipe have a party, aas Death Star and Garland spar and Snipe has sweet bliss with the natives. The others plot what to do next when the Red Beards arrive, led by an angry Red, who is cooled slightly by Gazer. However, miscommunication leads to a battle between the two groups, in which Ace Hunter and Gazer watch in dismay, until Orlonre is killed. The two groups reach an understanding and repair the Red Beard and head off to end Lord Talon's reign.

Back on Earth, the Resistance moves into Paris, only to be attacked by Earth's governor. Wiendigo and Dominator attempt to take the machine out that the governor controls, but fail, and Matrix self-destructs himself to destroy it, saving the others. But they learn their fates may be cut short by an incoming meteor.

Admiral Drake and the others make a deal with the 2nd Council Member, against Xril's wishes. They make a deal to work together to defeat Talon. The female council member sends the team off to see if a claim is true that Spade is the mastermind behind the Endgame, but after a strange bizzare of events, in which Gravedigger and Paladin discuss normal things, they learn that Spade is nothing more than a vegetable, and Lord Talon is the mastermind. The group quickly heads off to his planet to defeat him.

Meanwhile, the Hunters and the Pirates arrive and the Hunters are captured by Lord Talon. Red and Riptire must make a difficult decision placed by Gazer to aid, against Azazel's wishes, and heads off to rescue the Hunters. But inside the prison, they are being tortured and BJ's back is trashed once more, crippling him as they escape from the prison and land on the Red Beard. They head off and Death Star finally goes head to head against Snipe on his freezing up and the truth is revealed as Snipe tells of his past and the death of a little boy.

The team then attacks the satalite, hoping to stop the meteors from launching, but fail as one takes off. Red crashes the Red Beard straight into meteor in the only attempt they to catch up with it.

Back on the Fury, the others arrive in time for the meteor to fly by and Talon launches an attack, kidnapping Elayne, the final piece of the Endgame puzzle. The others leap into the portal after her.

Back on the meteor, Red says his last words before dying, leaving Azazel with a feeling of nothing . . .but revenge. When the others teleport to them, the entire group heads into the meteor where Slash is hooked up to the machine known as 'Endgame', powered by all the Robot Masters, Azuls who acts as Protoman, and Slash, who acts as Zero. And Elayne and the DS human clones act as the focal point for the weapon. The battle breaks out, with Avalon fighting against Shade Man and Death Star against Slash, who has been programmed to kill them all. The others attempt to escape as the Endgame blows out of control.

After a long, confused battle, the group reaches the surface, with Slash dead behind them. Death Star is weak from his battle and lets the others take on Lord Talon, who battles Ace Hunter to the death. Arriving to aid them, Garland learns of Sharlena's death and goes physco, trying to destroy Talon in a fit of rage. But as the battle continues on, Talon destroys Shell X's programming and destroys him, then kills Diamondback in one blow.

Garland sends Talon into a suicidal role as the energy is crackling around the meteor but Snipe knocks him off, only in return to by almost killed by Garland. The other Hunters heal him barely and right as they are all about to be caught up in Ground Zero, Death Star comes in and teleports them to the surface, where Drake and Slasher teleport them back to the Fury.

Now the Red Beards are led by Gazer, with Azazel quitting the group. Garland is left on the verge of death within his very soul and Elayne has Death Star, who is like her father - since she is the daughter of Airier, a clone of DS. And weirdest of all is Diamondback, who's body was wiped out by Talon, is now stuck in his girlfriend's body.

But the question now is: has the team's Fallout broken them up for good ... or can they forge themselves even stronger?

December 21st, 2199

Session 51: Funerals for Friends
After the events of Endgame, the Hunters are still reeling from the pain of their loses. The death of their friends still hangs around them, and the death of a daughter to a father drives him further into darkness. How will the Hunters handle their friends' deaths and how will Death Star react to Ripple after Slash's death?