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Arc 5: Golden Light

Date: 10-608.8.30 / February 13th, 2241 / 10-605.2.13

Session 19: False Gold

Location: Asteroid C
We open to preggy Zeph being teased and coddled by her foxes, Cheryl calling a meeting of Gold team to discuss invading beyond the Illium gate to figure out about the Illium once and for all. Though she opts to use a probe, during the mission, an opportunity to move the Striker beyond the gate presents itself, and Katrina and the alt foxes finding themselves outvoted, the Striker is jumped beyond the looking glass.

Once in Illium space, they are instantly set upon by mass quantities of Illium ships both advanced and prototypes they haven't seen before-- a flaunt of their hyperspace-like skills proving too much for them as they barely escapes to the planet surface.

In order to trick the Illium into thinking they've escaped and fled the system therefore buying time, alt Miyuki and Zeph use the shuttle to fight and draw attention, then hyperspace out at the last possible second-- however scans and reports show that rather than jumping out or foxholing, it seems they imploded.

Back on the Oracle planet...
Alt Inari comes to the conclusion that alt Miyuki has vanished and falls into a self-induced coma of denial, despite classic Erevis' attempts to coax her out psionically.

Meanwhile in Illium space, the naked eye reveals something they need no scanner to recognize-- the alternate PAX, which never received that name. With Alt Kasha mourning and enraged, they prepare to invade...


Date: 10-608.8.30 / February 13th, 2241 / 10-605.2.13

Session 20: Alternate Light


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