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Kumen Corporations

Corporate Security and Police:

The Corporations run all aspects of the Colony, though in truth CoreSector Corporation is the true binding force. The CoreSector Corporation has their own Security force, made up of various Classes and Agents, and they patrol all Quadrants, not just the center area where their HQ is located. (Take note that the CoreSector Corporation has no divides in their area). This allows the CoreSector Corporation to go into Quadrant they need to, and into any area, Top, Middle, and Slums to patrol. The CoreSector Corporation Security forces have full autonomy to do what they need to do in any event, and are considered an elite force above the police.

After that, each Corporation has their own private Security force in their own Quadrants, that can move between up and down between the divides, but they cannot go into another Quadrant without another Corporation's permission. Some ignore this, and it has cause trouble in the past. Each Corporation's Security force does things a little differently and approaches things in different ways. This page will be updated as more information on the security forces come to light and who runs each.

The police and investigators are usually beneath any Corporate forces. Usually each Quadrant has their own police division, that investigates matters outside the Corporations. Though sometimes the Corporations will hire the police investigators to look into minor matters and break-ins, they are usually regulated into handling other problems.

The Chief of Police of Quadrant 5 is Robert McCane, age 40, and the Chief of Investigator is William Tell.

Corporate Cameras and Check Points:

The Corporations use cameras to keep an eye on the populace and monitor things. They mostly are operational in their own buildings and in the Top Level as well as the Middle Class levels, as the Slums are too run down anymore. The cameras can zoom in and read Data Readers in people's hand and identify them from a distance if necessary depending on the level of the camera and area of security. The monorails, which are in all quadrants and all divisions, are Corporate run, though each Quadrant sees to their own monorail workings. The CoreSector Corporation Security has access to each one and the police in each quadrant as well in their own quad.

The check points are located in various places. There are stairs in several places going up to each division, from Slums to Middle and from Middle to Top, as well as a few buildings that go up through the plates that divide each sector. There are also pillars that go straight up through with high security since one can go inside the Pillars. There are security checkpoints located on the stairways, with energy fields and Security by each Corporatation for that quadrant at those stairs and pillars, as well as inside the buildings that go up through the division plates.

The other areas is that there is an energy field between Quadrant to keep people out until they pass the many checkpoints - in the Slums, the Middle Class, and the Top Level. Monorails pass through them, but stop at a Monorail Station typically which serves as a Check Point Station right before the energy field where Security on one side scans you before sending the monorail through. Those on the ground, or in hover cars, have to go through ground check points before being allowed through. Other wise the energy field rejects you and bounces you off, or if you manage to get through by disrupting it, sounds an alarm. Since the field is weak enough to allow one through since the monorails would wreck otherwise.

There are places one can get through, such as sewer tunnel, break areas of the roads in the Slums, weakened areas in the fields.

Corporate Policy:

It is corporate policy to try to steal what you can from others - especially other Corporations. Hence the need for Tech-Runners. This type of attitude lately has been directed toward Geyze, hence the mining operations set up on the planet. The CoreSector Corporation established the mining operations, then turned them over to the Corporations most interested in Spirit Fossils, for them to all "share" the bounty, but none are happy at the arrangement and many have been trying to steal the goods lately, especially as the shuttles arrive on planet. And many Corporations have begun their own plans to steal more Spirits on a grandier scale.

It may come down that one of these Corporations could start a war soon, if not all of them, either with Geyze or each other.


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