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Cypher HQ (Club Theater)


The "Theater":

Once a proper theater, when the Slums was the actual Kumen Tech City ground level, many a play and singer performance was held here for the populance and even continued a little when the other two divisions, the Middle and Top Levels, were built. However, it soon fell into disuse when more popular theaters were built off this one's designs. Once known as the Guardian, it was quickly forgotten as other Theaters in the 5th Quadrant, the Entertainment Quadrant, took over in the Slums, and the Red Light District rose up in the neigherborhood where the Guardian stood. The theaters and plays and other normal entertainment shifted to other parts of the 5th Quadrant in the Slums, to match the entertainment divisions above, and the Red Light District moved in to match the Red Light District in the Middle Class Level, meaning the old Theaters were soon home to clubs, sex clubs, and hookers, and since unlike the Middle Class Division, nothing was regulated down here.

However, recently, it was bought and reopened as a different kind of club, partially like the old days. Called Radio City, because they broadcast throughout the Slums to those who pay a price, the theater was revamped greatly from it's old days. The owner turned it into a club where singers of various kinds of music, usually sultry and jazzy type musics, entertain those seated at tables, enjoying the atmosphere, and dancers wearing little dance to the music. And, since they are in the Red Light District, and have to meet the criteria, there are special VIP rooms where if the girl agrees, you can pay enough money to spend some time with her. The Radio City Club, however, boasts that their girls are checked out for diseases, and if anyone gives them a disease they are held responsible for getting the girl cured of it.

The alcohol is a fine quality and one would almost think it is an Elite Class level, and it holds itself to different standards. Made of several floors, for different tastes, the bottom level floor is made for those who wish to see singers sing only, and the next floor is for those who wish to see a mixture of singing and scantily, sometimes nude, dancing, and the third floor is for those wish to see the dancers dance naked only. This is where the sex VIP rooms occur.

After that, the theater is unique in that the Guardian, now referred to Radio City exclusively, was built with apartment buildings, and those are off limits except to special clientel. A very tall building, not much is known about who rents the top floors, but a group is always seen going up there, and it is assumed one of them is the owner. The manager of the theater is a man in his thirties named Bobby Mckenze and he is often seen in his office with the female leader of the group that goes up to the top five floors.

The Apartments:

The apartments are where the Cypher Group lives and operates. There is no way to get into the apartments without a key. While the Cyphers rent out the lower apartment floors to some people they trust and network to, another level of defense is that the top five floors cannot be reached by the elevator except with a special key. Which only the Cyphers have on them. Bobby Mckenze is a front man for the group, and their leader hired him to run the daily affairs of the Radio City Club. She has never said where they met or why she trusts him, only that Bobby can be trusted.

The top five floors are set up so that each member of the Cypher group can find a room where ever they want on the four floors, the fifth and top floor being reserved for the group in it's enterity. With about 20 rooms per floor, that means the group can spread out as far apart as they want, or as close. The top floor is set up with all their equipment as Tech-Runners, and their non-Tech Runner stuff, and all their servers for spying is there. They are hooked up into cameras and the net around Quad 5 and have their eyes and ears everywhere. Each member has their personal equipment hooked up and it's a small control room, with everything they do not keep in their rooms kept there for ease of use and grab.

It is also the the one floor that is most secure against scans and enemies.

Radio Broadcast:

They broadcast their singers to people's Data Readers who pay up serves more than just getting money into the Club. It allows them to track people who buy into the program and follow where they go. Even if it's the most ordinary Slummer, keeping tabs is what Cypher is about as they are just beginning. So far though they are small time.

This is the bottom part of the Club/Theater's outside

This is the top part of the Club/Theater

These are interior shots of the Club/Theater

Interior Club/Theater Pictures



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